Silentish Saturday!

I ended up taking it outside for my run yesterday… luckily the busier roads weren’t slippery but everywhere else was.  I did 2.34 miles outside with some walking whenever I got to a slick area.

I attempted my run inside on the treadmill first but only made it .64 miles before overheating (hence why I’m putting my head on the fan) and needing to see the sun.

IMG 7714

3 miles total and I took it nice and slow.  I really am not minding winter running but I am very excited for spring running and that isn’t that far away.  Also, jogging stroller runs… I’m excited for those too.

IMG 8375

A quick bath for the Skye…

IMG 8403 2

Followed by 7.4 minutes of weights (that is as long as Skye would tolerate watching me do them).

IMG 8407

Some deep conversations.

IMG 8414

Lunch with friends!  I put Skye down for her nap and pumped a bottle just in case she woke up while I was gone… Skye takes bottles really well luckily.

IMG 8419

And once in a while you just need to eat a chocolate cookie with peppermint frosting in your car in the garage.

IMG 8424

My view while feeding Skye.

IMG 8426

And once she fell asleep again, I watched the latest episode of This is Us and sobbed for the last 4 minutes of the episode.

IMG 8442

We have brinner often (pancakes + bacon last night)… thanks to my sis-in-law that taught me to use the pizza cutter to cut up pancakes—>  it takes 2 seconds to cut it all up.

IMG 8447

Went to visit my sister and chat for a little bit.  She was getting more house projects done.

IMG 8455

And then we were all beyond ready for bed by 7:30.

IMG 8456

Brooke built a water bottle holder for her bed so she can easily access her water during the night.  She needs to patent this.

IMG 8358

PS I get a lot of questions about this sweatshirt and I found this color is back on Amazon HERE (in small and XS… I wear it in a small)..  I wish I had it in 20 colors because it is all I ever want to wear.

PS I don’t know why it says dry clean only.. the tag says machine washable and I’ve washed mine plenty of times!

IMG 8446


What are three things that you are doing today?!

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I’m glad I’m not the only one who overheats on the treadmill. It has to be really bad out for me to be willing to run indoors. I do love my treadmill for winter speed training though. Makes measuring intervals/pace so easy!!! But I open my window wide and turn on the fan! My family doesn’t really love that too much.

I feel like Utah has the best desserts/sweets. Cookies + frosting need to be available everywhere. Sadly I’ve not seen that in Boston.

It’s 50 here today!! Yay. Headed out for a run at some point. And then making carrot cake cupcakes for my husband’s birthday :-) I don’t really understand his love for carrot cake, but that’s ok.


Another trick that the pizza cutter is good for: put all your salad ingredients in a metal bowl and then use the pizza cutter to slice them all up! It gives you a nice chopped salad without a lot of work! :) Hope you and your family have a great weekend!


This is life changing. Thank you so much.. I love a good chopped salad and that sounds so easy! Trying asap! Have a beautiful day Emily!


You’re brave for getting out in the snow! I definitely can’t wait for spring myself. Three things I’m doing today: going shopping with my husband, doing a lot of blog work and packing/prepping for my vacation next weekend (we’re going to Disney!)


Brooke is going to be an inventor like your dad!


I think you are right! Have a beautiful day Lindsey!


Pancake and sausage breakfast.
Long run.
That was supposed to be flip flopped, but someone woke up in the 5’s.
Swim lessons.


I need to catch up on This Is Us. I’m a couple episodes behind!

I’m going to start cutting breakfast foods with a pizza cutter! I use it for quesadillas all the time but I haven’t ever thought of using it for pancakes or French toast


Hey Janae!
Have you tried the Launch 5s yet?
Not sure if I should buy the 4s on sale or try the 5s. I love the 4s

Also, my husband and I love Kodiak cakes. Try them w pecans. Delicious


Hey!!! I haven’t yet but I will be in the next few weeks and I’ll let you know! If you love the 4s… I would get some on sale because that is a killer price! I need to try the pecan addition! That sounds amazing:) enjoy your weekend MaryLynne!


Brooke is so resourceful!

Round here Saturday = parkrun, grocery shopping and chilling out.

Have a great day!


What’s the deal with a dry clean only sweatshirt? I question Volcom’s logic. I bought a similar style Calvin Klein sweatshirt that is machine washable and comes in several colors. It’s way cheaper and one of my favorite things to wear. It’s so comfy and warm. It’s what I wear when I want to be warm and dressed up.
Three things….8.66 mile run, trip to the “big city ” to get yogurt because the town I live in has the same three gross flavors at every store which is a small market and a walmart, and off work today which is odd for the last Saturday in January for a CPA.

You’re much braver than I. I would never run in the snow. I”m sure I would fall no matter how careful I am.

I love seeing Skye’s little baby smiles. I miss those about my kids.


Hey, can you send me the link to the Calvin Klein ones? I need them! I have no idea why it says dry clean only because on the tag it says machine washable and I’ve washed them a ton and they do great! Great job on your run Lee and enjoy your trip to the city!!! Thank you!

I think this is it. I love it. I need the merlot and a grey one, too.


Thank you soooooo much! Ordering one tonight!!!!


Overheating is the main reason I hate the treadmill! I could do it in a walk in refridgerator and still be hot. I’d rather run outside.
Today I ran 9 miles, went to the library for more books and will hopefully make some cupcakes later! I can’t wait :) Oh and sushi for dinner because it sounded good :) Have a wonderful Saturday Janae!


I also noticed the sweatshirt is “dry clean only-” but why? It’s just cotton and polyester. Do you dry clean it? Somehow I’m not envisioning you taking a sweatshirt to the dry cleaners, with everything else you have going on!


It’s so weird that it says that online! On the sweatshirt it says it is machine washable and I have washed them plenty of times and they do great! I hope you are having a wonderful day Jenny!


1. Helping my friend do some painting in her new house.
2. Going to lunch with some friends.
3. Treating myself to a massage!!!
(the rest of my day will be homework but we don’t have to talk about that ?)
Have a great Saturday!!


I’m with Lee above. A sweatshirt that needs to be dry cleaned? Especially with small kids and a newborn. Maybe I’m just a slob :), but for me I have a feeling it would be at the dry cleaners more than on me!


That episode of This is Us was something! And now I can’t wait for the next one! That show is so powerful! I ran 800Ms (6x) this morning on the track while my son (he’s 8) was taking one of his first track classes. That was so special to train with my little guy! Crazy how fast they grow ;-)


It was so incredibly warm this morning when I ran! It was beautiful. I love every second of it and it made me realize how much I do miss spring despite how much I love winter too!


Three things I’m doing today:
1. Spinning and strength class for me
2. Tots Gymnastics for my son
3. Baby shower/friend reunion tonight :)


I love Brooke’s water bottle holder! She’s quite the engineer/inventor!
3 things for today: run, currently supervising a play date with 4 boys ?, and a trip to Costco!


I’m loving all the pizza cutter solutions! When I saw Skye in the This is Us pic, it looked like she had a ton of bang hair. Then I saw – it’s the bow.

I have a challenge question for you today (#stretchgoals): Who is in charge of your strength workout?


Oh my goodness. Pizza cutter for pancakes? I bet this will work on waffles as well. Genius. I think my life was just changed.


Oh my gosh, these sweatshirts are crazy soft! Now that I see it whole (instead of just the top part) and the logo I realize how many I’ve seen at Blue Tomato (my son LOVES that store and we’ve both tried them on!!!)

Drop girl off for sports at 06
Go to boys basketball


I have that exact hoodie on my Pinterest favourites. It’s mid summer here in New Zealand and very hot today so im laying on the lounge floor watching the OKC Thunder vs Pistons game live. I will try get the kids out for a beach or river swim today, I cut my little toe on a shell yesterday at the beach so I’m a bit hesitant to go back in today;) Enjoy your weekend!


How long until you start jogging with the stroller?


I’ll probably wait until she is six months old! Have a great night!


Three things I’m doing/did :) today: recovering from the cold my 1 year old gave me, ran to Target to try to find the new cinnamon Oreos (has anyone tried these yet?!), and trying to get my house cleaned out of all the old junk we never use.. #newyearsresolution

Also, what brand is that flowery bath towel? It is the cutest thing ever! And I love the pizza cutter hack!


hi! genuinely curious, its been one week since you were cleared to workout from MD. how is it that you have run every single day since? dont you worry this is too much too soon? best!


Pizza cutter for pancakes = GENIUS! I used it on our french toast this morning!

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