Friday Favorites+ It’s Getting Pricey…

Katie was telling me yesterday in the comments about how she and her siblings name their running routes.  With my running group they definitely had names for certain trails and areas but it turns out my sister and I have been VERY boring and haven’t come up with one name for our routes in the 22 years we’ve been running together.   This needs to change so my sister and I are beginning to brainstorm names.

I wonder who started lying on the sidewalk after a hard run first, my sister or me?

5 miles @ 9:12 average pace.

Later on Andrew took me to get my Pho craving satisfied.

IMG 1432

It was absolutely delicious.

IMG 1451

PS this is how we are able to go on little dates with Skye… We just bring the whole house with us:)

IMG 1455

On the way home I was already hungry again ha so we ate jamba and a slice of bread in the car.  My current levels of pregnancy hunger/cravings are getting pricey.

IMG 1459

It makes me really happy to see them on the couch reading.

IMG 1464

Fast forward to the kids doing their run/walk (for their school goal) and then they had showers and requested chocolate milk.  I was so proud:)

IMG 1469


I have a few Friday Favorites to share today!

*This is as simple as it gets but a friend brought sliced apples with cinnamon on top to a get together the other day and I couldn’t stop eating them.  It tastes perfect for this time of year and simplicity is the best.

IMG 1157

*Our favorite game has resurfaced.  We love Tenzi and it’s an easy game for kids to pick up and understand too.  It is a fast moving game and you can fit it in at random times without anything to setup/cleanup.  I love playing against Andrew too… We get quite competitive when it comes to this game.

IMG 1117

*Another old photo but if you are needing an awesome long sleeve (for cheap) for your running, this is my favorite one!  They come in so many colors and they are super flexible for the run and such a good deal.  They wash SO well too.

Screen Shot 2020 10 01 at 9 18 01 AM

*OOFOS!  My feet have been acting up again with my changing body but as soon as I start wearing these whenever I am home, my feet feel so much better.  I attribute these shoes to keeping my feet happy during last year’s 80+ miles training weeks.  They feel so good.

IMG 1461

*Okay, last documentary I talk about for a little while.  We watched the documentary, ‘The Weight of Gold.’  It was really interesting (and pretty heavy) and talked all about the side of the Olympics that we don’t see or talk about often.  If you love learning about these different athletes and more of the behind the scenes, it’s a great watch especially with some apple crisp and ice cream.

IMG 1169


Do you have different names for your running routes?

What is a snack that you love that is really simple?

Any games that you’ve been playing a lot of lately?

Outside of running, what is your favorite Olympic sport to watch?

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Hi! Do you have a recommended long sleeve running top that fits a pregnant belly? Does that same one stretch and still work?? Trying to prepare for my winter ahead :)


Our marathon clinic instructor used to give names to our routes but I don’t that much. There was an infamous Gully run he put together for the runners training for Boston…34km with all the hills he could find in the city lol.

Favourite sport to watch.. figure skating and gymnastics.

Favourite snack..avocado with salt and probably grapes.

Have a great day Janae!


Oh that Gully run sounds perfect for Boston training! Those are two of my favorites too and I’m going to do your avocado + salt today. Thank you Kristine, you too!


YAY Laila! Congrats! I definitely can’t fit that shirt on right now anymore but if I went up a size or two I could probably because there is some stretch in it. I have been wearing this top a ton: and just baggier running tops that I already had from years ago. I haven’t found any maternity tops that I love but I’ll let you know if I do. PLEASE keep me updated with your pregnancy, I am so excited for you!


Thanks so much for the recommendation! Seeing your routine and that you’ve been able to keep up with running has been very encouraging, wishing you a smooth last month!


I want to watch that documentary so badly! Thank you for saying it’s available now, I thought it hadn’t premiered yet! If you enjoyed that, you might enjoy a YouTube video that Shawn Johnson East put out ( She discusses how she just felt so lost after the Olympics and how it played into body image issues since gymnastics is about appearances. Which leads into my favorite Olympic sport outside of running is probably gymnastics since I will never be able to do even the easiest things those athletes do.


Let me know what you think of it and AHHHH I will be watching that asap today. Thank you for sharing, I cannot even imagine what these athletes go through! Have a beautiful day Maureen.


I love watching gymnastics and swimming in the summer Olympics and skiing/snowboarding in the winter!


Those are all my favorites too! Hope your Friday is off to a great start!


Completely off topic and nothing to do with your current post, but I saw this and thought of Skye
Reusable bandaids to put all through the book. Though maybe she won’t like it if she can’t put them on herself?


You are the BEST! Skye is going to love this… she really will. Thank you and have a great weekend, Natalie!


When I first started building up mileage, way back before GPS and internet were available to map out routes, I used to just run through neighborhoods that I liked to wander; I called them my “Gump” runs, after Forrest Gump. If I needed to know distances, I’d have to measure by driving the route or running on the track. Can’t even imagine that these days!
I eat an apple with peanut butter almost every day :) I’ll have to try a slice or two with cinnamon–sounds good!
Gymnastics and swimming are always fun for me to watch.
Happy Friday!!


Hey Corey! GUMP runs… I love it! So much has changed over the years with running and all of the information we can get in the moment! I used to use the track a lot for easy days just so I could know the distance too. Let me know what you think of that combo but an apple with pb is simply the best. Thanks Corey, you too.


I live in a rural area, so my routes are either “in town” or “on the trail”. My family knows then where I will be:).

I eat an apple with pb almost every day, too. I always love all the summer fruits when they are available. And any time I have been baking then whatever I’ve baked will turn into my snack obsession until it’s gone–currently a pumpkin bread with brown butter frosting that is delicious!I

My husband is trying to teach me to play chess. I stink at it, but I’ve always wanted to learn and it is something different to do during this time when we still aren’t going out much.

I tend to enjoy the summer Olympics more than the winter. I love the running events, but also the swimming and gymnastics.

*Side note–I have those exact same Oofos(my second pair. I had a pair for about 6 years that finally started biting the dust). They are my “house” shoes. They help so much. I’m thinking of getting the slides for winter when I also need socks on my feet!

I’m off to run….(“in town” today,ha). Have a great day!


PUMPKIN BREAD WITH BROWN BUTTER FROSTING… I need to make that asap. Yay for chess, I love that you guys are doing that together. I’m so glad that oofos have kept your feet so happy too. I hope your run in town was a really great one!


I don’t name my runs really, but use landmarks to describe them to people.

I had a 3 day weekend this week, and I ran “3 mountains in 3 days” and it was a blast! Lookout came first, 8 miles and over 850 feet of climbing. It was gorgeous, but parts were too crazy with the number of folks driving too fast. (our mountains here are not like out west…several thousand people live on them, so running thru neighborhoods is usually ok, but some roads are really narrow.) I would do the 3 mile loop again in a heartbeat bc it was on the brow and had less traffic and wide shoulders. The 5 mile loop was a bit too stressing.

Day 2 was Signal Mountain, and I kept it easy that day (I had hiked already that day!) so 3 miles with just 160 feet climbing. Day 3 was Raccoon Mountain, and it was amazing! It is a giant reservoir for TVA and they basically hollowed out the entire mountain and made a lake in the middle. It’s either 2 or 3 “statue of liberty’s” deep, and on top there are hiking trails, but I ran the rim. It’s a 4.5 mile route, most of it one way traffic around the reservoir. on one side is a steep 1600 ft drop off, the other is a shorter drop into the lake. guardrails of course, ha! IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. Barely anyone up there, bald eagles and hawks flying, and about 425 feet of climbing.

My normal runs don’t have much more than 100 feet of climbing (downtown) and the altitude is only 633 feet. I started in the 1600 feet range on the mountains and topped out at 2115!
It was a fun personal challenge, and next time I plan to do a shorter Lookout run, and a double loop on Raccoon!

Have a great day!


3 mountains in 3 days… Loribeth, you are incredible! Such a cool accomplishment and reading about it made me tired haha. Wish I could join you next time. Thanks friend, you too!


Favorite Olympic sport – swimming and gymnastics!


I’m totally with you on those two… so fun to watch and I can’t wait to watch them next summer. Have a fabulous day Mary.


Hi Janae! My running club names some of the routes after members, like Linh’s hill because he lives on it. But now I want to name all of my favorite routes. My fiance named the half mile loop I run around his neighborhood Hamster loop because of the way I can just zone out and do laps around it. I’ve been learning how to play chess since it’s a two person game and so I can beat my fiance at it. Happy Friday!


What a fun idea to name some of the routes after different members, I love that. Hahah hamster loop… I love that! I can’t wait to hear about how you beat your finace at chess. So fun. Thanks and the same to you Amy!


Ha, we have one route called the “undie” route because it looks like a pair of undies on the map.

An easy snack that I love is greek yogurt with frozen blueberries and a few chocolate chips. It’s easy and satisfying.

I just bought Guesstures and I forgot how much fun it is!

I really enjoy watching gymnastics at the Olympics. They are such amazing athletes!


I need to see the Undie strava map haha! I need to eat that snack today and get out Gestures again.. such a fun game! I really hope we get to watch gymnastics this next summer! Have a great weekend, Marissa.


Try drizzling a tiny bit of honey on the apple slices sprinkled with cinnamon and throwing them in the microwave for 15-20 seconds. So delicious!


That sounds PERFECT!! I’ll try that today. Have a wonderful weekend Bridget!


I’ve been enjoying a game called Animal Upon Animal. It’s a stacking game (like Jenga) but with cute animal figurines, instead of blocks. It’s good for kids, but I like it too!

Favorite snack lately: rice cakes topped with Nutella :-)


Hey Cara, I’ve never heard of this game until you and I found it on amazon and I have to get it… we are going to love this. Thank you so much and that sounds like the perfect snack. Have a great weekend.


I was always an Apple with cinnamon girl, but I started dusting a little ground ginger on too, GAME CHANGER


Trying this today! Thank you so much Kaitlyn!


When I was pregnant with baby #4 I had the most intense craving for wonton soup, pho, and broth with star pasta. It was weird but ohhhhh so delicious.

I usually name my routes like “the yuze” ( short for usual), town loop, or if there’s a landmark the run is named after it. Avour 20 years ago my friend and I ran to the county elections office to drop off ballots. It wasn’t that close and it was dusk AND I hadn’t really bumped up my mileage yet after having a baby, but I did that night. So, that was forever called either the torture route or ballot run. Nothing real wacky.

Snacks-cashews and chocolate chips, banana with daps of peanut butter. Oh, who am I kidding. Dabs really is like big blobs. Cereal. Cereal is the best.

Love swimming, diving, skiing because it freaks me out, and gymnastics/ice skating with my dad who thinks he is Dick Button and commentates which is HILARIOUS.


Good to hear I’m not alone with that random pregnancy craving. Hahah torture route… I can definitely take that name and use that here too. I agree, cereal is the best snack. Every time I watch the skiing my heart is racing the entire time. Would love to hear your dad’s commentating. Have the best weekend Kelly!

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