Mother’s Day + My Training Log + Lots of Things From Our Day

Good morning!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the women out there that care for, love, serve and teach the people in their worlds.  I am so lucky to have my mom, Mer, my mother-in-law and all of the other women that have been there for me.  I am feeling extra emotional this year about Mother’s Day (I was a mess at Brooke’s school on Friday when she sang, You Are My Sunshine) and every time I watch this movie below it makes me cry some more.   I hope today is a beautiful day for you and if you are missing your mom or someone else close to you, I am so extremely sorry and I hope you feel some comfort and peace at some point today.

Last run of the week—>  done and done!  It was a bit rainy so I wore a hat again and loved the 44 degree temperature so much.  My glutes are still sore from the two strength classes that I did this week.  How long will it take my body to get used to doing more strength work so I’m not sore all of the time?  I should know the answer to this question but it’s been a while since I’ve last done this ha.

IMG 8855

Andrew was very happy that he went further than I did yesterday…  His run was 8.11 miles.   I’m excited for us to be able to run together again every now and then once Skye can go in the stroller and we will just take turns pushing her.

2 mile w/u, 2 x 5 minutes @ 7:15, 2 x 3 minutes @ 6:55, 400 jogging recoveries, 2 mile c/d.  I definitely don’t pop back after a race as quickly as I did in my 20s but that’s part of life and with a bit more time, I will be feeling like myself again after my last half-marathon.

IMG 8846

Andrew left for his run when I got home and I did this resistance band workout (with a few breaks to get Skye situated)!

IMG 8877

Brooke has a little cat that moves and makes cat noises.  Skye thinks it is so funny and she will occasionally squawk right back at it.

IMG 8868

We got all ready to go out for a walk once Andrew got home from his run but then it started raining pretty hard so we skipped out on that idea.

IMG 8881

I know I’ve been talking about my favorite Costco finds more than usual lately but this is definitely one of my favorites.  I put it on top of a bunch of my salads and it tastes so good so that is what I had for lunch.

IMG 8892

Knox was going to have a t-ball game but it was cancelled because of rain so we were bummed we weren’t able to go to that.

Brooke had a make-up class for gymnastics.  She makes things looks so easy… I would be in tears if I attempted the splits ha.

IMG 8904

Skye was pretty proud of her sister.

IMG 8920

After gymnastics we picked up some groceries from Walmart and when they were loading our car up they gave me a rose and a bag full of goodies for Mother’s Day.  I thought that was really sweet of them!

IMG 8923

Next on our agenda—>  a birthday party.  One of the students I taught when I was a student teacher was at the party!  It was so fun to catch up with her and to talk about my teaching days.  It made me really miss teaching.  FYI I taught health, PE, drivers ed and a few other random classes (do not worry for my student’s education—> I was not an English teacher;).

IMG 8928

A bit later and we dropped off Brooke at my sister’s house met up with a few friends for dinner.  When Skye woke up in her car seat while we were waiting for our table she started crying.  Skye somehow manages to keep one tear stuck to her face once she is calmed down to remind us that she was not happy with us at one point.

IMG 8933

We went to Maria Bonita which is definitely the best Mexican restaurant in our area.

IMG 8944

Why can’t every meal start with chips and salsa?

IMG 8952

We need to eat here more often, it is amazing.

IMG 8953

I know that Andrew has some pretty delicious food planned for me today.  I’m definitely going to sleep in AND take a nap so today is going to be pretty great.


Here’s how my workouts went last week:

Monday:  5 miles @ 8:15 average pace

Tuesday:  6.74 miles @ 7:55 average pace.  2 mile w/u, 6 x 2 minutes @ 7:00ish w/.25 mile recoveries (at around 8:00-8:15), 1.5 mile c/d.  I also made it to a strength training class.

Wednesday:  5 miles @ 8:44 average pace.

Thursday:  No run but I did go to a strength training class.

Friday:  6 miles with Candice @ 8:22 average pace.  It was lightly raining and nice and cool.

Saturday:   7.28 miles @ 7:53 average.  2 mile w/u, 2 x 5 minutes @ 7:15 , 2 x 3 minutes @ 7:00 (.25 mile recovery jog after each interval), 2 mile c/d.

Sunday:  Off

30.02 miles for the week!  Building those miles back up.


How are you spending your Sunday?

What was your best run from last week?  Hardest run?

When you eat out at a Mexican restaurant, what do you typically order?

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I’ve started running again after being on the elliptical for a few weeks for mental and physical rejuvenation (I screwed up something with my butt bone quite some time ago and continued running on it, so I just wanted a fresh start).

ANYWAY coming back to running, even after keeping up the cardio on the elliptical, is quite painful! Been running for over half my life (only about 4 mi a day before the past few years, but almost every day), and so I’ve never really been off running for so long (~3 weeks, with a few days of running in there because of gym / events). Re-training my legs on Central Park is perhaps not the best idea, but it’s what I’ve got! And wow it’s tough getting that leg strength back handling impact again!

I was surprised! Cardio is not enough ha!

Happy Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother’s Day Janae and to all the moms in your blogosphere. I’m glad you shared the video. It made me cry also and appreciate how important all “moms” are.
Spending Sunday with the family. My best run and only run last week was Friday afternoon. I was on jury duty all last week and we finally finished Friday at 2:00. It was emotionally draining and I had to stop at the park for a 3 miler.
Mexican food favorites: fajitas, quesadillas, or chicken flautas. They’re all good!!!


We have a family dinner tonight after church and all that. My dad said he was going to make dinner for all of us moms so we didn’t have to :)!

When I go out for Mexican I almost always get the enchilada or the nachos!


Hardest run was friday….over 90 degrees….ugh! Not used to that heat yet! Today’s will be just as hot after work.

I always get fajitas and guacamole!
Happy mother’s day!


Hardest run was on wed – I fell going up stairs haha while on a trail run – it was an orientation run for an upcoming summer trail race. Yesterday was probably my best run – ran 42km in the trails with a girl friend for our long run. Some of her friends joined us for a shorter distance. It was sunny and glorious so pretty much a perfect day in the trails.

We are doing mothers day celebrations belatedly most likely. So not sure what we have planned for today. The weather again is amazing so definitely will be outdoors again. I would like to take a ferry boat to Bowen Island – not far from us but we will see.

We don’t do Mexican restaurants that often – but chips and salsa for sure!

Happy Mothers Day! Hope you have a fantastic day with your family!


Happy Mother’s Day!!

Plans for the day: Easy run … Teaching a yoga class (and my mom is going to come!!) … And then taking her out to dinner for mom’s day!

Fav thing to order at Mexican restaurants – Chicken tortilla soup! Love it so much!


Happy Mother’s Day! I bet this year is amazing and emotional and feels brand new–with Brooke, and an amazing son in Knox and with your lovely, beautiful new baby and your amazing husband and just this season of your life. Enjoy every single second of EVERYTHING that you get today!
Tom and I love Tex Mex food. We have two places by us that we go to–Zama (closer to his office) and Huey Luey’s (down the way from our apartment). We eat too many chips every time we are there…they’re addictive! I always go between shrimp fajitas (and a big pile of napkins to dab away all the grease), chile rellenos, or some sort of pork/carne asada entree. Tom–well, he likes a big, messy, cheesy, sauce-filled burrito. AND NOW I WANT TEXICAN FOOD (as Tom and I call it)!!!!!


Happy Mother’s day to all of you!


Happy Mothers Day, Janae! To your sweet Mom and Sis and all your sis-in-laws too!


Happy mother’s day Janae! You are an amazing mom! Sunday is yoga tune up day for me, which basically means rolling out all the knots before starting my training week! Then I had a delicious salad at my favourite salad bar and going out with my hubby and son for dinner tonight!


Happy mother’s day Janae! I hope you have a great day!
I’m spending my Sunday driving back from Minnesota but it was worth it to spend time with family – life is too short to not make the time for family! I got in a short 4 mile run on the treadmill at the hotel yesterday and my goal is to get in one when I get home but we’ll see!
That Mexican food looked great! Mexican food is my favorite so it’s easier for me to list things I don’t like and never get at restaurants! Ha!


Hope you are having the best mother’s day ever. You deserve all the happiness. please give your mum a huge hug too. Here in Portugal mother’s day was last Sunday so today is a pretty regular Sunday which includes a big walk with our dog, some tv and maybe a good nap ?


Hppy Mother’s Day Janae! Hope you’re having a nice day! Do you remember quicksilver park when you lived in San Jose? Not sure if you ever ran the trails there, but that’s where i ran on Friday. It was so nice, lots of shade and big trees. Saw 3 baby bunnies! That was my favorite run this week.

Mexican food is my favorite and i almost always get grilled fish or shrimp tacos. If they don’t have that then I usually get some other tacos (tacos are my favorite but they have to be authentic street style, I’m pretty picky on my Mexican food!) haha

Enjoy your day!! ???


Happy Mother’s Day Janae! You have a beautiful family, hope you got a great nap and yummy food. Best run of the week was today, wasn’t going to run because it was drizzly and chilly, but ended up doing 9 miles and finding a twenty dollar bill on the side of the road! Love getting mexican esp the chips and guac, tacos and shrimp fajitas, .
Today for Mother’s Day getting take out and watching a movie and just relaxing in pjs on this dreary day.


Happy Mother’s Day to you, Janae and to all the mamas in your family!!! ???


Happy Mother’s Day, Janae!


I am sorry to say that your glutes may NEVER get used to strength training! ha ha ha I go once a week to strength class (and do some things on my own), and it never fails that I am so so sore after that strength class. lol I try to remind myself that it’s good for me, but I do admit to grousing about it. ha ha

I can’t believe how much Skye’s eyes and the shape of her face remind me of Brooke. I know I’ve said it before, but Brooke and Knox kind of look alike, too. Very cool :)


Well, that video made me sob. Happy mother’s day to you! I hope you had a really special day. :)


I haven’t been to Maria Bonita for years! I need to go back. I typically order tamales at Mexican restaurants. And I agree 100%–chips and salsa should be at the start of every meal!


Great post and the kid’s of yours are so adorable. I hope you might have enjoyed the special day of your’s.

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