Let’s talk about things with 18 pictures today!

Happy Father’s Day!!!! I hope all of the dads out there have an amazing day!  I am so beyond grateful for Andrew, my dad and my father-in-law… I lucked out with such great dads in my life.  It’s hard to find my dad without a smile on his face.  He works so incredibly hard, loves everyone he comes in contact with and would do absolutely anything for anyone.

Andrew continue to amazes me daily with how great of a dad he is.  He loves these two kids with his whole heart.  He is constantly playing with them, teaching them, serving them and laughing with them.  Pretty ridiculously grateful for him.

IMG 8290

We love you Andrew!

IMG 8291

Let’s talk about yesterday, shall we.

I planned on running 10 miles for my weekly long run but I got to 9.2 miles and figured that was just fabulous for the day.  Sometimes you just gotta cut a run a little short and be okay with that.  Six years ago there was NO WAY I WOULD EVER cut a run a second shorter than what was on the plan (uhhhh I usually would go longer or faster than what the plan would call for) but now I just listen to my body a lot more.  I also know now that each run is not going to be perfect, some are shorter or slower or not as fun and that is normal… it just means that the next one will most likely feel amazing (which is what I like to tell myself—>  maybe it will be my 1/2 marathon this next Saturday that feels amazing;).

IMG 8260

Just walked the rest of the way home… I wasn’t that far which was nice.  Also, I started trusting sidewalks again yesterday… I sure do pay closer attention to each of those cracks though after I tripped a few weeks ago!

IMG 8263

First order of business once I got home—>  cinnamon rolls for Father’s Day breakfast.

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Baking > cooking in my opinion and cinnamon rolls are one of my favorite things to bake. PS this is my favorite recipe ever for cinnamon rolls.

IMG 8265

I accidentally let them rise for a little bit too long… oops.

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We then made our way up north to go spend the day with Andrew’s family for his dad’s birthday!  Brooke and Knox have been waking up hours earlier than they normally do lately so another 11 a.m. nap happened.  I think it is because it gets so light outside in the mornings and it just wakes them up.

IMG 8272

Sorry for the blurry picture but we went to In-N-Out to start celebrating.  As you know, In-N-Out fries are just okay in my opinion (I do like their burgers!!) so I have an important question about this in the comments that I need your opinion on.

IMG 8273

And another blurry photo but Andrew make sure these kiddos have fun days…

IMG 8275

Knox got a Maui hook from his grandma and it made his life.

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For dinner we had an amazing spread… bbq food is the best.  It definitely makes the top 3 reasons why I love summer.

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For dinner we had this gorgeous cake!  It was an angel food cake with whipped cream and berries on the inside.  It was almost too pretty to eat.  Almost.

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And then we hung outside for a bit.  Missing Brooke in the cousin mix.

IMG 8279

Then we made the drive back home.  We’ll spend the day at home today!

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PS Knox told me this is his running shirt since it is a tank top like my running tanks.  We watched Ghostbusters together last night and it was pretty intense.

IMG 8294

Brooke is having a great time with her dad.  She even made it to an art class.  Maybe she will start an art store in our house like I did when I was her age… My only customer at my art store was my dad but he bought everything I sold each day (and he kept it all and showed me the folder of everything just a year or two ago)!

IMG 7974

Ready for a rest day today!!!! I hit 46ish miles this last week and I’m getting closer to my favorite running mileage of 50 miles a week again which makes me happy.  I hope your Sunday is great and that this last week for you was a great running week!


The most important question today… what restaurant do you think offers the best french fries?  Do you like the thin crispy fries or the thick steak fries?

-I’m all about the thick fries and I think that 5 Guys has by far the best french fries!!

How was your running this last week?  Hit your favorite mileage?  What was your best run of the week?

How are you spending Father’s Day?

Would you rather have a cinnamon roll or a donut or a pancake or a waffle for breakfast today?

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Cinnamon rolls absolutely over all the rest! I could eat one every day! It’s a good thing I reserve them for special occasions! :-) running has been challenging with the humidity! I left this morning for seven miles and only made five. I can feel my body adjusting, but it almost makes me want winter running. Almost. We are having sleep issues opposite of yours. My girls want to stay up until 10 pm because it’s so light out yet, but they are at least sleeping in. Have a beautiful Sunday!


Sounds like it’s an ideal day for your family. I’m working today. I saw the cinnamon buns on your story and was jealous. They look so good!

I had a waffle this morning which was good for me. I like donuts but they aren’t filling so I never really have them for breakfast. More at random times when I want a treat.


I love Red Robin’s steak fries!

My mileage has been between 25-30 for the past month or so. I’m just starting to increase it as I’m coming in to marathon training (eek)!

Starting out today with 10ish miles of hills, packing for our road trip next week, and then bbqing and swimming with the fam.

I just saw someone post about a cinnamon roll pancake, I want that!


i am ALL about the thick fries too! The best in my opinion. Happy Fathers Day to the wonderful dads in your life! Heading to breakfast with my own dad and papa :) Have a great day!


Brooke is too cute in that picture with Andrew and the photo her dad sent you :) such an adorable family!
I also love 5 Guys fries but I’ll eat any fried potato, really ;) Same goes for dessert-breakfasts – I DON’T DISCRIMINATE! Though, when I go out to breakfast, I almost always choose waffles over pancakes


Definitely a hard choice. I love waffles and cinnamon rolls and pancakes and donuts. I’d say I eat them all at least once each week so can they ALL be my favorite? Lol. On the fries I’d have to say Braums fries and Burger King fries and then Red Robin. I cannot even with the skinny little, teeny fries like the ones they serve at mcdonalds or Freddy’s (so gross imo). I am so picky about fries. I’ve never tried Five Guys fries because I don’t eat beef and they don’t have chicken. No plans for Fathers Day which is nice hopefully just going out to eat and relaxing. Hope you have a great weekend!


I’m more about the dipping sauces than the actual fry, can’t do ketchup, Chick-fil-a’s the bomb since their sauces are so great!


Okay, I’m going to have to agree with you BIG TIME on the amazing sauces that Chick-fil-a has to offer. Now I need to go there this week and get them Olivia:) I hope your weekend has been an amazing one!


HiJanae! I am so happy you have such amazing dads in your life. You deserve all the happiness.
This post has me craving cinnamon rolls. I haven’t had one in years.
Here in Portugal father’s day is actually in March on the 19th because that’s Saint Joseph’s day.
But i loved hearing your plans and I’ll make sure to give an extra special hug to my dad today. He is 90 and one of the greatest human beings I know.
Regarding breakfast I’ll have to go with pancakes. I love them.
Hope you, Andrew and your dad have an amazing day.


Crispy fries and I have a local place that makes them perfect. I have only been to Five Guys a few times and the fries varied each time.

Out of those choices, pancakes. My friend made chocolate chip scones and sent us home with a bunch. I prefer scones to most muffins and doughnuts.

My friends are actors and one has a movie being premiered locally. We may go see that to support her, the NY philharmonic is also playing locally and I want to see that as well. Here’s hoping we get in!


Yes!! 5 Guys totally has the best fries. I almost got them last night but ended up with sweet potato fries from Cubbys instead. Those are good too ;)

Heading down to my grandparents in Cedar Hills this afternoon for the Fathers Day celebration. My dad has been asking me to go trail running with him this summer so I bought us matching fuel belts as his present for today. Now to buy myself trail shoes and I’ll be ready!

Cinnamon rolls for sure! Yours looked yummy!


Happy Father’s Day to Andrew and all of the wonderful dad’s out there! Spending out day outside soaking up some sunshine and celebrating with loved ones! Oh, and donuts all the way!


I like thicker fries……….my favorite is Chick Fil A! Last week running was good except for some annoying shin stuff and some serious heat! And I would take a cinnamon roll right now!


5 Guys has great fries! I don’t care for In-N-Out’s fries, but I don’t like their burgers either!

I had a couple strong runs last week but also went on 4 bike rides – 81 miles for the week. We go to Hawaii on Wednesday so I’ll be off the bike for 3 weeks. Back to running in humidity!

Missing my Dad today – he was the best! He died 4 years ago and I really miss him.


OH Kathy. I am so beyond sorry about the loss of your father four years ago and what you are feeling today. I wish I could give you a big hug. I’ll be thinking about you!

YOU ROCKED your week of training Kathy! I’m happy you’ll be back in Hawaii… maybe we need to come out again?!


Hey, that little artist thing that Brooke is at, if that’s the Provo mall, my cousin is helping run it. At least she made the signs for it :)


YES YES YES it is … such an amazing opportunity! Tell your cousin thank you!


Thicker fries. Jake’s Brookside in Springville has amazing fries. Red Robin’s are pretty good. Five Guys are great thinner cut.


I’ve never heard of that place… guess I’m going to Jake’s Brookside ASAP! Thanks so much Paul!


Those cinnamon buns look delicious!

I totally agree with you on the fries – Five Guys is my absolute favorite too. They came to Canada a few years ago, so I’m glad to have them.


Totally agree about In-n-Out fries, they are meh. I have been loving sweet potato fries lately, and there is a local place that does them perfectly.
My hubby loves, loves, loves Five Guys. For regular fries, I still think McDonalds wins. I haven’t eaten there is years though! For breakfast, hands down I choose blueberry pancakes (with TONS of blueberries!). My favorite run this week was the one I did OUTSIDE! I finally got the green light from the doc ??? I just did my 2nd run today and it feels SO AMAZING to run pain-free that I could actually cry ?
Happy Father’s Day to Andrew! I hope you all enjoy the day!


Glad we are on the same page and YES, McDonalds fries are ridiculously good! And now I need some blueberry pancakes and I am SO HAPPY YOU ARE RUNNING pain-free:) This makes me so happy!


This comment is for another day you posted about your kids doing chores – I’ve got a 4 year old also and wondering about starting him on chores. What sorts of things do they do and do they get a reward for them?


HEY MARY!! Thanks for commenting! Wahoo for 4 year olds and chores:) So for our summer… our chores reward is going out and doing something fun afterwards whether that be swimming, riding bikes, trampoline etc. We are trying to teach them work then play:) So our kids do a lot of vacuuming (I bought one of those little handheld ones) and they help me take out the trash. They wipe down tables, walls, doors, the coffee table etc. There is also a lot of room cleaning going on:) They don’t take super long but I just love having them do a little work before they party all day if that makes sense. I hope you have a great week Mary!


That is so funny because if you hadn’t said Five Guys were your fave fries I was going to suggest you try them RIGHT AWAY!!! They are the BEST!!! :)


HAHAH great minds think alike! I hope you get some Five Guys fries asap Tricia! Enjoy your evening!


My favorite fries are from Steak and Shake – super thin and delicious!
We had church this morning and will grill steaks for dinner and maybe go swimming – relaxing day for my amazing husband for Father’s Day!


Well I need to try those fries asap Laura! Sounds like the perfect day, keep enjoying every second!


Waffle fries from Chick-fil-A are my favorite fries! Of course you have to have them with their Chick-fil-A sauce ;)


Seriously, that combination is the absolute best… what is in that sauce that makes it taste like heaven!? I hope you have a great week this week Leanne!


I totally agree with you on the fries at In-N-Out. They are just okay! 5 guys has great fries. In the Southeast there is a chicken finger chain called Zaxby’s which has great seasoned fries. I’m definitely a thicker fry fan than a skinny one because skinny ones get cold faster!

I didn’t run last week but I’m hoping to get back out there next week. Father’s Day was spent by the pool since I wasn’t able to fly home to spend it with my dad. I’d much rather have a cinnamon roll for breakfast but pancakes wouldn’t be bad either! Happy Father’s Day to Andrew!


I’ve heard about the Zaxby fries, I need them ASAP! I’m glad that you had a pool day and hopefully talk with your dad on the phone!


Sounds like a wonder Father’s day weekend! I love the thin, crispy fries best. But then this week the article about how terrible french fries are for your health – I guess the oil and starch combo. You need to read it. But then you’ll be sorry to know. :(

Brooke’s dress is absolutely adorable! Or maybe it’s Brooke that makes it adorable. Do you remember where you got it?

I’m wanting to try the cinnamon roll recipe. But 40 rolls is a little too much for the two of us. Have you ever halved it?
It would definitely be my choice for breakfast!


YES YES it makes a ton Anne! I have halved it before and it worked out fabulous… try it! So the dress Brooke is wearing is her dad’s dress so I’m not sure where he got it. I’ll see them tonight and I’ll ask! Oh no… I don’t know if I can read that article… AHHH!!!

I hope you have an amazing week Anne!


I don’t care if the fries are thin or thick, as long as they are CRISPY!!! None of the soggy crinkle fry crap. But you are right. In and Out fries are no bueno.

Also no bueno? Kids waking up super early! Do you have black out curtains? They helped our kids a lot, plus it keeps their rooms cooler in the Summer. #EastFacingProblems

I would not discriminate against any of those breakfast options. Mmmmm sugar.

We did Fathers Day with my family yesterday so it is just my little famliy today and it was swell. Thanks for making it even better. Ross was surprised and loved it. You guys are the best. Hope you had a great day and enjoyed your pizza!


I am normally a pancake girl but I’ve been craving a donut! Not just the glazed type either but one with all the filling, icing, AND sprinkles!


I like the rosemary fries from Smashburger.
I would do a breakfast rotation of cinnamon roll, donut, pancake and waffle. Not now though– I’m on day 50 of Whole30 (Whole60 I guess, ha) so I eat eggs almost every morning. I make them all sorts of different ways so I’m not sick of them yet. ?


First time commenter here!

I never get them anymore but McDonald’s French fries are my favorite… especially when they’re hot!

I haven’t hit my happy mileage in a few weeks :( My husband has been away training so it’s just me and the kiddos! My sister just had a baby a few days ago so my other babysitter, Grandma, has been busy with her. That said, I took both kids to the track for Fathers Day and did mile repeats which I never do and I hit times I didn’t even know I was capable of! Turns out this distance runner can get pretty fast when she tries :)

Can I have a bite of each? ;)


I agree with you, 5 guys has the best fries!



I really like all fries but Five Guys=pretty darn good. I like to ask for them well done since I don’t like the ones that are too mushy on the outside!


I just made your cinnamon roll recipes for Fathers Day….it was sooo good ! I think I’ll toss all other recipes I had. Thanks for sharing it. We also had a cookout at my parents for Fathers Day and my Dad is sort of sick and needs to rest right now, so I got stuck ‘manning the grill’ which is something I don’t normally do. But it wasn’t raw and it wasn’t burnt…Score for the Dads ! Currently I like Steak and Shake fries and a restaurant near us called Wise Guys, I love their sweet potato fries.


I love the steak fries from Red Robin. My friend tried 30 different fries for her 30th birthday. She blogged all about it. It was pretty cool. Congrats on the baby!!!


That’s a cool idea.


I prefer thicker fries too.


Hi there, I am so happy you have such amazing dads in your life. You deserve all the happiness in life.

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