(shorts, tank, shoes)

Whenever I don’t run for a few days, I always wonder if I’ll remember how once I get started, ha. Does that happen to anyone else?

8.3 miles @ 8:11 pace (+ 10-min chest & back + 10-min core).

My coach told me to peloton, strength train, run easy, and run trails this month and so that is what I will do. A break from big speed workouts and long runs will get me craving them again come July!

The kids had quite a party to attend:

The one time he is free to make the biggest mess, he decides to sit on my lap most of the time;) PS I get out my gum stitches tomorrow!

Pretty much the entire day was spent outside.

Brooke’s hair suddently started drying wavey and I am jealous.
Oh, and Andrew and I snuck out for a lunch/dessert date. Coconut frosting > all other frostings.

The day ended with some pickleball at my sister’s house. We took breaks to eat strawberries from their garden.

I saw this post on IG the other day, and it immediately made me think of running. For most of my races, the feelings/emotions I am experiencing only last for a few miles at most. Sometimes a particular emotion only lasts for a few minutes during a run/workout/race. I love the idea of treating them like visitors, remembering that they aren’t going to be staying with you for very long, and then they will leave until the next visitor gets there. Next time you are hurting during a hard effort, remember that the feeling will pass–> maybe halfway through the effort, once you are warmed up a bit more, once you take another gel, or it could happen when you complete the workout! The way you feel will pass through, and things will get better again.

Feel free to welcome the pain visitor with open arms because that visitor will bring some major growth along with it too!

How does your hair dry naturally?

-Pin straight!

Ever had stitches?

Best frosting in your opinion or would you be find to live without frosting?

Tell me what your run is today!

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If my hair can ever air dry (it’s too thick), each section of hair has its own wave pattern.
I’m interested in what training is starting in July! I still need to decide on my fall race decision. Too many options!


That is how my sister’s hair is… I’m not sure it would ever dry on it’s own! So interesting that each section waves differently! YOU HAVE TO LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU CHOOSE FOR THE FALL! It truly is so hard to choose now, so many amazing races to run. I hope your day is a beautiful one!


Those bubbles look like SO much fun! And your kiddos always seem so sweet with each other, I love it.

My hair dries straight, but my postpartum regrowth curls and I always end the day looking like Anne of Green Gables lol

Frosting is my favorite food in the whole world. My mom has a recipe she uses from our 4H days that is amazing, but I also love Betty Crocker whipped buttercream straight out of the fridge!

Have a wonderful Thursday!!


Hey Meghan! Hahah oh we gotta love the postpartum regrowth;). I loved learning that about you, frosting is pure heaven. I might have to steal your mom’s recipe. I hope you get some coconut frosting soon. Thanks friend, you too!


I’ve had stitches twice – once when I got my wisdom teeth out at 16 and once when I cut my face right near my lip when I was maybe 4? Not sure but I don’t remember the earliest option which I think is a good thing ha. A needle that close to my face sounds scary!

The best frosting is a whipped peanut butter frosting obviously. So good and light!


Hahah I am very glad you don’t remember that first time getting stitches, it sounds painful. Whipped pb frosting sounds heavenly, I need that in my life asap! Have a beautiful day, Maureen!


My hair was very straight until I had kids — now it’s legit curly. Hormones are so weird!
I’m glad you’re taking some time to settle. You’ve had an amazing string of races lately (while recovering from mouth surgery!). Your muscles will remember the fast times, but will thank you for not pushing them to the point of injury, too.
I’m taking today off because the kids and I are doing an evening 5k tomorrow with some friends of ours. My legs are definitely not recovered from my marathon less than two weeks ago, so we’ll just jog and have some fun.
Have a great day, Janae!


I want your curly hair! It really is so crazy to me how many things change after having kids. Thank you so much, I needed that assurance that I’m doing the right thing right now. It’s hard to not worry that I’ll lose it all but you are right, the muscles will remember. An evening 5k… that sounds like a blast to do that with your friends! Enjoy and I hope you have a great day too, Stacey!


Frosting: I have serious feelings about frosting. It can be critical to the enjoyment of a piece of cake/cupcake. If it is too sweet – ruinous. It has to enhance the cake/cupcake – not overwhelm it. Consistency should be not too thin but not too thick. And, if you give me something with that whipped horrible mess that sometimes comes on cakes from a grocery store – I am going to throw it at you, lol.

Stitches: My only stitches are from when I was little (age unsure) and I jumped backwards off the side of a pool and looked down and my forehead hit the concrete. Blood EVERYWHERE. So, I have a nice little scar right in the middle of my forehead.


I am so with you, the frosting absolutely makes or breaks the baked good. I loved reading your opinions because I completely agree. YOUR FOREHEAD HIT THE CONCRETE… that hurt just thinking about it. Don’t do that again;). Hope your day is a great one, Melissa!


I have never had coconut frosting, so now I am going in search of it.


This is why we need to be neighbors, I would bring it to you right now!


Visitors–I like it. Sometimes they stay too long, sometimes we miss them when they go.
My hair is super straight, which is why I usually scrunch it before air drying and sleep with it in a twist.
I counted & think I’ve had stitches 11 times: 4 from being a kid, 3 from childbirth, 2 from dermatology procedures, wisdom teeth, and retinal surgery (dissolving, thank goodness). But I’ve never (knock wood) broken a bone.
Coconut frosting is definitely up there! But whipped vanilla is absolutely a contender, too.


‘Sometimes they stay too long, sometimes we miss them when they go.’ YES! I totally agree with you on that. ELEVEN TIMES! That is a lot of stitches and I hope you never break a bone. Whipped vanilla frosting sounds really good right about now… off to find some. Have a fabulous Thursday, Corey!


Love the “emotions as visitors” tenet. A mantra I return to again and again is “I am the sky, not the weather” to remind myself that feelings, tough situations, anguish are all often temporary. The weather will always change :)



I LOVE THAT MANTRA SO MUCH! Thank you so much for sharing. It’s beautiful. Have a great day, Laura!


Good morning, Janae! All those suds – what a blast!! I love a good, full day outside :o)
I am quite jealous of Brooke’s hair as well. If there is anything straighter than a pin, that’s how my hair dries LOL.
All the stitches I have had (many!) have been in my mouth, so I can certainly empathize with you. So great that yours are coming out!
Frosting – it can easily be waaaaay too much of a good thing in my opinion. Can’t pick just one fave, but homemade coconut pecan, cream cheese, or peanut butter top the list. I really dislike buttercream which I think is a minority opinion LOL.
We are a houseful of covid right now, so no run today, but hopefully able to get back to it (and strength training soon). By the way, good on you for your focus this month on building strength and enjoying the trails – those seem to do so much for you. Enjoy! Have an awesome Friday Eve, Janae!


Hahaha our hair is very similar! Mouth stitches just are not fun, thank you for empathizing with me. Ummm how have I never had coconut pecan frosting, that sounds amazing. I am so sorry that you are all sick, I hope that you are all doing okay. Wish I could bring over some soup and bread. Keep me updated on how you are all doing. Thanks, Janine!


I love thinking of your emotions as visitors. So good!
And oh my goodness, after taking 4 days off from running last week, I did honestly say to my running friends, “I may not remember how to”, ha ha, so silly.
Yesterday after my run, I did a 30 minute strength for runners with Matt, and this morning my booty is so sore! It’s a good sore, but man… So today will definitely be some sort of super easy run.
That bubble party looked so fun! Summer really is starting out great!


Hahaha isn’t it crazy that we think that way… after doing something for so long, you’d think we just know we will always remember how. GREAT JOB on the strength for runners class. I am going to have to copy you on that one. Hope you are all having a beautiful day!


My hair dries slightly wavy.

I’ve only had stitches once, but it was a major deal. I was in a car accident in 9th grade, not wearing a seat belt (it wasn’t a law way back in the 70s) and hit the windshield. I think I ended up with about 50 stitches total, mostly right at my hairline. I still think I have a huge scar all these years later, but it’s actually barely noticeable.

Definitely cream cheese frosting for me – especially on carrot cake!

Just a walk today, I have my annual physical and I’m looking forward to another clean bill of health.


At first I thought that was a pickle on your cookie! Coconut frosting is so good! I really love a good buttercream. One year my cousin made me the best birthday cupcakes that had a very light peppermint frosting (white buttercream with a hint of peppermint) It was sooooo good.

I bet it will be nice to have those stitches out!!! Maybe not fun while they come out but relieving afterwards!


That cookie looks delicious! And bubbles! What a fun idea.

My hair is annoyingly wavy in the back and pin-straight up front.

I think I had stitches when I was super little in my chin. Fun fact, when I had a c-section, he used glue instead of staples or stitches.

The frosting is my favorite part of cake/cookies. We have a local place that makes homemade chocolate frosting and I cannot replicate it, but it is divine.

Today I ran 3 mi solo while listening to my book, and 3.5 mi with my xc kids for their summer practice.


Omg I’ve been hearing about pickleball everywhere recently! It started a few weeks ago and BAM EVERYWHERE. I’m still slightly confused what it is but looks like everyone including your kids are enjoying it so maybe I should check it out.

My hair dries messy. On occasion I can coax out some nice waves. But usually a mix of flat spots and poorly formed waves. I’m jealous of how both your hairs dry. At this point I’d settle for any texture as long as it looks relatively neat.

I had 3 stitches in high school.

My favorite cake is German chocolate and it’s really made by that coconut pecan frosting.

No runs today.


My hair has sections that are curly, wavy, and straight. My oldest has ringlet curls, at age 14 it takes a lot of effort. But her hair is gorgeous. Her sister’s hair is also curly, not ringlets, but she could care less about maintaining it so she brushes it out (which horrifies her sister, because you don’t brush curly hair!!).
Any advice for trusting a coach? This is the first time I am using a coach and it’s so hard to wait for the plan and wonder if it will be right!! I am dealing with a new reality of arthritis and so I am going to try to trust the process but I am anxious!!


I’ve had stitches, and I just take a lot of deep breaths, and eventually feel better…not sure ever what causes them…
we received Maurtens in the store today, will try them, maybe, I hate gels, the texture seems weird..and fructose?
taking a rest day…work, life just got in the way…how do you deal with that?

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