The BEST Strength Tools for Runners + An Awesome Giveaway!

Hello everyone!  I hope your week is filled with great workouts, delicious food and some time with your favorite people.  Today’s post is sponsored by Fit Simplify and don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the end of this post!


Raise your hand (or running shoes) if you have learned the hard way that strength training is necessary to stay injury free as a runner.  Also, raise your hand if you have realized that if you want to get faster, doing strength work is a big part of the equation to reach those PRs that you are dreaming of!   Both of my hands and all of my running shoes are up in the air right now because I have learned both of these lessons many times over during the last twenty years of running.  At this point in my life, strength training has become a part of my weekly schedule.  I like to remind myself, if I don’t have time for strength training then I don’t have time for running.

The key for me with strength training is finding something that is effective, convenient and simple.  I found just the thing:

I started using Fit Simplify Resistance Loops at the beginning of this year and I fell in love with them very quickly.  I had a running coach that told me to get these a long time ago.  I am so thankful that I have them now.


The #1 reason I love the Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Bands is because they allow me to get in an awesome strength workout at home with the kids running around.  They are incredibly convenient so I have zero excuses to not get in my strength training.  I can pull them out at any time of day and use them while I am watching The Bachelorette or hanging out on the ground with the kids after a run.  The Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Bands help me to do all of the necessary moves that runners need—>  clamshells, squats, bridge thrusts, hip abductions, hip adductions, leg raises, hamstring curls, side steps, donkey kicks, lateral squat walks and SO much more.

DSC04427 2

So many different running injuries are caused by weak glutes/core/hips etc.  Being able to use these resistance loops to target those areas and get them strong is so important!


The Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Bands are super high quality.  These are going to last you forever!  They even come with a lifetime warranty!


I need as much instruction as possible when it comes to strength training and you get that from Fit Simplify.   Each kit from Fit Simplify comes with an exercise guide with so many different exercises for you to do along with a ton of different exercise videos with workouts for you to try.  It’s amazing to me how versatile these bands are and how you can get in such an uncomplicated workout that makes you BURN in a short amount of time!

I just did this booty workout and it is perfect for runners to help us wake up our glutes and get them strong.

The upper body workouts that you can do with the resistance loop bands are great too.  I’m working really hard on my t-shirt farmer’s tan;)


They also have a few new products that I have just started trying out that I want to share!

The Fit Simplify Ballet Stretch Bands are awesome to help you get in a deeper stretch after your runs.  They are very helpful for a lot of the yoga poses that I have been working on too!


I am loving using the Pull Up Assist Band.  I have never done a pull-up all on my own in my entire life.  I see people do them and I just stand there completely amazed so I have made it my goal to be able to do them myself.  These bands are going to help me to get there.


Brooke is already rocking her pull-ups;)


I LOVE their Resistance Band Set too.  We do not have a ton of space in our house so these items are perfect for us.  The resistance bands and loops are SO easy to travel with too.  I took them to Kentucky and it made it so easy to keep working on getting stronger while out of town.


Fit Simplify shipping is free and they have the best customer service so grab some today!  Let’s get our glutes, hamstrings, quads, core, hips, upper body and everything else strong so that we aren’t taking time away from running due to injury!  If you are injured right now, now is the time to get strong so that when you are back to running you’ll feel better than ever.



Fit Simplify is giving away a Fitbit Flex 2 and a Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Band Set to one lucky participant!!!!  Click HERE to enter and good luck!


Can you do a pull-up?

On the days that you do strength and cardio… which one do you do first?

Do you enjoy doing upper body or lower body strength more?

What was the best part of your weekend?  I need to know these things! 

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So excited! Hope I win – that would be great as I live in a condo and really have no room for additional equipment but those bands are great! I tried the Oatmeal this weekend…. almost as good as Chocolate Chip! It is not my favorite but it is now my second favorite!! Thanks for the recommend as I would have never tried it otherwise!!!


That is definitely one of my favorite parts about them… they don’t take all of the space! Oh I am so happy you loved it! I’m trying s’more next! Have a beautiful day Ann!


I always do cardio first. And I’m much more of a leg day girl. I think that’s probably pretty normal for a runner. But my upper body strength is pretty sad and I need to work on it haha.
I used to be able to do pull ups but there’s not a chance that I could do it on my own right now.


I HAD A DREAM I RAN INTO YOU ON A RUN LAST NIGHT! Is that creepy haha! We need to make it happen:) I am right there with you… where is my upper body strength?! I hope you have a wonderful day Jenny!


Lol! I’ve had a dreams like that too! Not creepy! It’s bound to happen someday right? If not we will make it happen.


I cannot do a pull up, but one of my goals is to tone my arms, abs, and calves more this summer. The quads are great because of running, but I love rocking a tank top and I feel like my arms are one of my best features, but I want a little more muscle definition. I think pull ups and using the fit simplify bands I have will help.

I don’t always remember to do strength, honestly. I am hoping to get better at it this summer.

We had the most amazing pizza and biking date night this weekend. A local bakery makes some of our favorite pizza, and we brought our own sodas/drinks and had a date night for under $16!!


Your biking and pizza date sounds like heaven and for under $16… you rocked it!! Let’s work on upper body strength together this summer Loribeth:) PS from any pictures I’ve seen of you, I always think you have AWESOME muscle definition. I hope you have a beautiful day!


aw, thanks! You’re so sweet:)


I think I out to buy some resistance bands to up my gym workouts at home! It’s getting hot out there and I don’t always have the motivation to get through to heat to walk to the gym 20 minutes away. How much is one, usually?


Hey Linda! Seriously, the heat takes out the motivation for me!! You can see the sets here and they have all of the information:

Have an awesome day:)


Those resistance bands look AWESOME, and I love that thye come with workouts! So often you can get the bands…and then you’re lost in the google-tornado to find the right kinds of exercises, and you don’t know if you’re doing this right.

Strength training–I tend to do it after cardio. Especially since so MUCH of my cardio means that I am on a spin bike or running, I don’t want my legs to feel trashed after doing fifty million lunges and squats (though I know there’s huge benefit to doing strength before cardio). I’ve heard people say that the best way is before cardio and others say the best way is after cardio. I trust that there’s benefit to either, and I just go with what makes my body and mind feel best!

The best part of my weekend–the Braves game we went to on Friday night, or surprising Tom on Saturday after I taught Body Flow by telling him to meet me for lunch before we both went to work and treating us to our favorite lamb sandwiches at this fancy bakery & market near our home (the sandwich: fresh baked cracked wheat bread, garlic aioli, caramelized onions, tomato, shaved roasted lamb, 100% deliciousness). And then calling my dad yesterday for father’s day. Three things for the three days of the weekend!!!

I hope your day is awesome out in Utah, Janae! :)


HAHAH I just laughed so hard about what you said with the GOOGLE-TORNADO!! I am just like you and love to do it after cardio. Can Andrew and I come to the next Braves game with you guys? I am so glad you had such an amazing time. Oh and that sandwich, I’m drooling! Thanks Stephanie.


ha ha ha by the time I google-tornado EVERYTHING and then add it to a pinterest board I have no energy to do the dang thing. So I appreciate when that work is already done for me.

And that sandwich–it’s delicious!!!! It’s a $14 sandwich that would feel overpriced for any other sandwich, but it’s SO GOOD. Every now and then Tom and I will surprise each other with a last minute lunch date suggestion (already that feels romantic and amazing to me since we’re so busy…) to Alon’s Market for this sandwich! When you come to Atlanta to run a race and I take you for donuts I will make sure I take you for this sandwich, too!!!

And the Braves–we don’t have tickets again for a game until the night after our anniversary when we go to see them play the Red Sox (both of our FAVORITE team…and we WILL wear Red Sox hats to that game instead of our Braves hats!). If we could fold you and Andrew up into our jeans pockets, you’d be able to come with us…on the super cheap! ;)


I’ve never been able to do a pull up – but definitely a goal! My husband can do like 50 and it makes me so mad!! How can a person be so strong?!?!?!!?


I can do maybe two whole unassisted pull ups. Assisted I can definitely bust them out! :) My upper body has gotten much stronger in the past year or so, that’s the only reason why. I used to be a wimp when it came to upper body stuff!
I usually don’t do both strength and cardio in one day but if I do, it’s usually cardio first.
Hmm I think I feel lower body workouts more, so I tend to like those better. They burn more!
Best part of my weekend – getting to spend basically all Saturday with one of my best friends who lives out of town. We walked a 6k since her back is injured, and it was 95+ outside. At the end, I checked my weather app and it said it felt like 101 outside. Honestly, I’m not sure I could have ran it! But we had a good time laughing and chatting the whole way, so the motivation was there! Weirdly, I felt like walking it felt harder than running, maybe because my body is used to running 3+ miles without issue in a much shorter amount of time?


Ahhh, contest is not available in my area, wah wah…..

I am a runner who strength trains and it has helped a lot with injury prevention, and has made me a stronger runner (once I started it regularly). And yes, I can do a few pull ups at a time. However it seems I am stuck on the same number for over a year now. I need to practise more, clearly, haha.


Last month I was able to do 4 chin ups in a row which is the most I have ever done. It’s funny though when you switch your hand grip for a pull up and I can’t do one. I must be close though. Currently using bands at my gym to practice my pull ups as well. I think I have to do them consistently to keep up the strength so I try to play around on the hanging bar after my workout. Even if I can do 1 or a few half pull ups, I feel like it’s something and consistency is key.


I’ve never thought to use one doing a pull-up!! I can do one by myself, but I would love to be able to do more! And I usually run first and then do my strength training.

Best part of my weekend was seeing an old friend and his family who were in town. It was so much fun to catch up with them and meet all of their friends! Hope you have a great start to the week, Janae!!


I used to be one of the only girls in my class who could do pull ups for the presidential challenge in HS! I’ve been blessed with upper body strength in general, but don’t work it enough anymore. I have been trying to do more pushups and handstands – but can’t lift my body weight by far anymore, unfortunately.


Cannot do a pull up! i can do an assisted pull up with those bands though! (does that count? :) )

i tried cardio first before strength and that was horrible. i switched and did strength before cardio and that was way more tolerable…!

i think i prefer lower body b/c my upper body is super weak…!

best part of the weekend was race! plus the kids had a race. plus food! so good.


I don’t usually do strength and cardio the same day – but I will warm up with a little cardio (10 min) before strength work.

Definitely lower body – probably because I have a weak upper body hah! And no I can’t do a pull up properly.

Best part of the weekend – playing in creeks and fish and chips with the other half on Saturday and then actually a really fun long trail run on our local trails with a training group – the trees provided some shade! The weather has been amazing but hot – 33 degrees celsius which is hot for our city!

Have a great day!


I have been wanting to do a pull up my whole life. And by that I mean the last 3 years. But between babies it just hasn’t happened yet. Maybe this year. Lately I have been doing strength after my runs. I try to always get in some core work with my stretching and if time allows I do some arms. On my rest/cross train day I try to do more lower body. On Saturday we went to a little family fun run and my oldest Olivia ran 1.5 miles with only two stops to walk for a minute. She wore my garmin and was so proud of herself. It was so dang cute.


GO OLIVIA GO!! That is so awesome Alyse, I love that you did a family run! This is our year:) Hope you are having a beautiful day!


Great post! I love my resistance bands! They are my go to exercise equipment and are always in my bag.

Also, I love your tank top! Where is it from?! Thanks in advance!


Hey Danielle! Thank you so much! Here is the tank:

I am pretty sure it is the fuchsia pink one! Enjoy the rest of your day!


I did my 1st Spartan race this spring, so worked super hard to be able to do pull ups – I’m up to 3 now :) After my 3, I’ll do a slight jump off the ground on each pull up to be able to do a few more (when I 1st started, I’d jump on every one)
Typically I do cardio then strength.


Deb, that is so awesome. You are my inspiration! Thanks for sharing and way to go! Enjoy the rest of your day!


In high school I played tennis and I could do two pull ups–I definitely peaked then:) I don’t have a prayer when it comes to attempting to do pull ups now–it’s a good goal though. Those resistance bands look great. I’ve seen so many workouts lately with resistance bands and I want to get some.


I am working on pull-ups too! I surprised myself by being able to actually do one about 2 weeks ago & I can now do 2 in a row – why are they SO hard?!


I definitely can’t do a pull up, and I’ve had runner’s knee so my running has taken a back seat to my strength training, which I deplore. I am dedicated to keep working on strength so I don’t have to go through any more injuries. And, l definitely prefer leg day to arm day. The best part of my weekend was a [very slow and short] run on a new trail!


What an awesome giveaway! I am definitely one to do cardio before strength training since I love running and walking and just being active and kind of dread the harder stuff..but I do it to stay toned and build up my muscle and strength. Thanks for the chance to win.

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