Wednesdays are our speed days, and there was no way we were going to attempt speed on this new light dusting of snow, so we are pushing speed to today. I couldn’t get myself to do speed on the indoor track or treadmill (so dramatic… I have only had to do one of each this winter, ha), so planning on adjusting speed days rather than speed locations feels more fun this week.

Ten miles of chatting with Lauren @ 8:02 pace. We are coming up on our one-year anniversary of meeting and starting to train together. PS when I didn’t want to get out of bed, and out into the cold in the morning, I reminded myself that Lauren is pregnant and still doing this, so I can too.

On the run, we were talking about our ‘On Switch’ for racing, making me hungry to turn that switch on again. The simple things like picturing my speed/race ‘On Switch’ are the most helpful for me. I don’t need a philosophical mantra or deep thoughts to help me push through hard spots… I just need to visualize myself flipping the on switch and going. That is the kind of thinking that motivates me to run fast.

Getting kids out the door for school after a four-day weekend was also a workout…

This yogurt bowl is the current afternoon snack that is perking me up when I want to take a four-hour nap but can’t.
Skye is ALL about learning how to read right now…

Beck refused to take a nap yesterday, which is scaring me.

Dinner was a simple spaghetti, and I found my favorite jar of sauce.

 And we ended the day here.

Off for my first (I think) Thursday speed workout! I have 65 miles to hit this week, so I need to get going.

PS while the snow has made it a little trickier to train for Boston this year, I am so thankful that the constant storms have made it so that we don’t have inversion like we usually do in January. Our winter air has never been so fresh and I’d much rather be moving runs around because of snow than poor air quality!


Parents–> At what age did your kids stop taking naps?

Current favorite afternoon snack? Are you a snacker or do you prefer bigger meals?

How often do you go grocery shopping?  And do you enjoy it?

-Lately, I’m at the store 2ish times a week.  My enjoyment varies greatly… Sometimes I love it, and sometimes I am sprinting through the store with a crying child, trying to get out of there and forgetting everything I came for along the way.

Best brand of yogurt in your opinion?

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My daughter napped until kindergarten but both my boys dropped the nap as soon as they turned two! I can’t eat large meals so I eat smaller ones every 3 hours or so. I absolutely hate grocery shopping and end up ordering walmart delivery or pick up so I can avoid it…being around all the food choices sometimes will trigger my old eating disorder.


I think that’s really awesome that you recognize what triggers you and make a concerted effort to avoid it. Go, Erin!


Erin, bravo for forging on and still buying groceries! I remember telling my therapist when I went to the grocery store without panicking or walking out. Over time, I’ve developed a mindset of “look at all this nourishment. I have choices, but not getting groceries isn’t one of them.”


Erin, thank you for being open with us. I avoid triggers like the plague too… it can be so hard. I think you are amazing for recognizing your triggers and taking care of yourself. Sending love!


Question for you! Are you doing all of your speed work in the Nikes? I’m building a new shoe rotation for when I’m over this injury and I’m having trouble finding speed shoes I like. I have a pair of the zoom flys that still have some miles on them but I’m not sure what else to try.
I ‘go’ to the store once a week…but do pick up like 2x a week also. 🤣


Hey Mollie! Yes, I am just so obsessed with my Vaporflys. I use them for every speed workout unless the workout (or part of it) is on the trails and then I usually grab the Novablast. TRY the Vaporflys. They changed my running. I hope you are feeling 100% soon. Injuries are SO hard. Hey, pick up as much as you need… sometimes we just need what we are craving. Have a beautiful rest of your day, Mollie!


I’ve been snacking on clementines like they are going out of style! ha :)
I do like grocery shopping, but man do I wish there was a trader joe’s closer than 2 hours (I’m in the sticks!) About 2x/ week also- once for a big stock up, and once for things I forgot.
I LOVE Noosa yogurt! It was an easy first-trimester food for me when I was sick, and it’s my go-to midnight snack (almost every night).


Clementines taste like candy and even my kids agree. They are SO good. Uggg I need them to build a TJ’s for you. Off to grab some Noosa, I want to try it. Midnight snacks are necessary during pregnancy (and training haha). Hope your Thursday has been great so far!


Going back to school after a long weekend is so hard – we had that earlier this week too. I think it took us at least 30 minutes just to put clothes on. :) 3 days later, and we are mostly back to normal, thankfully. My 1st napped until nearly 5, my 2nd stopped sometime around 2.5-3. I started switching it to quiet book time, and just placed a bunch of books in her bed for her to explore. It wasn’t nearly as long as a real nap, sadly.
Snacks are pretty great! ALSO, the Run Fast Eat Slow Soba Noodles with peanut sauce is awesome – we will be making again & the peanut sauce was super easy.
Grocery shopping…hate it, and I am trying to be better about not going so often. I do one big trip, but usually end up making at LEAST 2 extra trips for extras/things I forgot.
Good luck with the speed session today!


I feel like it depends on the year you ask me. Three meals was what was right for me at one point, then 6 felt better, which changed to 3 and a night snack. I try to not fight against what feels best, and just go with it.
I made Hope “nap” for an hour even after she gave up the sleep. To this day she still voluntarily goes back to her room for quite time if we are home on a weekend afternoon.
Keep killing the winter running. You all are amazing!


I love grocery shopping. I try to just go once or twice a week, but if I haven’t planned well, then I end up going more. It’s funny, with the boys both out of the house, I actually feel like I go to the grocery store more?!? Probably because I am not planning as well, ha ha.
I have been snacking on Cuties in the afternoons (Clementines). They are so sweet and just perfect around 3pm.
I’m off to the gym for some speed on the treadmill followed by Barre strength 😊
Have a good day Janae!


Hi Janae! Can I pick both big meals and snacks? ;) I like going grocery shopping with my husband because it’s more fun with someone else. If it’s just me try to think of ways to stretch out whatever is at home (basically eat all the freezer vegetables) before I have to go grocery shop.
I used to love Fage but I can’t have dairy anymore so I make coconut yogurt! My friend taught me it’s super easy you just mix coconut milk and probiotic and wait, my mind was blown when I found out.
Have an awesome day!


I love grocery shopping and my husband hates it, so errands that we run together are all me wandering around browsing happily and him trying really hard to run through the store and get everything in record time so we can leave faster.

Siggi’s yogurt is our house favorite, although we also eat a lot of Chobani b/c it’s on sale so much. Our fave SIggi’s flavors are pumpking, orange/ginger, and vanilla nutmeg. But the fruitier flavors are also good.


I am hitting the treadmill today since we got 8 inches of snow yesterday and it’s 7 degrees out 🥶

I don’t mind grocery shopping but do my best to only go once a week, so maybe I only tolerate it.

We are trying hard not to eat out in January so lots of cooking at home.

My four year old is obsessed with learning to read too! I think it’s from watching her brother work so hard. They are really close and always want to do things together.


My youngest stopped taking naps earlier than my other two because we were on the go more. Maybe like 2ish.

I’ve been eating a lot of apples and peanut butter. Although, your yogurt bowl looks delicious!

I grocery shop about once per week. Sometimes, I’ll swing by the store and grab fresh veggies/fruit, but otherwise just once a week. And I will fully admit that I have my groceries delivered. I don’t mind grocery shopping, but I don’t like taking the time to do it if that makes sense. It’s been so convenient to have it delivered and I find that I actually spend less because I am 100% shopping from a list.

I eat a lot of Oikos and Chobani because that’s what they have at Costco. I’m not super picky though. I prefer Greek yogurt just so I can get in some extra protein.


I’m a once per week grocery store girl because it’s not my favourite now that i have to buy for my bf and his two teenagers. It stresses me out when i see parents there with young kids – gold star to you for getting though it. As a result i’ve become a champion meal planner – laying out all of our meals for the week – taking into account days kids are here, other activities, etc. Then i always make a list and stick to it unless the store is out of something (rare). It’s made things easier on the “what’s for dinner?” front though the kids are often frustrated because they can’t con us into take out. We’ve saved a ton of money and as much as i dislike the shopping part, the planning and lists are my jam – I love that part!


Yogurt has come so far! So many good choices, both dairy and non-dairy. I will forever love Tillamook Key Lime. I prefer non-dairy yogurts and enjoy Harvest Moon but most non-dairy yogurts cost a small fortune. But, not much beats yogurt with granola and fruit! I love to have toast with PB, sliced banana, and sprinkled granola on top.

I used to take my trying to non-nap kids on a car ride to get them to fall asleep for a bit. One of my four loved naps and would nap for HOURS. He loved his cozy crib and blanket. One of my tricks was to let the kiddos know it was reading time, everyone would have to go to their room (the olders could go on the couch) and lay down with books. Quite often sleep would follow ;)


Congratulations on learning to read, Skye! I can remember learning to read and being so incredibly stoked. I also have two older siblings, so I feel like us younger kids really pick it up quickly since (most) everyone else is already doing it. Yay! The past couple of years I’ve hated grocery shopping! Maybe the love will come back. .


my snack…lately I’ve been adding bananas, lots of bananas to my day…three friends, whom I know are way quicker than me, can run more often eat like 4 to 6 bananas a day (one says her record is 14 bananas)….so I figure maybe that’s the trick..
it’s got to be a great grocery store, but I actually liek shopping…for each meal. I know for budgets that’s not the ideal, but if the place I go has a huge bright well looked after fruit and veggie section that I see as soon as I walk through the doors, I’m home..oh yeah, and a bakery……there’s a I guess a chain on the west coast called Urban Fair that I love for many things too that I don’t see anywhere else, and the Granville Island Public Market… much fresh and good food…..heaven..and take out there is amazing, Vietnamese that has me hooked…..


Fage plain Greek yogurt is my favorite. Berries, a tiny drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of granola. Tastes like dessert but healthy. ☺️

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