I CAN, must be jealous and my training log from this week!

In case you missed out last week, the top 3 most viewed posts were:

*My thoughts on what Valentines Day is about!

*Behind the scenes, my first post-baby mile repeats & my hair will help you realize you are having a great hair day.

*We Bought a Car + My Hill Tips!


Another Sunday over here and most definitely a rest day… I doubt I got over 500 steps yesterday!

IMG 0783

Things started out like this!  SKYE SLEPT UNTIL 4:45 and then was up at 6 again but I will take that solid 6 hours 32 minutes and 16 seconds of sleep that I got.  GO SKYE.

IMG 0730

Church was great and I taught a lesson to the youth girls about choices and consequences and of course included my favorite quote about choices—>  May we ever choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong. -Thomas S Monson.

It was quite windy all day yesterday (and we are supposed to get a huge snowstorm today).  I didn’t mind taking a rest day and being on the couch for the rest of the day instead of running in a headwind but I’m sure I’ll get plenty of headwind practice this week.

IMG 0764

We came home to these two having some intense conversations.

IMG 0789

A close up on Skye’s awesome onesie from Brooks.  What do you think… will Skye be a runner?  I mean, I wouldn’t hate it if we took runcations as a family when the kids are all a bit older;)

IMG 0791

We are back on the pancake tradition on Sunday and I decided to add chocolate to mine.  I always feel bad eating in front of Skye… she must be so jealous of our food! I bet she is counting down the days until she gets to eat solids and join in with us with the good stuff.

IMG 0795

A Sunday afternoon movie together during Skye’s nap… Andrew and I both fell asleep too.

IMG 0801

Followed by 500 cartwheels.

IMG 0803

And then Brooke got really serious about things, put her leotard on and requested some Youtube gymnastics instructional movies.  PS was anyone else a fan of the show Make It or Break It.  I think I’m going to rewatch it on Hulu because I loved it so much.


A little while later we picked up Mer to go to my parents’ house for dinner.

IMG 0812

Skye was super happy to see grandma.  We had stew, salad and cornbread for dinner… the perfect winter meal.

IMG 0814

Brooke made sure to have her leotard so that she could get to practicing with Andrew.  He’s almost got his back bend…

IMG 0817

We practiced some tummy time with Skye.  It isn’t her favorite… probably because she just prefers holding time instead.

IMG 0835

Look at my mom’s new hobby!  She has started wood carving and this is her first project.  I can’t believe how good she is already.

IMG 0842

Brooke and I have started a new habit.  We get in front of the mirror and both repeat, ‘I CAN’ ten times.  We both have a tendency of saying I can’t so we are working on replacing that with something much more positive.  This is going to be great for my running!

IMG 0810

Megan D sent me this and I cannot agree with this in the slightest… ALMOND BUTTER > PEANUT BUTTER.  Brooke agrees.

IMG 0695

Just doing her normal pretending she is a puppy with Beretta… not sure Beretta is very happy about sharing her bed.

IMG 0694


Monday:  My first time back to hill repeats.  8.05 miles total and an average pace of 8:24 w/ 5 x .2 mile hill sprints (according to effort and they were tough)!  My recoveries after each hill sprint were jogging slowly back down the hill.

Tuesday:  Birthday run with Josse.  7 miles @ 8:10 pace on a very flat route (pretty sure we gained about 10 feet the entire run;)

Wednesday:  3 miles @ 8:35 average pace.

Thursday:  6.8 miles total with three mile repeats (followed by .4 mile recovery jogs after each repeat)—>  6:54, 6:49, 6:45!  Done on the treadmill and did the intervals on a .5% incline.

Friday:  5 miles @ 8:37 average pace!  Some hills but not much.

Saturday:  Long run day!  I love the long run and I decided to do a mini fast finish for this run.  9 miles total:  8:16, 8:25, 8:44, 8:07, 7:48, 7:52, 7:50, 7:47, 6:49!  Average pace: 7:58.  I was very happy with how this run felt and what my pace was at the end!

Sunday:  OFF!

38.85 miles for the week!  I jumped up in distance a little bit more than normal (33.27 miles the week before) and this next week I’ll keep it at about 38 miles or less!


Any fun plans for President’s Day?

What was your best run last week?

Fresh snow… do you run on it or hit the treadmill?

How often do you eat almond butter or peanut butter?

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Skye’s hair is just so cute sticking up like that!! Loved Make it or break it, I was so sad when it ended! It made me want to be a gymnast but that last all of five minutes;)

I’m stuck in bed with the flu so just binge watching Friends all day! I hope you all have a great day:)


Oh no! The flu is the worst. :/ Hope you feel better soon, Jasmine!


Get feeling better asap Jasmine! Enjoy Friends… that’s my goto for days like this! Good to know I’m not alone in my Make it or break it love:) Thanks!


So (mini-update from running the Viking Dash Half Marathon in Muncie Indiana yesterday) — I am just so happy that I didn’t die!!! Like, 6 miles was really hilly, dirt only, wooded trail, which is hard but fine with me… but it was 40° after some snow and everything was majorly thawing. Super mushy mud was often up to my ankles with no place to get footing and that entire section was SO SLIPPERY. I ended up walking a lot of that section because of how many times I was close to falling (and there was no aid on the course, even at the finish as far as I could tell). The other 7.1 miles was really tough but lovely — some gravel trail and some dirt / mud covered flatter sections.

Regular trail runners who know how to run on mud like that — YOU ARE ALL AMAZING. I have a lot to learn if I’m going to attempt this again.

So my President’s Day will mostly be spent resting and driving home from our friend’s house where we stayed last night part way between Muncie and our house. (p.s. Muncie is actually a really neat town and we already want to go back someday!)


JESS!!!!! Huge congrats! You did it and rocked it! You survived… I can’t even imagine the ankle deep mud! Enjoy the resting and drive safe! Thanks for letting me know!


I love your top/dress in the first picture! Where is it from? Have a great day Janae!


Thanks Lynn! I got it at Roolee (they don’t have it anymore but they have a ton of cute ones)! https://www.roolee.com/dresses/


Skye’s smiles are the best!! So great that she is getting some sleep – and letting everyone else sleep too :) For my day off on President’s day I’ll be running a little, and just hanging out at home with the kids.


Love the post on your thoughts about V-day. Couldn’t agree more!

Plans for President’s Day: Swim day + Yoga + Date night at my favorite wine bar to celebrate my last free night before yoga teacher training starts tomorrow!! My nights are going to be pretty jam packed so taking full advantage of today! :)


We had snow yesterday and it will be 73 tomorrow?!! Normally it is in the 30s/40s this time of year.
Almond butter or Wow butter for us. I love it on sweet potato toast. I have a mild peanut allergy so no peanut butter here and my girls are now not a fan of peanut butter, they on be wow butter


NO WAY!?! That is nuts!! How does the weather change so much?! I need to try Wow butter and on sweet potato toast… I like the way your brain works:) I hope you have a beautiful day Carrie!


Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you had a good week of running! My best workout last week was a 3 X 2 mile repeat workout. For some reason, I am really digging the tempo-type efforts recently. I hope you have a wonderful week!


You have been rocking your workouts Sam… I’m so excited for you! Thanks so much and YOU TOO!


LOVE that you and Brooke have the new “I CAN” tradition! I have a handful of notecards posted on my bathroom mirror, and one of them says “I CAN do this.”

My best run last week was a ladder 1-2-3-3-2-1 workout (going fast for 1 minute, easy 1 minute, etc.). I’m finally starting to get some of my speed back and feeling a lot stronger. I think the circuit training I’ve been doing has been helping a lot, too!


I am hitting up Hobby Lobby & Costco this morning and then taking the kids and their friends to see Black Panther! I love holiday Mondays!


Oh fun!! Let me know what you think of the movie!


Ok listen, so I was 42 weeks facing an induction so my midwife had me make a castor oil smoothie… one of the ingredients was almond butter and OMG!!! I literally cannot even think of almond butter without wanting to throw up. Super gross I know, but wow it’s so disgusting to me now.

So glad you got some sleep, I did too, my baby only woke up 2 times between 9 and 7! It’s the little things…

My husband has the day off from teaching and I’m pretty sure we are just going to be in PJs all day!


Yeah, I would NEVER be able to eat almond butter again after that either:) Oh I am so glad your little one is sleeping great too… seriously, I have never appreciated sleep as much as I do now haha! Have an amazing day at home together in PJs!


Peanut butter for sure.

I’ll be on the treadmill until it stars warming up again. I tried the running in the cold thing and it turns out that I still done like it haha.


I’m super impressed with your mom’s wood carving skills! I love Brooke and Andrew’s back bends lol — i haven’t done one of those since I was a kid and would probably break right in half if I tried right now. ?


Love your quote about choices.
Also, love your I CAN with Brooke. You are an amazing mom!


I have this whole week off from work- New England has a February vacation every week- so I’m enjoying a week off from teacher life! I did a 10-miler in the Newton hills this weekend and it was AMAZING!
I have yak trax, so I sometimes will run if there’s been 1-4 inches of fresh snow. BUT if there’s more than that I stick to cross training and the treadmill. I check the weather every rest days and plan my training around it!!
I am a peanut butter addict. I am not even kidding. I have it at least 5 days a week, and I would eat it for every meal if I could.


I’m going to be at Disney World this weekend and through Presidents’ Day! Yay! I’m running the Princess half marathon, which is my first Disney race and I couldn’t be more excited. I am 15 weeks pregnant right now so I’m not planning to kill it out there on the course, but I love running for fun with no pressure. There will be a time for me to be speedy again. :)
My best run last week was my 10-miler, because the weather was PERFECT and my legs were feeling so fresh. Flash forward to the 12-miler a weekend later, when our Texas humidity came back (winter is pretty much officially over here) and the day after I did a killer gym workout with lots of squats…ehhh not so fun.
We had fresh snow one morning this winter which only happens once every ten years or so, so you’d better believe I ran on it!! It was probably the most joyful run of the year, everybody was out playing in it and admiring it. :)
Lately one of my favorite snacks is to dip pretzel goldfish into natural peanut butter…I haven’t tried it with almond butter yet but I’ll have to give that a shot and let you know how it goes! ;)
Have a great week!


Oh Kelly, I am so so excited for you to do a Disney race, that sounds like a blast! I want to do one so bad! Congrats on your pregnancy too:) I love that you got to run on fresh snow this year! I am going to have to try your goldfish/pb combo… I love new food combos:) Thanks so much… YOU TOO!


The I can tradition with Brooke sounds awesome – what a fun way to motivate each other. And so cute!


I have the day off work so I am more than happy to use the snow as my excuse to stick around the house, get some cleaning done, get my taxes done and then just lounge the rest of the day. It will be just what I need. I had a very stressful week last week that isn’t quite done. But I’m taking time for me today. Which includes getting a good workout in, of course.
Have you seen Stick It? That’s my favorite gymnastics movie. :)
Have a great, snowy day!


Oh man I like almond butter and peanut butter equally… I might be in the minority there!
Best run = Saturday, 6 miles. It was my best because I ran my last mile in about 8 minutes because it started snowing pretty heavily and I just wanted to get home and get inside. Funny how that motivated me to knock off about 45 seconds of time on my mile (it helped that it was partially downhill). I have gone for runs with snow on the ground but never when it’s actually snowing, and this went from minor little flakes to massive amounts of snow in a very short time, so I was covered head to toe when I finally got inside!
It all depends on the temperature for me on if I run in the snow or not. If it’s below 20, I’m not going running in it. I am a wimp!


Your parents are so talented!

We don’t have snow here so I’ve never had that dilemna.

Have a good day.


Today’s plan consists of homemade cinnamon rolls and watching the Olympics. ;)

I’m a treadmill girl unless it’s summer time and I can leave way early for a run and still have daylight. :)

I love your “I CAN!” That’s a great habit. Another thing scientifically proven to help boost confidence (there’s a TED talk about it and my kids, husband, and I have all tried it many times with success) is holding a “power pose” for 30 seconds before a big meeting/interview/etc. the most common one is to stand tall, shoulders back, hands on hips (like a Wonder Woman or Superman type pose). But you can also do a “victory” pose with your hands above your head like you are the first person crossing a finish line. Yes, it feels awkward and you’ll want to find a private place to do it, but I’m telling you, it works! Maybe have Brooke add that to her positive “I CAN!” mantra.

Have a fabulous Monday, Janae!


Michelle, thank you SO much for sharing this with me. We will definitely be adding this to our new habit. I need this too! Enjoy those cinnamon rolls (can we come over) and the Olympics!


We got snow yesterday and I ran in it! It’s not Presidents Day in Canada but it is gorgeous (and cold here). My plans for the day, maybe a run because the weather is so nice, and a new book that I am supposed to get in the mail today.

We love almond butter in this household but at the moment we have none.

Best run (also hardest) was a double run day last week – I went out to run a 16 miler in the morning and then another 9 miler at night . The weather was beautiful and sunny but it was hard to get out the door for no. 2 . I got to run along our beautiful seawall for our first and then see a sunset for my second. And then my legs were toast the next day:).

Happy Monday!


WOW!!! 25 miles in one day Kristine.. you are on fire. So glad you had great weather for that day! Sounds like a great day and I hope you get some almond butter soon!


Almond butter certain it triumphs peanut butter! I’ve been wanting to try macadamia nut butter.


Skye is soo cute! My fun plans for this Monday include strength training and starting to pack for a trip to California.

How did your mom pick up wood carving? That looks amazing!!


Thank you so much Amber, I agree;) HAVE THE BEST TIME IN CALIFORNIA!! She saw someone create a really beautiful piece of work with wood carving and decided she wanted to give it a try. I LOVE how she loves to try new things. I hope your Monday is a beautiful one!


Les was out of town on Valentine’s day so we’re having a make up date today ~ loading up the bikes for a ride by the beach, then a great meal somewhere.

I had a good trail run last week. There’s a really steep hill that I was able to PR (my previous PR was in 2013!)

Snow is never an issue here. It’s suppose to drop into the 30s overnight tonight so we’re all preparing for the cold ;)

Creamy Peanut butter!

P.S. Happy belated birthday – my computer quit working last week and I wasn’t able to leave a comment.


I am so glad that you guys are going to go out today for Vday… sounds like the perfect day! Stay warm and thanks so much for the bday wishes Kathy!


Wow great job on your long run! 9 miles?!
We actually have school today (it was supposed to be a teacher workday) because of all the snow days we’ve had (8 so far) so that’s a bummer. But for a Monday it’s not too bad so far!
I like creamy peanut butter, but I like crunchy too on sandwiches.
Running against the wind is the worst!


My plans for the day are hopefully signing up for the Race to Robie Creek – it sells out so fast so I’m hoping I get a bib. I am so jealous of your snow! We have had such a mild winter here in Idaho then out of nowhere it’s just cold and grey :( . I love peanut butter and almond butter so much. I usually have peanut butter everyday, by the spoonful, on toast, PB&J. YUM!!


Oh I hope that you get into the race Ally! Did you guys get any snow today? We got hit hard! I hope you have a wonderful day and that you get some pb soon;)


I loveeeee almond butter!!! It is the best!!
Skye looks SOO much like Brooke! She is so cute! And Brooke’s hair is getting so long… it is so pretty!!!
Hope you have a wonderful Monday, Janae!! xoxoxo


I loved the show Make it or Break it. I was so sad when it was cancelled. I love almond butter too. I have been making almond butter muffins from Running with Spoons blog the last few weeks. Perfect snacks to have on hand during the week.


Any fun plans for President’s Day? No, working :(

What was your best run last week? The 12 miler I did on Saturday- middle 4 miles were 7:00min, which is really fast for me :)

Fresh snow… do you run on it or hit the treadmill? I don’t live in an area where it snows, but I would pick the treadmill

How often do you eat almond butter or peanut butter? Peanut butter all the time! We buy it in bulk :) Almond butter I rarely eat, but I do like it. As the pic says above…it is really expensive! Last time I bought a jar at Target, it was $8, probably not the best price I could have found though.


I probably eat peanut butter a couple times a week. It’s one of my favorite pre gym foods. I put peanut butter on a slice of toast if I’m heading to the gym first thing in the morning.


Hi! Love Andrew and Brooke’s backbend…I need to work on that myself, for sure.

Any fun plans for President’s Day? I just finished an 8.15 mile race this morning. “Embrace the suck” was the theme for my race but I am happy I didn’t bail and met a lot of fun people I normally would not have.

What was your best run last week? Thursday night sunset run was pretty epic in the crazy storms we have been having here in Honolulu.

Fresh snow… do you run on it or hit the treadmill? Yay for no snow in my life right now! I lived in CO for and loved running on new snow if it had not rained before the snow.

How often do you eat almond butter or peanut butter? Not often for either but when I do it is always almond butter.


My long and only run this week was a 4 miler on Saturday that almost didn’t happen. My husband has been feeling sick all week and on Friday night, I finally caught the bug. Feeling tired and super achy muscles. I’m also 26 weeks pregnant, so no meds for me. I took a warm bath and went straight to bed. I slept awful and kept waking up for varying reasons. On Saturday I woke up achy and just slow moving. But my dog Lola just wanted to go outside. (she’s spoiled and isn’t satisfied with going potty in the backyard, just on walks) Luckily I bought some Kor shots (wellness and potent C) earlier in the week, so I took both of those, the wellness shot has ginger and cayenne… SPICY! and a tylenol, got dressed and walked out the door. The fresh air immediately helped and I decided to try and run and if I wasn’t feeling it, it could turn into a walk. It felt amazing and was just what I needed! It was dreadfully slow, but nearing the end of my 2nd trimester and not feeling the best, I gave myself a pass.


You’re such an amazing runner! Do you notice a decrease in your milk supply at all running long distances? I’m a runner and just had a baby in December- I want to run long distance but I’m worried I’ll lose my supply, any tips?


Oh thank you so much Nicole! CONGRATS TO YOU and your new baby! I will answer your question (it’s long ha) in my post tomorrow)!


Oh I’m so excited!! Yay thank you! Skye is SO cute!!


Happy late birthday and congrats on the car!! I homeschool so today was just like every other day for us :). My best run was probably a 1 mile run/walk chasing my 3 year old on his bike. I have not run for almost 2 years- I had let it go for a few reasons (having a baby, arthritis issues, bad knees to name a few) but I have missed it so I am slowly trying to get back to it. I am hopeful that my body cooperates because I would love to run a half marathon this year (I ran one about 8 years ago, I’ve mainly stuck with 5ks and 10ks). I’ve never ran on snow and I’m totally ok with that. I don’t have a treadmill and the closest gym is about 20ish minutes from me so right now I just run/walk outside. It’s supposed to rain the rest of the week but I’m hoping it lets up enough that I can get some runs in. I’m a peanut butter girl through and through :).


I had a swim coach in college who told me once that “I can’t” means “I don’t want to” or “I don’t know how” – now whenever I say “I can’t” to myself, I try to rephrase it to “am I saying that because I don’t want to, or because I don’t know how?’ It helps me reframe what is really going on and work through the “can’ts”!


Okay so… how do you go from running 0 miles 3 weeks ago to 38 miles?? :) Awesome job. I am just curious about your build up because everything I read says to start with so little mileage and it would take like 10 weeks to get up to 30 miles… Thanks!


And, yeah, your Mom is so talented!


It was Lunar New Year Friday but we’re waiting til this weekend for the festivals. We just relaxed this weekend and had family time which was nice with my husband being gone all weekend. Makes you appreciate the simple things. I’m so intrigued by your mom’s woodworking!!! Can she share a post on it later? The only time I did a wood-working project was in Woodshop or something like that in middle school but I loved it. We were able to carve out our name but mine was stolen. Whomp. Whomp. Have a great day, Janae!

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