My Twelve FAVORITE Finds Lately!!!!

Happy Saturday everyone!  I hope your weekend is off to a great start!  I’ve got one more week until my half marathon (ahhhh it has been almost a year since I last really pushed myself in a half marathon)!  I hope your run this weekend is amazing.  I’ve got some of my current favorite finds to share today and a portion of this post is sponsored by Best Fiends!

1.  French toast.  I don’t know why it has taken me 31 years to finally realize their greatness but I can officially say that my opinion is now that french toast > waffles + pancakes.  My mom has held this strong (and somewhat unpopular opinion) for my entire life, and once again I am reminded that she is always right.

I think Brooke is also completely agreeing with this new finding of mine too.  Also, french toast from Kneaders =s pure bliss.

IMG 2500

2.  You know those huge white bowls that I eat 99% of my meals in?   Andrew found those at Costco but they are here too.  We went to Costco the other day and they had colored ones.  They are the perfect size for my salads and sweet potato combinations.  I am loving the new colored ones!

IMG 2536

3.  Best Fiends.  I started playing this game on my last 4 airplanes rides (you don’t need wifi to play) and I’ve quickly become hooked and so has Andrew.   Best Fiends is a free puzzle game with a ton of in-game challenges.  You get to collect and upgrade characters by matching the same-colored objects!  It is addicting.  I’m currently on level 29—> Andrew is ahead of me and we might be a little bit competitive:).  You can download Best Fiends HERE for free and the first 100 readers to download the game and get to level 10 will get $4.99 worth of gold and diamonds for free!

IMG 2610

4.  The Calderas.  They are Brooks newest trail shoes. We got these at Brooks camp last week and they are trail shoes that are beyond amazing.  It is a more overall cushioned trail shoe and my feet were very happy about that.  I was also amazed by how light they were for all of the cushioning.  My feet were very happy on the trails (with a million huge rocks) in these.   They have incredible traction and the midsole is built for extra stability and protection for your feet/ankle over everything that you come across on a trail.  I wore these on Thursday too and they have quickly become my favorite trail shoe (closely followed by the Cascadia).

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5.  While we are talking running gear, the Cascadia Shell Jacket is a new favorite for me too.  Look at that ventilation going on in the sides of the jacket.  Super lightweight, blocks the wind/rain/whatever and YOU WILL BE SEEN in this jacket.  Love the big pocket in the front of the jacket (which you can pack the jacket into if it gets too warm out).  I also love the little zipper pull in the front of the jacket, it is used to keep your headphone cords in place and not swinging all over the place (like mine normally do).  I wore this jacket for my run on Thursday when it was pouring rain and it kept me dry (well, my upper body;), comfortable and it was so flexible with my movements.

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6.  One night I was at Young Women’s and Andrew was going to the store with the kids.  I asked him to buy me a Halo Top because I was craving it and when I got home I asked him what flavor he bought. He replied that he bought 20 of them because they were on sale (buy 5 and get $2 off:).  So now we have a lot of ice cream at home, we are eating this daily.  It’s fabulous.  Cookies ’n Creme is my favorite out of all of the flavors.

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7.  Okay, this isn’t a recent find but it is one of my most obsessed with finds over the years—>  Gel nails.  I go to a place called Essence Nails (in case you live in Utah:) and they do this gel polish that lasts on my nails for 3 weeks and on my toes for a few months without chipping off.  It makes me happy and it makes my runner’s feet a bit more pretty:)

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8.  This shirt.  A reader sent this link to me and it is the story of my life.  I’m getting it.

Screen Shot 2017 03 18 at 11 29 19 PM

9.  In a post where I was talking about my NEED to listen to music while I work, a reader recommended Totally Stress Free and I’ve listened to it ever since.  It is on Spotify and I love listening to this playlist while I work.

IMG 2604

10.  I adore reading autobiographies about different athletes.  It is one of my favorite types of books to read.  I just started Marathon Man: My 26.2- Mile Journey from Unknown Grad Student to the Top of the Running World and it is amazing so far.  This is Bill Rodgers story about how he went from somebody that nobody had any idea about to winning the New York City Marathon and Boston Marathon 4 times EACH.  It is super inspiring so far and I’m loving learning about his journey.

IMG 2606

Loved this quote from his coach—>  “The long run is what puts the tiger in the cat.”

11.  This jacket.  I bought it while I was in California this month.  It feels like you are wrapped up in the softest blanket when you wear it.  I’m a fan.  I was wearing this in my post yesterday!

IMG 2800

12.   Bruno Mars= great running songs.  Loving this one right now for my runs!

IMG 2795


What are three things that you are doing today?

Have a long run this weekend… what is it? 

Any new favorite finds for you?

Ever tried Halo Top?  What was your favorite flavor?

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3 Things: taking care of a sick 6 year old who has not been sick in over a year, hosted 4, 8 and 9 year olds for a play date ( my husband will be in hiding), and a trip to Barnes and Nobles for my 9 year old to spend her gift card earned at the orthodontist. She earns wooden nickels to trade in for prizes. She just has a retainer at this point. Gotta love a kid that passes toy gift cards, movie prizes, ice cream treats, etc to buy books.
Favorite find? Nutpods for my coffee as a treat and peeps playdough


OMG–I have the WHITE bowls..but am definitely hitting up Costco for the colors!!

Have a great weekend:) Your posts always make me smile!



Never tried Halo Top but very curious about it! Since it stressed all the healthy points of having a ton of protein and not that many calories, I assumed it’d taste a bit chalky!

16 miles DONE! It’s rainy in Chicago all weekend so my friend and I knocked out our long run yesterday and today I’m taking it easy :)

My Instagram was hacked a couple days ago so I think I’ll be spending the afternoon doing some password changes/security stuff!

Have a great weekend!


3 things I’m doing today= 5 mile run planned, (I have a 10k next weekend! ??), grocery shop, a yoga class! My favorite kind of Saturday!

I NEED to try halo top! I’ve heard it’s amazing! Birthday has been talked up a lot so I may try it first!

Love that cute jacket and those trail shoes!!


3 things = 1. run with friends along my favorite route. It overlooks a huge park and river. It’s amazing. 2. Beauty and the Beast with my littles and my sister (yay!). 3. Family pictures near some wild flowers.

Tomorrow will probably be my long run, 10 or 11 miles. I’m still not quite 100% after my last 1/2 two weeks ago. Seriously. I’ve never been this sore before but I guess that’s what running fast and downhill can do.

Halo Top is the best! I really like the mocha chip and birthday cake. But honestly, they’re all yummy!

Happy Saturday!


Oh my goodness, I LOVE Kneader’s french toast! I had it for the first time in Arizona, they had it at the finish line for the Phoenix marathon!! DELICIOUS!!!


Love Halo Top! And Arctic Zero. My boyfriend and I made sundaes last night! Lately I’ve been loving Designated Survivor the new show on ABC and peanut flour :)


Thanks for your review on the Calderas. I have registered for trail classes and will give them a try. Recovery for me today. I have the cold that won’t go away and I suspect part of it is comes from not resting enough. Hard but necessary!


3 things: a run (3.5 miles on the treadmill, check!), taking my kids to a birthday party, and a quick trip to the library after.

Never tried Halo Top! I don’t think they have it in Canada, at least I’ve never seen it. I should check Whole Foods next time I visit. We only have one and I rarely make it out there.

I am definitely going to look for those bowls next time I visit Costco. I love giant bowl salads/meals. I currently eat my lunch salads out of a large bowl probably meant to serve more than one person, haha. My most recent find at Costco was some really sturdy baskets that I have put at our end tables in the living room to store toys and library books. They are really durable and fit perfectly.


3 things: a run ( first run in almost 3 weeks after nursing a pulled quad and I’m loving all the endorphins), house hunting with my husband, and going out to dinner later.

Have a great weekend with your family, Janae!!!


Love Halo Top! I saw Englighten-something or other at Expo West and want to try that one too!!


French toast is pretty awesome! I need to get some better skills at making it though because mine tends to be too soggy.
I will be in the market for some trail shoes soon. I’ll check those out!


I’m all alone this morning (kids & husband down at the Y for stuff), so I’m definitely planning to get in a workout, finish up some laundry, and write my missionary.

Haven’t tried Halo Top yet. Been curious though, so maybe it needs to happen soon. :)

My happiest discoveries lately are Chia pudding (I’m sort of obsessed with making it and topping it with berries and homemade granola), the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack (straight up on repeat, non-stop), and that Cosmo video you shared–showed it to my kids and they were like “Whhhaaaa?!?!” And your “source” was right…made the video that much better. :D

Have a great Saturday!


Love Halo! Peanut butter (sometimes I add a few of the mini Reese’s pieces candy ) and oatmeal cookie are my favorite!!


I always loved French toast the best! Challah French toast from the diner – nothing better! my long run was 10 miles, I had to squeeze it in before getting my son to his hockey game.


I’m in the French Toast fan club as well. Although, I do occasionally crave pancakes over french toast.

Long run this weekend is a trying out a new trail near us. Only 8ish miles but a lot of vertical.


3 things today: a run, driving back to Chicago because my spring break ends Monday, and the last evening of ice cream and relaxing with my parents for a while.

Obsessed with Halo Top. Expensive, but I love it. I like the S’mores and Chocolate best, but I’ve actually never seen the Cookies & Cream, so I’ll have to keep an eye out!


Wait, did Andrew really buy 20 pints of Halo Top? That’s hilarious. And awesome. And that Brooks rain jacket looks awesome, love that it has ventilation.


Literally 20 pints ha! Wanna come over for some ice cream? Hahaha! Have a great weekend Michelle!


I’m actually not the biggest french toast fan. I don’t hate it but I’ll almost alway choose waffles over french toast. I do like good diner pancakes. We brought the Caldera into my running speciality store and I like it because it’s great to grip the ice…which we have had too much of this winter.


That french toast looks so good! Hahaha ok that is only a thing men/dads do right.. see the sale and come home with every flavor they had ? haha! I’ve never had halo top before. I love gel polish too! My nails grow super fast so they start looking old after a week but normal polish will be off my nails in a couple days so its way better.


3 things this weekend-
Grocery shopping
Attending a bridal shower
Renting the Passengers movie

I also love French toast and we splurged and got IHOP French toast this morning. Loved it!


20 pints?! Andrew is definitely committed to his/your ice cream! I like Halo Top, so much better than the Arctic brand. (Arctic has a Weird consistency and the flavors were a bit off).

I am reading Running, A Love Story by Jenn Miller.

We spin to that Bruno Mars song, it’s good to move to.

Spinning, getting a gift certificate for my godson, and going to his party this evening. (He loves waffles and this place near his house makes epic waffles. So his gift is for that. They also make croissant French toast). I still like pancakes best…


Have you tried putting your French toast in a waffle iron?? It’s a game changer.


That is brilliant. I must try this asap!!! Thank you Elizabeth!


My three things: I ran trails with a friend and both our dogs this morning. Going with the kids to see the new Power Rangers movie. Cleaning and doing laundry.
I have not tried Halo Top but have seen it around. Maybe that’ll be #4 on my list today!
My son qualified for the regional gymnastics meet so we are headed to Orem next weekend (from Colorado). Any recs for good places to get in a run? Either trails nearby, or road/bike path. I’d rather not be stuck on the hotel treadmill. :)


Thank you for sharing your finds! I’ve been enjoying the stress free Spotify all morning! Just cleaning the house getting ready for my friend and her beautiful dog to visit for the weekend! She’s from Alaska, so she likes to visit the chain restaurants they don’t have up North, and we’re also going to see Mamma Mia! in Portland tomorrow. I’m excited, love that show! Have a great weekend, Janae! :)


So far I’ve tried four Halo Top flavors: mint chocolate chip, birthday cake, peanut butter cup and oatmeal cookie. My favorite is the peanut butter cup but the oatmeal cookie is really good if you like oats and cinnamon.
3 things I’m doing today: Helping incoming freshman register at my university, going out to dinner so I can eat fries to celebrate getting into law school, and probably taking a nap. Oh, and eating the rest of my oatmeal cookie Halo Top.


Janae, would you ever consider making some spotify playlists with your running songs?? :)


HEY CLAIR!!! I seriously need to do that… such a great idea! THANK YOU!!!! I hope you are having a great weekend!


French toast with Trader Joe’s cinnamon bread. oh my goodness. The best.

Can I ask what you like better about the calderas? I am a LONG time cascadia wearer but am interested in the extra cushion. Is it pretty noticeable?


Hey Leeann!!! I would say it is like a 25% increase (totally just coming up with that number on my own) of extra cushioning! Which for me was a big difference. I still LOVE my cascadias but my feet and body love the combo of so much cushioning while running on the soft dirt… it’s heaven:) Let me know what you think! I need to try the TJ’s cinnamon bread for french toast! Thanks!


I cracked up when I read Andrew bought 20 Halo…Too funny. I am not sure I’ve tried it yet but it’s gotta be good!


OOOOOH! I am so happy to read about the Caldera trail shoe! I tried the Cascadia on today and it just feels a bit too tight and squeezy which is weird for a Brookes shoe. Harumph!

Today: Run trails during kiddos basketball training
Go to the city to shop at the Bio market (then try on shoes with my 12 year old boy aka Imelda Marcos)
Procrastinate folding laundry

And thank the wind and hills for making me stronger. Can’t forget a bit of thankfulness…..


Three things:
1. Workout of boxing class/barre/yoga and a run
2. Costco
3. Mani/pedi

My running is in cut back mode right now as I’ll be heading into marathon training in a week…so no long run…YET!

My new favorite find is Mocu Kombucha drink mixes!!!

And I tried halo top a few years back when they were new-ish. I wasn’t a fan of the flavor I tried. I feel, uh, responsible to give it another chance now given your glowing review. Haha.


This is such a great post!! Thanks for sharing your favorites!

I’ve already added that Spotify playlist :)


Check out “Perm” by Bruno Mars! One of my favs on my playlist right now!


I’m usually agree with you about food but we’re complete opposites in this post. French toast is blech! I’ve never liked it; give me a pancake or waffle over it any day. I also don’t get Halo Top. I’ve read so many positive reviews but I really didn’t like it when I tried it. We actually threw most of it out, which never happens with dessert.
Three things today: teach Jazzercise, do homework, go the grocery store. I live an exciting life!


All of the Halo Top! Whenever I go to places like Target and our usual grocery store, you are lucky if they have one still in stock! Then, Friday night after our Italian dinner, we went next door to the grocery store and they had ALL of the flavors in stock! I’ve learned you really have to have awesome timing. The red velvet one is in my fridge right now. Today we went to church, had warm doughnuts at Krispy Kreme(yum!) and we are going to watch basketball since March Madness is a big deal around here! No long run this weekend but we did do The Color Run 5k yesterday which was so fun!


I LOVE Halo Top!! I discovered it a couple of weeks ago and it is delicious!


I use fiesta serving bowls for my salads. I just think it is funny we use serving bowls for meals! hehe


I saw those colored bowls at Costco yesterday! But we didn’t buy them :( I really wanted them though, but I have more bowls than I know what to do with. Andrew is a good, good man for bringing you all of that ice cream home ;) And your jacket is SO cute and looks so crazy comfortable. I just pulled up that Totally Stress Free playlist and am loving it already and will probably listen to it all day at work today – thank you!


I must try some Halo Top – lucky girl to have 20 pints in your freezer :)

Thanks to Amazon Prime – I have that jacket coming to me today. Can’t wait to get it.


I wish I could find a place here in Chattanooga where gel nails would stay on my nails for 3 weeks. Every place I have tried I’m lucky to get one week without them peeling off. I’m sure it’s just my nail beds :( Thanks for the book suggestion, that one looks very interesting.


Love your new coat! I’ve always been a big fan of French toast, but Belgian waffles are close 2nd. Andrew rocks! 20!!! ice creams!


What size are you wear in the Rip curl jacket?:)


those bowls went into my amazon cart IMMEDIATELY.
halo top= THE BEST. and you can eat the entire carton w/ no guilt! birthday cake is winning for me so far…

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