Sentence Per Picture & My Thoughts on What V-Day is actually about.

Thank you for all of your birthday wishes yesterday, they meant a lot to me!

Andrew sure knows how to plan a birthday celebration!

The day started out with my birthday run buddy—>  Josse and I run together EVERY year on my birthday.

IMG 0179

7 miles @ 8:10 pace on a very flat route with some cool tights going on.

IMG 0182

Brooke was really excited to give me my birthday present:

IMG 0158

Her gifts made me very happy.

IMG 0165

Skye gave me a lot of giggles and smiles for her present to me.

IMG 0199

Brooke sang happy birthday to me 8 times yesterday.

IMG 0169

Andrew set up a lunch date for me with my sister and mom!

IMG 0202

Salad, fries and pancakes at guru’s.

IMG 0201

Andrew took the girls to Costco.

IMG 0207

Then the sis and I went to get a 60 minute massage… it was pure heaven and we felt reallllll good afterwards and talked in the car for awhile.

IMG 0205

Later on we drove up to SLC to Andrew’s parents’ house… Brooke loves our new car because it has a little screen that blocks the sun from her eyes a little bit.

IMG 0208

I’m just hoping the new car smell never leaves.

IMG 0210

I was pretty thrilled when Andrea Barber wished me a happy birthday on IG!?!?

IMG 0211

The girls hung out with grandma and grandpa and we went on a date.. if you come to Utah, please try Alamexo.

IMG 0217

They make the guacamole at your table and it is marvelous.

LRG DSC03133

We also got queso and then I had the chicken tacos.

LRG DSC03134

I have heard so many good things about this place, we tried them out for dessert.

LRG DSC03137

We split the brownie sundae which tasted amazing… I almost fell on my face though.  I thought the bench went along the entire wall so I went to scoot over and the bench ended and I kept going.

LRG DSC03138

After some good chats and hanging out we went back to the girls.  Brooke was fast asleep!

IMG 0219

And then Andrew’s parents brought out my favorite pie—>  banana cream pie!

IMG 0229

Today is Valentine’s Day (as you know).  I hope your day is exactly what you want it to be and if it’s not, I get it.  100%.  I remember one V-day a few years after getting divorced (feeling as lonely as ever) and getting completely STOOD up for my date that night.  I felt so awful.  My mom met me at Bajio’s that night after I never heard back from my date.  I cried tears into my chicken salad while talking to my mom.  I just remember feeling like life just was not fair.  I got home and carried sleeping Brooke into her bedroom and then went back to my room and cried some more.  I so badly wanted to be married again and it just wasn’t happening and I didn’t see it happening.

The following year is when I really learned what Valentine’s Day is all about (in my opinion).  My girlfriends and I stayed in a hotel in Salt Lake City and had a blast together.  Later on that day (I was dateless), I went to my mom’s house and we ate lasagna.  I laughed so hard at something that my nephew said and I realized THIS IS WHAT VALENTINE’S DAY IS ABOUT.  It isn’t about having a significant other particularly…. it is about ANYONE in your life that you love.  It’s about your family, it’s about your dog that you’ve had for 7 years that makes you so happy, it’s about your friends that you would do anything for, it’s about your running partners, it’s about your coworkers/classmates/teacher, it’s about your favorite supermarket checker that always asks you about how your day is going when you go grocery shopping, it’s about your internet friends (ME), it’s about your neighbors, it’s about anyone that you care for.  I hope you feel incredibly loved today and know that you are important to so many people.  And if you get stood up like I did on Valentine’s Day (and believe me, I have about 8 other Vday’s that had some pretty lame things happen that I will have to tell you about another day), just know you aren’t alone and I’ll be checking my emails all day if you want to chat and share love over some emails:)

Please, whatever you do today… make sure you eat some amazing chocolate.


What is your sentence of the day?

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Hatch is AMAZING! I still dream about their brownie sunday (best post-long run treat!!) and their chocolates. You should try their pots de creme next time, too! Happy birthday!!!


My sentence of the day:


As in: the dessert that I am making with Valentine’s Day Dinner (Tom and I take turns cooking something fancy for each other on Valentine’s Day instead of going out to a restaurant, which is just a bad idea. This year I am making him Prime Rib since we had Christmas with family and didn’t get our ‘traditional’ dinner and since it’s a pricier cut of meat that’s normally out of budget, and I got a chocolate chip skillet cookie for our dessert!!!!!).

SO MUCH work to do before dinner tonight (including a run and then a trip to Costco even though I went there yesterday!!!). So, Janae, do you want to grade the remaining 8 essays that are in my stack for today? I’d love the break, and I bet you’d write much kinder feedback than I do (I focus on “fair constructive criticism”–how else will my freshman writing students learn to get better?!?)

happy valentine’s day!!!


Happy belated birthday, Janae!!! It sounds like you’ve had a pretty special week getting to celebrate with all the people you love most!

I hope your Valentine’s Day is wonderful! I look at is a day to simply remind people that I love them – which I should be doing more often!


So, I think you may not be aware that alligator tears = fake crying…


Ha! Yep, didn’t know that! Thanks!


Sentence of the day: So happy to be back on the road baby! Let’s be honest: coming back from bronchitis is far from butterflies and rainbows haha My lungs were in pretty good shape before it all went down so I have to build back up… But I am so grateful to be up and running… Wow! What a birthday you had! So happy for you :-)


Hope you had an AMAZING birthday…although from the looks of it I think you did :)

Sentence of my life: “The best is yet to be”



You are awesome. I love your positivity. I completely agree: Valentine’s is about ALL types of love. Just a fun day to celebrate love. I hope you feel the love today!


Love your perspective, Janae. I’ll admit that Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that I like to breeze through, but this year I am definitely focusing more on loving all of the people in my life and not just focusing on the fact that I’ve never had a guy to love me.

Sentence for the day: Just keep going, because you can do this, and because it’s worth it. (That’s what I kept telling myself yesterday during my intervals, and I feel like it applies to a lot of situations in life.)


So much yummy food! Joel and I are going out for Brazilian food tonight for Valentine’s dinner. We have never been to this place before and are super excited! I hope you have a lovely valentines day! ?


Your thoughts on what Valentine’s Day is really about actually brought tears to my eyes. In a good way! You said that all so beautifully and you are so right – what a great reminder.

And um, Andrew really did knock it out of the park with your birthday! That sounds like an absolutely perfect day – you deserve it :)


Thank you so much Allison! I hope your day today is absolutely perfect!


Have you ever tried french fries on your salad? That is popular here in Pittsburgh!
Happy belated Birthday and Happy Valentines Day! <3


I sure haven’t but I will ASAP! Thank you!


I didn’t even realize that Valentines day was something for a couple to celebrate until I was an adult because my mom always made it about our family. When my sister and I were little she would decorate the house overnight so we would wake up to hearts everywhere, a breakfast table filled with little gifts and chocolate and she would make pink heart shaped pancakes. My mom was a single mom so I never even thought about it not just being a cute little family holiday that you celebrate with everyone.
Now that I am married my husband and I will go out skating tonight then have dinner but when we have kids I will definitely be passing along that family tradition :)


Your mom sounds absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing that with me Krista! Enjoy tonight!!!


You are so right about Valentine’s Day and what it really means. LIfe is chock full of ebbs and flows—times where we feel lonely and like the world is against us and times where it feels like the sun is shining so brightly on us. We just have to believe the sunny times will be back during those darker times. And, you’re right—true friends will always be there for you!

Your birthday looked fantastic! Gotta love that mom and sister time! Love the pic of you and Josse’s tights! And, Skye’s hair in that giggle pic is EVERYTHING! lol

My day started off right with some chocolate and a big Rice Krispie treat that had conversation hearts on top of it , and I’m hoping for this cupcake flower bouquet later on from my husband. I hinted heavily about it. ha ha We’re at the point where we just give each other sweets, and it’s all great :)

I thought of you yesterday because my speed session after school went really well :) My coach was happy :) I’m hesitantly adding speed back into my line-up.

Hope your day is a beautiful one!!!!


Happy Love Day, Janae! I love the relationship you have with your mom. It inspires my own hopes and wishes to have the same with my (almost two-year-old) daughter, not just presently but every single day for forever. I never really had that connection with my mom, so seeing it captured so beautifully in your writing and smiles and stories makes me push even harder to be that type of woman.
For Valentine’s, we got our daughter balloons (she keeps calling them kites) and I can’t wait to continue the tradition with her each year.
Hope you have a fabulous day!


So guacamole? At the table?


Hahaha. Same.


I was thinking about why I have always had a decent relationship with this holiday. (single, not single, brokenhearted, etc) And I think it’s because when I was a girl I got a v-day package from my grandma……stickers, candy, sometimes a shirt. I totally associate this holiday with that love gesture. My mom now does the same thing for Hope.

I totally agree with you, give and receive love today. Form any and all sources. xoxo.


Happy belated Birthday, Janae! I’m glad it was great!

And I’m glad you got the Highlander! I hope you continue to love it! I love mine.

Happy Valentines Day! Thanks for your great perspective. I’m really grateful for all those wonderful people in my life. ❤️ Including you! Thanks for sharing your life & inspiration with us ?


I’ve always struggled with valentines. I was always the girl in school that didn’t get much but noticed that all the cool girls, the popular girls…my sister was one of them, that got EVERYTHING that day. I just really hated that I thought everyone noticed that I got nothing and would think less of me.

So now for Valentine’s Day, (we’ve never made it a big deal because it’s also my mother in laws birthday) my husband and I don’t do much in the way of gifts or anything for each other. But I wanted to make it special for my kids. I took the girls on a date last night (greatest showman, the loved it) and my husband is taking them to a b-ball game on Saturday. While the other gets one on one time with our son. Then we decorate treats and doorbell ditch them to family and friends tonight. We also got the kids a small gift. So for me now it’s more about helping my kids feel special on valentines and not so much worrying how in-special I used to feel.


Love your thoughts on Valentines’ Day, Janae! I waited 25 years to have a Valentine — and I will say he was MORE than worth the wait!!! And I do feel like it helps me not take him and our relationship for granted…as I wasn’t sure it would ever happen! :) Tonight we are celebrating the day by hosting a little party at our new home with us and two other couples…I’m so excited!

Also — your birthday sounds amazing! I’m celebrating the “big” 3-0 this summer and I hope it’s like yours — spent with people I love doing (and eating) things we love! :)


Happy Valentine’s Day Janae and I’m happy to hear you had such a great birthday. Your sweet comments and support have helped me through some lonely times so I will forever be grateful for your friendship.

Even with someone in my life I don’t particularly like this day because I know how it tends to make people who aren’t in a relationship feel. I’m so thankful to have Russ in my life and express how much I love him EVERY day. I also am sensitive to those that are lonely and struggling because I was there for a long time.

Thank you for pointing out that everyone is important to someone.


I am single, so I’m dedicating my yoga practice and my run today to loving myself. It can be a definitely a sad time for those of us who don’t have a honey around this time of the year, and I’m really glad that she touches on this subject in that you care about the subject too, Mary.


Happy Valentine’s Day Janae!
The last picture of you and Skye is perfect. It shows how happy of a mommy you are. Since you aren’t going to brag as much as you should :) I’d love to hear from your mom, Andrew or your sister and they can tell us what kind of a mom you are to baby skye and brag on you a little bit :) Just a thought!

Have a great day!


Your mom is seriously the best! I love your positive attitude about everything…it’s so awesome to see the good side of things. Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day!


Happy, happy belated birthday!!! And, happy Valentine’s day too <3
It really is great to see how happy you are, and how happy you are with your family! Family truly is everything!!
I'm starting my Valentine's day by treating myself to a run at the beach! Then I will spoil my hubby and boys with a great (albeit cheesey, heart shaped everything) dinner :)
I hope you have a great day!


I love the post massage feeling!!


You are truly the sweetest person ever! You deserve all the happiness (and then some) in the world :)
Happy Valentines Day to my favorite blogger!


I love your sentiments about valentine’s day. It’s always been one of my favorite days. It’s a perfect time to let those you care about know it! Enjoy your day Janae!


Thank you so much Janae for your thoughts on V Day. Being single is rough when it feels like everyone else has someone–but loved what you said, that this day is about LOVE in any form. Today I am going to focus on loving myself! Going to do a face mask, paint my nails, watch the Olympics tonight, and have some chocolate :) Hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday!!!


Glad your birthday was awesome! I love Brook’s gift! One of my always tapes coins inside his card too and I just think it’s the sweetest, most sacrificial gift to give so much of their little stash.


Sentence of the day (like your “truth to Valentine’s Day”):
Celebrate Valentine’s day with kindness and love for everyone you see.
Appropriate for my 4th-grade son’s class project (writing cards to nursing home residents), my 9th- grade daughter’s fear (that a boy will announce his crush on her in front of friends), and my 19-y.o. daughter’s heartbreak (she misses her ex boyfriend).
My kids all tease that they are each my “favorite,” so I wrote their cards each “to my favorite ___[name]___”
Happy belated birthday & have all the fun today :D


Happy belated birthday. Your day looked amazing, and I think a lot of it has to do with your positive attitude. Your life looks so contented and you seem to know and appreciate this.

I know exactly what you mean about lonely V days–I am also divorced. But it’s better to alone & concentrate on friends and family than to spend it with the wrong person (or get stood up! Really, who does that?!?). As someone once said, you can’t be with the right man if you’re with the right one. Happy endings exist: I’m with the right man now. And so are you, obviously :)


Beautiful post!!! My sentence is from a musical my friend wrote:
“Loving a lover, loving a friend…loving is loving and love knows no end…”

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone – hoping it’s filled with love!!


Sentence “I’m going to be a grandma”

My Rylee girl and her husband are due in August and I cannot wait (though I’m still coming to terms with the whole grandma thing).


Tears – this was such a beautiful post!!! Had to comment!

I’m blessed to have an amazing husband of 5 years but I also remember having quite a few lame Vdays in my past. But one thing that always made me feel better was giving the love that I wanted on that day… so, when I was single (in college), for example, I would leave a big batch of special Valentine’s cookies for my suitemates so that had a surprise waiting for them back at the dorm, or send something to friends/family for Vday! I so agree with you – this day is about appreciating/loving the All the significant people in your life. Hope everyone has a Fantastic Day!


You missed out on Hatch’s hot chocolate! I mean their brownie sundae is great, but with how much you like hot chocolate, you must go for the dark hot chocolate next time. It’s worth every (600) penny.


What a perfect birthday! I’m glad your date stood you up on V day a few years back (who does that??) because it meant your heart was open to meet Andrew!

And I usually think you look so much like your beautiful Mom, but I really see your Dad coming through in that last pic where you’re holding Skye. You’re so lucky to have amazing parents and family to share your love with!


Happy belated birthday and happy valentine’s day. My hubby sent me a very sweet text this morning asking me to be his valentine. Since we have been married for almost 28 years (anniversary on St. Patrick’s Day), it was a very nice surprise, especially since he hates to text. I always thought of Valentine’s day was to celebrate any and all types of love (not just the romantic type). I always gave our kids cards, candy, and flowers just to let them know I was thinking of them. I sent a text to my son and daughter this morning telling them how much I love them.

Sentence for the day (life) – show gratitude to others


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I love your perspective on Valentine’s Day. It’s really about all the people in your life that you care about, not just significant others.


Thank you for the Valentine’s Day reminder – I needed that!

I don’t usually comment, but have been reading your blog for years. I love your positive attitude and zest for life! Hope you had a wonderful birthday and a happy Valentine’s Day today with your sweeties. :)



I thought your interpretation of Valentine’s Day was really beautiful. I might have had a few tears in my eyes as I read it! I love reading your blog. It always makes me feel happy. And when I need motivation to get out for my run, I turn to your blog. Thanks for inspiring me to get out and run, especially when I don’t want to!


I agree with you 100000000% on what Valentine’s Day is about! I had so much fun just celebrating with my two boys and my dog and my folks!


I second Chelsea’s comment about trying the pots de creme next time you go to Hatch’s. It is THE BEST (and this probably goes without saying, but be sure to get it with the homemade whipped cream on top)!!! My husband and I will drive all the way from our house in Herriman just to get a pot de creme at Hatch’s! If that doesn’t convince you, I’m a longtime reader, first time commenter, and I felt like it’s my duty to tell you about the amazingness of the pot de creme… : ) Happy belated birthday and Happy Valentine’s Day!


Hi Janae. Happy V day to you!!!!!! Posts like this one are exactly why I have been reading your blog for many, many years! You got this perfect, every word of it. Also opening yourself up to have anyone email you all day if they needed someone to speak to. VERY LOVING AND CARING. That is how I would describe you on so many levels. Enjoy the day! XO


I could not agree more with your sentiment about Valentine’s Day. I am surrounded by family and friends that I feel complete, but reading your post really reminded me how lucky I am. I usually brush off V-Day as a “hallmark holiday” but I think sharing it with the ones you love (no matter who they are) is such a great way to look at it. Thanks for sharing that!


Oh my gosh, I was just thinking of your 2015 Valentine’s Day. For the sake of your readers, I just verified with an older post – what ended up happening was: (quoting Janae’s old post) “I was not very happy with him until the next day he called to tell me that he was hiking that day and his group got lost and search and rescue had to come find them. I felt awful for assuming the worst about him and thinking that I was stood up when in reality he was in a crazy dangerous situation. We went on a fun date the next day.” I can’t believe you left out the ending in this post. It’s the best part.

Anyway that is so crazy and something similar just happened to my neighbor last Saturday. She thought she got stood up and it turned out the guy was cross country skiing and somehow injured himself enough that he could not go on. He was kind of in a remote farm area so did not get service on his cell. Luckily someone came along on a snowmobile a few hours later and brought him in. But he was obviously freezing and just out of sorts so he totally forgot to call her till the next day.


Happy belated birthday to you. Valentine’s day is about our daughters, but mainly our oldest because it’s her birthday. She turned 26 today. Our youngest daughter birthday is on St. Patrick’s day and she’ll be 16. So basically is always about them and loving them. Have a blessed day with your loved ones :)


So sorry I missed saying Happy Birthday yesterday! But there’s no expiry date on my good wishes.


Hi Janae. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now even though I don’t comment very often. But today i just had to say something. What you wrote about Valentine’s day is so true and you wrote it so well. I could feel all the things I love about your blog in this post: your generosity, the fact that you truely care about people and that you are a blessing and a friendly Voice to so many of us. Happy Valentine’s day to you too. May you always feel loved.


Thanks so much for that post- I really needed to hear that! I may have shed a tear hah. Being single on Valentine’s day can feel awfully lonely and isolating. But this blog post was the best thing I read all day. Thanks for being YOU. Happy valentines day to you and your family and happy belated!


Happy belated birthday! And great message today ❤️ Your sweet and uplifting personality is what makes me look forward to reading your blog every day!! Thank you for continuing to share your life with us. So happy for you!!


I LOVE this post! And so agree with you about Valentine’s Day! And happy belated birthday! I hope your day was very special! (It looks like it was ;))

Sentence of the day: I saw a DOLPHIN on my beach run this morning and my day was MADE!


Happy belated birthday! Looks like you had a great day!!


Love this post! I got all teary eyed reading it as I’m cuddle up next to my dog, divorced and sick of dating. You’re the best and I truly appreciate your honesty. Thank you! :)


Your Valentine’s Day story made me tear up. Thank you for being brave enough to share it and help others. I was just telling a friend about you and you’re happy ending. I’ll have to share this post with her. <3


Happy birthday! This was an awesome post! Thanks for always being so genuine ❤️


totally agree with you, janae! i know this comment is a bit belated but i think valentine’s day is about celebrating love of all kinds, not just being in a romantic relationship. take the time to celebrate relationships with family, friends, and even yourself. that said, i’m glad things worked out for you! it’s crazy how we feel like things will never happen for us or change, but it’s the best once they finally do and we get to look back on those times as distant memories. hope you had a great birthday, too!

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