Friday Favorites, Caramel Apple Making and YOUR Running Accomplishments!!!

PS no one has guessed the name yet on our contest (for a pair of running shoes)… it isn’t a super uncommon name either.  SO, you can still enter if you want for a chance to win—>  GO HERE!  PPS if no one guesses it we will give it to the person that is the closest:)


Just a little post-run endorphin filled robot action going on over here… 40 degrees sure felt good for my 6 miles!  I got a new watch that I’m testing out and I’ll make sure to give a full report as soon as I figure out my deepest feelings about it (I have strong feelings about running equipment so I like getting a good feel for it before I talk about it)!

By the way, it’s fun not having a phone that turns off every time you go running in temperatures under 50 degrees (my old phone did that last winter and it drove me crazy)!

Another school day and this girl loves it.  She is learning so much (each day she comes home with some new facts to teach me).  I love seeing her interact with the other kids there… there is a little boy that loves opening the door for her and saying, ‘hi, Brooke’ with a big grin on his face;)

IMG 7718

I started running early and grabbed a pair of socks from Andrew’s sock drawer (he has better socks than I do;) and accidentally grabbed a pair of Knox’s socks that were in there.  I was too lazy to switch them out and somehow they stretched to fit.  Knox thought it was pretty cool that his little socks could fit my size 10 feet;)

IMG 7731

Longest lasting pregnancy craving = hot chocolate.  I am really hoping this one lasts all the way through the next 10 weeks too.

IMG 7738

Picked up the kiddos and we were off for the day together.

IMG 7747

First, we were able to catch up with Megan.  I’m telling ya, she is the best.

IMG 7750

And then the kids and I went around town getting some things done.

IMG 7753

IMG 7765

Last day of SWIM LESSONS!

IMG 7768

And like usual, they are always the most excited to see Andrew!

IMG 7742

Abbey gave me the idea in yesterday’s post to try a breakfast stuffed sweet potato with scrambled eggs, cheese, avocado and salsa and it was SO good!  It was the perfect dinner!

And then we got busy going on a walk together and making caramel apples for our family night (each Thursday night we try to do some sort of fun activity with the kids along with a lesson, some church songs and prayers)!

IMG 7779

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*I mentioned to Andrew the other day how happy slippers make me (a trait I learned from my mom) and he picked these up for me and I am in love.  I’ve never had such comfortable slippers in my life and they are on the second I walk into the house!

IMG 7204

*I found an old jacket yesterday and wore it.  Andrew probably told me 10 times it was his new favorite jacket on me… so I found it on Amazon—> HERE!  And now I want to buy all of the other options/colors that they offer too!

Screen Shot 2017 10 05 at 5 01 21 PM

*Seriously, why doesn’t anyone appreciate that I do this for them;)  I know my mom still does this too ha!

IMG 7137

*Found this bucket list for fall activities and I want to complete all of the items on it:)  … One of them is about dressing your dog in a Halloween costume so now I have added that to my list of costumes I need to get.  What should Beretta be for Halloween?

*Facetiming with this little nephew of mine.  My sister tells me he tries to call me all throughout the day and his little smile just melts me.

IMG 7461

*The Killers latest album (Wonderful Wonderful) has some awesome running songs on it.. I’m loving it!


LOVE LOVE LOVE your running accomplishments! Thank you for sending them in, you guys always inspire me!  If you want to send in an accomplishment (or a running costume that you have worn… that post goes up next week) then send them to [email protected]



Jessica!!!  “Good morning!  I am writing you because I am so proud of my 11 year old son Will.  This past weekend he ran his first half marathon at Freedom’s Run.  It starts in Sheperdstown, WV and then runs thru the hills of Antietam battlefield.  It was challenging and tough but Will finished it in 1:53 and placed first for his age group.  It makes me happy that he enjoys running and was dedicated to all the weeks of training leading up to it.”



Christina!!  “Six years ago I made the decision to cut drinking out of my life and live a healthier life for myself and my kids.  It was a tough time that running and my family helped me get through.  Inspired by writer runners like you (!), I started documenting my running on my blog and committed to training for my first full marathon at the age of 42— the California International Marathon.  To get ready for the big one, I signed up for the Tiburon Half Marathon which I ran this weekend.  It was pretty tough and had some brutal hills but my training paid off and I finally beat a 10- minute mile pace for a finish of 2:10:33!  This is a personal record for me and I can’t tell you how emotional it felt.  I’ve come so far and am proud of so much, including the way I choose to live life now.  Next stop: marathon!  You can read the race recap HERE!”

IMG 0246


LOGAN!!!  “Hi my name is Logan and I am 10 years old.  I started running with my mom when I was 5 years old and ran a 5k.  When I was 6 years old I ran a 10k.  My first half marathon was when I was 8 years old.  This year I set a goal to run the Idaho Triple Crown.  This is to run the half marathon in Rexburg, (you can also run the full marathons to Triple Crown. I don’t want to do this yet), half marathon in Idaho Falls and the half marathon in Pocatello.  I had to start my training in March running either before school or after school with my mom.  It was exhausting.  The first race was June 3 in Rexburg.  It was fun to run in a different city.  The next race was July 29 in Idaho Falls.  This one was tough! The first 7 miles was downhill! I did a few long runs with downhill to get ready but it was still tough! I do not like running downhill.  The last race was September 2 in Pocatello.  I have done this half marathon two times before so I like this race.  Mom and I also do our long runs on this course.  At the end of this race all the runners that did the triple crown get a special Tshirt and medal.  I was the youngest to do this.  I like running and like running with my mom.”

Marathon 3139


Morgan!!!  “Last weekend my husband and I traveled to Crested Butte, Colorado to participate in the Elk Run 5k put on by Olympic steeplechaser Emma Coburn (Crested Butte is her hometown).  I have been a big fan of Emma’s for several years and I was beyond excited to meet her.  The race also had an elite field, which was compromised by other amazing runners I was able to meet.  I had the opportunity to meet Aisha Praught Leer (Olympic steeplechaser from Jamaica), Courtney Frerichs (silver medalist in the steeple at the world championships), and Paul Chelimo (2016 silver medalist in the 5k).  The best part of the weekend happened while my husband and I were warming up for the race.  We saw Aisha and Courtney out doing their warm up and my husband asked if we could join them.  They said yes, so for a mile I was able to run with Olympians! It was amazing (and difficult because their warm up pace was close to my race pace:).  The race itself was really challenging because the elevation was around 9,000 feet and once you were in oxygen debt it was almost impossible to recover, but the gorgeous views of the mountains the fall leaves were a great distraction.  I ended up running 8:40 pace, which was far from a PR, but it was definitely the most fun race I have ever done!”

Elk run


Steph (written by her friend Kara)!!!  “My friend Steph did an ironman on Sept. 24th and absolutely killed it.  She shaved an hour off of her time and had a smile on her face the entire race.  Along the race course, she motivated other participants and cheered for others along the way.  Steph is an IRONMAN!!!”

Screen Shot 2017 10 05 at 5 14 57 PM


Pumpkin pie thoughts… how do you feel about pumpkin pie?  

-I love it, especially with the proper pumpkin pie to whipped cream ratio.  The only pie I don’t love is cherry pie.

What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

Who runs with (or has in the past) their kids?!  Ever done a race together?

Have any Friday Favorites?!

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I love almost all pie ( I will eat all the cherry so you don’t have to, ha!). My husband cannot stand pumpkin or sweet potato pie (or anything really)……..he doesn’t like them!

This weekend we are going to Stone Mountain…………basically a southern version of mount rushmore……..haven’t been since middle school……….hoping to play lots of mini golf!


No pumpkin pie for me. The only pie I really like is apple, and I really have to be in the mood for it.

I’m looking forward to relaxing and going to the beach this weekend and going dancing with some friends tomorrow night! Happy Friday!! :)


These running accomplishment posts always make me feel so motivated!! I worked out (non-running) for the first time in over a week yesterday because I finally feel better from my sickness, and it makes me want to go running right NOW!
I LOVE pumpkin pie! It’s really good with cinnamon ice cream.
My best friend and I are getting together tonight to watch Will & Grace, chat about her upcoming wedding (I’m MOH), and just catch up because it’s been awhile – I am SO looking forward to that.


Omg #1 what size in that jacket do you have? I’m definitely ordering one… maybe two!!

#2 I love pumpkin pie and pie in general. Mostly because I love baking pie! I’m gonna go ahead and leave you with three pies you must bake! I make them every thanksgiving for my family!:


I ordered the jacket after reading this too! In the wine color. Thank goodness for amazon prime :)


I’m wondering about sizing as well! It’s a super cute coat. :)


AHHH HI GIRLS!!! Mine is a small which is what most of my jackets are so I would say it is pretty true to size (I can’t zip it up anymore but normally I can:) I hope you guys love the jacket… I’m so glad I found it again ha! Have a great weekend everyone!


Ooh these recipes look amazing! Thanks for sharing them!


I am actually a pumpkin pie convert. I didn’t think I liked it for the longest time, but I actually do now. I’m with you on the cherry ;)

I am dogsitting this weekend (and for the whole next week, actually) and I’m pretty excited. A little extra cash to spend time with a dog? All in on that!


If you don’t have whipped cream with pumpkin pie, did you even have pumpkin pie?! But seriously, it’s a necessity hehe. I love that you made caramel apples! I’ve never thought to do that at home.
Beretta should be a lumberjack ( wouldn’t that be so cute?!


I’m a pumpkin pie fan; it’s probably in my top 3 pies. I have a killer recipe for homemade pumpkin pie. Even storebought pumpkin pie is honestly pretty good though.

I’m on my way to two weddings this weekend! Two sisters I know are getting married on the same weekend (one today, one tomorrow).


I LOVE pumpkin pie! I love it with vanilla bean ice cream too! Last year, I had my first pumpkin cheesecake.. it was wonderful!!

I am going wedding dress shopping this weekend! WHOOHOO! First time, maybe I will get lucky and find the one right away :)

Friday Favorite: The New Balance black/white tank top you discovered a few weeks back.. finally ordered it and I love it! The high neck is great, but it doesn’t choke me!
Another- If you like beets…… try them with peanut butter. Gosh I could eat that combo all day! Even if you don’t like it, I know you will appreciate the weird combo!!



LOVE that jacket!!! What size did you get? I’m ordering one! Does it fit short in the length or arms?


HEY ASHLEY!!! I have a size small and it fits great (normally… it doesn’t zip up right now). I have long arms and I don’t feel like they are short on me… it isn’t a big/bulky jacket so it kind of just sits right at my wrists:) I hope you have a beautiful day!


I had no idea your feet were size 10. Mine range from 10-11…not that foot size matters, I just think it’s funny people get so worked up about it. I don’t have kids, but I’ve run plenty of races with my dad so it counts. Have a great weekend Janae!


I have had those exact same slippers for the past 4 years! I love them and they have held up really nicely. I used to live in Minnesota, now I’m in Florida and I still wear them everyday. No matter what, my feel are cold at home without my slippers :)


Good to know they hold up for a while… thanks Caitlin! Love that in Florida they are still perfect too! That must have been a big change in climate for you with that move! Have an amazing day!


You live in such a beautiful area! I love pumpkin pie. In fact, we are having pumpkin cheesecake at our wedding. Which is this weekend, and definitely what I am most looking forward to!!


:) :) I am Steph (from above) – another awesome Friday Morning surprise- thank you for the shoutout! lets me continue to be on my post-race cloud-9!


HUGE HUGE HUGE congrats Steph! Seriously, you are AMAZING!! You stay on cloud-9 forever after that accomplishment. Have a great day!


Looking forward to the Chicago Marathon expo today!!! LOVE race expos .. They’re my Disney World :) Oh yeah .. I’m excited for the race on Sunday too hah!

I love that jacket! Is it pretty true to fit or does it run small/big?!


HEY GIRL!! AHHHHH have a blast today and I’ll be cheering you on on Sunday! Can’t wait to hear all about it! I would say it fits pretty true to size… it’s not a bulky type jacket and I have the small (it doesn’t zip up right now but normally it does;) I hope you have the best time ever today!


Thank you thank you!!! Ready for the race to be over so I can hit the apple orchard and stock up on warm apple cinnamon donuts :)

And good to hear! Maybe be ordering one of those jackets for my post-race present!


Pumpkin pie = pretty much a big no for me :( I LOVE cake/cupcakes/bars/brownies, but pie in general doesn’t do it for me for some reason!

Those caramel apples you made look AMAZING though!!!

Speaking of sweets and the weekend, I’m taking my oldest daughter (6th grade) to Harvest Days at a local historical museum. She loves history, and a woman is going to be set up there that I’ve been following on Instagram who makes amazing flavors of macarons–that’s MY motivation for going. ha ha ha


Yay so glad you liked the breakfast stuffed sweet potato! Maybe I will take my own advice and make it for dinner tonight, its been a while!

Love the running accomplishments and big congrats to the runner who completed the Tiburon half! That’s been on my running to do list for a few years.


HAHA yes… thank you and have it for dinner tonight, it was delicious! I hope you have an amazing day Abbey!


Logan’s story is the sweetest thing !! It made me happy this morning.

I feel like the only person in America who does not like pumpkin pie AT ALL.


Way to go LOGAN! Your entry got me in the heart! What an awesome thing for you and your mom to do together:) That is a Major accomplishment and took so much discipline! I have 2 boys….the younger one went through a period when he was 7-8 years old of wanting to run 5K’s so we did that together. My oldest son loves to lift weights and goes ot the gym with me every single morning at 5 am before his long days in 8th grade. So I have a special spot in my heart for boys working out with their Mom’s:)


WOW… your sons are amazing! I love that your son goes to the gym with you every morning before school… I love that Amanda!


Thank you Amanda! It’s the greatest when kids want to workout with us! Logan has been the best running partner.


I’m looking forward to that weather tomorrow!

I’ve run with my girls but only up to a mile so it makes for a good warm up


I’m with you about Pumpkin Pie — I love it! I make sure that there’s enough whipped cream to fully cover all sides and the top of the pie. When it comes to the table, a good slice of pumpkin pie should look more like a pile of whipped cream! LOL!

I’m most looking forward to resting and recovering this weekend —- does that make me an old lady?


OMG Logan… 10 years old!!!!


That jacket is adorable!!!

It is my first race of cyclocross season tomorrow and I am pretty excited but also nervous. The first race is always nerve wracking and then you remember why you love it so much!!

My daughter is 4, but I know that some day we will do some races together :) (That story about the little boy and the 3 half marathons…might have gotten tears in my eyes…that is so awesome!).


Thank you Leann! There is no greater feeling than finishing a race with your child. It’s been exciting seeing Logan grow as a runner.


I’m not really a pumpkin pie fan – it’s more of a texture thing because I like pumpkin muffins, bread, cookies, etc.

Super mellow weekend for me – Les and his brother have ridden their bikes to New Mexico so far! (


Love pumpkins pie, but it had to be really cold and I always make it with half the pumpkin pie spice and of course, tons of whipped cream. I love cherry pie, but hate pecan pie.

My five year old wants to run with me, but she Peters out pretty quickly, even on a slow jog so we haven’t done any races together. I would love to some day though.


I loved reading the running accomplishments, today! So proud of these kids who are running young and accomplishing big things!! Wow! What a way to live life to the fullest!

Also, I bought my husband some Sorel slippers one Christmas and he wore those things to death! Hope you enjoy yours just as much!


This is maybe a few years early, but… for Brooke!
Girls Who Code starts in elementary school! It might be cool to let her try it out if one is nearby! Just wanted to recommend as she seems to be loving school!!


Pumpkin pie thoughts… LOVE, love, LOVE (whipped cream ratio is important). We had pumpkin pie instead of cake at our September wedding. :) I am a big fan of almost all pie – except apple and coconut cream.

Question: how thick is the sole on those slippers? I bought a pair of Sorel slippers (a different style), and they were so thin. I didn’t keep them. But I would love a nice pair of slippers.


I also have those same Sorels that I use as slippers…. Mine also go on the minute I get home (even in the summer) complete love even 3 yrs later.


I have those slippers — they are the best ever!! So excited for fall running in the south, as it’s still humid as all get out here…

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