Stick to your definition + fist pump + the best way to measure yourself.

We were all happy Saturday morning when Skye decided to do just one feeding that night!  She is doing a fist pump for herself:

Skye woke up at about 3 to eat and then again at around 6:20 so I fed her, put her back down and then got ready for my run.  I headed out just as the sun was rising and it was about 25 degrees which didn’t feel bad at all for some reason.

IMG 0596

I love the long run and I have missed it a lot the last few months.  I love starting my Saturday off with the long run (well, I love it after about 3-4 miles ((starting a run is always TOUGH)) and coming home feeling accomplished.  I added a little challenge to the run and tried to go fast for the last mile and ended with a 6:49 mile.  I hope any drivers that see me running in my tie-dye shoes appreciate the large amounts of color they offer.   Also, I listened to Ali’s interview with Gwen Jorgensen (Olympic gold medalist in the triathlon and now she is switching over to the marathon) and it was so great!

PS At first I didn’t want to call my 9 mile run a ‘long run’ because I know there are so many of you out there where your long run is 18 or 20 miles or something BUT we can’t think that way.  We are all in different places with our fitness and running and while 9 miles isn’t long for those training for a marathon, it is long for where I’m at now and that means I should be proud.  Just a reminder to be proud of exactly where you are at now and the accomplishments you are making.  Just because someone else’s definition of a run is different than yours doesn’t change how awesome you should feel about what YOU are doing!  Stick to your definitions of things no matter what everyone else is doing.

IMG 0602

I came across a million ducks at one point along the run but they all ran away when they saw me get my camera out.

IMG 0603

Random story but Brooke accidentally through one of Andrew’s hats on Skye (She didn’t know Skye was on the other side of the bed in her play gym) and it made Skye cry.  Brooke was DEVASTATED over what happened even though Skye got over it quickly… she felt so bad for making Skye cry.  Her love for her sis is already crazy strong… I get it.

IMG 0623

My dad requested Which Wich for his birthday lunch.  We also picked up some fries from 5 Guys to eat with the sandwiches (it is right next door) to complete the perfect meal.

IMG 0631

Then my mom took Brooke to get a treat.  BROOKE IS GETTING SO TALL!

IMG 0634

PS Brooke can do so many crazy tongue tricks.  I cannot.

IMG 0636

Skye was still asleep so we stopped at a park and let Brooke play while we played catch.  Next week when I am complaining to you about my right (I only eat and write with my left hand) shoulder… please remind me that it was from playing catch for 17 minutes ha.

IMG 0648

Brooke got in a few throws too.

IMG 0659

A few hours later and we were off to dinner.  We have some amazing friends (that we don’t get to see enough) that took us out to Communal (a must if you come to Utah County)!  Brooke had a babysitter come over and we took Skye.

IMG 0681

Just a few of the delicious things we had:

IMG 0682

IMG 0684

And this mousse was heaven.

IMG 0689

Skye was pretty involved in the conversation too.

IMG 0688

And before I let you go for the day, I had to share this from Kristin (stuftmama).  I am MUCH (x a million) happier when I measure myself this way:

IMG 0622


Right or left handed?  Do you do everything right or left handed?

-Andrew and I both eat/write with our left hand and play sports with our right!

Tell me about your weekend running.

What is your breakfast today?

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I am naturally left handed – I eat with my left hand, write with my left hand, etc. But when I was around 12 I broke my left arm and had to learn to do a lot of things with my right hand instead. My left arm didn’t heal quite right and the range of movement in it is a little limited so I stuck to doing lots with my right that I previously did with my left. I guess I still protect it!

My Saturday run was parkrun. I was ill in early December and had to stop running for a time to let the chest infection clear. As a result (and thanks to getting started on spring marathon training) I’m on a really satisfying streak of each parkrun in 2018 bring faster than the one before. The times are getting pretty close now though so I suspect I’m at the end of my streak!

Today I had 16 miles for my long run – it doesn’t seem that long since my long run was half that! – so breakfast was porridge with honey. Post-run lunch is delicious hot soup and a bacon sandwich. Perfection!

Enjoy the rest of your day.


This weekend I FINALLY set a new PR in the 10k! It took over 4 years and I beat it by no more than 3 seconds. It felt so good! But on that note I love what you said about your “definition” of a run. Shortly after the race I started thinking about how a) this time last year I was running so much farther and faster than a measly 6 miles (6-7 is my top right now after a long break/injury last year). And I was thinking how my old 10k PR was set on a much hillier course and so that was more “impressive” than the dead flat course from yesterday. But then I stopped myself and thought, “no and I am DAMN proud of myself! I’ve been chasing this PR for 4 years and I earned it. And I am officially making a comeback!”

All this to say, this is one of the things I love most about running. Even though I’ve run a marathon, I can still be excited about running 6 miles at a fast pace. Even though I’ve run farther and faster in the past, it is still exciting to see what your body can do in that moment. New victories happen all the time, and it all depends on where you are RIGHT NOW. In that way, running will never get old! There will always be something to work toward. YAY RUNNING!

Have a great day!


GO ANNA!!! AHHH Huge congrats on your 10k PR YESTERDAY! You are making a killer comeback woman and keep being proud of yourself. I love what you said Anna, thank you so much for sharing. Keep me updated with everything that you are doing:)


There was a time coming back from injury I called 4 miles my long run.
Breakfast was toast, apple, and cheese.


I went running with my sweetheart yesterday and he did awesome! He used to run A LOT (marathons, 50ks, 100ks) when he was younger but is just now getting back into it after a long time. We made it almost 7 miles and he did awesome. :)


Oh how fun Christina! I love that you guys went together:) I hope your Sunday is a fabulous one!


HA! It’s so funny that you wrote about a “long” run today, because I had that SAME feeling/struggle yesterday. I am coming back from a hammy injury, so I ran my longest (8 miles) since November, yesterday. I was PUMPED. But I felt weird calling it a long run, especially since my fiancé runs ultras. Then I got onto myself because it is long to ME right NOW. I took pride in that. I’ve fought to come back from this injury and I’m going to celebrate every dang mile I do. I even treated myself to a donut. Way to go on your LONG run!


I feel the same! I have a half in 2 weeks, and 10-13 miles is long for me now, but when I am not training my long runs are only 6-8. And when I go run and someone asks “how far?” and I say “just 3 miles” they say “just, ha!, I can’t even go one”……..helps me put it in perspective that even one mile is freakin awesome, no run is unimportant because you are working toward something more. Like a bank account, the miles we train are deposits, and the race is the withdrawl, then we train and build it back up again, and even 1 mile (1 dollar) helps!


Oh I totally get it Chelsea! WAY TO GO on your hamstring comeback and eight miles. Let’s keep focusing on our nows:) Good call on the donut… I’ll get one tomorrow:) Keep me updated on how you are doing!


I do most things with my right hand, but I clap with left hand on top (haha, yes, I notice that kind of thing), I deal cards with my left hand, and I prefer dribbling the basketball with my left hand. When playing volleyball I can change up pretty easily and spike with my l.h. almost as good as my r.h.

I didn’t do a Saturday run because I’m trying to get rid of a pesky cold and thought rest would be better for me.

For breakfast: undecided. So far mint tea ?


I’m right handed but my husband is left handed.

I had the same thing happen to me on my long run yesterday. First, I did it on the treadmill and later on in the day I wished I’d waited and gone outside cause it was really nice out! But I felt like I couldn’t call it a long run because it was only 4 miles. But it is the longest run I’ve done all week so it’s this weeks long run :)


I’m right handed, my hubby is left handed, one of our boys is right and the other left handed… I like that that worked out evenly in our family ? Ha
I can’t believe how fast you’ve gotten your speed back!! 9 miles at sub 8 minutes is awesome!!
Today is “just” 12 miles, then next week is the last 20 miler before the LA marathon! Isn’t it funny how in our training, we get to that point when we can say that a double didgit mile run is “just” x amount of miles??!! It always makes me giggle…. Anyway, great job on your 1st long run back of many ?
Happy Sunday!!


AHH Wendy, I am so excited for you to run the LA marathon! Way to go on JUST 12 miles haha;) I love it, you are so right! Keep me updated with how it is all going and how the marathon goes! Thanks so much Wendy!


I had a bobo bar before my run and then I’m thinking a bagel egg cheese sandwich after. I started making the beet smoothie from shalenes cookbook.. it’s great! My run was 3 miles. I’m hoping to get to 6 miles for my long run in the next few months!


Just a question, the bows are super cute but does Skye ever pull them off? I’ve never known a baby to wear so many bows and some of them look kinda tight


Hey Amanda!! She hasn’t ever tried pulling one off:) They are very soft and not tight at all (they are made out of a very stretchy nylon material:) Thanks and I hope you have a great rest of your day!


I’m the opposite of you and Andrew- I write with my right hand, but play sports and do everything else left-handed.

I made bacon egg and cheese sammies for breakfast this morning. My husband always cooks the bacon outside on the grill (even in the dead of winter) so the house doesn’t smell!


Where is Skye’s Polk-a-dot onsie from? It’s so cute!! ?


Thank you Karen! It is from Target:) I buy most of her clothes there! Enjoy the rest of your day!


I just have to tell you that I always find myself refreshed after reading your blog. Thank you for that. Breakfast for me today was orange ginger pancakes and an egg scramble with pepper jack cheese topped with wilted spinach and kale. Yum!!!!


Thank you so much Kimberly, that means a lot to me! Oh and that breakfast sounds like heaven… I NEED!! I hope you have a wonderful week and thanks again… it made my afternoon!


I’m like you – the only thing I do with my left hand is write. Everything else – from using scissors to throwing is with the right.


I am so proud of you for your 9 miles, Janae!! That is fantastic!! I love watching your comeback and seeing you do it the smart way!


Oh thank you so much Torrie! I hope your Sunday has been great so far!


I am right handed…..can’t do much with my left, ha!
I love me some Which wich. There is only one in my town and it is in the college campus food court so it is really busy and often runs out of stuff. We are headed to Nashville this week though, so I will get it AT LEAST once while we are there…….more if I can convince the husband. It’s my favorite sandwich place ever, followed by Firehouse subs.
Today’s run is just a few miles outside (it is gorgeous here today, but the river is flooded so I can’t continue very far down the riverwalk because there is a section underwater). We live a few miles from a dam, and with the runoff from the mountains and the dam having to open it gets crazy downtown sometimes. The river has been much higher than it is now, but it is easily 8 feet higher than normal. I am going to plan on 4 or 5 miles today. This next week is my last real week of running before my half (2 weeks from today!) and I LOVE running in Nashville so I plan to run 4 out of the 5 mornings while I am there!
Have a great weekend!


I’m right-handed, but recently I’ve been teaching myself to brush my teeth with my left hand.


Right handed. :)

Running weekend – I did my long run at the beginning of the week so I went out and ran a few miles today. We got snow and it’s icy but it was sunny and gorgeous. I love what you said about not comparing. I am training for a big race this summer and it’s hard not to compare mileage, worry that I am not training enough etc..but at the end of the day all I can control is the work that I put in and not worry about what my friends are or aren’t running.. and who is faster etc…because that just sucks the joy right out of running :).

Breakfast – I stopped at a donut shop post runand bought a berry donut for me and an apple bacon fritter donut for the other half so that is breakfast part 1. :)

Have a great Sunday!


That sandwich looks amazing, your Dad made a good call!

I ran my 5 mile “long run” this morning and it was crazy windy. Every other switchback I had a huge tailwind and felt like a rock star. The others were directly into the wind. Bet you can tell which direction I liked better :)


Way to go Michelle on your long run in the crazy wind!! Oh tailwinds are heaven, I get it! Enjoy the rest of your day!


My weekend runs were great! 11 treadmill miles on Saturday and then 8 this morning at a pretty quick pace!

Breakfast this morning – Fruit and cinnamon rolls :) Perfect Sunday morning treat!


Running isn’t my primary exercise but I do enjoy doing just a few miles a month. Since it was 60 degrees here today, I went out for 1.5 miles, which is pretty much a long run for me. It was slow but enjoyable!

Can you give any tips for marathon spectators? My husband is running his first marathon next month (his only other official race was our first 5K last spring) & I want to be supportive but not embarrassing!


I’m a righty, but I *can* eat with my left hand if I need to. Like if I’m sitting next to a lefty at a table or when I used to have babies to hold and nurse while eating. I can also do a lot of medical skills with both hands thanks to many years on an ambulance and as a nurse in an ER/Trauma/Burn center.

There wasn’t any weekend running for me thanks to a sinus infection that has moved into my chest. I’m hoping I’ll feel well enough to at least go walking tomorrow since I’m now WAY off track in half marathon training. I knew I wasn’t going to PR anyways so it’s really just about getting to the finish without wanting to die now.

And I had an apple fritter for breakfast (because you know, that’ll help my half marathon goals….)


I write, eat, and brush my teeth with my left hand, but do everything else with my right. I’ve never known of anyone else like me until now!


I’m the same way!! Left handed when I write or eat, but dominate with my right hand and right foot for everything else! Glad i’m not alone :)


Please tell us about your shoes!! I throw my money at anything tie-dyed!!!!


I am left handed too! I throw left handed but bat right handed.


Info everything with my right hnd which means i carry Zala around with my left. I don’t have problems with my shouldet yet but the left side of my back is killing me since apparently i’m slouching a bit when i do that. Need a massage stat!


Writing, eating, throwing, tennis = right-handed. Hitting a ball, golf, soccer = left-handed/footed. I am all messed up! Lol. Maybe it’s because my dad is right-handed and my mom is left-handed?? Who knows but that Skye sure is a cutie pie!!

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