Friday Favorites!! +A BEAR during a race? +A Race Accomplishment!

HELLO TREADMILL.  It has been such a long time since my last treadmill run.  It took a minute to get used to running on my treadmill… it has been almost a month since my last treadmill run!  Andrew left for the hospital crazy early (he’s got a commute) so the treadmill helped me still get those miles in with the two kids at home.  Six and a half miles and then we were off for the day.

A few hours later we picked up my niece to join us (my older niece is at a sports camp all week or else she would have joined us) at the pool.

If I didn’t know any better I would swear that my niece and Brooke were sisters.

IMG 8061

We attempted a pool selfie too but that didn’t go over well.

IMG 8070

Some days when we go to the pool I’m successful at packing a big salad or some other veggie filled lunch and many days I make a bunch of pb & j sandwiches and they taste delicious.

IMG 8064

The kids somehow talked me into snow cones.  Please note Brooke’s loving gaze towards her blueberry and cotton candy snow cone.  Also, this will be the only snow cone place we ever visit again because they have little holes in the table for your snow cone.  This brilliant invention made the whole experience 98% less sticky/messy/stained clothing.

IMG 8089

We then went to the store and the kids played the game ‘if mom wasn’t here and we could fill our cart with whatever we wanted, what would we get?’  This game keeps them rather entertained and it always takes me back to the show Supermarket Sweep (that was seriously one of my favorite shows ever).

IMG 8095

We came home and they did their chores followed by quiet time (which is a necessity during the late afternoon over here for me).  Parenthood helped me to enjoy 5 loads (oops) of laundry that has been eating for me to fold forever.

IMG 8098

There was an intense lightsaber situation going on.


And then we all snacked on apples and peanut butter together.


Last night I had my friend’s kids over while they went out to celebrate their anniversary and she insisted on having pizza delivered to us all while they were gone… She had a really tough time convincing me;)  I snacked on a sweet potato + bbq sauce before they came over.

IMG 8099

Pizza + kids + Andrew came home!

IMG 8104

And he fell asleep on the couch!

IMG 8107


I’ve got an awesome accomplishment for you today, if you want to be featured next week please send it to [email protected]


Christine!!!  “I started working with a coach a year ago after I did the Garden of the Gods 10 mile race in Colorado Springs.  Well I just did it again and managed to take off 1 minute 40 seconds PER MILE than last year’s time. 2017—> 1:44:45!  10:29 average.  Last year’s time was 2:01:33, 12:09 average.  So very grateful for how much she has helped me improve as a runner and in my life in general.”

FB IMG 1497198869162

PS she let me know that she didn’t see the BEAR that joined her race though… CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE this happening during a race!?!?!



And now time for some Friday FAVORITES! (w/a few affiliate links)

*I ordered some new things from Roolee and wanted to share my favorites with you:)  I am obsessed with this striped top (the sleeves are my favorite), wore this denim top on Monday and love it, new favorite top to wear with white jeans on date night, I am in love with the moto skinnies that I just got (SO comfy and love the detailing) and I also grabbed this dress for church!


*I LOVE Target swimsuits… about 1/50th of the price of a lot of swimsuits and so cute.  I just got this striped one to wear to the pool with the kiddos.

*I totally forgot about one of my FAVORITE summer running tanks until I found it in the bottom of my dresser the other day which made me so happy.  I bought them in three colors two summers ago and they are perfect for the heat.  Light, flattering fit, great colors for summer and so breathable.  If you are wanting a quality summer tank that will last forever… I give this tank two thumbs up.

*HONEYCRISP APPLES.  I strongly believe they are the best apples that were ever created.  I also got a new tumbler from Target.  I adore my hydroflask and take it everywhere I go but I also love a simple tumbler to have around the house all day.

IMG 8096

*Andrew and I watched Definitely, Maybe the other night for our first time ever (it’s like 10 years old or something) and I absolutely loved it.  Probably too much.  I cried, I laughed and most importantly I didn’t fall asleep which is rare for me when watching a movie;)

*One of my favorite pairs of sandals (for the last few years:) is on sale at the J. Crew Factory… PS I don’t wear these for long periods of time because my runner’s feet need support but I love them for date night or something like that!

*I listened to a podcast from Lindsey Hein about Alicia DiFabio HERE and I absolutely loved it.  When I can’t run with friends and I am doing an easy run, running podcasts make me feel like I’m out on a run with friends:)

*Rock ’n’ Roll SEATTLE!!!! It is happening this Sunday and I am really sad I won’t be there this year (I did it in 2014 & 2015) and it is by far one of my favorite 1/2 marathons (besides the tunnel part ha… I always get so hot in there.. do they still go through that?).  I hope that everyone doing it this weekend enjoys every second… especially as you are running by Lake Washington!

Just hanging out with Apolo Ohno:

IMG 3614


Who is running Rock ’n’ Roll Seattle?!?  What Rock ’n’ Roll races have you done in the past… what do you think about them?

Where do you find great swimsuits?  I’m still on the lookout for more this summer!

Have a favorite chick flick… please share!!!! We loved Definitely, Maybe.

What apple brand is your absolute favorite? **Your opinions are needed for this debate**

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I’m with you: Honeycrisp apples for the win! I also love a good Pink Lady apple–those are so good, as well. And I went to a snow cone place yesterday, but it was one like I’d never been to. There were options to put ice cream in the middle (I didn’t know that was a thing!), and you could even get toppings like you would at a froyo place!

Chick flick: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (Sadly, I could probably do it much faster than that, ha)

I usually get all of my swimsuits (and most of the rest of my wardrobe) at Target. And thank you for introducing me to Roolee–I’ve gotten so many things from there, and I love every single one! :)


Great job on the improvement for Christine. And doesn’t that bear no that running bandit is a no-no?! Geez.

I kind of like the mill maybe once a week or so. But my mill record is only 8 miles. Happy weekend!


BAHAHAH I literally laughed out loud at your bandit joke, that was hilarious. Thank you for that! I hope you have a great weekend Dynise!


Oh my gosh, I would have died if I saw a bear midrace!


But for peanut butter companionship I like a good old Granny Smith.


I loved supermarket sweep!!!! such a great show lol. I feel like sometimes you can catch the old episodes on random channels


They aren’t the cheapest, but I love the swimsuits from Express! And if you have a coupon (which they give out like candy there), you can get them for a decent price. And they last a long time (at least for me!).


Ooo fav chick flick is bridget jones or something about mary! Pbjs are always a win and honeycrisp apples are AMAZING! SO darn big- love it


Omg that bear!! How crazy!

Favorite place to get swimsuits – Old Navy!! Great selection and easy on the wallet :)

Favorite chick flick – I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of “He’s Just Not That Into You”.

Have a great weekend!!


If you want a good, cost-efficient swimsuit, check out Aerie. I’ve gotten my last two swimsuits from them and they were both super cheap = $30 or less for both top and bottom combined (on sale, but they tend to have good sales going on). They’re pretty durable and I still have the first one I bought from them two years ago.

My go-to chick flick is The Holiday, usually around Christmas, but I can bust it out any time of year if need be :)

Pink lady apples are the BEST!


I love definitely, maybe! And my favorite apple is golden delicious


I loved Supermarket Sweep and Parenthood!! Currently I’m binge watching Covert Affairs. The pic of the bear crossing during the race is crazy but pretty funny those two guys’ reaction. I’ve run Rock n’ Roll Chicago and Nashville – they are a bit crowded for my liking, the runners never spread out on the course and I am thinking of trying some smaller half marathons the next time.


My favorite apple is red deliscious. There is no comparison.

My greatest running accomplishment is continuing to stay motivated to run lately LOL.


Running Seattle RnR!!! New course this year due to road construction. Route​ is now pint to point…will not go through the tunnel this year.


GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND AIMEE!!! I want to hear all about how it goes. Crazy about the course change… yay for no tunnel (I couldn’t breathe in that thing haha)!


Running into a bear is no joke! I’d love to run RnR Seattle some day! Happy Friday :)


Swimsuits – Winners has some picks but also Swimco our local swim store. I have not run any of the rock n roll series yet.
Favourite apple: Fuji apples hands down.
Chick flick: The Notebook and P.S. I love you (I might have cried ha)


Thank you for posting your favorites. My Easter dress and current favorite T are compliments of your old favorites.
Ordered a “mom suit for the splash pad” from HAPARI.


HAHA Love your ” “!!!! That’s what I’m buying too:) Sure hope you have a wonderful weekend Erica (you should still be celebrating your birthday)!


I live in Boston and back in 2011 ran the Rock n Roll San Diego Marathon. It was my first (and currently only) marathon. I picked it because San Diego typically has great weather and alot of the course was downhill! I absolutely LOVED it! I would love to run Boston some day but I really do not want to train during our horrible winter (and sometime spring) weather and race day weather is SO unpredictable out here. Plus I’d have to qualify or try and raise a boat load of money :-/ Maybe some day I’ll be motivated enough to do one or the other!

Favorite apple is Gala! The skin is thin and the apple is sweet and crisp – LOVE THEM!


That’s so crazy about the bear running in front of the runners! Being from the south, I would absolutely flip out haha. And I couldn’t agree more about honeycrisp apples! They are absolutely delicious and so sweet and crunchy. Now I want one….

I’m sorry you were back to the treadmill today–I just finished a week off my normal routine and incorporated some home-workouts that I just posted about on my blog. Have a wonderful weekend!


Okay, those roll-outs with a skateboard… SUCH a good idea Madeline! Love the gorgeous pictures on your blog too! I hope you get a honeycrisp apple asap:)


oh boy, I think I would say either honey crisp, golden delicious or pink lady are my favorite apples! So good!! I haven’t done any Rock and Roll races, but my husband and I are eyeing the Rock and Roll half that’s happening next month in Chicago! I am hoping to run that one! Hope you have a great weekend Janae!!


I have ran the Nashville Rock & Roll Half Marathon 3 times. I love it! I want to try a full marathon next year. I have a lot of training to do first!


Oh I bet that one is a blast… I want to come do it one year!! Keep me updated on your full marathon next year Jackie… I’m excited for you!


Oh man, we missed each other! I did Seattle Rock n Roll last year. Yes, they still go through the tunnel although last year it was cold and raining so I didn’t mind it.


AHHHH NO…. how did we miss each other!?? Meet there next year?! Oh I bet the tunnel was a nice break from the rain!


My sisters and I were obsessed with Supermarket Sweep! We would play our version of it at home and pull all kinds of food out of my mom’s fridge, freezer, and medicine cabinet (because we needed those big ticket items lol). I don’t think she was the biggest fan of that but it was the besttt ;)

Fav chick flick is definitely How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. I have probably seen it 100 times but anytime it is on tv, I still can’t help but watch. Kate Hudson is my idol <3

Hope you have a great weekend, Janae!


BAHAHA I love your version… that is awesome! Why can’t that show be on again! Okay, yes that movie is one of the absolute best. Now I need to watch it again! I hope your weekend is great too Danielle, thank you!


Oh I’m just getting ready to listen to the Alicia DiFabio podcast. When I was getting ready to go out lastnight we got hit hard and fast with major storm. I’m dying to hear this one though. Soon, very soon. I love Target swim suits too !!! Who am I kidding, I love anything that comes from Target. I’m planning my next house/move/location around a good Target & Costco store. I’m an hour away from both now. Too far, much to far.


Target is the best for pretty much everything! I would say chick flick bests are While you were sleeping, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, When in Rome, This Means War (rom com/action……….Andrew would enjoy it!), and tons more!

Fuji apples………….the best!

I have run the Nashville Rock & Roll once. I loved it, but I prefer the smaller races for less crowds.


Serendipity (it was on Netflix not sure if it has disappeared yet). Oldy but goodie Chick flick! Actually saw it with my boyfriend when it was in the theatres – 2001ish?? Ha


I haven’t seen that one… I guess I know what we are watching this weekend, thank you Amanda! Hahah I love the good ol’ memories;) I hope your weekend is amazing!


a bear in a race?! oh my GOSH. I cant believe it

I ran RnR Chicago last August and it was so beautiful! Every other Chicago race I’ve done is typically an out-and-back on Lake Shore Drive but this race was through the heart of the city!! It was really cool to run through downtown, along the lake, and into the fun neighborhoods of the city. I know the Chicago Marathon runs through even more so I’m excited for that!!

I love sooo many chick flicks! MEAN GIRLS (duh), LEGALLY BLONDE!!!, The Holiday, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Bridesmaids, Stepmom (omg 10/10 recommend if you wanna cry!)


Oh Mean Girls… I have watched that SO many times… the best. Thanks for the movie list, I’m excited to catch up! You have me wanting to run RnR Chicago now… sounds absolutely amazing. Are you doing the Chicago Marathon this year?


It took me years until I ever even tried a honey crisp apple, but once I did there was no going back! They are perfect!!

The only RNR I’ve ever done is the San Jose one, it’s okay, it’s a fast course but a little boring in my opinion.


Hey Laura… I hope you get some honey crisps ASAP:) I’ve done San Jose too and I completely agree… FAST, great temps (the one year I did it I guess) but definitely some boring portions! I hope your weekend is a great one!


You are so adorable! Thanks for sharing my podcast!! :)


I loved the show Supermarket Sweep!!! Glad someone else did too :) Hope you have an awesome weekend girlie!


Gotta love Roolee!! Called to Surf has some really cute swimsuits and other clothes too!


I’m with you on the Honey Crisps. They’re the only apples I buy because I know I won’t eat the others because they’re not nearly as good!


I found some really cute swimsuits at TJ Maxx this year! I love the new high-necked two pieces:)

I also love Definitely, Maybe. I’m also a huge fan of the Kiera Knightly Pride and Prejudice, which I know is unheard of as an english major, but the music is so beautiful and I like the faster pace!

I’m all about the golden delicious apples!


I’ve been looking for an open-backed tankini for two summers and finally found one at jcpenney (and it ended up being, like, $25 total). It’s “mom” modest while still cute. Plus it works well with my 18 week pregnant belly – I’m stuck in limbo between regular clothes and maternity clothes right now!

Under the Tuscan Sun with Diane Lane. I never get sick of it.

We are passionate about Pink Lady apples around my house. :)


I love JAZZ apples the best! I am loving the podcasts by Lindsey Hein, so glad you have mentioned them a few weeks back. I loved hearing the one with you on as well.
I loved Definitely, Maybe. As indecisive as I can be at times, my girlfriends made me watch this when they were convinced it was a movie about me after reading the title : ) They also think of me when they watch Runaway Bride.


I bought a swimsuit from last year and it’s been great. Cute, good fit for me, and has held up great.

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