(leggings, jacket, shoes)

Ten miles @ 8:25 pace to celebrate Lauren’s birthday!  Our faces were frozen entirely by the end, but like always, it was worth it.

I was able to get my hair cut and colored.  I go to a friend of mine and love catching up on everything every few months with her.

That feeling of a fresh cut and color and someone else washing and styling your hair…

We spent some time with my parents.

We ate some of our usual favorite recipes for lunch and dinner…  Winter Salad + BBQ Chicken Pizza.

So good.

I also made one part of a pizza with just olive oil, mozzarella cheese and this bruschetta and it is my new #1.

It’s my sweet dad’s birthday today.  I am so grateful he is still here with us, and I love this picture of my parents from 10 years ago.


Let’s get into my Friday favorites…

*The absolute best cookie that TJ’s has ever created.  Brooke completely melted to the ground after her first bite, ha.

*This is one of those things that I regret not owning 37 years ago because it is so amazing.  Andrew gave me this electric blanket for my birthday, and it is perfect.  I take it around the house and plug it in everywhere I go.

*Another favorite from Andrew (he always picks out my favorite things)–> This jacket (I can’t get over how much I love this brown/black combo).

And these nikes (not for running, for everyday wear).  So comfortable and so so cute.

*This tip from Lisa on how to help me avoid my elbows flying all over the place during a run.  IT WORKS.


Have any fun weekend plans?  Do you have a 3-day weekend?

What type of shoes do you find yourself wearing most often outside of running?

TJ fans… you can only get one type of treat there for the rest of your life, what would it be?

-Cinnamon Bun cookies.  I’m telling ya, they are good.

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Happy birthday to your sweet Dad!! May he enjoy many, many more!!


Thank you so so much, Cheryl!


I’m obsessed with my heated blanket…we have 3 and we use them all the time! They are so nice on cold nights. School was cancelled today because of a snow storm so it’s a 4 day weekend here :)) just got out for my run before the weather gets too bad..
I love that color combo of your jacket:) what size did you go with? Wish we had a TJ’s near by..you share so many things I’d love to try.
Have a great weekend!


Happy Birthday to your sweet Dad. Have a great weekend Janae. Happy belated bd to you as well. Also your hair looks amazing!!!!!


Happy Birthday to your Dad.
Love the brown and black jacket. Great job, Andrew!


Happy 4 day weekend, Ashlea! Stay warm! I bought the jacket in a 6, I love it so much. I need to send you a box of my favorite TJs items. Enjoy your time off.


Happy Birthday to your dad!!!
I have a couple pairs of Adidas shoes that I wear outside of running, super comfy. But those Nikes are really cute!
I need to go to Trader Joe’s, so I will be looking for those cookies. I actually have eaten only one cookie since the holidays, ha ha.
We do have a 3 day weekend, but nothing super exciting planned. Probably just some yardwork.
I just heard that same advice, running with your palms up, from Susie Chan on a Peloton run recently. I tried it and it does work. I felt a little strange, but it works.
Have a good day Janae


I have a 2 day work weekend. Thanks for asking! (hahaha!)
I cruise around in my Uggs all winter and Birkenstocks in summer.
And does your sister know you have someone else doing your hair?? hehehe
Have a great weekend!


Hahaha my sister goes to her now too;). My sister hates doing hair so it was time for me to find someone else. Good luck with work, I hope both days go well!



What do you mean exactly by your elbows flying all over the place? I am not sure turning your palms up is the solution, It sounds unnatural to me. I would assume though that the queue for that would be that it makes you rotate your shoulders back externally so it might help. I would first study how runners like Shalane, Des, Katelyn Touhy and Molly hold their hands before I tried something like that. I know I pointed out a while ago that your elbows do seem to go back further than others but that is because you also have really good hip flexibility – the more flexible your hips are the more they open up and the more drive your elbows will have. That is a good thing. If your elbows are flaring out from your body perhaps just concentrate on having your hands brush your hip at a certain spot, making sure your hands do not cross your center-line in front, and keeping your arms relaxed and pumping naturally with your stride. It’s been a while since I studied running form so some of this might be a bit off…. Hope it helps a bit.


Just to be sure I don’t ruffle any feathers…. The cue of turning your palms up does make sense in the fact that many runners, like myself, tend to turn their palms down when they run. I do realize the cue is to bring your hands “more” palms up to a position perpendicular to the ground, not to actually run with your palms facing the sky.


John. Thank you thank you thank you. This is extremely helpful and I will focus on that spot where my hands brush by and avoid crossing them. I really appreciate this and so good to know about hip mobility… I didn’t know that. PS it is pretty hard to ruffle my feathers haha, I’m open to all the pointers I can get. Have a wonderful weekend!


TJs treat – as much as I love all of the chocolate-covered treats, I think their dried soft mango is my fave. I also frequently get sucked in to try the new snack/treat items they feature at the front of the store!
Heated blankets are THE best invention ever. I have one at home, and a heating pad for my cube at work. Can’t live without ’em.
I just looked at the calendar, and sure enough, we DO have a 3 day weekend! I work, but just from home Monday, and the kids don’t have school so will enjoy their bonus home day. My husband is doing a polar plunge tomorrow that is a ways away from our house, so I think that might end up being the weekend adventure for us! Perhaps with a stop for breakfast somewhere afterwards.
Enjoy your weekend!!


Hi Janae! I have a three day weekend! Some of my friends got four??? I was obsessed with the TJ’s mango gummies when I was in college. Your haircut is cute!! Happy Friday!!!


Cinnamon buns are the best.

I took today off so we have a 4 day long weekend! I want to go hike a local mountain.. ie outdoor staircases and we may yet still go away but the weather is pretty dicey.

Other than running shoes I wear my rain boots and blinds tones most or old running shoes haha

Have a fantastic day Janae!


I just ordered one of those heating blankets to have an extra on hand. There are two coupons you can apply and it comes out to around $32. A steal! Thanks for the link.


Oh my Trader Joe’s must-have treat is the tub of their mini dark chocolate peanut butter cups. I could pick that as my 1-treat-forever.


Happy birthday to your dad — it’s my mom’s birthday, too! :)
We have the whole week off here. I actually had to take a few days off this past week, too, because the kids and I got the stomach bug. Not fun at all.
I’m going to TJ’s this afternoon to get my mom some flowers — I’ll have to pick up those cookies, too. Thanks for the recommendation!
Have a wonderful day, Janae.


Happy birthday to HRG Dad!! You sure lucked out in the parent department!

1/2 day weekend here – hello tax season. But we are supposed to get more snow next week, so if I work a bunch this weekend I’m hoping I can take some breaks to ski next week.

Outside of running I live in supportive sneakers and now have an embarrassingly large collection of Vionics, Cariumas, New Balance lifestyle shoes, Dr. Scholls, Filas, Soludos. I may have a small problem.

I love the TJ’s chocolate mint cremes, but now I need to try the pizza with bruschetta you made – that looks amazing!


If you like the heated blanket, next thing to try is a hot water bottle, it is amazinggg can just hold it or put under a blanket mostly i sit under a blanket with it and hold it on my stomach
I have the same issue with my elbows flaring out and I asked my chiropractor about it and she said running with my palms out was worse as that was misaligning my shoulders!
Happy Birthday to your dad and happy Friday!


dad’s being moved from 1 hospital to another today…so am not sure what the weekend will be like….but, running and hopefully a swim and spin may help with the mental health…..
I wear my Altra’s pretty much every day……I can’t run in them, am not sure why, the 0 drop maybe…..but for walking, they’re fine


Happy Birthday to your Dad!!
Andrew really does pick out the best stuff. Can he be my personal shopper too?! Haha. I love that jacket & the other lulu one you shared last week. Now to decide which one to get ;) which one do you think you’ll wear most?
Happy Friday


Happy birthday to your dad! I’m glad you get to have him here with you.

My husband and I are heading to the beach to spend the weekend with some friends (and I get to do my long run there!)

My two favorite shoes that I wear are laceless Adidas Ultraboost and Nike Platform Court Legacy.

Those cookies look amazing! Now we just have to talk TJ’s into making them gluten-free. Their peppermint gf ones are awesome!


I will have to try those cookies from TJs! I saw them the other day but wasn’t sure if they would be good! I can’t love without their cauliflower gnocchi!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


I’m at TJ’s waaay too often and everytime I go I have to make sure I get one of the $0.99 bags of dark chocolate peanut butter cups. They usually don’t even last a full day.

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