Silentish Saturday!

(Shoes, vest, leggings)

8.6 miles @ 8:19 average.

IMG 5149

I think it’s time I give up on high ponytails.

IMG 5161

Knox’s new favorite food:

IMG 5143

We hang out together a lot.

Over to my parents’ house.

Brooke is catching up to my mom!

Beck loves the dog bed.

Went out on a double to Kitchen 88 and it was delicious.

Happy weekend running!


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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Did Knox age five years overnight?!
I am about to hop on the Peloton to start the morning with a ride. Making a trip to Ulta and Sephora later to spend too much money restocking products I’ve run out of. And conveniently, both stores are next to a burger place I like, so that will be lunch.
Have a great Saturday!


He actually did. I do not know what is happening but hey are teenagers these days. I hope your ride was awesome, I need to get back on the bike again. Your plan today sounds like my heaven. I think I might have to copy you. ENJOY (and forget about budgets haha)!


Today: off to do some upper-body lifting shortly, going for a bike/scooter-run with the kids this afternoon (they convinced me..), and Italian dinner night at church this evening! A full, fun-filled day! Well, other than grocery/meal planning, house cleaning, and retraining baby to sleep in her crib more on her own (my fault- I started letting her sleep with me when she was sick). I’ll focus on the good stuff! Looks like you need some of those clips for your high pony? :) Or low ponies are great too.


I hope your lift was great and I love that you involve your kids and that they want to go with you. Ummm Italian dinner night at church, that sounds amazing. You are not alone in making that mistake, how do we say noooooo when they are sick. Wait, what clips are you speaking of? Have a beautiful day, Katie!


The look on Knox’s face! And he is looking more like a teenager!
A quick run this morning, then a walk with Nala, then lots of yardwork in the wonderful sunshine! I have a 6 mile run on tap for tomorrow (loving this half marathon training block), so I will be making something good and healthy for dinner… Probably grilled chicken…
Have a great weekend Janae!


Wendy! He truly has grown up over night. HOW? I am sure you felt that way with your boys. Good luck with the weeds and you are going to rock those six miles tomorrow. Cheering for you and that sounds like a great dinner, enjoy.


after 2 busy days at an indoor trackmeet with thousands of children….I needed a real day chill, tea, water, and the oscars…

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