Silentish Saturday!! +in the mountains. +try these.

HAPPY SATURDAY!!! I hope your day includes your favorite weekend plans.

Friday started off with Brooke wanting to hang out a full 2.4 hours earlier than she normally wakes up… I’ll take the snuggles.

IMG 8113

I went into Knox’s room and freaked out because I didn’t see him on the bed… found him sleeping on the ground and the covers and pillow were over the top of him.

IMG 8115

It’s always a little harder to find him when he is in his camp gear.

IMG 8130

I dropped the kids off with my mom and went out for 7 trail miles.  Caldera = my favorite… my review on them is here.  Light, amazing cushioning & great traction!  Try these if you are a trail runner.

IMG 8209

My legs burned SO good after doing a bunch of hills that I have not attempted in a very long time.

IMG 8220

The trails put me in the best mood.

IMG 8137

I forgot my water bottle during the run so I chugged a lot of water after!

IMG 8214

Spoiled with back rubs from grandma:)

IMG 8219

Working on their push-ups.

IMG 8227

A nap at noon?!?  Sure…

IMG 8237

Picked up one of my favorite salads… chicken & mango salad from Milagros (plus their chips + salsa).

IMG 8239

+ these gummies.  Swimming at our old apartment complex.

IMG 8241

A super fancy dinner of spaghetti.

IMG 8243

Andrew came home and then Brooke left at nine to spend the next little while with dad for father’s day.

IMG 8245


Three things that you are doing with your Saturday?

When was the last time you went trail running?

What was your Friday night dinner… anything exciting?

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For Saturday I’m reading a book called _The Happiness Trap_, seeing my dietician, and going swimming. Thug life, I know.

Last night I went out with my mother for some General Tso shrimp with tons of broccoli. It is soooo good. The biggest, fattest, plumpest shrimp I’ve had.


I keep contemplating trying the Caldera but I don’t live anywhere that really merits a trail shoe.

My plans include hopefully running race (granted no storms), working and maybe going to a diner. Seems like an optimal weekend for LOLZ. ;)


Spending this Saturday at work. It’s been a long while since my last trail run but I found a new running friend at work so we are going to do some this summer. They are the most rewarding and enjoyable runs! Any good trail recommendations in Utah county? Have a great weekend!


im not a trail runner but everyone’s pictures always look so pretty! sometimes I take my runs to the beach though. 3 things today – long run, taking my son shopping for more camp clothes and out for dinner!


I don’t trail run much. I have the tiniest trail by our house that I used to add into my runs but someone built a house close to it and they decided to close it off.


Friday night dinner was a flatout pizza! SERIOUSLY so good! bake a flat out wrap for about 5 minutest at 375 – i topped with chicken, onions, leftover stir fry veggies (love that costco mix!), daiya mozzerella cheese – and of course siracha and bolthouse ranch! bake for another 2 minutes and then broil until the cheese is melted. SO GOOD – i have a picture and instruction on my instagram too!

3 things for today :
1. headed to the lake to see my family!
2. got in almost 5 miles and a killer shaun t core workout
3. enjoying coffee and my FAV breakfast ever – protein pancakes with blueberries and almond butter and an omelette!


Last time I went trail running was Mother’s day.

Dinner was buffalo chicken wraps and pasta salad.


We have lots of black bears in our trails right now. Don’t you guys?


I ran the heartest 5k race this morning hosted by Greg Olsen! All proceeds go to our local children’s hospital for children born with congenital heart defects, like my 12 year old daughter. It was an amazing race!! I was interviewed by our local news station (which made me so nervous lol). It felt great running for a cause so near and dear to my heart!!!!!


3 things: 22 mile bike ride, quick grocery run, pool time (it’s hot in So Cal this weekend)

I did a trail run on Wednesday and my legs are still angry with me. I went about 1.5 miles further than usual that added about 600′ of climbing, but it was the descending that killed me. Too steep to run without fear of falling. It was beautiful that high up, though!

We had our usual Friday night pizza. Les is on his last training ride before next Saturday’s Cycle to the Sun on Maui.


Run on trails and breakfast with the hubs and a couple of xc kids, a couple’s massage (can I get an amen?!), and dinner at the restaurant where we had our first date ?. It’s our 17th anniversary today.

Last night was fajitas for dinner, yummo!


Three things: Bodypump (woohoo!) figuring out this whole self-hosting blog thing (help! ahh) and going to a comedy show. A good balance of work and play! Enjoy your weekend!


My dinner last night was blackened Cajun chicken with spaghetti squash and French fries. So yummy!

Last time I ran in the trails was last month. Sometimes is hard for me to go there because of my schedule. I miss it so much. I think I’m going back this week!

I’m sick and can’t really run until next week. So my Saturday is all about spending time with my boyfriend: riding on his bike, playing pool, and having dinner:)


Does running the dirt single track along the edge of the state park to avoid running on the shoulder of the road (20 ft away) count? If so, I did that yesterday for 2 of my 3 tempo miles, followed by 6 easy miles on the paved trails inside the park (and then caught a ride home – I didn’t want to add 3 more all uphill miles to finish at my house).

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