Our Day + Don’t Have to Think About That + My Resistance Band Workout!

One of the things that I am loving about running non-pregnant again is that I don’t have to think about my heart rate during the run anymore.  I know that there are studies and articles out there that go both ways when it comes to your heart rate during pregnancy (in regards to what number to avoid going over and whether or not it matters)… for me personally, I just always pay close attention to it.  During pregnancy I would check my HR monitor a lot during each run because I didn’t want to go over 150 bpm but now, I don’t have to and it is fun to feel my heart rate get a little higher (aka during my hill run on Thursday especially) and feel my body really work.  I like it.  Now I just have to remind myself during my track workouts in the future about how nice it feels to get that heart rate up there:)

CANDICE AND I GOT TO RUN TOGETHER!  This was my first run with a friend in forever.  It’s always amazing to me how much conversation we can fit into the miles… we discussed everything from parenting to people we admire to food to running shoes to the future all in 40ish minutes.

IMG 8155

Our current morning schedule (because I’m sure it will change before the end of the week or something) is that Skye wakes up at about 7:20ish to eat and then falls back to sleep again until about 9:30.  I feed her, pump a bottle (just in case she wakes up while I am on my run) and then get Brooke all ready for school, take her and then run!  Some days Skye wakes up earlier than that so I go for my run before taking Brooke to school.  Yesterday morning I fed her and then just stared at her for a bit because she was giving me the cutest sleep smiles.

I smile too after a filling meal while I’m snuggling and snoozing… is there any better feeling than those three things combined?

IMG 8148

School drop-off with the Brookster.

IMG 8150

I did a little bit of strength training all by myself yesterday after my run until Skye woke up.  I know, I know.  I’m shocked by my actions too;)

I really am loving these resistance bands that I bought because they make it so easy to get in a great workout!

I did 3 sets of (for the last set I didn’t use the bands because my legs were on fire):

12 Squats w/the band

12 Clamshells with the band

15 Donkey kicks per leg w/the band

15 Bridge Thrusts w/the band

12 Side Step Squats w/the band

IMG 8184

And then Skye helped me to stretch for a minute.

IMG 8175

If my hair is anywhere near Skye, she whips out her arm so fast and grabs it.  Andrew witnessed her crazy fast hair pulling reflex yesterday and he was amazed.  She has some skills and I really should just put my hair in a bun each day.

PS who wants to come over for a cereal party at our house?  Why put them away when I am just going to eat more in a few hours;)

IMG 8185

Andrew has another big test coming up so he has been studying like crazy but took an afternoon break with us for the important stuff in life:

IMG 8186

I could actually just order a bowl of this guacamole and eat it for lunch.  I need to try that.

IMG 8187

Hot chocolate for dessert:

IMG 8190 2

After lunch we stopped by my parents’ house to catch up with them.  My mom has had a sinus infection for a while so it felt like we hadn’t seen them in forever.  Skye was the most excited to see her.

IMG 8195

But then she got bored of our conversation…

IMG 8194

This will seriously never get old.

IMG 8200

For dinner we made what we had a few days ago… eggs, cheese, spinach, sweet potatoes (with TJ’s Everyday seasoning) and bacon.

IMG 8201

And then we tried the Dark Chocolate Kodiak cakes for the first time and the verdict is that they are amazing.  I love the plain ones a bit more but will gladly eat these to mix things up too.

IMG 8202

These two finished off their day with dancing to The Greatest Showman in their favorite costumes.

IMG 8205

*Disclaimer… these were all the highlights from our day:)  I think you’d be bored hearing about the fights, tiredness, diaper blowouts, crying, messes etc that come along with kids so just a reminder, I just show you the best (and most delicious) parts of our day.


Does anyone do their strength training before their run rather than after?  I feel like I might need to start doing that because it probably won’t happen if I always do it after my run because life takes over.  

Who was the last person that you went on a run with?

If you could only choose to be able to eat guacamole or salsa for the rest of your life, which would you choose (or do you like guac or salsa better… I just like to phrase it the other way because that sounds more dramatic)?

What is going to be the highlight of your day today?

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I am going to get some resistance bands and try out the exercises you did. I have weak glutes and hips and I know they will help. Thanks for the suggestions!


Sometime you should do a “lowlights” post where you show all sorts of things that went wrong in a day (fighting, crying, hair pulling, messes all over the floor etc.) It would be HILARIOUS! And I’ll have to go with salsa.


I love it!!! I totally will!!! I will make it more of a joke just because I worry about putting other people’s specific struggles (the kids especially) online! But if I can show the funnier sides and nothing too specific of them then I feel good about that! I hope you are having a fabulous day Jenny!


I second that! I’m sure you’ve noticed that your most popular posts are the ones where you get “real” about things. Don’t just sugarcoat your life–all perfect all the time is really dull.


Agree! I don’t think telling about the rough parts of your day could be more boring than the blog is right now.


I really love the disclaimer! It was a really sweet and concientious side note that you have some messiness in your life ? a funny blog about the organized chaos would be great!


I ran with a new friend on Monday, and I’m so excited for more runs to come with her! I usually run by myself, but I would run with someone most Saturdays when I was still in Texas. I didn’t know anyone when I moved to California, and I didn’t meet many runners right off the bat. I’m so glad I met her because we can run the same comfortable pace and hopefully do some tougher workouts together, too (though she’s crazy fast, so that will be good for me)!

I would definitely eat guac, so long as it’s not spicy. Cafe Rio’s guac is SO good, and so it Chipotle’s!


Thank you so much for sharing your resistance band workout! I feel like everyone is using them these days! I can’t wait to get a set of my own :)
I always do strength training after running! I like to use a short run as a warm up sometimes.
The last person I ran with was my husband – we ran like 100m together but it was the best part of my day! I have tried (and failed) to get him to be a runner with me!
Guacamole ALWAYS!


I love your disclaimer!!!


I really like the disclaimer! It’s good to know you experience some of the normal hard parenting times we all face! I’m the mom to a 2-year old little girl and we had a pretty tough morning today. Not feeling like a great mom over here :-(

Your salad picture makes me want guacamole SO bad now!! Yum!!


Oh Torrie!!!! You are not alone. I am pretty sure about half the time I am feeling like I’m not a great mom too… kids are hard! Can I share the quote I think about every time I get down on myself about parenting?
“To all mothers in every circumstance, including those who struggle—and all will—I say, ‘Be peaceful. Believe in God and yourself. You are doing better than you think you are.’” —Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, “Behold Thy Mother”

I am so sorry this morning was rough (and 2 is such a hard age) but remember, you are doing an amazing job!!!


Thank you, Janae, for sharing that quote! I’m writing it down right now so that I can save it and read it when I need it again :-) Thank you for lifting my spirits and being so awesome!! <3 I love that we moms can stick together and have each others backs!


Sorry, this is driving me nuts! :) What is that blue box of (I think) cereal in the background next to the mini wheats and cinnamon toast crunch? I am a bit obsessed with cereal. Thanks!


No worries! I totally get it! Cereal is important.. I’d be wondering too! It is the new Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shreds! It is so so so so good… and much more filling than the normal kind! Let me know when you try it!


Thank you SO much for the prompt response and for understanding the important things. Haaa! I will definitely try it. Have a great day!


I love guac but FOR LIFE I would have to do salsa because it can go on almost everything, hot and cold!
also I love that Skye is getting her little wrist rolls, gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


Girl…guac is always the answer. It doesn’t even mater what the question is.

Highlight = I THINK YOUR MOM AND I HAVE THE SAME OOFOS SANDALS. Also, a really good run with my pup this morning. Two (potential) highlights so far, and my workday hasn’t even started yet.<3



*eyerolls @ self*


I will definitely come over for a cereal party! Save some cinnamon toast crunch for me!


Last person I took a run with was Hope! Her suggestion which made it even better.
Best part of my day might be this cruller donut I am about to eat.


I want to come run with you and Hope! I love that it was her idea to go! You are an amazing mama!


First off, thank you soooooo much for the speed workouts you have been posting on Mondays! I get really tired of rotating the same couple of workouts and your new ones have been great! I did the 400/1 mile/800 one last night and loved it.

My strength workouts are usually after runs. I tend to go a little hard with strength training, so I think my runs would really suffer if I switched the order.

Oh man, guac or salsa…chips and salsa are one of my favorite snack combos, so I think I would have to say salsa.


Way to go on the workout!!! That makes me soooo happy! That one is a tough one! Teach me to go hardcore on my strength workouts! I hope you get some amazing salsa soon!


If I’m strength training and running on the same day (which usually doesn’t happen) I try to strength train first. An instructor at my gym who I trust a lot suggested that it’s often better in that order, because then your body isn’t tired from running which could case bad form and injury from the weight lifting. I’m sure one could make the exact argument the opposite way, but I’m way more afraid of hurting myself lifting weights than I am hurting myself running. Just a personal preference I guess!

Gosh, I haven’t run with anyone for a very long time. Probably my friend Nickie when we did a Halloween Glow Run 5K (in tutus) :-)

I’d pick guac over salsa, unless the salsa has cilantro. I love cilantro!!!

Best part of my day will probably be a rehearsal after I’m done teaching at school (I’m a violinist) that a good friend is directing. Nothing better than making music with old friends!


Not even a question. Guac. All day. Every day. :)


I just got resistance bands because the new workout program I’m doing calls for them and it’s killer!! So so good.
I love guac. So so so much.
Best part of my day will be as soon as I get my butt in gear and go have breakfast with my mom for our birthday!! (She’s going out of town today or else I would have seen her tonight.) And then hanging out with my siblings and niece tonight. ❤
I love the reality disclaimer at the end ?


I’ve never really been into heart rate training. I know a lot of people are and that’s awesome but it’s never really been for me I guess.

I like the dark chocolate kodiak cakes as well. They are my favorite of the brand.


I don’t usually do strength training and running on the same days but when I have done it in the past, I strength train after running. But I don’t have distractions like you do! :)
GUACAMOLE! I love guac and salsa both, but if I had to choose, I’d rather have the option to eat guacamole.
Highlight of my day – it’s supposed to get to 45 degrees and I’m going for a run outside after work…I am ready! And excited!


I just got those bands and love using them for some strength training! Quick question: I’m looking for a better running jacket to stay warm during winter running (I’m from WI so it gets pretty cold) do you have any suggestions??


I wasn’t able to breastfeed my twins and only pumped for the first couple of months so I’m even more in awe when I hear others’ positive experiences with it. That’s amazing you were able to feed her AND pump a bottle! Your mom is the cutest; always such a treat to see her on the blog. Ooh, that’s such a hard question since we usually mix our guac and salsa but probably guac since it’s has healthy fats. Highlight of my day is probably picking up my kids from school. I always get this sense of gratitude when I sit in the car and wait for them and then seeing them run to the car with huge smiles on their faces. Life was pretty awesome before them, but man how grande it is with them.



Buy your mother this for her sinus infection. I was struggling with the same thing for a month! I took this, and the next day I had my voice back and felt 100% more like my self. It’s pricey, but so worth it.


I usually strength train after my run, but you’ve got me thinking…maybe I should try before?! After running I just want to ROLL and EAT.
Also, I have a question for you! When you run in the morning, do you eat breakfast before or after (or both?)? I usually feel best running on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, but then am SO starving after that I feel like I’m not fuelling enough? How do you time your meals in the morning? And what breakfast/pre or post workout meals are your favourites? Also haha what is your go to Cafe Rio order?? That salad looks incredible.
And guac 4EVER.
Thanks!! Hope you have a great day :)


Salsa and guacamole are two of my favorite things, but if I had to pick, guacamole would be my favorite!


I can’t even remember who I ran with last. It’s been THAT long. I love solo runs but sometimes it is nice to run with others!

I would choose salsa anytime over guacamole. I hate avacados so it hasn’t to have a ton of other stuff in the guacamole for me to even want to try it haha.


Skye looks so long/tall in your mom’s arms! I’m glad you keep it real saying that you’re only showing the highlights. By the way, i remember you talking about stretch marks a while back — did you end up getting any stretch marks?


That guacamole looks delicious. Usually I would say guacamole over salsa but I have been on a big salsa kick lately but only the Wegmans store brand salsa. Also avocados are kind of hit or miss this time of year. I usually prefer to make my own guacamole at home.


I do strength training before and then after my run. Whee! I like to break it up otherwise it’s not going to happen!

I haven’t gone on a run with someone in so long, I don’t remember! I should change that soon.

Guacamole for sure! Avocado for life.

Highlight of the day is seeing my boyfriend after work! Yay!


I typically don’t do strength and running on the same day because I don’t make time for it; however, I run/workout before work and I’m not getting up when there’s still a 3 on the clock!!

I run with my husband pretty often, so he’s my go to running partner :)

I LOVE guacamole :) I could eat it everyday for the rest of my life!

I am just so thrilled to finally feel a little normal today after being super sick!


Hi Janae (and other readers!)! I’m training for my first run/walk half marathon for my 50th birthday in april. I’m looking for a garmin-or something like it-that will tell me when to run/walk (based on minutes) as well as whether i’m tracking to finish at my goal time…speed up..slow down..etc..

Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!


Guacamole of course! There’s a reason guac costs extra and salsa is free with chips ;)
Highlight of my day: it should be warm enough for a stroller walk! It’ll feel so nice for me and the little one to get some fresh air.


Love your blog! I’ve been reading for about a year, but never commented.
I purchased the bands last week when I saw your previous post. Haven’t tried them yet, but will tonight.
Guac for sure, especially fresh and homemade.
Highlight for today is a 5 mile run/walk tonight. I’m still working on building up miles. 8 so far this week, which is good for me. Hope to finish the week at 23 total miles (which is also good for me).


KATE!! I am so so happy that you commented and let me know if you like the bands! Way to go on your mileage this week… you are amazing and I hope you get some amazing guac soon!


I never get tired of hearing about or seeing your kids (they are all so cute) and no I’m not a creeper. Just a grandma whose grand kids live far away, like Tennessee and Texas and I am in Southern Utah. I really wish my daughter-in-law had a blog like yours. My other son is recently divorced and his ex isn’t very nice about working with him to see his daughter so we even get to see her less than my other grandchildren. Another thing I admire about you is how well you and your husband work with your exes on the parent time issue!!

I would like to eat both but I would probably go for the guac!!

I do my weight training after I run because I like to have most of my energy for the run.

I ran with my friend this morning. We usually run a few times a week together.

I am looking forward to being off for the weekend!! I have tomorrow off to take care of my mom!! Enjoy those little ones
(which I know you do) and your parents while they are in good mental and physical health!!

I really enjoy your blog even though I’m and oldy!! I turned 50 last year and my daughter said that when you reach 50 you are old, hahaha!! I am still young at heart!!


LOVE your Patagonia jacket. Which one is it? I’m looking for something similar for the Colorado winter :)


HEY Claire!! I got this one and LOVE it:


I hope you are having a fabulous day!


I run solo a lot but I ran with a girl friend a couple of weeks ago – 6 am! It was worth it to be able to catch up over a run.

Definitely guacamole though I love both. I’m terrible about strength training but I usually do it (if I do it) post run…I just bought a running training plan so trying to be good about strength training and running.

Highlight of the day: Lunch because I forgot mine at home and I have an array of options near where I work haha

Have a great day!


Highlight of my day today will be kicking back in class and watching others perform their rehearsals! I’ve already done my seeing the previous day :-)


I always do strength training before cardio. I think part of it is habit, but I’m like you too, if I leave it for after my cardio I have zero motivation.

I’m all about the guacamole.


What level is that resistance band? I know there are
Different ones with how tight they fit. I want to get some but didn’t know where to start. I saw you bought ones with a variety though so that would be a good way to work up with using them.


Les ran with me yesterday for the first time in about a year! He’s hurting today.

Our excitement for the day is flying home to California. We got to watch filming for Hawaii Five-O from our condo last night. That was fun.

I could never choose between salsa and guac, I’ll take both every chance I get.


You need to get the peanut butter Kodiak cake mix and mix it with the dark chocolate one…. life changing!
I could totally live on guacamole. Strength training after a run! The last person I ran with was my 3 year old that I pushed in the jogging stroller unless you count my dog who ran with me yesterday morning for my cool down. Still waiting for the highlight to my day. Although the cafeteria at work did have sweet potato tots so that is in the running for the top spot right now.


Thank you for the idea of the pb kodiak cake mix plus the dark chocolate one… that sounds beyond good! I hope you get some amazing guacamole soon! Love that you have your 3 year old and your dog to run with:) Love that highlight! Enjoy the rest of your day Corrinne!


Guacamole over salsa any day. Not that I don’t like salsa, I do…but if only having one, guac wins.

Ran with a friend 4 hrs ago. Was supposed to be two of them but one got called into a last minute meeting at work and had to bail.

Highlight so far of my day…the homemade hot chocolate I am drinking. And I mean hot chocolate, not cocoa…much closer to liquid chocolate than cocoa-flavored milk. ;)


Guac or salsa? Oh Janae , you’re questions are too hard – I love them both! I’ll choose guac since that sits better on a run than salsa!

The highlight of my Thursday is always going to my Ashtanga yoga class. I love to stretch after my workouts during the week and it makes me feel centred. Not to mention it always reminds me the weekend is nearly here!

Loving all your gorgeous pics with Skye ❤️


This is fantastic! Keep up the good work!


I read somewhere recently people go back for more when there is a positive message vs. a negative one. The positive inspires awe. People like awe. At the same time, I liked the disclaimer today because of the balance it brought. Too much saccharin feels off balance to regular people. Totally get privatizing struggles when they’re not your own! It almost borders on gossip? #purpose over drama.

Regarding the positive, I’m in awe of how your post-partum recovery looked. Cheers! Oh, the birth story, too! It says a lot, including the message of exercise. You blog it – you do it for peace (essentially). Anyone who is #engaged in life: raising kids, slaying goals outside and inside the home; and desiring contentment at the same time to enjoy it all – they need something. IMO this blog shows it.

Loving the food pics: eggs-spinach, all the salads… they do a body good. I feel like there are a lot more these past few weeks. Salsa for me –> salsa party!!!!!


Between salsa and guac, definitely guac. But throw fresh pico de gallo into the mix and I’m totally stumped! I wouldn’t want to live my life without pico or guac!


Sometimes I strength train before running, but only easy runs. And it feels so good to go running after. It feels like I’m relieving really tensed muscles. This reminds me I’ve been slacking on my training because it’s been awhile since I’ve done this.

I wish I could say I’d pick guac but I developed an allergy to avocados a few years ago so I guess I’m stuck with salsa. And yes, I know it’s super depressing to not be able to eat guac.


Janae, your last line made me think: you should have a post of all the lowlights of one day. The messes, the blow-out diapers (no need for close ups, though!), cranky kids, etc. I just think it would make for a funny post. Is it just me? I haven’t had a lot of coffee yet and sometimes what I think is a great/hilarious idea pre-coffee is actually a not-so-great one post-coffee intake. But I do think you could take your lowlights of the day and still make them sweet and funny! (I must add that my kids are all over 21 so I have been out of the small children typical behavior for a long time!)


Guac hands down.

I always look forward to reading your blog! Sometimes I save your posts and read them all on Friday!

I really enjoy the highlights of your day! Have you thought about doing a monthly outtakes day? You know those pics when the baby has just puked in your hair? Stuff like that?


I see so much Andrew in the picture of Skye after her meal! Which I know is not fun for a mom to hear about her little girl as I have a one year old that everyone keeps telling me looks like my husband. Aren’t baby girls supposed to look like their mama’s!?


I somehow managed to post before I finished! I was going to add that of course my next child will be a boy and look just like me! :) Skye is so precious and I love her cute little smiles! What an adorable little baby you have!


I bought those bands when you shared the link a week or two ago. I never take the time for hip exercises but these are helping me to force myself. Thanks for sharing!


You are so welcome. I hope you love them! Enjoy your day Katie!

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