Silentish Saturday!

9 miles @ 8:44 average pace with some legs that felt like they ran a race the day before:)

Haven’t used headphone cords in a while.

IMG 1564 4

Yep, of course.

IMG 1589

He cannot wait to join them.

IMG 1590

The chocolate cake shake from Portillo’s is pure heaven.

IMG 1597

I wish the picture could show you how good it was.

IMG 1594

Skye was a big fan.

IMG 1598

Salad and fries were also quite delicious.

IMG 1595

Golf cart rides at night.


Sure going to miss these guys.

IMG 1602

These kiddos are going to miss the pool and sleepovers.

IMG 1563 heic

If I can get myself up out of bed early enough to beat the heat then I’ll do some speed and if not, I’ll just enjoy those dirt trails again!

And then we have a long drive home…

IMG 1593


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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We are still in lockdown in Ontario, Canada so activities are limited. Reading your post and seeing the pictures gives me hope that we won’t be stuck in our house forever! Thankfully the weather is nice so I will run, roller skate with my little guy and make bbq in our backyard. Hope the drive back home goes well!!!


Mel, I am so so sorry that things are still so hard in your area. I really hope things improve soon. I hope it keeps giving you hope. A large chunk of our area has had the vaccine and Andrew’s hospital is basically empty of covid… I hope the same happens in Ontario ASAP. Thinking about you guys! Roller skating with your son… you are an amazing mom!


Ah long car rides with kids are always interesting ;). That salad looks so good. I want one this morning lol.

I launched my house cleaning business this week and my website went live two days ago so I am just ironing out last minute details so that’s what my Saturday will be full of. Along with parks and a slurpee run :)

Janae I’ve been running with a jogging stroller lately (only way I can get my runs in!) and I find my shins and shoulders ache after the run. Any tips? I’m not sure if my running posture is out of alignment due to pushing the stroller but any tips would be appreciated!!


Gillian! Congratulations on your house cleaning business launch! You will have to keep me updated on it all! I am so sorry that your shins and shoulders have been not doing great from the stroller running! I wish I had some tips, would it be okay if I asked your question on Monday’s post to see if anyone does? I had to stop pushing a stroller because I was having hip flexor problems but I would love to hear tips too because I might be pushing beck a bit this summer! Hope you are having a great night!


Spending a few hours at school (exciting to be on campus for the first time in a long time!), catching up with a friend this afternoon, and FaceTime tonight with my nieces.

I really want one of those chocolate shakes now! Might need fries and a shake for dinner tonight.


On campus wahoooo! So glad you were able to get some social time today❤️ I fully support your fries and a shake idea for tonight… I hope it was delicious! Thanks Mariah!


My parents are coming up to visit this weekend and I’m running my second half in two weeks tomorrow! It will probably look more like running instead of racing because my nine month old has decided he’s starving in the middle of the night, so we’ve been up a lot with him this week! Maybe heading for a walk on the beach later because it’s supposed to be super nice today! Good luck on your journey home!!!


This morning I ran my first in person half marathon since fall 2019 and PRed by five minutes! ? I’ve enjoyed your stories and pics of your week. Looks like everyone had a great time. Safe travels back! Also fun fact…I have your cactus shirt too. We have great taste. ?


APRIL!!! Huge congrats on a five minute pr, that is incredible! I hope you celebrate all weekend and I bet it felt so good to be at a race with other people again! Thank you and you’ll have to send me links of fun summer clothes that you find this year please! Have a great day!


Emily! Enjoy every second with your parents! I’m so glad you are able to be with them this weekend! Good luck tomorrow, you are on fire! Let me know how it goes and I hope you get some sleep tonight! Oh and a walk on the beach sounds like heaven!


I’m so glad that you enjoyed the shake! I told you it was delicious. Enjoy the last little bit of time with family :)


Thank you so much… now we need these in Utah! Happy weekend Maureen!


Hi Janae! Today I do my long run and then I’m finished with my first full week of this Daniels plan. I got a little too excited and ran a bit harder than I should and my legs are tired but this will just help me slow down for next week. I gotta find me one of those dirt trails too I think sometimes when I dream of running I’m on a trail like that. Safe travels!


Week one ✔️! Way to go Amy!!!! You are doing awesome and I hope you can find some dirt trails. Enjoy your weekend with your husband!


Hello! It’s already Sunday night here in Australia – this morning I went for a trail run and noticed that some puddles looked very familiar and then realised I’d made a wrong turn and had run the same loop 2.5 times – it added about 3km to my run but at least it was beautiful scenery! I then had to rush home to get ready to take my 4 year old to a birthday party – he had such a nice time. On Sunday nights we have takeaway, so I collected curries from our favourite Indian restaurant – so yummy. I’m looking forward to my sleep tonight!

Have a wonderful weekend Janae :)


I know a pelvic floor specialist in Kansas City, which is where I live. She has shown appropriate stroller jogging posture on her instagram before. her instagram is empower.your.pelvis. Her name is Dr. Amanda Fisher. She is incredible! Go look at her page and see if you can find that insta post. If not, send her a DM. I know she will respond!


Portillos is SO GOOD! That salad, the fries, the cake…a well-balanced meal? I’d never had it before I moved to Chicago and now it’s one of my favorites. You might not have noticed if you dined-in, but their drive thru/line management is a work of art.


OMG PORTILLOS!!! i love and miss that place so much! and had no clue they had locations outside chicago. that shake is everything, and their beef and salads and uhhh could totally go for some right now :)

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