Bryce Canyon + Trail Running is My Favorite + I Need More of This.

Our final day of our little getaway:

Skye woke up ready to party and enjoy our last day together.  The place we stayed at had a pack and play there for us to use and she actually slept a lot better than she has on our previous trips.

IMG 9686

Also, the fact that she is taking a pacifier now has me a lot less worried about our 4 hour airplane ride coming up next month with Skye.  I do think she is looking forward to taking her naps at home again starting today ha.

IMG 9432

Four things about running around in the mountains of Glendale, Ut—>  MY ALLERGIES ARE INSANE, running at a higher altitude than I am used to always gives me a bit of a headache, you get to see animals that you don’t normally see on your runs, you remember that trail running is your #1 running love and you enjoy every minute you get to do it since at this season of life, it doesn’t get to happen very often.

IMG 9689

8 miles total @ 8:27 average pace along with 5 pick-ups in the middle (6:30 average) of 90 seconds with 2 minute easy jog recoveries after each ones.  My legs were toast by the end of that run with all of the ups and downs.

I had two cheerleaders playing out in front of the cabin waiting for me to finish.

IMG 9699

The best way to cool off very quickly this summer after a run… Have a water gun fight with somebody using freezing water (I wasn’t holding Skye during the water fight).  It was quite refreshing.

IMG 9707

I think the kid’s favorite part of the cabin was the little loft where they slept and they also loved the…

IMG 9447

bath tub that was out on the front porch.  Random but it was the thing that made us choose this particular airbnb because we knew the kids would love it.

IMG 9664

I think my favorite part of this airbnb was their washer and dryer, it was so nice to not load our suitcases/car with dirty clothes.  Once we packed up we drove over to Bryce Canyon and stopped at Bryce Canyon Pine Restaurant.  We all thought it was so good.  If you go to Bryce Canyon, eat here.  I had sweet potato fries with a turkey sandwich that had gravy and cranberry sauce.  Cranberry sauce should be eaten year round in my opinion.

IMG 9838

These two were just thrilled with their chocolate milk.

IMG 9833

If you ever go to this restaurant will you please order a slice of their chocolate cream pie and then send me a picture of it and tell me all about how much you loved it?  If all three kids weren’t asleep as we passed by it on the way out, I would have stopped for another slice.

IMG 9844

Bryce. Canyon. Is. Amazing.  I can’t believe I have never been here and I LIVE in Utah.  It was unreal.  You basically just park in a parking lot that is a few hundred feet away from where you start hiking.  It is so easy to get to the canyon and see everything.   We like it even better than Zions.

IMG 9864

It started to rain while we were hiking but luckily Andrew bought this rain cover for Skye’s pack.

IMG 9848

I kept thinking to myself, ‘is this real life?!’

IMG 9867

Brooke and Knox did really great.  The last .6 miles of the hike was really steep uphill and their legs were tired so we distracted them as much as possible with stories and they made it to the top with very little complaining.

IMG 9874

We will definitely be back to Bryce Canyon soon… they also have a half marathon here in July which is really tempting me.  Kayde told me on Instagram that she is doing a 50 mile ultra race here in just a few weeks… that sounds amazing.

IMG 9849

We got back to our car after hiking for a few hours, grabbed some gas, fed Skye and then we made the 3ish hour drive home.  All of the kids slept almost the entire time.  While Andrew and I probably hiked 5-6ish miles over the past few days, that equals 25 miles with their little legs ha.

I love this picture from the Coral Sand Dunes.

IMG 8882

You know you had a good few days when you had a bunch of sand in your shoes each time you took them off.

IMG 9660


Here is my training from last week!

Monday:  6 miles @ 8:22 average pace.

Tuesday:  5 miles @ 8:22 average pace (I guess 8:22 was what my body was loving).

Wednesday: 7.79 miles @ 7:55 average—>  2 mile w/u, 4 x 3 minutes (6:51 average), 4 x 1 minute (6:15 average), 90 second recovery jogs after each interval, 2 mile c/d.

Thursday:  40 minutes easy @ 8:45 average pace = 4.58 miles

Friday:  5.13 miles @ 8:37 average pace on the trails!

Saturday:  8 miles @ 8:27 average pace on the trails.  At mile 4 I started my 5 x 90 seconds fast (7/10 effort) with 2 minute jog recoveries after each interval).

Sunday:  Off!

36.49 miles!


Would you rather do a mountain type vacation, beach trip or a Disneyland type trip?

What are your Sunday plans?

Have you ever used Airbnb?  What was your experience? 

Did you watch the Royal Wedding? 

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Woah!! Bryce Canyon looks amazing! Those sand dunes do too. Utah is so beautiful!

I think all your vacation choices sound great but rank the mountains and beach ahead of Disney.

I am ADDICTED to airbnb! Used it for Boston (waaay better than a hotel) and in NYC last December (on a work course). Using it next weekend for a wedding, in August for a family getaway, and again in September — the Tunnel Marathon in North Bend, WA. (I just read about a cougar attack/death there yesterday — freaking out a bit!)

I didn’t watch the royal wedding, although my cousin lives in London and braved the crowds to catch a glimpse of the action in person! So I saw her photos.

Off for a run, after dropping my kids at their swimming. I have a nagging hip/sciatic issue — trying to ignore it today — seeing a new PT on Tuesday.

Have a great day Janae!


SO glad you have had such a great experience with airbnb! You have so many fun things coming up and I’m so excited for you to do the Tunnel Marathon! I hope the cougars stay far away from you… I didn’t hear about that! I hope your run was great and that you are able to get that hip/sciatic problem better asap! THANK YOU!


I love all vacations and like a healthy combination of all hahaha. I loved zions and Bryce but I don’t think I’ve been to the coral sand dunes. That will have to be on our bucket list!


I hope you get a great vacation soon! YES, go to the sand dunes… they are amazing. I hope your Sunday is a beautiful one!


Mountains are my favourite vacation destination. I love the active lifestyle associated with them. I’m thinking we’ll try AirBnB for our next trip. Your place looks awesome! I’m taking a week off running to try heal up some issues.
Have a great Sunday!


I agree, I love all of the movement that happens with mountain trips… it’s good for the kids too! I hope that your issues get better asap. Keep me updated and I hope your Sunday is a great one!


I didn’t see the Royal wedding but saw clips after. I haven’t used Air B & B but friends have and they have good things to say.

Getting out for a short run today with friends – though after yesterday’s 44km long run the legs are not pleased with me haha. And then come home and continue eating. And hopefully some quality time with the other half if I can stay awake:)

Looks like a wonderful trip. Zion is on my bucket list! Happy Sunday!


HEY KRISTINE!!! Way to go on your 44km run yesterday, you are amazing! Enjoy that quality time and come to Zion asap!


Sunday plans – making treats for the last day of school class party (oreo pops with emoji faces). And hopefully going on a bike ride or something fun. This place you went to looks soooooo amazing. That would be right up my and my daughter’s alley, but my husband hates active things or lots of walking, so I guess we could leave him behind at the cabin. haha. We are looking into taking a cruise this summer, so we are excited for that. We need an outside balcony cabin to make him happy, water slides to make my daughter happy and a swim with the dolphins excursion option for me.


I want those treats that you are making… that sounds so fun! I hope that you and your daughter can explore Bryce Canyon someday. CRUISES are so much fun… ENJOY every second!


What an amazing trip!! Quick question – When you guys hike, do you wear hiking boots or just your running shoes? I’m planning a trip to the Grand Canyon with my boyfriend for his 30th and trying to decide whether I should invest in some hiking boots.

Sunday plans – RECOVERING! Was in Vegas this past weekend for a girl’s trip and had so much fun. Now I need so much sleep before work tomorrow!


Hey Arthi!! I just wear my Cascadia’s (trail running shoes from Brooks) and they work amazing. I feel like my feet would get too hot in hiking boots unless it was during the winter:) SO excited that you guys are going to the Grand Canyon, you are going to have the best time. Get all of the sleep you can today, glad you had such a great weekend girl!


Awesome! Thanks girl!!


I’ll chime in too – I’ve hiked several times in the GC – rim to rim in a day, down to the bottom & out in a day, etc & I’ve done all in my running shoes and prefer that! I’ve done other hikes with boots and they always feel too heavy and uncomfortable


So good to know!! I’m going to Patagonia with my mom in the winter so will probably need hiking boots for that but glad to know I can get away with running shoes for now!

Thank you so much!!


I’m so glad you guys enjoyed yourself! I stopped at that restaurant 3 times while we were at Bryce. Such yummy pies! Next time you’ll have to venture to Houston’s in Kanab and try their mile high pie. I’m going next weekend and I’m so excited!


NO WAY… that is awesome. The pies were amazing:) Send me a pic of their mile high pie, that sounds incredible. ENJOY!!


I’m 70-30 beach vs. mountain vacation. We’re going to Kauai this Friday so we’ll get a mix of both. Disney type once every 5 years is enough for us.

We’ll be using Airbnb for the first time on our trip to Kauai. Hope our experience is as great as yours. Les took a cycling trip to Utah a couple years ago and really enjoyed it. His middle name is Bryce, so Bryce Canyon was a favorite of his, too.

The royal wedding was over by the time we got up, but I enjoyed looking at the pictures. I loved Megan’s dress.


Let me know how airbnb goes for you in Kauai. I hope it is perfect! I love his middle name! ENJOY your time starting on Friday, so happy for you guys Kathy!


I would do the mountain bike and the Disneyland trip! I’m not a huge fan of beaches unless it’s on a chilly day. I like cold weather, what can I say?

Also that canyon looks BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL! Oh. My. Mama.


Thanks Linda! I hope someday you can go there… it was incredible. I hope your Sunday is a great one!


Of course I watched the royal wedding! I was actually out when it was happening but caught up when I got home.


I love that you were able to watch it… it’s so fun! I hope you have a beautiful day Allison!


Bryce Canyon looks beautiful! I showed your pictures to Tom as I was reading this post and he just kept saying “wow! yeah, that’s nice…” Now I want to go. I’m so glad you had a good airbnb experience–I love it and have used it so many times! Last time was in the fall when I took Tom on his birthday trip–we had this great little studio apartment in Lexington KY that was right downtown and right by the university, and it was really nicely decorated. Nice owners, too! We loved it. And I have never had a bad airbnb experience!

Tom and I just got back from a random trip to Costco (and we loaded up on MY favorite thing there–the grilled chicken skewers–as well as HIS favorite thing–pimento cheese dip with jalapeno). Now it’s time to do the regular grocery shopping and meal prep for the week!


COME TO BRYCE CANYON… you guys will love it! Okay, I need to get these grilled chicken skewers? What section are they in? Enjoy the meal prepping! Thanks Stephanie!


I can’t wait to find a way to Bryce Canyon with Tom…not only does it seem so beautiful, but it seems like a great reason to add trail shoes to my Brooks collection (ahem…addiction…)! ;)

As for the chicken skewers: in MY Costco, I find them in the refrigerated area that’s not the standing cases (like in the aisles by the freezer section) but the big coolers that are against the wall that’s like an extension of the butcher area and the rotisserie chicken area and that wraps around to face the ends of the freezer aisles, if that makes sense. Each time the chicken skewers are in a different spot in that area–sometimes by the cardboard bins of carnitas and the tubs of hummus and salsa and other times (like today) right by the plastic clamshells of prepared caesar dressing. The skewers come in two adjoined plastic pouches and have something like 7 skewers in each pouch. My favorite way to make them is to brush a combination of lemon juice and olive oil on both sides and put them in our george foreman (or some other sort of counter-top grill or griddle pan on the stove depending on what you have) and serve them over a greek salad and with a side of spanakopita. I can imagine so many other ways–it’s really just amazingly tender grilled chicken breast on a skewer, so it’s versatile. And because the chicken is already cooked (with zero preservatives or other junk), it really is just a few minutes in the griddle/george foreman to heat those suckers through!

They’re delicious. You really need to look for them the next time you’re at Costco.

Meal prep this week is mediterranean chicken bowls with riced cauliflower and crumbled feta for lunch and egg casserole for breakfasts (eggs + egg whites + chopped baby spinach + sauteed baby-bello mushrooms + roasted fingerling potatoes + smoked gouda + caramelized onions). Simple but delicious, pretty inexpensive, and “healthy” for the KIND of healthy that feels best in my body! Win-win!!!


You are the best… thank you Stephanie! I can’t wait to find them! I agree that you definitely need some Brooks trail shoes! Can I come over to eat… that all sounds so good!


I GOT THE CHICKEN SKEWERS and they are amazing!!!! Thank you!


OMG I’m glad you got them and like them! Seriously they are delicious and sometimes the BEST pre-prepared food lifesaver!!!


Ohhhh Bryce Canyon looks AMAZING!!! I want to go when I visit the states this summer! I’m such a mountain AND beach girl. Luckily in Oregon (my home state!) you can get both.

Sunday is recoup from a busy week: run, picking up, etc. We had a huge spring of wind and the pollen is still in every nook and cranny so I got diligent and wiped down lotion bottles, and everything else in the bathroom from the day the window was left open. Super exciting (not at all until it was done.)

We use airbnb all the time. The other site I’ve used is flipkey.

Even though I’m in the same time zone (off an hour) I didn’t watch the royal wedding but I did try to catch up on feeds and posts from those who did watch. I was watching my daughters softball game. Sometimes it’s fun to catch commentary from my friends watching it. Although, the Brits are hilarious commentators and I highly recommend listening to any British sporting event.

Have a great week! Thank you for sharing your photos! I think I need to visit Utah!!!


If you can make it, go to Bryce Canyon. Oregon is GORGEOUS… I love it there. I’ve never heard of flipkey… we will have to try that out! Thanks so much Kelly and I hope your week is amazing too!


Maybe a dumb question but is it Zions or Zion? I’ve always heard of it as Zion, but whatever the proper name is it’s spectacular!!!


Not a dumb question at all… I just had to google it because I have called it both haha. You are right… ZION!


My comment is late in the day, but just in case there are some who look at later comments. Another vacation rental site that we have used all over the US is VRBO (vacation rental by owner). It also goes by the name Homeaway.
Definitely mountains and beach. We did go to Disneyworld and loved it, but I’d rather hike or run on the beach.
I only watched some of the hi-lights, but did not watch the wedding. There was one photo of them coming down the stairs where her veil was draped across the stairs behind her. That looked really beautiful.


HEY KATE!! We will totally have to try out Homeaway, that sounds awesome! I hope you have an amazing week and I know the picture you are talking about… stunning!


Looks like a great trip! You definitely need to hang the handstand picture. Try Costco – they do an amazing job blowing up pics and putting them on canvas!


WOW! Stunning pictures. It sure is a beautiful, beautiful world out there!!!!


Mountain trip hands down – it allows for being active and affords gorgeous views and seeing treeline/alpine vegetation that i don’t normally get to see…!

Sunday plans were to set up and run a bike event for kids at our daughter’s school!

yes i’ve used Airbnb – it was a good experience. we have used it going to the Berkshires and we have used it for our stay in Helsinki Finland – both were great experiences. we have also rented our place out to our neighbor’s traveling family. that was also a good experience.

I did not watch the Royal Wedding – i was running in the rain at the BK half! it was so cold, so wet, but so great. Deena Kastor ran the event and finished 2nd! she offered us runners some inspiring words at the start with the announcer and the president/CEO and race director of NYRR. Can’t wait for next year’s!


My husband and I went to Bryce last summer! We hadn’t been to Utah before, but made a whole adventure of exploring there, and a couple other national parks. We did the long Fairyland trail at Bryce and it was spectacular! We also tried frozen custard based on your recommendation from years of blog reading, and it was magical as well ;) So glad you and your family had a great time!


wow, the canyon looks absolutely gorgeous! glad you had a fun trip!

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