Silentish Saturday–> Our Day in Zion!

Day #2 of our family trip!

I started off with 5 miles on the dirt.  LOTS of ups and downs and at a higher elevation than where we live—>  That was rough but SO fun.  Trail running is the best running.   I wasn’t sure if I would get in any running while we were here so I just brought my shoes and went out if I could.

IMG 9459


IMG 9475

IMG 9496

IMG 9498

IMG 9523

We hiked up to Canyon Overlook in Zion and the kids did great.  It was hot and a flying beetle (the beetle freaked them out but the snake that we saw didn’t?!) gave them a heart attack but other than that, we all had a blast.  Zions is beautiful, please go if you ever get a chance.  We met so many people along the hike from all over the world that flew here to visit Zions.

IMG 9620

I love these hiking conversations that we get to have.

IMG 9630

IMG 9623

IMG 9628

They got some trail running in to.

IMG 9637

We also stopped at the Dragon’s Belly Cave.

IMG 8890

There are not a lot of food options around here so we went with pizza again… in Christmas pajamas.

IMG 9666

IMG 9672

We introduced our kids to Who Wants to be A Millionaire (they were a bit bored but I LOVE game shows).

IMG 9674

And of course this happened:

IMG 9452


What are three things that you are doing today?

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Looks like a blast! Great choice on the french toast, Brooke!


It’s our first Saturday after softball season so we’re making the most of our time! (It was at least 3 hours)
Furniture shopping, an early dinner at a favorite restaurant, and playroom cleaning. Not in that order, of course.


That’s so fun. I love Zion’s!

My husband is going to The Quiet Place. I didn’t want to see it in theaters because I don’t like scary movies, so he’s taking his dad instead. So I’ve gotta come up with something fun to do with kids while he’s gone.


I am dying to go to all the great National parks in Utah… Zion, Bryce, Arches, all of them! It looks like you guys are having a great time ? And, the cabin looks perfect too!
Today I’m hoping to get in a quick run, then it’s window and screen cleaning day! I finally have a couple of days to do some real deep cleaning to the house, and in a strange way, I’m looking forward to it!
Keep enjoying your family vacation ?


I’m headed downtown to an all women’s event spa night! So excited.


This morning, I got in a little workout at the gym in my friend’s apartment complex! (jumping jacks tabata, then 4 rounds of: 10 skull crushers while balancing on the stability ball, 10 bicep curls with a calf raise at the bottom of each curl, 10 dead lifts, 10 jump squats, 5 burpees, 30 seconds rest, and then 4 planks–each 30 seconds, 2on forearms and 2 as straight-arm planks, and then a 1/2 mile walk before heading back to the apartment). THEN Sarah and I went to this amazing restaurant or the most luxurious brunch buffet I have ever had and that has the most amazing food, and after that we went to the mall so she could get some things she needed–she is moving to Saipan in a week and a half or so because her husband got a job working for a federal judge out there!

That’s my three things. Your Zion pictures are so gorgeous–I wish I could go!!! It’s now on my bucket list!!!


long run
watching my daughters double header softball (after run)
senior prom prep for my daughter!


I just bought the brooks ghost 10’s what are your thoughts on them?


Hey Natalie!! I hope you love them! I have only ran once in them but so far I love them! I’ll write a full review on them soon:) Have a beautiful day!


Running – just finished running almost 45km in the trails, currently eating all the food, and then taking a nice long nap!

Your trip looks amazing! Enjoy your weekend.


It’s actually just Zion (not Zions plural)!


Thanks Nina!! I hope you have a great week!


1. ran a race, the BK half!
2. hot shower
3. nap

the hiking photos are looking really good – it looks like everyone’s having such a great time outdoors. that is so neat you ran into that family that took such an amazing family photo of you guys. saw their instagram, they have the life!


Oh my gosh- I LOVE that flower hat!!!! Where did you get it from? Also- these pics are amazing….I really want to visit this park!

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