Silentish Saturday!

I love the slower mornings where I get to hang out on the porch after my miles.

IMG 9644

They have very different perceptions of temperatures.

IMG 9650

So do we.

IMG 9652

Went for a nail date for her baptism!

IMG 9655

My tomato stash was replenished by my sister.

IMG 9578

This muffin tasted like pure heaven.

IMG 9667

Skye convinced Andrew to get her ears pierced… I was not there for the piercing (I’m too emotional already!!) but Andrew said she only cried for a minute and was all smiles after that.

IMG 9676

The celebrating started with the family!

IMG 9683

And then we started in on all of the baking while watching Harry Potter!

IMG 9687

I hope you have a beautiful weekend!


Tell me three things that you are doing today!


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Congratulations Brooke on this big moment! I am also enjoying the glorious sunny mornings on the porch before the cold starts ;-) We will also crank up the temperature of the pool and enjoy it while we still can!


Hi Janae!! If you are comfortable doing so, would you be willing to explain the significance of Brooke’s baptism/the customs behind it? I really enjoy hearing you talk about your faith, it is just so inspiring!


YES YES YES! I absolutely will! I’ll blog about it in my next post. Thank you so much for being interested and for asking, it means a lot. Have a wonderful weekend Clare!


Congrats to Brooke on her upcoming baptism! So exciting.


Congratulations to Brooke on her baptism day! You’ve made a great decision to follow Jesus, Brooke!


Hi Janae! What a wonderful day! Congratulations to Brooke! I love watching her grow up on this blog. Happy long weekend!



Can I ask you an unrelated question?

This may sound weird, but I really admire how confident you are in honoring your need for rest. I am a first time mom with a 3 month old and running my own online biz… It’s hard for me to slow down and nap/rest without feeling like I should be working or doing something else around the house during those times. Did you ever deal with those feelings of guilt? If so how did you work through them?

Thank you! Long time reader and I look forward to your posts each day!



Congratulations to Brooke!
We’re getting cooler nights here in northern Illinois, so my early morning walks are SO much more comfortable now. Finally!
This morning a local man is running the virtual Boston Marathon. I got the chance to chat briefly with his family yesterday afternoon as they posted a sign at our end of the bike path (which is about 50 feet from our house). So, I made sure I was on the path this morning to cheer him on. I kept watching for him during my walk (5.25 miles this morning) and met him on my way toward home. I’m SO excited for this guy, even thought I don’t know him!
Later today we’re heading to a family wedding, on a farm. The weather is beautiful. So, this is a fantastic day all around. Enjoy your weekend!


Love the cooler weather!!!

Skye must be so excited to have her ears pierced. Love the girl time with Brooke too!

Long run (done), going to my father-in-laws lake house, coming home early (husband and kids stay) and I get a quiet evening and morning at home!!!

Happy Saturday Janae!


What is your nail polish color please? I’m looking for a great pale pink!


It’s a gel polish! I just saw a number by it but I’ll ask next time I am there because I love it! Have the best weekend.


Congratulations to Brooke, hope you have a wonderful day with your family!!! Also I sent you a direct message on Instagram with a yummy tomato-based recipe and just wanted to flag because you probably get a million DMs!!

Hope you have the best weekend :)


Congratulations Brooke! Baptism is a big day! Best choice following Jesus!!
Exercise is done and done! Planning our day to visit our college son in Asheville, NC tomorrow, hiking, picnic, waterfalls etc. And some housecleaning and the Kentucky Derby. Love the race, but watching the gorgeous horses go to the gate is my favorite. Have a great weekend!!


It’s nice to see your Mom and Dad doing well!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!!


Congratulations Brooke!! Many of us have loved watching you on you Moms blog grow from a tiny infant to a beautiful girl. You are definitely forever a beloved child of God.


Something I’ve done during long runs, marathons, and half marathons that Andrew might enjoy: listen to an entire Harry Potter movie. :)


Congratulations to Brooke! What a beautiful day!! Also, can you share the chocolate chip cookie recipe?


Thank you so much! YES, they are so good! Have a great weekend.

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