Our NEVER EVER HAVE I Game + Monday Matters!

In case you missed out on last week, I’ll share the most viewed posts here:

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*Silentish Saturday

*A running first and one way ALL of us can improve our speed during hard workouts & races!


It was a successful rest day—>   I fueled up for another week of running (I am planning to hit 47 miles this next week) and rested up for another week of running.

Things started off nice and early with the Skyester even though I told her that Sunday was our one day to sleep in.  She must have forgotten but let’s be honest, I stink at sleeping in myself and her morning giggles are my favorite.

IMG 4094

I attempted to make a waffle for myself and more batter ended up on the counter than in my waffle.

IMG 4097

Skye decided that she was too mature for a morning nap so instead she took a VERY long afternoon nap.

IMG 4103

I’m conducting an experiment to test how many combinations of foods taste good in a sweet potato and topped with bbq sauce (I’m up to 24 different combinations;).  This one included eggs, cheese, peppers and onions.  We ran out of my favorite bbq sauce and kept forgetting to pick up more so it is really nice to have it back in my life again.

IMG 4106

Later on we drove up to Andrew’s parents’ house and Skye met a bunch of her cousins.

IMG 4125

We had dinner and this fruit bowl made me think that summer is just around the corner…

IMG 4110

But nope, it was snowing all night long.  Andrew and I left Skye and Knox with his parents and went to pick up Brookie.  It was our 10 minute date for the week, just the two of us ha.

IMG 4134

I think she might have missed her blanket more than she missed me;)

IMG 4139

She missed me a little bit too I think.

IMG 4141

But she told me she missed Knox the most.  Right when they saw each other they started talking in their secret language and rolled around on the ground.

IMG 4147

They had an Easter egg hunt and sadly I found out that Brooke likes Whoppers (one of the four types of candy I do not understand).

IMG 4154

And I had one of these for dessert.

IMG 4115

Turns out there are a lot of flexible girls in this family…

IMG 4160


I’ve got a few Monday Matters to share today:

*The best Easter candy out there.  A bag that contains both the Starburst jelly beans and the minis.

IMG 4150

*Remember this quote with your running.  Pay attention to those small gains you experience in your training and remember that it is PROGRESS!

IMG 4010

*Loved Amanda’s (her blog is awesome) post about running shoes!  She talks all about why it’s important to rotate your running shoes.  She included a link to a study that said people that had at least 2 different models of running shoes were 39% less likely to get injured.  I’m currently using 4 different shoes that I’m rotating through—> Hyperion, Levitates, PureFlows & Launch.

*Knox asked to be swaddled like Skye.

IMG 4084

*The best chapstick that has ever been created.  This flavor is amazing.  I have either had a thick layer of lipgloss or chapstick on ever since my first marathon in 2010 when I forgot to bring something for my lips and they were so chapped for the last ten miles or so.  I learned my lesson and refuse to go through that feeling of dry lips again.

IMG 4088

*I was reading about Why U.S. Women Marathoners are Having a Moment and I saw the average pace for these women for their 26.2 mile PRs and oh my goodness.  I think I can handle a 5:19 pace for about 5 meters:)  I can’t wait to see some of these women race Boston this year.  Also, this is Skye’s first time watching Boston with us so that is a big deal.

IMG 4162


Andrew and I played Never Ever Have I ____________ (running version) in the car on our drive home and I wanted to share a few of our answers and I would love to hear your answers too!

Andrew’s answers for: Never Ever Have I __________________:

*Done a race in a costume.

*Done a trail race.

*Trained properly for a marathon;)  This year will be different.  

*Tried Pool Running

*Done a Ragnar

*Gotten a massage after a race.

*Finished a race and then kept running more miles afterwards (he didn’t know that was a thing until he saw me do that after a half-marathon once).  

*Done a race at night.

Janae’s answers for: Never Ever Have I _________________:

*Done a Disney race.

*Used a porta potty during a race (except for during pregnancy when my bladders lasts two miles at a time;).

*Enjoyed running in the wind;)  

*Slept in on race morning and missed my race.

*Done a one mile race (those sound painful because short speed is hard for me:)

*Listened to Halo by Beyonce for 10 miles straight on a run (Andrew’s probably the only person that has done this;)

Okay, your turn to fill in the blank for our runner’s version of this game:

Never Ever Have I _______________!

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Okay I can’t remember if you like ranch or not, but your pic of the potato with BBQ made me think of this… in highschool, I LOVED plain baked potatoes topped with ranch dressing instead of sour cream! SO GOOD.


Yes! I love ranch so much and I used to do the same thing haha:) I hope your week is a great one Laura!


I love all the pictures and reading about your success! Keep up the good work and the recipes, you’re and inspiration to us all!


I don’t know if you consider running and racing the same thing, but I thought I remember you running the Peachtree Road Race (a 10K) a couple of years ago! I could totally be wrong, but I live in Atlanta and remember being so excited you were in my neck of the woods! :)


I totally remember what post you are talking about… I said I wanted to do Peachtree Road Race sooo bad but I haven’t yet:( When I do come do it someday, let’s go to dinner while I’m in town! But your comment reminded me I did do the 10k in Pennsylvania that I totally forgot about ha so I have to change that one;) Have a great day!


Oooooohhhhh, I really want to try a sweet potato and add some egg with the rest of the toppings! That looks really good!!

When it comes to running, never have I ever listened to music during a race or run a race in full-length tights (I think I wore capri tights once when it was really cold and SUPER windy during a winter race, but even though I’m very cold-natured, I always seem to race in shorts).


I’ve probably said this a lot, but I just love your Sunday dresses! That one is so pretty – love the floral print!
I love Never Have I Ever!! Here’s mine:
– done a race in costume
– run a marathon
– used a port-o-potty during a race
– run a donut/beer mile (I did run a soda mile in high school and it was the WORST decision ever)
– used GU
I can’t think of anymore! Have a great Monday!


Never Ever Have I
– done a “challenge weekend” (aka a 1 mile or 5k on Sat, followed by a Half/Marathon on Sun)
– not eaten cookies or drank beer during a half marathon
– run a marathon

This is fun! Can’t wait to see others’ answers!


I’m going to be repeating that quote to myself over and over because I tend to come back and push my self too hard too fast! Hopefully remembering that progress takes time will help that not happen.

Never have I ever raced a 10k or marathon or even a planned half marathon.

Never have I ever lost a toenail due to running


I divorced when my youngest was 15 months old. His blankie is the one constant in his life. He takes that thing everywhere he sleeps. His dog at his dad’s house got ahold of it once years ago. It’s one of those fine yarn baby blankets and it’s been slowly unraveling ever since. He’s 13 now, still takes it everywhere he sleeps, but it’s a third the size now, ratty with strands of yarn tangled and hanging. Moral of the story, take good care of that blanket, you never know how long it might stick around! Hahaha! I tried telling him once that it fell apart in the washer and I threw it away. I found him sobbing in his room saying, “But I never even got to say goodbye to Blankie. Why did you throw him away before I could say goodbye?” Yes, he called it him. So I let it go. He can have Blankie forever.


Oh Amy! I love how much your son loves his Blankie and that he still loves it at 13! Our kids will be the same way. Thanks for sharing this with me! The attachment to these blankets are REAL! We already see how much Skye loves hers! Have a beautiful day.


Ha, a lot of mine are the same….no ragnar, costume races, trail races, pool running, night running, mile race, or overslept………I can also add never have I ever : raced an ultra (or anything longer than 26.2 miles), eaten anything other than gels or candy for fuel (not going to start switching up what works now), and I haven’t run with a Garmin or other kind of gps watch ( I use my ipod and nike+ app)………I am afraid to commit to something so expensive………I want to borrow someone’s and try it out for a week before I commit.

Fun game! And super cute photos of Skye:)


I’m not sure whether to laugh or be embarrassed, but I listened to Halo on repeat for an 8 mile run once. Andrew is not alone, haha!


Oh my goodness… this made me so happy! Andrew will be so happy to hear he is not alone! Thanks Anne! Have a beautiful day!


Oo I love this game!

Never have I ever:
Raced a 10k (I’ve run one or two for fun)
Trained specifically for a 5k
Run a Ragnar relay
Run a marathon with a friend the whole time
Run an international race

I think next time you should do the opposite game- so running related things that we’ve done that most people probably have not done before (aka run a long race in the pouring rain)

Also- where did you find that bag of jellybeans/ minis? We are obsessed with the starburst jelly beans in this household and I’ve been trying to track that mix down!


Oh yours are good! I’ve never trained specifically for a 5k or done an international race either… I want to change that! They got that heavenly mix from Smiths (do they have Smiths outside of Utah)?! If I find another bag I will so send it to you! I hope you have a beautiful day and we will totally do the opposite next time! Thanks Diana.


Never have I ever…
1. run a ‘color run’!
2. run with out music!
3. run two races two days in a row!
4. signed up for a race on race day!


Oh I haven’t done a color run either! I LOVE running with music too! Thanks for playing Stephanie and I hope you have a great day!


I am glad to hear I am not the only person to listen to a song over and over on repeat. Actually, in 2015 at my first marathon, my nano (old school, I know) somehow got stuck on the same song for at least the last 30 minutes of the race. It was one of the songs from Pitch Perfect. It didn’t work properly until it was time to start training again a few months later. Now whenever I hear that song, I get a burst of energy and think about my first marathon finish!
I really want to run an international race in the next couple of years. Also, I have never done a Ragnar – yesterday (my first shamrock shuffle) some of my run group people were talking about trying to get a Ragnar team together for next year. The Shamrock Shuffle was fun but COLD here in Chicago. Part of the way I ran behind a guy carrying a pizza box. I am not sure if there was actual pizza in there or not. He received a nomination to be a pace leader for our marathon training run group – if we could only find out who he is :)
I love that flavor of Burt’s Bees too! I also like Sun Bum (with SPF) – you might like it too – there are a couple different flavors, my favorite is coconut.


Oh I LOVED my nano!! That is nuts that it got stuck on the same song haha. I love the memories that different songs bring us and that one is a great one! I want to join you in doing an international race. Congrats on the Shamrock Shuffle. I sure hope that guy had pizza in there and that he ate it as soon as he finished. I hope you have a great day Cathy and keep me updated on everything!


Never have I ever….
– Not finished a race
– run a race outside the USA
– done a REAL track workout

Happy Monday! I’m so inspired by your mix-and-match sweet potato creations!


Oh those are great ones! I haven’t done a race outside of the USA either! I can’t say I’ve never not finished a race though:) I hope you have a great Monday and thanks for playing.


Never have I ever
Ran a 10k race
Ran a marathon
Ran a winter season race
Ran a Disney race (one of my goals)
Finished a 5k in less than 30 minutes


Let’s plan on doing the same Disney race… how fun would that be! Good call to not do a winter season race ha… I prefer to do races every other season too:) Have a great day Catie!


I love the different variations you post for your sweet potatoes, I just had one of the concoctions for lunch :) I am for sure going to try it with eggs though!
You made a comment the other day that stuck out to me about figuring out what you are going to do for your race/ the whole breastfeeding thing, I had my first race around the same time you are (I’m 9 months pp tomorrow) and I remember stressing over it and thought I would share, maybe it will help you. I made sure to get there early and brought my hand pump so I could pump quickly before heading to the line and just stored the bottle in a little cooler. I was so worried that I would become over engorged during the run but it honestly wasn’t too bad, BUT the first thing I did once I was done was go back to the car and pump again! Good luck, I look forward to reading about the race and your experience!!!


NIKKI!! I can’t thank you enough for sharing your tips with me! I will totally get a hand pump… such a good idea to just store it in a little cooler and then pump as soon as you finished too. Thanks Nikki and I hope you and your little one (happy 9 months tomorrow) have a great day!


You’re welcome! I got my hand pump at our grocery store (Meijer’s) but you can get them anywhere . So much easier then dragging the entire pump with you lol! And thank you, I hope you and your family have a great day as well!! :)


Speaking of ice cream bars/cones, Costco just brought back the Chocolate Almond covered Vanilla ice cream bars!!! Remember the ones they used to hand-dip in the cafe? Well, they sell it in a box of 18 in the freezer now. It’s not as ginormous which is probably good because it’s a normal size now but so good. We just grabbed a box last week and they are just as good as we remembered! :) Have a great day, Janae!


I’ve never ran the colour run nor the zombie run! Both are on my list.


Hi Janae!! I was wondering if you were able to check out those Usborne books yet! I know you have said you’d love to check them out! Let me know if you need any recommendations =) The activity books make AWESOME spring break books. Hope you had a great weekend!!


I am SO SORRY this has taken me forever! Can you send me the link again? Thanks Sarah!


Never have I ever…
-Run more than 27 miles in a row
-Gone more than 10 days without a rest-day
-Run in just a sports bra (shirts are a must!)
-Eaten GU while running (I’m a Honey Stinger gal all the way!)
-Run a 5 minute mile


That chapstick is the BEST!!! I keep telling everyone I know about it!


Thanks for the shout out girl, you made my day…and don’t we all love a reason to explain our running shoe stack, ha!!!


What is the reason you, “Finished a race and then kept running more miles afterwards (he didn’t know that was a thing until he saw me do that after a half-marathon once). “?

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