Lucked Out + Some Quick Stuff + My Training Log!

Happy Father’s Day!  I have definitely lucked out in this department.  Andrew is the best dad I could ever hope for for our kids and I have the greatest dad and father-in-law.  Andrew is even taking his Father’s Day to be selfless and is flying back and forth to get Brooke from California so that she could be with her dad.  We are pretty lucky.

Let’s talk all about yesterday.  I did a speed workout and it was hard but fun.  I took the advice from Saturday’s post and RELISHED in the pain. The pain wasn’t that bad since it was more threshold work than the really fast stuff but I decided to embrace any pain that I did feel… especially the getting out of bed at 5 something in the morning and the last interval pain.

IMG 3020

9 miles at a 7:43 average.  The weird part is that last Saturday my run was 8.87 miles at a 7:43 average.  My body must like going this speed on Saturday’s lately.

IMG 3005

2 mile w/u (8:43, 8:29)

1st set:  5 x 5 minutes at 6:46 average pace (6:52, 6:46, 6:49, 6:42, 6:44) w/60 second jogging recoveries after each one

2nd set:  4 x 30 seconds at 6:00 pace, w/60 second jogging recoveries after each one

2 mile c/d (8:10, 8:13)

Switching shoes for the fast portions of workouts really helps me to hit the paces I need to hit.  I like the cushion during the w/u and c/d but for the faster parts, give me as little shoe as possible.  It takes some planning to get back to switch shoes when I need to but it is totally worth it for me.

IMG 2997

The other day Jenny talked about enjoying cooling off with any sprinklers that were on during her run so I copied her.  They just hit my legs as they went by but they were really refreshing.  It was a bit windy while I was out and usually I want to avoid any headwind but the headwind actually felt really good yesterday because it cooled me off.

IMG 2995

And then I came home and stretched and did some resistance band (clamshells, squats, bridges etc) stuff while Skye growled at me.  She is really into growling right now.

At least my socks are the same type of socks, maybe someday they will match.

IMG 3009

Then we jumped into the car and were off to Tibble Fork Reservoir!

IMG 3030

For Andrew’s dad’s bday party they rented a bunch of paddle boards, canoes and rafts and we all met there to celebrate.

IMG 3045

We got there before it got too crazy busy and of course Andrew and Knox jumped in the freezing cold water.  There was no way I was getting in that water.  I like feeling my toes and fingers.

IMG 3049

Skye got in a good nap while we were there.

IMG 3057

For some reason this weekend I have missed Brooke even more than usual when she is gone BUT I have had the best time bonding with Knox.  I think it is really good for him to get some more one-on-one time with us every now and then too.

IMG 3056

My in-laws had a sandwich bar for everyone and we brought up our favorite peanut butter cookies.

IMG 3062

And then we just relaxed for a while.

IMG 3065

Knox had a great time with his cousins.

IMG 3072

On the way home we picked up Andrew’s request for his Father’s Day dinner.  It was delicious.

IMG 3075

Somehow Andrew ran 30 minutes after we ate In-N-Out.  I was pretty much in a coma afterwards so I do not understand how he could do such a thing.


Here’s what training this last week looked like:

Monday:  6 miles @ 8:26 on the treadmill.

Tuesday:  HILL WORKOUT (this was killer… try it)!  2 mile w/u, 5 x 3 minutes UP (4-5% incline on the treadmill for me) at a pace that was between a 7-9 out of 10 effort wise.  15 second stop at the top and then a jog back down the hill to recover.  ‘Wash, rinse, repeat’ as my coach says.  2 mile c/d.  7.57 miles total.

Wednesday:  My first run with Skye in the jogging stroller!  4 miles @ 9:00 average.

Thursday:  8 miles @ 8:30

Friday:  6 miles @ 8:39 average pace!

Saturday:  My speed workout for the week—>  2 mile w/u, set 1:  5 x 5 minutes at 6:46 average, 60 second recovery jog after each one, set 2:  4 x 30 seconds @ 6:00 pace.  9 miles total!

Sunday:  OFF!

40.57 miles for the week and two strength workouts at home.


Can you run after eating a big meal?

-No way.

What are your plans today?

How would you rate your week of running from a 1-10?  What was your best run?

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This reservoir looks amazing ! We could live at a place like that. No way can I run after a big big. We are enjoying a cookout with family day. Very high heat, but we have AC and a pool. I’m liking that reservoir though.


Enjoy that AC and pool… love a big cookout! Thanks Michele!


Slow steady run I could do anytime. Full stomach and all!

Packing for vacation. We leave tonight. My dad is taking us to the airport. So we are considering dinner in route a double father daughter date with Hope and Chris.

Happy Father’s Day Andrew!


Me too. But speed intervals won’t end well after a big meal.
Boating day today! Packing the cooler now.
My running week was a 3/10 but bonus points for taking time off when I got sharp pains in my heel (they’re gone now, yay!). Must. Stretch. No excuses!
Yesterday I noticed a newer VW camper for sale and did a U-turn to take a look at it. The seller has a deposit on it already but if it falls though they’ll call me. Maybe this will be a road trip summer!
Happy Father’s Day to everyone in your family! Have a great day.


I hope your day of boating has been amazing! So happy that the sharp pains in your heel are gone. Keep me updated on the VW camper, that sounds amazing!


WHERE ARE YOU GOING ERICA!?! Enjoy every second!


Last time I ran that soon after eating I threw all my dinner up. Not happening again. I like to eat my dinner and taste it once haha.

You are super speedy! I was feeling awesome that my fast was hitting 8:02 for my speed work (which IS really good for me right now) and you’re over here hitting 6 something minute miles lol. So speedy!

When I run in the sprinklers they usually hit at least above my waist lol. The ones that turn sometimes get me head to toe. I’m so tiny!


Comparison is the thief of joy! YOU ARE DOING AMAZING JENNY! I”m so happy you are back and running so strong! HAHA I like to taste my dinner once too. Hahah yeah, the sprinklers hit us just a bit different;) Enjoy the rest of your day Jenny!


Ah Happy Father’s Day Andrew!!!!

My best run was this morning! I notice my form is best when I run alone. I think I get distracted when I run with a group!


EMMA–> So glad you had a great run this morning. I agree, when I’m by myself I focus on my form way more than when running with friends. Thanks and I hope you are having a great day!


I cannot run on a full stomach!!
Today is work and grocery shopping………we go on our bikes so its a nice workout. Today’s run didn’t happen but I still managed 20 miles this week, which considering every day has been in the 90’s, high humidity, and a feel of over 100 degrees, I will take that as a win! My favorite run was Monday because it was slightly less humidity and my husband went with me.


That is awesome that you go on your bikes to grocery shop… I want to try that! WAY TO GO on your mileage this week… I think you 20 miles in those temps are equivalent to 100 miles in cooler weather. I love that you get to go with your husband! Enjoy the rest of your day Loribeth!


Today I called my Dad for Father’s day and then I went to do a long training run in the trails – it was an organized training run for a race and it was a beautiful day (albeit hot!)

I can’t get a big meal and run or else I would get sick!

Looks like you had a great day celebrating with all the dads!


Hey! I know I am a little late reading this post, but your talk about relishing the pain stuck out to me. I recently got around to reading Eat and Run by Scott Jurek. I can’t believe I didn’t read it sooner, it’s amazing. Anyway, one of the quotes that really stuck with me was “not all pain is significant”. Exactly. As we age and gain more experience, I think we know what is good pain and what is bad/injury pain. Not all pain is significant is what I have been telling myself as I strive to be faster and stronger….. it’s working! :-)


I always get confused by the doing intervals by time instead of distance. Doing 5 x 800s makes at X pace makes sense to me. How do you do 5×5 or 4 x 30 seconds at a certain pace? Do you divide 6:46 pace or 6:00 into chunks? I might not be explaining this right, but let me know how you pace for this!

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