Silentish Saturday!

(Tank, shorts, bra, and socks)

45-minutes on the bike to start my morning!

Robin will always be my #1 on here.

IMG 1868

15 minutes of chest/back.

IMG 1873

Trader Joe’s with Skye.

IMG 1882

Every time we go there…

IMG 1886

The best lunch around.

IMG 1888

Warm enough to play outside.

IMG 1896

IMG 1894

Had the best pizza with friends.  We need one of these ovens!

IMG 1899

I could live off of this.

IMG 1901

Time to take these out for a spin!

IMG 1908


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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That pizza looks amazing!! On the plan today is homework, a run once it gets warmer out (I cannot convince myself to go out when it’s so cold in the morning!), and packing for a trip I leave on tomorrow for work. Going to San Francisco and excited for runs in a new to me place! Have a great weekend!


Mariah, I hope you have a great time in San Francisco and that you get plenty of sunshine. Thanks friend, you too!


That pizza does look amazing!
I was just at Trader Joe’s the other day too. That place makes me happy.
Today will start with a 5 mile run, some core, house cleaning and then reading outside. Tomorrow will be 11 miles, which I haven’t done over 10 in so long!
Have a really great weekend!


Ahhhh 11 miles tomorrow! You are going to rock it. Wendy, you are so strong!


Need some motivation to go for 4 cold-weather miles!
Donut after my run.
FOAM ROLLING/stretching!!!
Happy Saturday!


I hope your four miles were great today! A donut is the best way to celebrate a run. Thank you for motivating me to get out the foam roller right now. Have a beautiful day tomorrow. Thanks Corey!


The weather looks so nice!

1. long run, done.
2. memorial get together for my MIL who died on New Years Eve and an extended get-together afterwards with extended family :-(
3. attempt to keep cleaning up the house or at the very least keep the mess from getting worse. My husband and I leave on Tuesday for vacation and I feel like our house is in shambles! We are taking things from my MIL’s house, throwing things, keeping things, donation piles, packing for vacation and daily life! I feel out of sorts!

Have a fabulous Saturday Janae!!!


Oh Becky. I am so so sorry that you lost your MIL. I hope today was filled with peace, comfort and many memories of her. Wish I could give you a hug. I am so happy you guys will be able to get away for a vacation and good luck with all of the work before you leave! Thank you friend!


Getting my nails done, decorating for Valentine’s Day and maybe date night.


I want a nail pic! Hope you had an amazing date tonight!


1. instructing my learn to run clinic in about 25’s topic(s) hHRM, and shoes…and mabe a bit on the joys of foam rolling….2. listening to Bat out of Hell and 3. a run and/or some time on the bike trainer
and love my Hokas…still dedicated to Brooks and On, but Hokas feel so natural


Your run clinic sounds so awesome! Yay for loving your hokas. Hope you are having a great weekend!


Hi Janae! There’s a wind advisory here so we aren’t sure what to do. Originally dad and I were gonna go biking though! Maybe we will catch up on movies or something.
Happy weekend!!


Hey Amy! I hope you guys had the best day inside catching up on rest and movies! Enjoy the rest of your weekend❤️


Snow day here! (Rare). Got my miles on the treadmill this morning but have EIGHTEEN tomorrow. ? Probably on the treadmill because the roads won’t be ready to run on. I need some good vibes. ?
Now back to playing in the snow with the kids and dog! It’s cold!!


You are going to rock your 18 tomorrow on the treadmill. This will make you SO mentally tough for race day! I hope you can catch up on your favorite shows, let me know how it goes. Go Mollie Go!


Your short post run workouts inspired me to start doing some strength work every day for 15 minutes or so. Feeling sore but it’s actually a good feeling. Thank you!


This makes me SO happy! We’ve got this, Melissa. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


You have a great family! I love your spin bike monitor too! Thank you for sharing


I join. And I have faced it. We can communicate on this theme. Here or in PM.

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