20 x 400 & I am stressed.

(shoes, shorts, bra, shirt, rain jacket)

Lauren and I were matching!

It wouldn’t be a big workout day without some sort of weather challenge. It rained and hailed for the 6-mile warm-up, but once we got to the track, it was actually kind of nice out and only lightly raining.  There were puddles on the track, and my feet were wet, but it actually felt like a summer vacation not to be hypothermic (slight exaggeration) while doing speed.
One of our training friends works at the university, so he had this out for us… it was very needed.

20 x 400s. I think this was my 6th or 7th time doing this workout, but we switched it up a little, making it harder than normal. We usually do this workout with equal standing recoveries (i.e., if the 400 takes 90 seconds to complete, you stand for 90 seconds before going on to the next one), but this time we did 200m jogs after each 400m interval.

I felt fatigued in my legs much earlier than normal doing it this way, and my average was a few seconds slower than previous attempts. While the continuous flow of the workout made it harder to do, it also made it more fun and felt like it went by faster. For the first 10 intervals, I always try to go at a pace where I am holding back a little, then I pick it up for the next 5, and then I try to survive the final 5 and finish with my fastest one for the day. I started with an 86 for my first one and finished with 80 seconds for my last one.

I averaged 84 seconds for the 400s and finished with 18 miles total for the day at a 7:43 average. 6.5 mile w/u and 4ish mile c/d. I took a gel every 5 miles!

During the cool-down, I talked to my coach about wanting to work on doing a 5k/10k training cycle after Boston and then building up to a half and then a full (thinking of CIM for real this year:). I would love to work towards a faster leg turnover and feeling explosive in the short distances, which I think will help my marathon in the long run. I’ve never done this before, but it is making me feel really excited, and that is how I decide what to do next:)

I took this class afterward! I’m really liking pilates right now during peak week because it keeps things activated and firing without making my legs sore like some weight lifting does.

We attempted to ski but only made it one run before the lifts were closed because of lightening.

We brought food to my parent’s house to cook because our kitchen was dusty yesterday…

And the most beautiful cookie for dessert…

I swear we thought this would all be happening after Boston but they started getting to work right away, ha.  I’m a little stressed.

It’s all going to be worth it in the end (I’m repeating to myself as a mantra)…  Mom, we might be living with you again soon;). 


Who does pilates?!  Tell me your thoughts on it!

How often do you run on a track?

Favorite electrolyte drink and flavor?

-Liquid IV (HUNGRY-RUNNER-GIRL gets you 25% off and free shipping) pina colada and I wish races had that along the course!

Q from Andrew, tell us something you cannot live without.


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Centre College is in the middle of these huge athletic facility renovations so I will have a new track to run on in about a month and I cannot wait!!!! That is so funny about how you are wanting to train for the shorter distances now because that is the same conclusion I came to last week. I backed out of my ultra last weekend (my running buddy got covid) and I really want to focus on shorter distances and being as fast as I can and then hopefully that will translate over to my half & marathon goals.
I started the beginner Pilates with Kristen bc I am a badge hoe and also started Rebecca’s Core program – lots of parallels between the two! I need to do more strength workouts for my legs but like you said I don’t like to lift or have them be heavy or sore when I run, so definitely Pilates and Barre for me. Good luck with your renovations!! We bought a 100 year old home during covid and are renovating it. Our downstairs bath literally took 8 months to get done and it’s been 5 months since it’s done and we haven’t done another thing lol.


Oh I am so excited for you! You’ll have to send me pics of it, that is going to be amazing to use. YES yes yes let’s do it together. Getting good at the shorter stuff will make us so much faster in the long. I’ll have to try out barre too… I’m excited about this! 8 MONTHS. Oh wow. I’m hoping and praying that ours isn’t that long (as I’m typing this from my computer that is now in the girls room on Brooke’s tiny task;). Hope your morning is a beautiful one, Sarah!


Hi Janae!

Great workout! I’m also running Boston but our track is covered in snow and will be for likely another week or two! Have you decided on shoes yet?! Wondering if you I’ll try the Alphafly 2s or stick with Nexts!


Still covered in snow… longest winter ever. I hope it all clears up for you soon. I really think I’m going to stick to the Next%… I’m feeling too nervous trying something new so close to the race and I know my body responds so well to them. I’ll probably try them after the race. What are you thinking?


It’s funning you mentioned Pilates, I JUST started working out at a local studio that has reformers. It’s partly that while I am addicted to running and have no probelm doing running (even when it’s raining which *guess what? it is! again!*) I never want to do strength or stretching. Anyway, it’s also a good way to breakup my day. My run is EARLY, I work with computers all morning, Pilates is my stretch/lunch and then I work and get the kids. Having that break forces me to focus on those two chunks of work and I think it’s good because of the nature of my job. Plus I don’t get super sweaty so I don’t need to shower again.

Can’t do E drinks, I really don’t like sugar or anything too sweet (DON”T HATE ME!!!!!). Most of them are too sweet for me. Is Liquid IV any better? I have to admit you did NOT steer me wrong on Core Milkshake… err Power.

Never get to run on a track because all my running neighborhood out of necessity, but my older son just started doing league soccer and they work out at some community college fields so hoping to start getting some doubles in there while they practice in the afternoons… if the rain ever stops and they ever get to practice again… dramatic.

For Andrew, I know you guys don’t drink coffee, but my answer is probably coffee ;-). That or butter. Geez, good thing I do all that running to balance out the bad habits over here.


No way! Ummm I want to come join your for pilates at lunch, that sounds like the perfect break. I hope that your guys get some sunshine soon… it’s currently snowing. Liquid IV is definitely sweet so if you don’t like sugar, stay away from this ha. BUT so happy you love the morning milkshake I drink every day haha. I’m positive I would be drinking coffee all day long if we did and I fully support that and your butter love, we need it to be happy. Have the best day, Arianna!


Can’t live without grapes lol and coffee!

The weather has been amazing the past couple of days so I have been getting in lunch runs on the seawall in Stanley park on the days I am in office and it has been glorious.

20×400 sounds so hard lol. I haven’t seen a track in years haha but will have to at some point.

Have a great day Janae and happy renos!


I didn’t know you love grapes! It’s almost wedding time for you, just so excited! Your runs lately sound perfect. It was definitely hard, happy to have checked that one off. Thanks Kristine, have the best day!


Let’s keep your smile and every stress goes away




A high school friend asks me to join her in pilates every time she is in town and I always make an excuse … guess I should try it with her! Watermelon Nuun instant is my favorite electrolyte drink! I did track workouts last summer, focusing on speed, and they were so mentally tough for me – round and round… almost worse than a treadmill! Ha, I like to move forward.

Andrew – I can’t live without coffee, but a close second is my water bottle. I don’t know how people just go around without knowing there is a constant source of water if they need it!

Happy Thursday!


Hahah I’m sure I would be right there with you making the excuses but now I’m loving it. Ohhhh I have heard that is the best Nuun! I bet all of that track work brought so much mental willpower. Rachel, I relate with you so much on the waterbottle. My sister (this makes me question our relationship) does not use a water bottle. She uses a cup. And she doesn’t take water with her everywhere she goes. I can’t understand it… we need that constant source ha. Happy Thursday to you!


Awesome job on that workout!
You know I LOVE pilates! It is so good for me. I’m glad you’re liking it as well.
Oooo… I can’t wait to see what you’re doing to the house. I’m guessing floors, which yes, can be very messy. Our kitchen is the last big project for us, and then re-doing all the floors once the kitchen is finished. I dread being without a fully functional kitchen, but I know the results will be worth it!
I have sort of taken this week off of running. No real reason, but it feels like I needed it. I’m still doing strength and pilates, but haven’t run since Saturday. I do think little breaks every once in a while is good. Especially as I get older.
I think we’re finally done with rain for about a week! Wahoo!! Have a great day Janae!


You are my pilates inspiration! Yes, we are redoing the floors and adding built ins and a few other things, so exciting. You have done so many amazing things with your house, can’t wait to see what you do with the kitchen! Your body needs those breaks, I’m so glad you listened. Enjoy some sunshine, Wendy! Hope your Thursday is off to a great start!


I haven’t done track work in SO long. I typically do repeat-type workouts on my treadmill for convenience, though it’s so boring.
This training cycle has been weird for me. My weekly mileage is where I want it (nowhere near yours, though!) but I have to split most of my long runs due to time constraints. I think I’ve only done two continuous 18 – 20 milers so far. We’ll see if this affects the overall execution of the marathon! My goal is a PR, which is ten years old and 3:29. So much depends on the weather, though. We’ll see!
I’ve actually never tried liquid IV, but I’ve heard it’s great. I like to make my own beverage of water, orange juice, salt, and maple syrup. It does the job and isn’t pricey (especially because my husband makes the maple syrup!)
I can’ t live without my kids. Or chocolate :)


Stacey! I cannot wait for you to get that PR. I believe in you. You are so strong and I have a really good feeling about the weather. I’ve had great results with split up long runs in the past! Ummm your drink sounds much better and healthier. Both great answers to what you can’t live without:). I hope you have plenty of both today:)


Hi Janae! I’m so excited to see what your renovation is gonna look like! I did a Pilates class with friends this weekend in a studio.. I didn’t realize there were so many machines!
I can’t live without our local libraries! I get so much joy from reading the same books as my friends and trying new books without having to buy them.
Happy Thursday!


Oh I love that you took a Pilates class with friends over the weekend, I want to do that with my friends! What a great answer… I hope your next book is one of your new favorites. Thanks Amy, you too!


This winter I’m realizing I can’t without sunshine. I know I’m so spoiled living in CA, but we’ve been pounded so hard with snow this year (like people’s roofs are caving in and buildings are collapsing amount of snow) which is adding stress, and not seeing sun for weeks is hard mentally. Do any readers who live in areas of the country where gloomy winters are the norm have any tips?


Oh Michelle. I fully relate with those feelings and I am so sorry that so much damage is happening because of the snow. This winter has been my hardest yet. I’m finding that I have to get outside every day to run otherwise I get too sad. My friends have happy lights from Amazon to help them. Making sure I’m taking my supplements helps me a lot and I told Andrew I’m never going through a winter again that doesn’t include a sunny vacation in January. It’s just too hard to go without the sun for so long. I can totally ask this question on my post tomorrow! I hope you get some sunshine today!


Doing pilates during a peak week is such a good idea! I’ve really been working on adding stretching and yoga to this marathon cycle.

I actually work at a school with a track, but it’s dirt and it’s actually a 440, not a 400 (so annoying!) so, I usually do my repeats around a neighborhood that is about 3 miles with no lights.

I like the strawberry and passion fruit Liquid IV. But, I like adding them to my 40oz water bottle though.

Sleep is probably my number 1 necessity, but next to that, is chapstick.


love the pix…you’ve got to have the longest selfie stick!….and yeah, as I runner I’m saying cool, 20X400 …I don’t love the track, I don’t hate it…but, right now our local outdoor track I think is still covered in snow, and once it’s clear, it’s a battle with local schools and our local track stars…but yeah….
Cannot live without my old Victoria Marathon 2006 Marathon Shirt…it’s got holes in it, the wrist bands are falling off, but a great marathon memory, and the sweat shirt is a great sweat shirt, an actual sweatshirt!….I want to be buried in it!
I love Orange Gatorade, not sexy huh?….but whether training or forever, it’s my go to….it actually got me away from Coke!


I love pilates so much that I teach it. My running improves because I breathe better when regularly doing pilates. :)


Despite facing some challenging weather conditions during the warm-up, such as rain and hail, the situation improved once you reached the track. Surprisingly, the rain became lighter, creating a refreshing atmosphere. Although there were puddles on the track and your feet got wet, it was a welcome change not to feel excessively cold and enjoy the workout without being uncomfortable.

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