Crabaholics and the best find at Costco

We sure taught Billy an important lesson yesterday.  


Lesson:  Billy, don’t ever miss our Saturday afternoon Costco trip again.  When we go to Costco without him we end up focusing in on chocolate.  We bought 3 things, 2 of the 3 things were chocolate.  As you can tell, Brooke was a little too excited about our purchases.   (BYU played San Jose State in football last night so Brooke had to represent).

Our day was pretty low key.  I worked out in the morning, went to Costco, took some friends to the airport, did laundry, lots of couch sitting and reading to Brooke.

When Billy was done with school it was time for date night.  Billy was in charge of planning the night and he chose the perfect location. 

DSC 4855

He bought a Living Social deal where you get $30 of food for $15.  

When Brooke saw her crab bib she was reminded of her awesome Halloween costume

DSC 4857

Billy is much better than I am at choosing what seafood dishes to order but I wanted to be in charge of the appetizer.  Cajun steak fries were all I needed.  They were so crispy on the outside and piping hot on the inside.   It is very important to start your meal with vegetables… potatoes and tomatoes from the ketchup.

DSC 4859

A tower of goodness.  This bowl had absolutely everything you could want.  Potatoes, snow crab, dungeness, sausage, shrimp and corn on the cob.  We chose the spiciest sauce for our seafood medley and it had Billy’s forehead sweating and I think I might need my lips removed after eating this.  Good think we love crazy hot food.  

DSC 4861

This is the kind of restaurant where you eat with your hands and you need 19 wet wipes to clean up at the end.   Seafood is really our favorite food (and lasagna).

We ended our night of awesome food with this amazing purchase from Costco.  They had these for samples yesterday and after one bite I grabbed a bag because they are so good.  The sweet and salty combo wins.

DSC 4864

Oh yeah, I also started packing.  I have a full duffel bag full of Brooke’s stuff.  It is completely organized and she is bringing 4 of my favorite pair of shoes.  I will probably pack for myself 10 minutes before we leave and I will end up using my sister’s closet for the whole trip.  Baby clothes > adult clothes.

DSC 4865

1 more sleep until UTAH!!!


Tell me THREE things that you did yesterday?

Are you an organized packer or a last minute packer?

Do you like crab?  How often do you eat seafood?

Which do you like better:  Classic french fries or sweet potato fries?

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I am so excited for you to get to Utah!!

Yesterday I met my sister to give her my kids, got a pedicure and packed for my trip! Just got off a red eye to Atlanta and am waiting for the plane to take off to Florida. I am sooo tired!

I am an organized last minute packet ;)

I love sea food. But I have to stick with fish like salmon or tilapia as I am allergic to shellfish.

I must try those pretzels! I love dark chocolate and the sweet and salty mix.

You and brooke arr so dang cute. Love all those pics. Your day sounds like perfection. I hope today is just as awesome for you :)


Have a safe trip!
I love how smiley Brooke is :)
I had my girls over for a coffee date yesterday, took my dog for a long walk and went to my parents house for my dads bday and he cooked a turkey dinner! It was awesome.
I do NOT like sweet potato fries and I am a terrible packer. When I pack my kids diaper bag I always forget something lol.


I love love love seafood too! The whole eat-with-our-hands thing is the best :) Your meal looks totally fab! And you do well to take Brooke out with you so much – she must be well behaved (apart from eyeing up your candy, of course…)

I am a complete last minute packer – I write a list over a week or two and then try to pack in about 30mins. I can’t do it any other way…


I love crab, almost as much as lobster…garlic butter is a must!


I cleaned my room, I went for a run, and I went for gourmet cupcakes with my boyfriend (pumpking chocolate chip with hint-of-mint chocolate icing! Ohmygoodness so fabulous!!!) and walking out in the slightly chilly but not too cold afternoon. Fabulous day actually!!
Sweet potato fries for sure. I’m really not a fan of white potatoes, chalk it down to a terrible aversion experience with Shepherd’s pie when I was younger …
Definitely a last minute packer — I like how it increases my excitement level exponentially when I do!!! You’re going to have SUCH a good time in Utah!!! Can’t wait to hear all the smiles in your words. :D


I grew up on the coast of Florida and seafood is hands down my favorite food!
Is it sad that when I saw the title of this post I read, “CARBaholics?’ hehe


I did the same thing! :)


I tried the white chocolate peppermint Pretzel Crisps yesterday…wow. DELICIOUS! I highly recommend them! (I think they’d be excellent travel food on the way to Utah!)


I love seafood, but here in the midwest it leaves a lot to be desired. Your dinner looks YUMMY!! I’m the same way with packing. On our last trip the kids had like 10 extra outfits but I forgot to bring underwear for myself and had to buy some.


Man, Costco here we come. A $1.50 Hot Dog and Dark chocolate covered pretzels ~ it’s what’s for dinner


I am excited for you!!
Yesterday got in a run, a hike with a friend and her kids, and pizza and football with the spouse. It was a great day, and if I think about work on Monday my heart already aches a little. I LOVE weekends.


I am an organized packer–I pack at least a week in advance.

3 things I did yesterday: nap, church, nap (it was a rough week)


I bought those same dark chocolate pretzel crisps at Costco. They are amazing! I have a six month old baby girl – her packing is always fun and three times as much as her mommy and daddys!


Ahhh I’m so excited for you to go home!!! I’m sure Brooke will love Utah! Her face is insanely adorable in the picture with your Costco purchases, she will obviously win everyone over with her amazing expressions. Have a great mini thanksgiving today!


So exciting that you get to go home!

I try to be organized and pack ahead ot time but it rarely works out like that. I usually end of throwing things in my bag up until I’m on the way out the door….then I have way too many clothes and staples that I forgot. lol

I haven’t had regular french fries in a long time. I do know that Red Robin has some killer ones. I LOVE sweet potato fries though. I could eat those all day.


I’d have to say I like sweet potato fries better.
And I LOVE crab (and pretty much all crustaceans).
When I glanced at the post, I thought I saw, “Carbaholics” :P
Have a wonderful weekend!


Three things: went to a General Hospital event with three of the show’s actors, tried peanut butter frozen yogurt for the first time, and bought a new winter coat!

So … is it safe to say you’re excited for Utah?! ;)


Three things: Slept in (hooray!); went shopping with my oldest daughter where I finally found boots I love; and started watching the show “Beauty & the Beast” (I am 16 still inside…)

I am an organized; color coded; spreadsheet making packer. I even make spreadsheets for my sister when she goes on a trip.

Not a seafood fan


apparently, I hit a button too soon…..

Not a seafood fan although I had crab cakes in San Francisco on the Pier there and they were AMAZING!

Classic french fries all the way….


Ran 6 miles. Cleaned my car. Went to a Pampered Chef Party.
I am both. Last minute and organized.
I don’t eat seafood except for shrimp.
Sweet Potato Fries!!!!!! Speaking of, I should get some at Costco myself.

The Kidless Kronicles


3 things…
1)bought 20 lbs of meat for $20…saving $37…score!
2)saw some friends new house
3)had some delicious coffee…salted caramel mocha

I’m an organized last minute packer. I have lists going for weeks, but don’t pack until the last minute because I hate packing. I’m paranoid of forgetting things, but don’t like to overpack….too much.

Totally read CARBaholic…and was thinking why yes me too. I like seafood but don’t eat it too often…it’s not quite the same in the middle of Nebraska.

I like classic fries better for the most part. Sweet potato fries tend to get soggy.


Brooke is such a happy baby…so cute. I love hot food too, so it’s awesome that you guys do too! I hope you have a great trip to Utah :)


I’m kind of a freak when it comes to packing–I always make a list first, then pack a day ahead of leaving, then check again before leaving. I’m afraid I’ll forget something important!


Costco gets you every time – it’s so easy to impulse buy stuff there.

I definitely like regular fries better than sweet potato ones. I don’t dislike sweet potato fries, but if I could only eat one kind for the rest of my life, I’d go with regular fries.


So cute! I love your date nights. I like the jumbo cartons of grapes at Costco. That’s my personal favorite. And I’m so excited you’re going home to see your family tomorrow!!!


1. Ran 9 miles
2. Went to see Cirque Du Soleil’s Totum in Atlanta
3. Celebrated a friends birthday and engagement.

I am a last minute packer. I try to pack ahead of time but I just change my mind so much that I end up re-packing at the last minute then my room looks like my closet exploded.


If I’m beyond excited for a trip and it’s been planned for awhile, I have to make myself wait to pack. I’ve started probably as much as a month early before though. Usually, for smaller trips, I’m last minute though.


I loveee crab [and lobsta]! We had a date night last night in honor of the hubby’s birthday this week and chowed down on some colossal shrimp cocktail and lobster salad… Ahhh-mazing :) And dark chocolate covered pretzels are an awesome way to end the day- love sweet + salty :)


Have you ever tried the holiday snack factory pretzel crisps? They have white
Chocolate peppermint and dark chocolate peppermint! I’m partial to the white chocolate ones. Have fun in Utah!


I love dark chocolate covered pretzels..I’m going to have to find those pretzel crisps! I’d probably eat the entire bag in one sitting.

Baby clothes are so freaking adorable. I love Brooke’s tiny shoes!


Sweet potato fries! Yesterday, I went to the Dallas Farmer’s Market, REI, and celebrated my sister’s birthday :) Have a great trip!


Safe travels! I love flying back home for the holidays!

Target has Mint Chocolate Chip and Peppermint White Chocolate Pretzel Crisps. You need them. Actually, the Costco in Mountain View had GIANT bags (obviously) of the Peppermint ones last year.


If you ever come down to S.C. area, you’ve gotta try our Lowcountry boil. Similar concept to your dinner just with our own flair. It’s amazing!


1) Went to boot camp type class called IBurn
2) Went to GAP for their 50% sale
3) Watched “The Campaign” (it was pretty funny!)

I haven’t tried that flavor of pretzel crisps but i have tried the white chocolate peppermint that someone above mentioned. I wish we had a costco where i live here in NC…we just have a Sams and i find that its not as good as Costco!


aw I’m so happy for you for getting some time in Utah soon!

I absolutely love Seafood but always struggle with what to order as well. I usually go with friends who know much more than me so they can guide me to something! ha!


We went to CostCo to stock up for thanksgiving and its amazing how many things I “think” I need! ha! Safe travels to Utah!! How excited are your friends and family?!!!


Yesterday :- slept in instead of running, went to the mall for Christmas shopping and watched rerun of friends whilst chowing down the best homemade hummus on bread!

I love seafood and will have it anytime!


I bought the peppermint bark pretzels at Trader Joe’s today and I imagine them to have a similar sweet-savory combo.

I love seafood and I haven’t had crab forever. That needs to change soon. I am also going to seek out that restaurant next time I visit my mom. SJ has some awesome hole in the wall places with great food.


I have banned myself from Costco for the time being..I spend too much there, I could never walk out with 3 items


Yesterday – Went to the UCLA/USC game….tailgated breakfast foods (breakfast quesadillas on the grill = YUM!), and napped A LOT when we got home and out of the rain!

I’m a last minute packer….unless I’m going somewhere where I don’t think that they’ll have “essentials”. Then, I’ll plan a bit better!

Love, love, LOVE crab! My BF and I went to Washington DC this summer. I made it my personal goal to have crab cakes at EVERY restaurant we went to.

Which do you like better: Classic french fries or sweet potato fries?


hahaha! I laughed out loud at the first photo. Brooke is even more excited than you about your Costco purchases.


I am pretty organized when it comes to packing even though I usually wait until the last minute to do it. When my girls were little, I would put their entire outfit for the day in separate baggies when packing. This really made our trips less stressful.

No seafood or meat for me.

Sweet potato fries are my fav at the moment!


THREE things:
1.Ran to the next town to pick up my car that was serviced at the shop. Turned it into a 20 mile run. The gusts of wind were at my tail so I took full advantage of that!

2. Also met up with my Mom at Costco. We sampled those same chocolate pretzels and hot dang! they were good!

3. Picked up some authentic Portuguese food at a local church function. Super delish! It included some good wine too!

~~I’m a late late last minute packer. I hate packing, ugh!

~~Um yeah, I just ate a whole dungess crab for dinner. My mom buys a case of it at Costco for Thanksgiving. We do, of course, have to have a “sample” of it before the holiday to make sure it is good. It has been a family tradition for many years to eat it for the holidays, along with giant prawns cooked in this scrumptious sauce. So so so good! :-)

~~Sweet potato allll the way!

Have a safe and happy trip home to Utah!


I love LivingSocial deals too, looks like you guys had a great time!

I got into Seattle on Saturday to visit my parents for Thanksgiving, luckily I packed pretty much everything the night before!


That restaurant looks awesome. I am a vegetarian until it comes to seafood. Then there’s no stopping me.

I’m a terrible packer. I always wait until the last minute and forget something important.


Those chocolate covered pretzels sound so good!

3 things I did yesterday:
Lunch date at Panera with Andy
Candy shopping at Target–we picked up some peanut butter m&m’s! YES!
Walked through the Christmas displays at Macy’s!

I’m an organized packer…I usually start packing a few days before I leave to make sure I don’t forget anything! I hate unpacking though–my bags usually sit for quite some time before I unpack!
Do you like crab? How often do you eat seafood?

I like sweet potato fries but sometimes the regular ones just hit the spot!

I hope you have safe travels and a GREAT Thanksgiving with your family in Utah!


I love, LOVE, LOVE that you have one whole bag for Brooke’s things! :) hehe

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