My Monday Matters and This Made Me Cry (of course).


Sunday morning walk group:

IMG 4734

Our Sunday morning started bright and early.  Andrew left for the hospital so Brooke and I spent time discussing the dreams she had followed by her telling me the order of rides she wants to go on next time we go to Disneyland.

IMG 4644

Brooke asked if she could ride her bike so we took it to the trail for her to ride and I walked.  These are her second pair of running shoes and I am guessing my 4 trillionth pair of running shoes!

I love my Revels very much and Brooke is still a Nike girl (mainly because we have an outlet right by us where we can find them for super cheap).

IMG 4750

This girl LOVES animals.  She said her favorite part of the bike ride was all the puppies she saw along the way.

IMG 4760

We came home to breakfast.   Kodiak Power Cakes are back in the mix again for me.

IMG 4764

Later on we were off to church together!

IMG 4766

For the first hour of our church we go to a meeting called Sacrament meeting and then for the second and third hour the kids go to primary.  I go to Sunday school for an hour and then I work with the youth in my ward (what we call our church groups) for the third hour.  During the second hour I was going through Brooke’s journal and I found this and yep, the tears started flowing like crazy.

IMG 4776

I was craving some type of comfort food for dinner and this Creamy Roasted Cauliflower Chowder did the trick.  I’ve made it before and it is so good!  You use almond milk instead of cream too and the roasted cauliflower pieces (roasted in olive oil and garlic) is amazing.  I ate after church at 5 because I can’t wait any longer to eat dinner. Andrew had some when he got home from the hospital (and I had another bowl).

IMG 4783

More peaches of course!  Random but I didn’t injure my finger, my gel nail started coming off and I hoped the band aid would save it, it didn’t.

IMG 4791

After our peaches we decided to make cookies for Andrew but selfishly for us too;)

IMG 4788

These snickerdoodles were AMAZING.  You don’t have to use cream of tartar and they are thick and chewy and way too good.

IMG 4793


Time for a few Monday Matters before I let you go today:)

*Michelle shared this awesome race with me… this might be the race that will get Andrew to run with me again;)

Screen Shot 2017 09 03 at 10 17 09 AM

*Girls trip officially starts in 3 days… food, swimming, more food and talking.

DSC 6124

*On Monday’s I’m going to start a thing where I share the top 3 most popular posts (according to analytics) from the previous week just in case you missed out:

Disordered Eating & Runners

Date night plus something else we do in our marriage

25 weeks + let’s talk about sleep!

***Rickee is a teacher in my area that just got engaged… instead of registering for wedding gifts, she created a Donors Choose (like gofundme but for education-related things) project seeking 600 coats for the homeless kids in her school district.  She is pretty amazing… DONATE HERE!!!

Screen Shot 2017 09 01 at 1 52 36 PM


Screen Shot 2017 09 03 at 6 51 02 PM

*Brooke and I officially have 80% of all of the lyrics memorized from the Leap soundtrack due to her need to have it always playing.  She told me this is her favorite movie ever just in case you are wondering whether or not your kids would like the movie.

IMG 4551

*I hope your Labor Day is a great one and that you get some time outdoors!

IMG 4511


Ever done a virtual type race?  Which one?

Do you have the day off?  What are your plans?

When you make pancakes or waffles at home… do you have a mix that you normally use or do you make a certain recipe?

Soda people (the above picture has soda cans and it made me wonder)… what is your favorite soda?  Coke vs Pepsi?  

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-Never done a virtual race, but I think the concept is awesome and really gives people everywhere a chance to get involved!
-Had a nice, easy workout this morning and probably doing some errands later on today…
-If I use a mix it is usually good ol Bisquick! A lot of times though, I like to just make homemade with either whole wheat or coconut good!
-Pop is sort of my ‘bad’ health habit..I love it! Definitely more of a Coke person…I love Cherry Coke Zero!
Enjoy your Labor Day! :)


I love hearing from other Bisquick lovers:) Oh (pre-pregnancy… for some reason it is my aversion now) Cherry Coke Zero was one of my FAVORITES. Glad you had a great workout this morning and enjoy the errands Leanne!


Those snickerdoodles will be made very soon. I love those but don’t have a fave recipe. Have fun on your girls trip. I love that first picture of Brooke, she’s so super girls in her running attire. Doesn’t it give you a warm fuzzy feeling when you see her love the same sport (or whatever activity) that you do. When my daughter wants to run, bike, etc. it just gives me that warm happy feeling in the pit of my stomach. This weekend we went to Adventureland, and I can’t ride spinney rides, my husband has to ride those with her. So I’m waiting on the bench, I look up to see where they are at in line, and she has her feet on one railing, and her hands on the opposite railing doing push ups !!! (I do counter push ups all the time in the kitchen, which was what she was mimicking).


Let me know what you think of this recipe! Adventureland sounds like a blast, glad you could go with your daughter and husband. I do not do the spinning rides either.. ever! I love that she was doing push-ups on the bar… great way to pass the time in line ha. Enjoy your Monday Michele!!


One of my favorite things about teaching is having the day off with my babes! XC practice this morning and chocolate chip pancakes when I get home :) Family BBQ & swimming this aftenoon. And now I really want to watch Leap this afternoon too!

My kids love pancakes and waffles and I usually use Kodiak Cakes but Krusteaz fit the budget better this month :)

We are definitely Pepsi people and Sprite for the kiddos!


YES… that is one of the reasons I wanted to teach too. Love that you get the day off with your kids! CC pancakes are the best! Enjoy the rest of the day… sounds perfect Marissa!


I have done the vegas virtual 5k…… was free and I got a tshirt!
I work today but have tues and wed off so almost to my weekend :)
I usually buy a mix at the store for waffles/pancakes…….haven’t made them in a while……i tend to want them more in the winter.
And I am a soda person, but not coke or pepsi……..the dark sodas (even dr pepper which I love) make my teeth hurt…….sensitive teeth I guess. I prefer mello yello or mountain dew or sunkist orange! But I only drink sodas on my days off, vacations, special occasions, and I get one during the work week. I try to limit it:)

Love that picture of her running!


Oh that is awesome that it was free!! Enjoy your weekend the next two days Loribeth:) OH I LOVED SUNKIST ORANGE… that stuff is so good!!


It made me excited for you to see Brooke on her bike. I remember all the runs I had with my daughter while she rode her bike beside me. Some of my favorite running years because the runs were never about speed or distance – just about having fun together.


OH I love that your daughter rode her bike with you while you would run… I love what you said Jo. I am loving that Brooke and I are doing more things like this together:) I hope you have an amazing Monday!


What? Where is that hogwarts race??

I’m really good about not drinking pop all that much. But if I do it’s usually rootbeer.


Hey girl!! I think it is virtual race so you can do it anywhere:) Have you had Brick Oven rootbeer before? It’s the BEST!


Yes!! I love brick oven root beer! Every time I go there I have to get it.


I am loving the tidbits you are sharing about your church! I’m also super excited to try that cookie recipe – I love snickerdoodles, but don’t even know what cream of tarter is, so often don’t make the recipes lol.


Thank you Christina! HAHA yeah I skip recipes too that have things that I’m not familiar with. Try the snickerdoodles and tell me what you think:) Have an awesome day!


I have done a few of the Hogwarts races because the medals are so awesome! Definitely something a potterhead would love.
I also need that soup. Just waiting for the fall weather to come so I can start the soup obsession.


Oh that is awesome Kelsi! Andrew would LOVE doing those!! Try this soup… it is so good! I hope you are having a great Monday Kelsi!


My 7 years old son also loves running and it makes my heart happy. With the fall weather starting over here, I will need to try this cauliflower chowder! I am usually all about curried butternut squash “cream” (I make it with coconut milk) but I love roasted cauliflower. Looks delicious! We have the day off but it is rainy so we found a theater that still plays Despicable me 3 and little guy is thrilled to finally see it this afternoon!


I need to try your butternut squash cream soup… that sounds amazing! Enjoy Despicable Me 3… our kids loved it! Thanks Mel!!!


I just did the Total Solar Eclipse virtual 5k. My family (hubby and 17 and 12 year old) all saw the medal they send and they all signed up and did it too!

We have a specific pancake/waffle recipe we always make, so good! My 17 yr old and I have celiac, and this recipe works great with our gluten free flour also. Win win!!

Diet Coke!!! NEVER Pepsi!! Ever.


I agree fully… pepsi is so gross to me! Oh I am so glad that you found a pancake recipe that is perfect for your family. Oh I bet that race medal was awesome!! So great that you did it together:) Enjoy your Monday Holly!


I usually make pancakes/waffles from scratch but I just bought the dark chocolate protein pancake mix from Kodiak so I’m excited to try that.

Never done a virtual race, but the Harry Potter one looks fun!

Dr Pepper all the way.


I’ve never done a virtual race, but now I’m thinking it might be just the thing!

I have the day off (yay long weekend!) and I’m planning on recovering! I had such a hard workout Saturday morning that I limped around most of Sunday and today I’m just starting to feel more human than zombie!

For waffles, I use bisquick — they always turn out fluffy and crispy! For pancakes, it’s Kodiak Cakes all the way. Hubby loves the buttermilk and honey ones. MMMmmm..

I’m trying not to be a soda person, but I’m a recovery Diet Coke addict. It’s gotta be diet coke and it’s gotta be a cold can! I even have different can cozies that I use, never for beer — always for diet coke!


Working today until 8pm… but got yoga in this morning! I prefer coke. It can ease my stomach if I’m nauseated. I’ve done a zombies run virtual race but always want to when I see them advertised!


Brooke looks like a running natural! I can’t talk my boys into running with me yet. Any tips on how to get kids excited about running?

Today I’m running 16 miles which is the longest I’ve ever run (yikes!). I’m training for the CA International Marathon. It will be my first! Finally cooling off here in San Francisco…

I love a good Mexican Coke especially with a plate of tacos!!


The Harry Potter race would be so fun! That medal is pretty cool to get at the end. Today, I flew from Indiana back to New Jersey and after waking up at 4:20 am, I think I’m going to take a nap soon (it’s now 2 pm).

Have a great day Janae :)


I’ve never done a virtual race but that Harry Potter one is mighty tempting. Coke all the way. Though I try not to drink it too often


My husband and i both have today off and we have been relaxing all day long! It’s so nice to have a long weekend. Although I’m really sad to say goodbye to summer! Not ready for cooler temps!


I love virtual races! My first half was a virtual race put on by Another Mother Runner and Strava. I loved it and I love that some of them I can choose what organization I can help benefit with the proceeds. I love seeing Brooke run with you, lucky girl to start so early. Out of 3, I have 1 who runs with me and is now running faster than me, so proud!


That is the sweetest use of colors ever!


How are the Revels different from the Launch and the Ghost? I LOVE both of those shoes. Wasn’t sure how the Revel would fit into the rotation :)


I do virtual races all the time. I’ve been doing the races with Hogwarts Running Club since last year. I won’t hang my medal up until I run the miles.

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