Sentence Per Picture + Friday Favorites + You Rock.

Yesterday was a pretty big day for Knox!

He graduated from pre-school!

IMG 9335

Before graduation I set out for a 40 minute easy run and finished with an 8:45 average pace—>  My legs were FEELING it after my strength class on Wednesday.

IMG 9303

Right after graduation we were off to drive south for a few hours for our trip, we listened to Harry Potter in the car and stopped for salads.

IMG 9345

Made it to the cabin (this is my first time using Airbnb and I’m a fan now) and we made ourselves right at home.

IMG 9370

Skye has really been needing a vacation away with how busy she is at home sleeping and eating;)

IMG 9381

And then we were off.

IMG 9386

We wanted to do a tour here at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary but they were done for the day…

IMG 9391

So we went to their store in Kanab and the kids loved their cat room!

IMG 9405

Salad bars and pizza for dinner.

IMG 9404

And my favorite part of the day—>  The Pink Sand Dunes.

IMG 9415

I think all of sand dune climbing is going to make our calves very sore.

IMG 9421


I have some Friday Favorites to share (affiliate links included):

*I just realized the the author of my current favorite book (Girl Wash Your Face) HAS A PODCAST…I bet you can guess what I’ll be listening to during my next 20 runs.

*This hat.  Andrew bought it for me and I love it.

IMG 9294

*Skid Row Marathon.  Has anyone heard about this?  Anna shared this with me and it is incredible.  In LA there is a judge that started a running club for homeless people to start running together.  It’s an incredible story:

*The Brooks Cascadia’s are still a favorite of mine.  I’m wearing mine for hiking now (they have too many running miles on them) and they are awesome for our hiking.  Andrew’s are newer and quite beautiful if I do say so myself.

IMG E8762

*These from Costco.  Heaven.  I hated them during pregnancy (along with 97% of every food on the planet) but I am happy to have them in my life now.

IMG 8840

*goodr RUNNING SUNGLASSES.  I’ve tried a lot of running sunglasses out over the years and I’ve loved many but none of them have been as cheap as these.  I bought these two pairs and instantly fell in love with the price tag.  They stay in place, they fit well, they look good and if I break them, it’s okay because they aren’t my Ray-Bans ha.  I’ll be using these a lot this summer and I’ll probably buy some more colors.

IMG 9051

*The series finale of New Girl.  I am so sad this show is over because it made me laugh hundreds of times but it’s a good thing I love rewatching shows.

*Now that it is warm I will be posting all sorts of ice cream creations for the next few months.   DQ isn’t my favorite for anything BUT their chocolate dipped cone.  This picture makes me drool a little bit and I am not exaggerating.  I love these so much:

IMG 8955


I LOVE seeing the amazing things you guys are doing.  If you want to share your running accomplishment, send it to [email protected]


MY (Janae’s) NEPHEW!!!! I am so proud of him.  He took 1st place in his race at the Special Olympics and I wish so badly we could have been there to cheer him on.  He loves to run!

IMG 9276 2


Nicole!!  “This past Mother’s Day weekend I was lucky enough to run 2 races with my little man.  My last big race was in October of 2017 while I was pregnant.  Going into the Ladies Rock Dayton 4 Miler on Friday was kind of intimidating, I honestly didn’t know what to expect.  It was an evening run but still in the high 80’s, tons of women running and on a course I was unsure of.  My mind was just all over the place.  For my first stroller run, we placed 3rd in the stroller division AND in my age group!! On Mother’s Day I ran the Run like a Mother 5k, again with my son.  I definitely felt a bit more confident going into that run, we ended up placing 9th out of over 110 women and 2nd with a stroller!  I have always been a runner but add in the stroller, it’s a bit different and takes a few runs to fully get used to it.  I am so beyond proud of myself for pushing as hard as I did AND extremely blessed to be able to share both of these runs with my son who I hope one day will be out there actually running with me:)  ”

IMG 20180513 090222 01


Christina!!  “Last weekend I ran a Mother’s Day 5-mile race on a whim.  It was my first race back after nursing a hamstring pull, and I wanted to run it more to get my running legs back than anything.  I didn’t set out to run hard, and that was fine with me.  It was a gorgeous day on the trails around the reservoir and I managed to come in first place in my age division (out of six people but who’s counting!).  This is the best photo I have of me from the event because my streak of *nailing* my race photo continues!  This is the single image the race photographer captured of me and, I don’t know about you, but I think it’s frame-worthy!  You can see my write-up for the race—>  HERE!!!

DSC 0112 1


Blair sent this in about her good friend Grace!!!  “Last weekend she ran the Bridgehampton Half Marathon and finished in 1:59:03!  It has been her goal to break two hours for years and has narrowly missed it several times- during her 4th half marathon she finally did it!!!  Her mom also ran (Mother’s Day weekend).  It was her first half and she was so nervous she and Grace drove the course the night before to get familiar.  She finished in 2:19:08 and came in 3rd in her age group!”



Have any favorites from this week?!  Do share! 

Looking forward to anything this weekend?

Sunglasses while running—>  yes or no?  Have a favorite brand for running sunglasses?

Favorite National Park that you have ever been to?  We’re going to two over the next two days!

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Congrats Knox!

I LOVE Goodr glasses. I discovered them just a few months back (maybe around November?) and I love them so much! I have 2 pair of the limited edition gold lenses and I am itching to get a few more pair! My gold and green ones go perfectly with my Shamrock Brooks Launches! At my race in March so many vendors were selling them, I think they are catching on! And just recently I believe Kara Goucher became a spokesperson for them!

Have fun hiking!!


I bought Girl, Wash Your Face after you mentioned it a couple weeks ago and just finished reading it. Thank you so much for the recommendation because I LOVED that book! Will definitely need to check out the podcast.


That makes me so happy Mariah! It is seriously the best. Let me know if you like her podcast!


Your trip looks so fun! Airbnb is seriously my new favorite way to travel. I have stayed in three in the past two months – I don’t hate it!
We are actually getting married next weekend in Breckenridge, CO (we are from Missouri), and we booked a BEAUTIFUL Airbnb for the weekend. I am so pumped!
DQ dip cones are life. I could eat them every single day. <3 YUM.
Brooke's expressions crack me up!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


CHELSEA… I am so so excited for you! NEXT WEEKEND!! Email me a pic of your dress:) Good luck with everything. I am so happy for you!


Woohooo, Knox!

So much rain on the East Coast – and more rain this weekend. So it’s looking like a long treadmill run for me.

Sunglasses – yes – but they mostly stay on top of my hat for some reason (unless it’s super sunny).

Enjoy your parks, Janae, and everyone have a happy weekend!


Yay for Knox and your nephew!!

I run in goodr sunglasses and love them. I also really like VACAY sunglasses. Both brands are very affordable and are so comfortable! Also, I really want to read that Girl, Wash Your Face book. It’s on my list for sure!

One of my best friends is coming in town today, and we are going to the Taylor Swift concert tomorrow night. I’m so excited!! Also going to a beach bonfire today, so that should be fun! Hope y’all have an amazing weekend, Janae!!


YAY for Knox and your nephew!!

I love goodr sunglasses, and I also love VACAY sunglasses. Both are very affordable and so comfortable!

One of my besties is coming in town today, and we’re going to the Taylor Swift concert tomorrow night. I’m so excited! Also, going to a beach bonfire tonight, so that should be fun! Hope y’all have an amazing weekend, Janae!


The sand dunes sound fun!! I think we will be going to goblin valley soon! I haven’t been there since I was a kid so I’m excited about that.

I just got my first pair of running sunglasses. I love them and I got them for $5 from a clearance basket at runners corner. I don’t even know what brand they are. I’m positive there are better options out there but because I haven’t tried anything else I like them.


Looking forward to spending Sunday with my sister who is moving to El Paso next week.
Definitely sunglasses while running and biking. I can’t take the glare from the sun.
We have been to Grand Teton NP and Yellowstone. We took the whole family to Yellowstone 2 years ago and it is by far, my favorite. So much wildlife, zip lining, hiking, horseback riding, river rafting, just hanging out by the fire pit. Wonderful!
I want to visit Glacier National Park in Montana, Zion and Bryce in your beautiful state. I just love being outdoors.


Sunglasses are a must for me! If I forget them, I will 100% go back to get them :) I fell in love with Zeal glasses last summer, but they’re on the pricier side so I’ll have to check out Goodr!

Canyonlands and Bryce are tied for my favorite NPs! My husband proposed to me at Canyonlands. Then we went to Bryce for part of our honeymoon road trip and it was such a different world!


So glad you went to Kanab!! If you stop at the Kanab tourism building they have little Hikes around the city. Huge buffalo out front and it’s across from Hampton inn.
Oh and the kids will love Jacob Hamblin park so many fun things and open grass to play on


Goodr sunglasses are amazing! I bought a hot pink pair and wear them everywhere. Only one big plan this weekend….. a Donut Run! Three miles and three donuts! Our Fleet Feet puts one every year to celebrate their anniversary. Last year they had a 5 mile option which I did and actually felt pretty good for running and eating 5 donuts but this year there is only a 3 mile option.


A DONUT RUN… HOW FUN! I want to join you. Let me know how it goes and I hope you have an amazing time!


Congrats Knox! Looks like you are having a great time! We are also on a road trip for the weekend. It’s so nice to be away from the routine and the chores for a few days :-) I just started “girl wash your face”, very enlightening!


Congrats to Knox! Looks like y’all are having a blast on vacation :) Those sand dunes are too cool!
I never wear sunglasses when I’m running, but maybe I should start!


It’s a long weekend here so looking forward to that. Lots of running on tap.

One of my favourite national parks is in the Canadian Rockies – Jasper National Park. We took a road trip last September and it was stunning. Put it on your bucket list:)

No favourite brand – but I like bright colured – ie. green sunglasses. My girl friend just bought a pair of goodr sunglasses so I will have to find a pair for myself.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the cabin!


I love my Goodr glasses! I can’t run without sunglasses, (my eyes are very sensitive) and I could never find a pair that stayed in place for the entire run. These are the best!


Congrats to the lady who’s nephew came in first at the race! Very special indeed xx

Janae, question! How do you manage/schedule training while you go away on trips such as camping?? Question I’m pondering myself for this summer.


HEY JENN!! Great question… so, my current plan is to bring my running shoes and if I get a run in, AWESOME and if not… it’s fine. When I am in more intense training then I will let my coach know ahead of time so she can schedule in the harder runs before I leave so that when I am gone, I can just do easy runs or skip if the schedule doesn’t allow it. I’m a big fan of getting up early and running so it makes it easier on a trip to get out and back before anyone else is awake. Take the trips and hope for the best with your running:) Have a beautiful weekend! OH an PS that is my nephew wahoo!


I’ll have to check out the Goodr sunglasses! And the Brooks Cascadias — I log on to read your blog every so often, and was specifically looking for a shoe recommendation today, so thanks!

I’ve got a pair of Brooks Ghost (insert some number here, since I can’t remember). I’ve only had them a few months, but just started really seriously running and now need to add some shoes to create a rotation! Unfortunately, after going out and running a half marathon the other day (no race, just the distance – still felt like an accomplishment!) , I now have a bit of extensor tendonitis. Do you have any suggestions on things that help, aside from RICE?


Amelia, thanks for checking in!! I am SO sorry about your extensor tendonitis. I have never suffered with tendonitis so I don’t really have any tips… ANYONE ELSE READING that can help out Amelia. I hope you are feeling back to normal asap and way to go on your 13.1 miles!


We LOVE Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. We live in Tennessee and I took my daughter and son on Route 44 from Missouri to the Grand Canyon, then volunteered at the sanctuary for several days for her senior trip. It was SO fun!! And I have a running story from Best Friends. We arrived at our cabin late at night. It was so dark but I wanted to run. My 13 year old and I ran up road on the side of the canyon, turned around after a few miles and headed back down. We were gaining really good speed and I was feeling GREAT, then I stepped on a large rock, twisted my ankle, had major road burn, and ended up in the ER. My sweet son, bless his heart, tried to carry me back to the cabin. We did not have cell phone reception and my daughter had gone to the laundry mat to wash some of our clothes. We have lots of memories from this trip :)

I love reading all the race accomplishments! Great job everyone!!


Oh Karen, that is so sad!!! Your son sounds so sweet, I’m so sorry that happened. Very cool that you guys volunteered there for a few days. I hope you have an amazing weekend!


And…I bought a pair of sunglasses from that Goodr link! Not that I needed them but their descriptions & names had me rolling at work, how could I not?


HAHA right?! It’s funny because our kids used to say gooder about things and we would correct them so they are confused why the sunglasses are called goodr. Let me know what you think of them Amy!


Where did you get your salads from? Looks really good and like what they serve at Chipotle!


Hey Linda! They were from Costa Vida. Have a beautiful day!


I am running my first half marathon tomorrow!! (First time commenter) I wanted to tell you how helpful your blog has been throughout my first real year of running! I started running last spring after my son was born (my third-I have two girls as well) and the treadmill was my only option for exercise right at the beginning and I’m so grateful that it was because now I truly love it! (But not so much on the treadmill anymore) I’m running the Ogden half with my husband and we are so excited! Also- I am reading “Girl, Wash Your Face” and I love it! Just wanted to shout out and say what a joy it has been to read your blog and I have taken away so much that has made a huge difference with my running and honestly has inspired me to keep going during the trials and the hard parts! So, thanks!!!


Tosha!!! Your comment made me so happy, I am SO excited for you! AHHHHHHH you are going to have to let me know how it goes please! Thank you for taking the time to write to me, it means A LOT! You’ve got this and when your legs get tired, focus on pumping your arms. You can do hard things and you will prove that again to your two girls tomorrow! GO Tosha!!


Sunglasses year round whether I’m running or not. These baby blues demand it!

Favorite national park = Yosemite. Get your kids there someday – you all will love it!


Yosemite is on our list… we can’t wait. I hope you are having an amazing day Kathy!


congratulations Knox!
vacation at an airbnb sounds great! so do the pink sand dunes – so much fun.

favorites from this week – picked up a nyc marathon training tech short sleeve shirt – it’s completely mesh in the armpits and the back, but since it covers the shoulders i’m thinking it will be good for preventing burns – altho i dislike short sleeves in warm weather, i think i will love this so i won’t get burned while training this summer, but hopefully still stay comfortable with the mesh cutouts. i will have to try it and find out.

running a (probably) sopping wet half marathon this weekend!

yes to sunglasses while running—> my husband has a huge collection of polarized sport sunglasses and i just try them on til i find one i like. i have no idea what brand they are (my guess they are sunglasses geared toward mountaineering / rock climbing ) but i have run with them before and i like them.

i would like to go to Yellowstone some day! and Acadia. I have been to the Grand Tetons, the Whites and the Green – have fun going to 2 national parks! should be sublime this time of year.


Everyone in my running club has the Goodr sunglasses and I’m dying to get a pair!!

Thing I’m looking forward to most about the weekend – Girls trip to Vegas!! Currently en route and can’t wait to spend the next couple days hanging with my gals, laying out by the pool, enjoying good dinners … And seeing JLo in concert :)

Have a great weekend!


Do you have a coupon code for the sunglasses by chance?


Hey Leslee!! I wish I did but I don’t have any contact (affiliate or codes) with goodr. I wish I did! I’ll reach out to them because that would be awesome to hook you guys up! I hope you are having an amazing day!


Enjoy your weekend getaway! It looks like it will be a blast! I love the beach pictures! I am traveling in Brazil for my job and have been getting in some runs while here. I am excited to see my Garmin upload to show a different country!!! :) I always wear sunglasses when I run, my pair is just from Target but has lasted me several years now! But the local running store at home has the goodr glasses. Enjoy your weekend!


That salad looks soooo good! You always seem to find awesome salads. Do you think you could recreate one and share the recipe? Enjoy your trip!!


That is a fabulous idea!!! Andrew and I will work on this! Have an amazing weekend Kimberly!


I’m looking forward to it! Thanks so much!!


Congrats, Knox!!! What a handsome cutie in this cap and gown!!!

And OHMYGOODNESS I’m so glad you made it to Best Friends (sorta)!!! Hahahaha. No tour, oh well. You got there. Maybe another time. It’s perfectly located – so close to the Pink Coral Sand Dunes, Bryce and Zion. I loved all three!!! But something about the colors and the Hoodoos of Bryce captured my heart. I also loved how it was 80/90 deg at the bottom and at the top we needed coats, gloves, etc and there was snow on the ground! (I imagine Andrew will be in shorts, ha!)

I also fell in love with the Grand Canyon. I was not expecting to be so captivated by it as I was.

Enjoy the rest of your trip!!!


Congrats Knox, that’s exciting!!!

The Goodr sunglasses are the best! I am so glad I found them, they dont move or get foggy, they’re just perfect. I feel funny when i run without glasses haha

I’d love to run Yellowstone or just hike it someday, I think it would be incredible.

Thanks so much for sharing my running story too :) Have a great weekend!!


Congrats to your nephew, Janae! Looks like another speedy runner in the family. Zion is one of our favorite parks, so beautiful and great hikes! We love Glacier too.


OMG – I just discovered goodr sunglasses- love them!


Skid Row Marathon is incredible! The UK had a one night only screening last week and I made sure to get tickets after hearing loads about it. So moving.


Congrats Knox! Congrats to your nephew as well! :) My favorite lately is the Apple pencil that my husband got me. I used to love to draw but stopped once I went to college. My husband also loves to draw and we’ve been saying we need to get back into it but just didn’t have the motivation, I guess. I didn’t think I’d like the pencil much but I made it a goal to do a drawing per week and post it on Instagram and have been loving it so much! :) I know this post was last Friday and you may not see it but if you do, have a wonderfully blessed Tuesday, Janae!

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