My Longest Run with a Speed Workout + My Tradition + My Weekly Training Log!

This is my, ‘wow, I’m really happy I did that workout/I am really tired and I’m dreaming of laying on the ground once I get home’ face.  The speed/endurance endorphins were strong but so was my tiredness by the end of yesterday’s run.

During the warm-up the entire sky went pink with the sunrise.  It made me miss Brooke big time because she is obsessed with pink but then I just looked at it like it was a little hello from her and it made me really happy.

IMG E4012

This is a very good sign below.  THE DRINKING FOUNTAINS ARE ON AGAIN.  They shut them down for the cold months so when you see them on again, you know that happiness is here;)

IMG E4015

My longest run since having Skye!  Here is how the workout went:  4 miles w/u, 3 x 2 miles @ a moderate pace (w/.25 mile recoveries), 2 mile c/d.

For the 3 x 2 sets the splits were:  7:18, 7:15; 7:10, 7:12; 6:59, 7:04.  I felt in control of the pace which I was really excited about and I felt so much better than I did on Friday.  I also had a nice tailwind on the last two sets which helped me speed it up a bit.  During the warm-up I was nervous I wasn’t going to hit the paces but kept reminding myself that if my coach knows I’m ready for this workout, then I know I’m ready for this workout.

IMG 4036

I got this picture from Andrew during the cool-down.  Skye woke up about 20 minutes before I got home so I’m calling that a successful long run/breastfeeding situation ha.  If I know I’m going to be running for a longer time I pump a bottle right before I leave the house just in case she needs it (she doesn’t love the bottle though) but she didn’t need it yesterday.

IMG 4044

Skye is already talking (ehh squawking) back at Andrew when he tries to tickle her.

IMG 4050

Fast forward a few hours and we were off!

IMG 4064

We went to Midici with Candice and her family and it tasted soooo good.  These were the salads that Andrew and I had.

IMG 4053

And the pizza that we had.  IT WAS HOT (my lips are still burning ha)!

IMG 4054

After lunch, Andrew and Knox went on a little date.  I went home with Skye to feed her and do my every other month tradition of organizing Brooke’s room.  I go through her clothes and store the things that don’t fit her, go through her toys and store things that she doesn’t play with anymore etc.  I am strange but I really love to do this.

IMG 4072

We spent our night in Salt Lake City.

IMG 4075

We ate out a lot yesterday.  Back to eating at home today.  It was sure fun though and I WAS HUNGRY after 12.75 miles.  Pretty Bird for dinner:

IMG 4076

The highlight of my food yesterday was at Last Course.  If you are in SLC please go here.  Look at these flavors:

IMG 4077

I had the Gooey Brownie and Salted Caramel.  It was so so good.

IMG 4078

Can’t wait to see this girl today.

IMG 4065

I hope you have a great Sunday!


All of my miles were outside this week!  It feels like it has been forever since my last indoor run… hallelujah for spring!

Monday:  6 miles with my brother down in Arizona @ 9:05 average pace.

Tuesday:  TRACK WORKOUT!  This was the hardest workout I have done postpartum.  2 mile w/u, 5 x 1000m @ 4:00 (around a 6:26 pace) w/2 minute walking recoveries after each one & 4 x 200m (5:56 average pace) w/90 second walking recoveries after each one, 2 mile c/d.  7.65 miles total!

Wednesday: 5 miles @ 8:35 average pace.

Thursday:  8 miles @ 8:27 average pace.

Friday:  6 miles @ 8:47 average pace.

Saturday: 12.75 miles @ 7:45 average.  4 mile w/u, 3 x 2 miles at moderate pace with .25 jogging recoveries after each set, 2 mile c/d.

Sunday:  OFF (except for the running at the Easter egg hunt we are having today;)!

45.4 MILES!! I hit my highest mileage yet since having Skye.  I’m loving seeing these little accomplishments along the way to hitting the bigger ones.


What is the farthest distance you have ever run?

-One time I went 28 miles but that was MANY years ago.

Do you have many drinking fountains along your running routes?

What was your best run last week?

Do you enjoy organizing?  Do you hold on to things or is it easy for you to throw away/donate things?

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I love reading your blog first thing in the morning ! Such a positive start to my day, like catching up with a friend, I’ve probably been reading since the beginning almost ! Thanks for doing what you’re doing and sharing your life and cute family with us !

You also inspire me to get my runs in. I am at a far less speed/mile count at you though haha.

I love to organize too! I love getting rid of things (though I try to recycle and donate as much as I can !)


Ashley, thank you SO much for your sweet comment, it means a lot to me! Thank you for reading over the years! I hope you have a wonderful day! Keep in touch:)


Nice work on the long run!! I bet it felt good :) Do you enjoy cleaning Brooke’s room out because you can see how she’s growing and becoming her own person by the toys she chooses to play with/not play with?

I have my longest run yet today: 8-9 miles! I’m kind of nervous because it’s freezing here on the east coast and I’ve never run more than 7 miles! I’m hoping to get a Garmin watch soon to work on my pacing. We don’t have water fountains where I live now, but when I lived in DC they were everywhere, and it was nice.


I think you are right about why I love going through Brooke’s room! I found so much artwork of hers too where she would draw our family which made me so happy:) Ahhhhh good luck on your longest run ever. Let me know how it goes!


Omg that ice cream looks heavenly!!

Best run I had last week was my Thursday double digit run! I ended up running an impromptu 10-miler at an 8:29 pace and it felt very good and fairly easy, which was nice!

Hope you have a great Sunday Funday!!


Great job Arthi on your ten miler!!! Thank you so much and I hope your day is perfect!


I need new running routes just for drinking fountains!! Do you like the levitates for long runs?

Wow all that food looks awesome! Now I really want to visit Salt Lake City!


I love the levitates so so so much for long runs! I’ve been saving them just for those… I might even wear them for my half coming up because they just feel so good! Yes, come to Utah and eat with us! Have a beautiful day Emma!


Awesome job on the mileage! I’m curious what aches and pains (if any) you are experiencing as you increase the amount of running you are doing? For example, in my case, its always my shins. Not true shin splints, but out of every part of my body, they ache the most and require lots of compression, stretching and foam rolling. I also bought inserts for my shoes and avoid sidewalks.


Thanks so much Jessica! Shin pain is the worst! I currently am not experiencing any aches and pains (knock on wood)! When I do start getting some aches and pains then I pull back a bit in my training and do the things that you mentioned! If it gets bad then I stop running until it is better:) Also, my chiro is pretty good at figuring out whatever is causing the pain so I go to him right away! I hope you have a great day Jessica!


NAILED your workout!

It’s so great your coach really has you treating runs differently. I’m going to try that out in training for the NYCM this year; I really think the LR-workout is a great idea to roll in at least once! Good job!!

Also LOVE the pink skies. Anytime I think “ah I can run later..” running in with the sunrise just makes me feel otherwise haha.

You have me beat on the longest distance– pretty sure it’s just 26.4mi for me!!


Yesterday’s run was my best :) my knee kind of bothered me last night though, so we will see how today goes and if I’ll be running more this week or not.


I used to love running along the river with the sunset to get skies like that. Plus it helped my pace to get back before dark;-)

I’m really just not a hard workout in the morning person. Stretching, walking, yes. Running or strength training, nopety no.


No runs last week since I was sick with strep. Hoping I feel better soon!
I love cleaning and organizing. We’re planning on next week to go through the basement and if we haven’t used it in a year donate it. We have so much stuff we’ve collected since we’ve gotten married and now have the baby.


STREP!?!? NOOOO the worst!! I am so so sorry… get feeling 100% asap! Oh we are doing the basement soon too, good luck and enjoy! Thanks Catie.


My goal this year is to practice minimalism! I read I’ve already started by throwing out a few things and scrapbooking a few things. It’s going well. Next, is the fridge.


Why are all your posts going to this site ->

Mr Steve Hedlund? Some wires seem to have gotten crossed.


I had no idea that this was even happening! Thank you for letting me know, I will contact them right away. I have no idea who this is. Thanks Lindsay!


Hey Lindsay, quick question… could you let me know how you found his site? Was it through a link of mine that I put out or anything (just trying ot figure out if he hacked anything of mine)! THANKS!


I was reading the “Ali on the Run” podcast blog posts, and in the pingback section at the bottom of the post there was a link that said something about Skye, so I figured it was your blog. Then I clicked it and it went to this Mr Steve Hedlund site and I saw all the same post titles as your blog. Here’s that podcast blog link:


Thank you so much for telling me all of this… you have helped me so much to start getting this all figured out! Thank you!


I wish I was as good as you about going through my kids’ rooms. I’m not! But I’m always wanting to and think I I need to! It doesn’t help that I’m always home with them so hard to do with them around. And because my garage of old clothes and toys is not organized either so it’s never fun to add more items to it. Ugh. Just come help me already!!


Oh I couldn’t do it if Brooke was there so I totally understand that! HAHA I want to come help:) I hope you have had a great weekend Mary.


I ran 100 miles in 24 hours a couple years ago. I would love to try it again sometime but not until I am done breastfeeding.
Congratulations on your amazing running week!


That is amazing Stacey!! I’ve been wondering how you and your little one are doing! Thanks so much, keep me updated with everything:)


My longest run was a 100km race last summer in Lethbridge

I like to throw things out – I wouldn’t say I am super organized but I am not a hoarder. Having a minimalist partner helps.

Best run last week was a tempo run where it felt like everything was going right – and also today’s long run in the trails – we were out there for 5.5 hours and 23 miles and it taught me about mental toughness – and I had some super low points too.

There are some drinking fountains along my routes but they don’t seem to be turned on yet.

Hope you had a great Sunday! And Skye is super cute :)


I am insanely jealous of your ice cream! And Skye is beyond adorable. I recently found your blog and even though I’m not a mom (or a runner), I loved reading all of your posts! I hope that doesn’t make me sound crazy haha. Oh, I noticed that we’re almost birthday twins! I turned 30 on February 9th! Clearly February is the superior month. I hope you have a good week!


Hey Danielle! I am so happy you commented:) I love that we are almost birthday twins.. February is the best! Keep in touch please!


All your meals looked SO good! Yum!!! :) I made that sweet and sour chicken recipe tonight for dinner that you linked last week! It was so yummy & I’m excited about leftovers tomorrow! I also do the monthly organization— not strange ;)



I wish I had the guts to comment more often … but often times I feel silly commenting because I just feel like just another runner in a sea of runners are the start of a race. Well, I had to take all of my runs inside this week due to the stupid weather and travel. On Saturday morning after 4 hrs of sleep I drug my butt out of bed and ran 11.15 miles on the treadmill and used some of your interval recommendations to make the time fly. Then I stretched and foam rolled before hopping in the car to drive 7hrs north to Minnesota where I will be spending the week taking care of my mom as she recovers from surgery. I am sure that I will be hitting the treadmill again this week as I am not very sure of the area. Hope you have a great start to the week!


Lindsay, you should always comment! It is so good to hear from you! Amazing job on your treadmill run on Saturday. I hope your mom is doing okay, keep me updated!



Your comment really brightened my day. My mom is still in recovery. We don’t know yet when she is going to get released. I ran over to the gym real quick while she was in surgery but it didn’t quite last long enough to make me happy. Hoping to get back to the gym this afternoon if I can after I get my mom home and situated.

What would you say is your favorite thing to do at the gym if you’re not running? I unfortunately cannot run as many days in a row as you can so I have to switch it up. I did a bit of biking earlier and I am thinking about hopping on the stairclimber for 30 minutes this afternoon just to get in a sweat session. Any other recommendations?


I am SO sorry about what you guys are going through right now. That is so hard. I’m praying for her recovery to go really well! I LOVE the stair climber and the rowing machine and the spin bike:) Those three activities give me a killer workout and great job on 30 minutes on the stairclimber, that thing is no joke! Keep me updated!


I would LOVE that ice cream place!!!!!! I saw your cone in your Insta Story over the weekend, and I felt like your soul sister b/c I’d put a pic of my cone in my story Saturday night. ha ha I had Peeps ice cream with marshmallows and rainbow sprinkles mixed in, in a waffle cone dipped in white chocolate with rainbow sprinkles on it. I’d run 14 miles that morning–I went ALL out. ha ha

The fountains being on is a WONDERFUL thing! Same with public restrooms at the parks being open (not just porta potties!) and the porta potty being out at the track b/c of high school track practice (sometimes a porta potty will do–better than nothing! ha ha)


Just a random thought..are you planning on doing the Silo District Marathon in waco, TX!? Because you should 1) because its Chip & Joanna Gains 2) because you can also visit the Magnolia Market 3) so that I can meet you in person 4) who needs a 4…you should come!


YOU ARE DOING IT!?!?! AHHHHH I want to so bad!


Yes!! I finally convinced myself to sign up. I’ve never done a half before so this will be my first! I LOVE going to the market to shop and walk around and they have a huge grass courtyard to sit and eat and let the kiddos burn some energy!


Hey there! I’m just wondering, for this workout “4 miles w/u, 3 x 2 miles @ a moderate pace (w/.25 mile recoveries), 2 mile c/d. For the 3 x 2 sets the splits were: 7:18, 7:15; 7:10, 7:12; 6:59, 7:04. ” did you walk or jog in between the 3 x 2 mile intervals?


Just read again. :) I saw you recovered for .25 in between. Thanks! Seems like a good workout.


Nice work on the long run!! Half marathon last fall is the longest for me.

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