St. George Highlights!

It’s Memorial Day and I am so so grateful for the men and women who have fought for our beautiful country.  I hope you are able to spend time with your loved ones today as we remember those past and present that do so much for us!

We are still in St. George and I’ll just share some of our highlights from our weekend because I am sure a lot of you are busy today!

Saturday morning started off with an early run.  Nothing motivates me more to get out of bed early to run than knowing it is going to be really hot soon ha.

10 miles of trail and roads at 8:27 pace.

IMG 4401

These three then did their workout and mountain biked at Snake Hollow bike park.

IMG 4412

We cheered them on!

IMG 4454

And then grabbed some pasta at the restaurant Andrew worked at when he was a teenager.

IMG 4464

My brother’s new house is almost done so we helped them pack!

IMG 4469

And then we went to dinner with them at The Corner—> A must if you are in St. George (I had the grilled cheese with guac and bacon and it was so incredibly good).

IMG 4482

I love these two!

IMG 4480

Biking in Snow Canyon!

IMG 4492

IMG 4520

Brooke and Skye HATED the sand when they were babies but Beck can’t get enough.

IMG 4544

Waiting in the car in the parking lot.

IMG 4549

Here’s to another day in St. George and a lot of caffeine because nobody is sleeping but that is the norm whenever we leave our zip code.

IMG 4525


What do you have going on today?

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Wow, each time you show us pictures of your running environment I am so happy for you. You sure are very lucky! For me it is just another home based workday in sunny Belgium. Finally, the sun came out this week-end after weeks of rain and below average temperatures.

Enjoy your break. Looking forward to your blog each day.


Hey Tineke! I would love to come visit Belgium and run with you! If you ever come to Utah, I’ll take you on my favorite runs! I am so glad you are finally getting some sunshine, enjoy and thank you so much! Please keep in touch!


Someday I will make it to Utah to see and run the beautiful sites you post! The last three days were cold and rainy; it’s supposed to be sunny and 70 today. I’ll spend it in my gardens.
Grilled bacon, cheese, and guacamole sounds delicious! Thank you for posting that. It will be dinner at my house very soon.
Enjoy the rest of your trip!


I would love that and I’ll show you my favorite trails! Enjoy the good weather today and you’ll have to let me know what you think of the sandwich, it was so so good! Thanks Lee!


Um, ok… Grilled cheese with bacon and guacamole!!?! I must try that immediately! That sounds so good.
Ha ha ha, Beck in the sand ?. My boys were the same way. And I have a picture of them holding on to the steering wheel just like that too!
We’re working on the yard today, and cleaning windows, but we’ll be outside, so that’s good!
Enjoy the rest of your stay in St. George!


You are going to love the sandwich, it was way too good! I bet those moments feel like they were just yesterday with your boys! Enjoy being outside, thanks Wendy!


We had our Victoria day long weekend last work today! Looks beautiful where you are. Have a great Memorial day with your family! We did have a full weekend with beaches running and the best ice cream.


Love your new header picture of all 6 of you!!!

We are on day 4 of our planting extravaganza – 45 plants are now in with about 15 to go! Fingers crossed that our sod will be in by the end of the week.


Aww looks like you all are having so much fun!! Enjoy all the outdoor time!

Not much going on here today- errands, homework and FaceTiming family. But a win is that I bought a larger pot for my snake plant and repotted it today! I am a plant killer so I’m super excited that this one is alive and growing so much, it needed a bigger home!


Hi Janae! Happy Memorial Day! I’m hitting the track today for some speed, I usually don’t have time to go cuz I run before work so I do my speed in the park so this is very exciting for me. When do you race your brother?


We moved to the most sunny, east facing big windowed apartment last month. This is the long way to say up at 5 am. 2.5 mile walk with pup and Hon and then laid down on bed to read and ended up taking the very best sunny nap ever. Now, off to walk around a lake and hang with grown up kids and have frozen lemonade (regular lemonade blended with frozen pineapple chunks) and homemade guacamole and chips and then reading again. Beautiful day Janae!


Man, I feel like we always go to st George a week apart! I’m headed down this weekend! Where should I run while I’m there?!


Hi! We are thinking of going to St George for a weekend trip. Do you have any nice hotels with pools that you’d recommended?! Looks amazing!!

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