Our First Kidless Date Night + Friday Favorites!

We got a little bit of snow last night!!  If it is icy today = running inside.   Let’s just hope it isn’t but if it is I’ll catch up on my shows.

Each snowflake was huge!

LRG DSC02797

Let’s start off with Thursday morning…

IMG 8209

I got to get in a run with Josse.  I wish I knew how many miles we have done together over the years… I think we’ve trained for 4 marathons, many 1/2 marathons and we have done many non-training-for-a-race miles together over the years.  It felt good to be back doing what we love together again.  Josse is currently training for a marathon at the end of April in Nevada! I am really thinking I want do the half-marathon that they have there because my brother is doing it and then I would get to run with him and cheer Josse on during her last few miles!

Also, I think I am really acclimating to this weather because I was so hot after just a mile or so.

IMG 8230

We decided to get in some hills yesterday (gotta get strong before I pick up on speed training or anything like that) and they were HARD.  It was fun to have Josse to chase though!  We hit an 8:55 average pace and climbed about 220 feet.  This hill burned really nicely.

IMG 8222

Back home to Skye and her unicorn outfit that Brooke picked out for her (although I think we went through 4 outfits yesterday).

IMG 8262

Whenever Andrew is getting ready to leave for his run Beretta sits and stares at him like this… it’s her way of saying, “YOU HAVE TO TAKE ME W/ YOU!!!”

IMG 8307

Getting some studying done while I cleaned.

IMG 8308

Somehow Brooke and Knox don’t wake up to Skye crying in the middle of the night but Brooke requested a little rest yesterday because having a baby sis is tiring.

IMG 8310

Fast forward until about 5 pm last night… Andrew and I were sitting on the couch with Skye trying to figure out what to do for dinner when he said, WE NEED A DATE.  I agreed and we sent a text to my mom asking if she could watch the kids so we could grab dinner together.

A date was very much needed… We were able to actually talk to each other for longer than 8 seconds at a time:)

LRG DSC02812

These two are obsessed with my parents’ house and they were actually disappointed when we got back to pick them up ha (picture from when we were dropping them off and they were happy to say goodbye)!

LRG DSC02806

Andrew suggested we go for Thai food and it sounded delicious.

LRG DSC02814

I had the pad thai (one time I learned how to make this while in Thailand ((I should actually make it at home or something)) and Andrew had the Massaman Curry.  Both were so good (for Utah people—>  we went to Savory Thai)!

LRG DSC02815

We had mango sticky rice to end things off right. PS I’m really really thirsty all of the time again—>  probably because I started running.

LRG DSC02817

The sticky rice deserves a close-up.

LRG DSC02818

For dessert #2 we picked up ice-cream sundaes from McDonald’s on the way back to my parents’ because they sounded really good too.

IMG 8353

This was Skye’s first time without me or Andrew and it went really well (I pumped a bottle and left it with my mom).  She made sure to cling onto my hair when we got home.

IMG 8354

PS Skye’s cheek update for the day.  Growing by the minute.

IMG 8338


I just have a few Friday favorites to share today!

*THIS.  BOOK.  I am a huge fan of Brené Brown and I haven’t quite finished this one yet but I will say it is my favorite so far of all of her books that I’ve read.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this quote from her book this week, “The most dangerous stories we make up are the narratives that diminish our inherent worthiness.  We must reclaim THE TRUTH about our lovability, divinity, and creativity.”

Screen Shot 2018 01 25 at 2 29 48 PM

*Brooke scored some bright pink boots (we found them on sale so I was happy too;) and she has worn them every day since.  She has started to be quite particular about what she will and will not wear.

IMG 6976 jpgIMG 7824

*This meme that Kelly sent me!!  I laughed so hard because this is exactly how my kids must feel:)

Screen Shot 2018 01 25 at 2 31 29 PM

*Lyvia sent this to me.  I must buy this for us today.

IMG 8342

*Andrew thinks that graham crackers with milk are the best snacks ever but he is wrong… graham crackers with frosting are even better.  Brooke takes it to the next level and adds frosting to her graham cracker and then dips it in the milk.

IMG 7702

*A few people have asked about my Patagonia jacket!  Andrew gave it to me for Christmas and if you get it here then you get 10% off your first order:)  I love it and it keeps me nice and toasty!


If you want to be featured for your accomplishments… send them to [email protected] ! I LOVE hearing from you!


Written by Kelly about her friend Lisa (in the pink top)!!!  “A few months ago, Lisa asked to start running with me after work.  The very first time we ran together, she pushed through 3 miles like it was no big deal.  Lisa claimed she hadn’t been running in close to a year!  Maybe it was beginner’s luck, but she did so well.  We both agreed to run a 5k together, her first 5k!  This past Saturday, we ran the Trefoil Trek 5k (benefitting the Girl Scouts) at the Great Dismal Swamp in Virginia.  It was so cold! Lisa inspired me to run a PR, sub-35 mins!  I can’t believe how far Lisa has come.  She is always so positive and has made great strides in running.  At first, I would do all the talking on the runs, chatting her ear off.  Now she converses with me, a true testament to how much easier she can run!  I wish everyone had a running friend like her!”



Do you prefer FALL or SPRING marathons/half-marathons?

Do you like Thai food?  What is your favorite dish?

What are you currently reading?

Have any fun Friday night plans?

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I love Brené Brown! I haven’t read that book, though, so that might have to be the next thing on my list. I haven’t read a book book in the last few months, but I’ve been going through Annie Downs’ “100 Days to Brave” devotional, and I’ve really enjoyed it! I want to live my life with boldness, so it’s been good to go through this study and be reminded of what it means to be brave in the way we live and love for Christ.

I don’t have big Friday night plans (which is actually what I prefer because I’m always exhausted on Fridays), but I do have a dentist appointment right after work. I’m not sure I would call that fun, though—ha! Hope you have a great weekend, Janae!


I love the pic of Brooke and Knox in the snow – so fun! My dog follows me around when I’m getting ready for a run…she loves to run with me!
What is sticky rice?! I’ve heard of it, but I’ve always been afraid to order it!
I have to go with fall half marathons. There’s something about the cool crisp air that I just adore.
I love pad thai! With extra peanuts ;)
I’m listening to an audiobook right now – “Come Sundown” by Nora Roberts..good so far!


Brooke’s pink boots are adorable! I love the bright pink color.
I recently had Thai food for the first time (I’m not an adventurous eater) and it was so good! Now I want to find a Thai restaurant near me to go to. That meme is hilarious!
I’ve never done a fall half marathon but I’m training for a spring one now and really enjoy it!


I tend to run better during fall half marathons…even though all of my PRs are during the winter LOL. It actually warmed up here which I’m very happy about. It will get colder next week.

I bought myself a few nice warm winter jackets and honestly it’s the best thing I did for myself.


I’v e heard so many good things about the Brene Brown books recently. I will have to check them out!


YES!! They are amazing!!!


I just discovered ebooks at the library so I’m pretty excited about that! My best friend shared a book she just read so that’s what I’m reading right now, Translating God. I really like it. Not much on Fridays but we usually have dinner and a movie to relax. :)


I need to try out the library ebooks too! So cool that they do that. I’ll have to check out that book… thanks Marie and enjoy your dinner and a movie (that sounds perfect to me)!


I can relate to date night conversations so much. We are always either having to yell over noise or get interrupted at home haha. Carrying on a conversation is way easier when you don’t have kids!

I’ll take a spring race anyway over a fall race. I’m a warm runner so I hate when it starts cooling off during race season. But, you should be proud of me! I ran outside in the snowy cold 3 times this week!


My parents never take a date night anymore; they just sort of stay together out of compromise, I think?

It’s sweet that you guys still do!


Thai food is my absolute favorite! I could eat it every single day. I’m a huge fan of ethnic foods in general… can’t go wrong!!! ?


You know constant thirst is an indicator of diabetes. Have you had your blood levels checked?


I did recently at my last doctor appointment (about a week ago)! Everything is good:) I think it is from running + breastfeeding (plus skye has really picked up her eating… she must be having a major growth spirt)! Enjoy your day Tracie!


MM THaiiiii! My favs are green curry and tom yum soup. Too bad I can’t convince any of the anti-spicy food peeps in my life to get some with me ;)

Hope you guys have a great weekend! I’ll be lucky if I can just convince myself to go to the gym tonight. That’s enough of an effort to do something, right?


Vegas girl over here! If the April race you’re thinking of is REVEL Mt. Charleston – DO IT! I’ve done it the last 2 years and am currently training for year #3!!! REVEL puts on amazing races.


AHHHHH THAT IS THE ONE!!! Are you doing the marathon or half? I’d love to do a meet up! Thanks Ahmie! Have a great weekend!


That’s super exciting!! And a meet up would be really awesome – I would love that! I’m going to do the half again and hoping to finally break that 1:50 mark.


YOU’VE GOT IT GIRL!!! I’m so excited for you! Yep, let’s plan to meet up for sure!!


I would say Fall marathon. Currently reading Fire and Fury by Michael Wolffe.
Pad Thai Is my favourite.
Probably a quiet Friday night because I have a long run tomorrow.

Happy Friday!


I much prefer fall marathons/1/2 marathons because my motivation is at an all time low in the winter ;)

Thai foods is probably one of my favorites! I like yellow curry and pad thai probably the best. I ordered Tom Yum soup last week when I had the flu and the spice about did me in.

I am actually reading a Jack Reacher book and listening to the Wife Between Us on Audible.

We are celebrating my youngest tonight because he got principal’s list for grades and we weren’t able to make it to his assembly, since I’ve been out sick so much :( So, it’s a movie night and he gets to choose our dessert, which I’m pretty sure is going to be homemade kettle corn (so good!!)

Enjoy your weekend and yay for date night!!


I’m a big fan of the Thai food I have had. (I’ve only ever been to a Thai Drift…great lunch place by the way). And I’ve attempted to make a few curries on my own. But I think those fall smack-dab in the middle of Indian & Thai. ;)

So, if you’re up for the challenge and want the perfect sweet/salty/crunchy/creamy snack…pretzels w/vanilla frosting! Be ready to have your mind blown! My fave snack but I only do it every once in a while because it can be problematic for me to do that on the regular.

Two of my kids and I are going to see Bright Star tonight! My husband took me last night and our daughter last week (for a school essay) and it was AMAZING! Utah peeps, go if you can! Most of the original Broadway cast is touring it, thru close tomorrow, and Carmen Cusack is spectacular!

Happy Weekend, Janae!


Challenge accepted… I am trying the pretzels with vanilla frosting. Thank you Michelle! Bright Star sounds incredible (Brooke would love that)! Is it at the Hale Theatre? Thanks and I hope you have a great day!


PIoneer Theater, actually. They have a matinee tomorrow. There is only one scene that is a little ?, but I think it’d go over her head to be honest. It’s all bluegrass music and the musicians and actors get you into it and by the end you’re clapping, whistling, cheering, laughing, crying! Really, I have no words for how much I love that show! If you can snag tickets, please go! (Also, by the way, it was written by Steve Martin, so the dialogue is smart and funny!)


So good to hear! Thank you so much… I hope we can make it (well, some of us… I don’t think Skye is ready for that;)!!! Thanks Michelle!


Sadly, no one under 5. :( But at the very least, the soundtrack is fantastic. Start Skye on appreciating the banjo and mandolin while she’s young! ?


I laughed so hard at the when your mom won’t stop taking selfie meme.

I prefer fall races because my spring allergies are so bad and running while doped up on a ton of benadryl is not that fun. I love Thai. My favorite Thai restaurant in NYC, Thai market in the UWS, serves the best steak ever. I think it’s the chili garlic puree they serve with it that just does it for me. But for most Thai places I love something that uses the flat rice noodle and are spicy – so like drunken noodle or sriracha noodle. Names vary at the place. Pad-se-ew uses that noodle too but is usually not spicy enough for me.

I’m reading The Sarah Book by Scott McClanahan and I don’t like it so far but I hate quitting read a book. I have no plans for this evening so maybe I’ll slogged through reading more of it.


Oh my goodness! I knew I would be besties in real life with you when you said you love Brené. She’s my favorite author. I’m asking for her most recent book (Braving the Wilderness) for my birthday (also a February baby!). I finished that book a few months back. My counselor said Rising Strong as a Spiritual Practice is a must listen. It was a lecture she did I think!
So far I think Daring Greatly is my favorite of her books, but all have so much wonderful substance.
So glad you and Andrew had a baby-less date night! Those are incredibly important. Hoping to get one with my husband this weekend!


A late fall marathon so the chances are the weather is cool. Some spring races can be hot and too early in the fall can be hot. It’s ok for a half marathon if it gets warm but I run a marathon for almost 4 hours and that’s too long to be hot.
Did Skye take a bottle ok? Maybe kids were always hard to transition to bottle which made me hardly ever able to leave them.


That has to be the nicest complement ever: I wish everyone had a running friend like her.

Love it!

Spring races are the best, because I get to train in the cool, wet winter months as opposed to the hot (it totally gets hot in Oregon, stop laughing) summer months.


Tom Kha soup with Tofu is my new favorite but Basil fried rice veggie + tofu is my go-to! (on a side note….graham crackers with peanut butter are the bomb as well! )


FROSTING! it is possible that I go through stages where I keep a can of vanilla or cream cheese frosting in the fridge and eat it with a spoon – just one spoonful totally crushes my craving when it is nice and kind of solidified from being cold.


Yay for date night and for a run with Josse! And LOVE mango and sticky rice!! When my husband and I traveled in Thailand and Laos we would get it for dessert, and then go to another restaurant later and have it again – 2nd dessert. Not sorry. And to Brooke, so glad you got your rest in, it’s hard work being such a good big sis!


I have that book on audible but haven’t finished it yet! It may be my February book that I finish! I’m trying to read 1 book per month in 2018!

Oh my goodness, graham crackers and icing?!!!! I have got to try that! I always love graham crackers and peanut butter! I lived on that in college as a snack allllll the time! So good!!

I’ve never had thai food before but that looks amazingly good!! I’m stuck on Beef & Broccoli right now from a local Chinese restaurant by us! SO good!!

Have a great weekend Janae!!!


I like WINTER distance races because I live in hot Florida. LOL. Fall races mean you have to train during the miserable summer and spring races mean it’s back to being hot by race day. We have the majority of half and full marathons here November through March. I prefer to do them in January and February! We wrap up race season by April for the most part.


Pad Thai is awesome! I love fall marathons. The humidity in FL is how high in spring and summer so running is tougher! I have to try graham crackers with frosting!!!


OMG, graham crackers with frosting used to be my go-to favorite snack. i had to stop having both of those things in the house together because i can’t stop eating them, haha. so delicious!

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