Silentish Saturday!

This is Skye’s weekend party face.

I was going to hit up my treadmill for my 6 mile easy run since it was raining but couldn’t imagine not running outside (I’m in a no treadmill stage for some strange reason).  This is the same hat I wore for Boston when it was raining the entire 26.2 miles:

IMG 3953


IMG 3962

Excited to go out for lunch.

IMG 3972 2

I noticed during lunch that Megan eats her salad starting from one side and then eats to the other side.  I eat mine from the top down.  Who is normal in this situation?

IMG 3979

Because there were fresh snickerdoodles next door after lunch…

IMG 3981

Afternoon gaming.

IMG 3968

And then they played army in the backyard.

IMG 3991

Andrew finished his big papers so he celebrated by going on a run (hence sitting on the bathroom floor) and Skye needed a new outfit;)

IMG 3989

Preparing to be apart for the weekend.

IMG 3985

Some gymnastics practicing.

IMG 4001

A fancy dinner of leftovers mixed in a bowl + some of the kid’s mac & cheese (that stuff is good)!

IMG 4004

After dinner we dropped off the Brookester (her dad comes here some months and we go there some months)!

My crazy weekend night = half of this Costco bag of popcorn, lots of hydrating, stretching…

IMG 4009

and watching Jumanji with Andrew.  The beginning had me craving a run on the beach.

IMG 4008


IMG 4005


What are three things that you are doing today?

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Double dinner date with friends.

Hope you had a great long run.


Oh a facial sounds heavenly! Enjoy Erica, you deserve a perfect Saturday. Thank you, it was great.. wahoo!


Good luck on your long run! Also, Brooke is looking so grown in your recent pictures. Such a cutie!


Thank you so much Cheryle, it went great. I know, I can’t believe how old she is getting. Her conversations with me now are pretty mature too… it’s crazy! I hope you are having a great day!


Enjoy your long run! That is so interesting about the salad eating. I’m a mix of all up and then start at the top kind of salad eater.
Today: hopefully a run in the snow (right now it’s sleet so I’m waiting for the snow for some traction), watching basketball, and getting this house cleaned.


Sounds like a great day Ali! I hope your run on the snow was perfect and that it wasn’t slippery at all:) Enjoy your weekend and thank you.


Long run (20)
Rest (movies on the couch)

Have a great run!!


TWENTY MILES AHHHH GO ANGIE!! That is awesome! Recover well and thank you:)


It’s really making me nuts how fast those kids are growing up. Brooke has NO baby in her at all anymore.


I KNOW!!! Especially when her hair is down, I don’t see any baby either. When it is up I still get a glimpse of toddler Brooke so that is probably why I do it like that so often ha. I hope you have a wonderful weekend Barbara!


Probably swon’t me more car shopping for us. Turns out that trevons truck is on its way out.
There’s a debate between trying to run or swimming this morning. I’m at that stage where I’m a little scared to run. It won’t last long though.


CAR SHOPPING…. NOOOO SO STRESSFUL! I hope you guys find the perfect option. Let me know what you end up doing, I want to hear all about an amazing run soon:)


I Love their Army gear. And I so love seeing kids get outside and play like that. Our plans changed for today. We went from being decently nice and many Easter Egg Hunts going on, to being hit with a massive snow storm. Got 7″ and looks like it’s going to go until about 12″….. I really thought I was done when I put our boots and winter coats away last weekend. UGH. So we are home bound. I think we’ll, Color Easter Eggs and still pretend like it’s nice out. Get some fun cleaning done. And play games and watch movies. And drink hot chocolate.


NO WAY!! That is crazy! Stay warm, drink ALL of the hot chocolate and hopefully it warms up for you guys soon! Thanks Michele!


I liked Jumanji…was nervous about it because the first one I always loved and watched a million times. It was a good update and the nod to Alan Parrish….Robin Williams….was nice.

3 things: work, run, homemade pizza!


I felt the same way about Jumanji! Sounds like a great day and now you have me craving homemade pizza:)


Skye’s expression is awesome! Such a cutie :)
This morning I’m finally going to run, yay :) I have been very patient with my marathon recovery this past week, but today I am going to run!
The rest of the day will be filled with finishing up putting new plants in the front yard, then relaxing. My hubby and boys are on spring break, so no real plans!
Enjoy your 12 miles! You’ll do great!


Thank you Wendy, I agree:) AHHHH I AM SO HAPPY you are back to running and way to go on letting your body recover after those 26.2 miles! Sounds like a great day and enjoy spring break! Thank you, it went really well!


hi Janae, thanks for getting back to me on the vitamins– good to know!

BTW I missed commenting on it yesterday, but Andrew has a raging mohawk in one of the pics from the last post’s pics xD! He would do many a man and woman proud :p!

Like you I am SO doing anything to avoid the treadmill! For the past two years I’ve only had that as an avenue for safe running early, and now I have an alternative, so.. I mean, when these wild winter storms come even, I risk it outside first!! Perhaps it’s a habit thing; we get used to whatever method for a spell and avoid change :P! That said treadmill really is tougher on your body in different ways than outside running (the constant and/or climbing speed).

Wanted to ask– do you drive out to your runs?? You have some of the most amazing pics and places to go.. It would be well worth a drive! (Though maybe can’t do it everyday!)

LOVE the popcorn! It’s my go-to for pre-long runs too!!! Today is slated for the “longest long run” in my team’s Boston training; while I’m not doing workouts, I am trying to be honest about doing the weekly LR, as it’s so important I think. We do marathon duration LR– for me in the past, I’d make it 3hr, but today I did longer time duration since I was going so much slower.

It was hard; I didn’t feel too good, and. I thought about putting it off for tomorrow. But then I thought instead that you know, these are the days you’re going to remember– not saying yes to the physical and mental roadblocks that pop up. I went super slow, and I don’t fuel or drink water or anything like I would in the marathon, but it was still intellectually hard because I’m so used to going so much faster, and today I just wasn’t going to have it.

Those who are around my pace when I’m training in full load– workouts etc– are much better than me at stringently hitting whatever time… For me, I don’t know, if it comes it comes, if it doesn’t it doesn’t. That said, I was also running alone, and my gosh running with friends is just a totally different experience! So maybe that was it!

Best wishes and good luck on YOUR LR!!!

Oh BTW- I just go at it at salads like you xD. I feel like Ms. Megan is probably much more organized than me, hahaha! It takes thought to attack it in that way!


HEY YOU!! hahah yes, Andrew’s mohawk was amazing! Good question.. I do drive to my runs sometimes. I do it so I’m not always running in the same place at the same time and sometimes it’s because I drive the kids to school and then run closer to their school etc. We have so many gorgeous places to run it’s hard not to try out a few different ones. But, a lot of times I just leave from my door! Glad to know I’m not alone in this treadmill phase I am experiencing. I am so sorry that today’s run was not great… YOU DID IT though and that is where all of the mental toughness comes in:) Way to go on getting out there and doing it when you wanted to push it off to tomorrow. Thank you and someday come out here and let’s do a long run together please! HAHA yep, Megan is very organized… I’m not so much:)


What running socks do you like best?

Skye keeps getting cuter and cuter (if thats possible) love her outfits!


Oh thank you so much Christina! I currently have been stealing Andrew’s random socks but my favorites are these three:

Have a wonderful weekend!


You inspired me to do the Cooper test this morning! That was intense but fun! Grocery shopping and swimming with the little one later today.


WAY TO GO MEL!! So hard! Enjoy your day and the swimming sounds perfect!


This morning I went for a 10 k run, that’s four weeks of half marathon training done, and another eight to go. So far it’s going well. I traded my Adrenaline 18’s for New Balance 860 and I’m liking them a lot. This afternoon I watched my daughter’s field hockey game. This evening we’re going to a fancy dinner to fundraise for the student rowing club we were members of. I’m looking forward to meet a lot of people we haven’t seen in 30 years. I hope your long run went well. Have a great weekend!


GO EVA!! You are rocking it and I’m so glad you found a great pair of shoes for your training. I’m so excited for your half marathon wahoo. Enjoy the field hockey game and fancy dinner, sounds perfect. Thanks!


Your friend Megan is one odd duck. Side-to-side is NO way to eat a salad! Jeesh….
Skye just keeps getting cuter and cuter!

1 – Ran 21.4 miles,
2- Ate ALL the food in the house.
3 – Did my DuoLingo b/c I am determined to be bilingual…sorta kinda…someday…fingers crossed!


Love Skye’s bow – so cute! Hope you enjoyed your run!

Three things I am doing:
1. First run back after having the flu
2. Studying
3. Date night with my hubster!


1. Ran my 9th half marathon this morning! Totally just signed up for it on a whim 2 weeks ago, and I think the lack of pressure worked in my favor! It was my second fastest time to date!
2. Church!
3. Dinner date and appliance shopping tonight with my husband…we just bought our first house this week!!!


HUGE CONGRATS EMILY on your 9th half marathon this morning, that is awesome! Also, congrats on your first house, so exciting!


Hope your long run was fun!!! I can’t believe Brooke and Knox are both doing the splits! oh my goodness!!!

That’s very tidy of Megan to eat her salad from one end to the other. That’s someone who is prepared to package things up for leftovers or swipe someone’s bread and put in the empty spot.

Long run
Took daughter to get things to send to her BF
Took son to the sportsplatz to practice soccer (I did my post long run stretches there to keep warm.)

Have a great rest of your day!!


Where did you get the shoes Skye is wearing in the going out for lunch pic?
Three things we’re doing today: taking the baby to see the Easter bunny because you just gotta, watching March Madness games we finally filled out an elite 8 bracket, and enjoying a little more family time before my sister and her kids head back home tomorrow.


HEY! We got them at baby gap:) That sounds like a perfect weekend! ENJOY!!!


1. I taught a Body Flow class (Body Flow=yoga, pilates, and tai chi mix choreographed to popular music). It went really well!
2. I returned a beautiful mustard yellow-colored top to Loft. I bought it without trying it on, but my arms are too short for it and the cost of alterations was 2/3 the price of the top. Um, no thank you!!
3. Tonight my husband and I are going out to dinner!
(4. This morning I had a first-round phone interview for a tenure-track teaching job at a small liberal arts college in western PA. I should know within the next 2 weeks if I advance to on-campus interviews. I hope I do!! Fingers crossed, but who knows? *shrug*)


How funny, we watched Jumanji over here, too! I loved it ? Simultaneously did a little carb loading to fuel my 12 miler with some yums from Luna Grill (do u guys have that it UT?) Hummus and pita may be one of my fav things ?
Btw LOVE seeing those cute faces!!


Skye’s Run Squad shirt is awesome!!

Costco run today, shake out run for my 5k tomorrow, and playing cards with my kiddos!


How’d the run go?? Any tips on long runs and breastfeeding?? Training for a half now and haven’t gone longer than 9 miles. I’ve got a 6mo and have had mastitis once ? which forced me to finally buy new bras (brooks Juno adjustable straps are great!). I’m aftaid now to run any longer and am curious how pumping on race day will work for you! My half isn’t until May so taking any advice! ?


Oh my goodness, that little face!! Can Brooke share tips on how she wears her hair down and keeps it tangle free?
1. I worked a 12 hour shift
2. Came home and hugged my baby and husband
3. Slept (and fed baby)
…that’s all I could fit in my day! Haha

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