Silentish Saturday!!!

Shorts + tank top + February = ?

5 miles @ 8:41 average pace.

Snuggles with Knox before he left for the weekend.

IMG 9332

He is mastering the selfie.

IMG 9273

Went over to my parents’ house to help out over there.

IMG 9356

Sissy and her boys came over too.

IMG 9354

Andrew and I hadn’t had a chance to eat until mid afternoon so when we left my parents’ house==> all-you-can-eat sushi.

IMG 9381

IMG 9384

Rainy day = power nap at 5 p.m.

IMG 9386

Beretta assumes the front seat is for her.

IMG 9281

Andrew had school last night so we went to the mall kid’s area.

IMG 9412

Brooke went to bed and Andrew and I watched HGTV and hung out.  Perfect.


Holiday themed treats > normal treats.

IMG 9232

Two favorite Instagram finds lately!

Love her caption:

IMG 9385


IMG 9274


I hope you have an amazing weekend!

What is your running uniform looking like this weekend?  Shorts, tights, jackets, tanks, capris, long sleeves?

Two things going on today for you?

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Long sleeves and tights yesterday, shorts today, shorts tomorrow but also probably a rain jacket, too. Weird weather…………..40 one day, high of 71 tomorrow. Ugh…………..make up your mind already!

2 things: work, then Target/Chick Fil A!
Have a great weekend!


It’s actually warm down here in Alabama too. I’m not looking forward to going back up north where the weather will be colder!


I’ll confess: I’m not a huge fan of donuts. I mean, I’ll eat them if they’re there, but it’s not what I would choose. Now, if someone were to yell pie, I would turn around so fast I’d get whiplash.

Two things: Write 5k words, and if I’m a good girl I get to go with my friends to hear some music.


Just send over any donuts that you receive and I’ll send you some pie:) GO ENJOY the music tonight!


I don’t know why and hey, I’m not the one to listen to on this subject but……………..before Brooke and Know get too much older I think you should add a sibling…..hahahaha!!!! Don’t you just love it when random readers give such important advice. ;-)

Happy Saturday…today is my 48th birthday so anything goes for me today!!! (Even unsolicited advice…ha!)


HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATHY!!!! I hope you are having the most beautiful and wonderful day and you get to say whatever you want! Hahaha I agree with you on that one… I’ll have Andrew read your comment too;) THANK YOU!


To much snow up here in Alberta, Canada so training indoors. Shorts and tanks always when on the treadmill or weight room…I get hot instantly inside.

Tofay- train clients, 10 km run with hill repeats then coffee with an old friend.

Happy Saturday!


Hot as heck here in the Amazon rainforest as always! haha so I’ll be in shorts and a tank! Was supposed to volunteer with a kids activity group today on a jungle walk but just got a call that we’re cancelling for today :( Man I love all you can eat sushi!! What a great invention!


Oh I hope you enjoyed your shorts and tank! AMAZON RAINFOREST… sounds amazing! Bummer about the cancellation and I hope someday soon you get some all you can eat sushi!


It’s looking like a long sleeve and tights long run today. Tomorrow is supposed to be more snow on top of the 12+ inches we already have.

Today is a long run and dinner with the boyfriend’s parents.


Headed out for 14 miles in a long sleeved tee and capris in about 15 minutes. Have a great weekend everyone!


i ran on the treadmill today since it’s too snowy/slushy/icy out side so it was short sleeves and capris for me. have a great weekend!


Hahahah! Donuts!

Running uniform today will be shorts and a tank top. The high is in the upper 70s, which is actually quite cool compared to last week when we were in the mid 80s almost every day :/ I wish we got more than a couple days of winter down here!


Yes! I loved Kara’s caption so much! So much feeling in so few words.


I love Kara Goucher’s Insta!

2 things: helping my mother in law move and kids’ basketball games!

Today was capris and a tank in 52 degree weather, not bad!


It was 21 degrees so I wore fleece lined running tights, long sleeves and a vest. And gloves. I did six miles on snowy streets and listened to this inspiring podcast from Run to the Top.

Two things: birthday party with my middle child and then we are making your s’mores bars!!!


If you watched HGTV yesterday and caught House Hunters and happened to see an episode about a girl in Chicago who loved giraffes and was buying a condo with her mom as her touring partner … That’s me!! :)

Two things going on today:
-15 mile run – Done!!
-Afternoon mimosas and snacks with some girlfriends!

Have a great weekend!


I’m so mad. It’s in the 50’s today and I have that stupid stomach bug going around. No run for me. Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain. ?




It was shorts Thursday back to long sleeves, jacket, and long tights today.

Spin class and running errands today.


All you can eat sushi sounds so amazing right now. My boyfriend asked me what I wanted to do for dinner for Valentine’s day and all I wanted was my favorite things, so I’m really hoping he includes sushi in that classification haha

Today I went to a hot yoga class and also a Costco run later. A perfect, yet productive, lazy Saturday.

Have a great weekend <3


Loved that post by Kara Goucher as well!

Weather has been so mild this winter in NJ. Wednesday it was 60! Then we got 9″ of snow Thursday. Today it’s back up to about 40. So, it has been all about the layers.


Oh wow! That sushi looks so good.

My running uniform looks like shorts and tanks here in South Florida.

Today I have a family gathering which I’m pretty excited about:)

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!


It started out in the 20’s here in PA, in the 50’s now but I went to gym to run on treadmill and wore tights and tank. If I could get away with wearing less at the gym I would, but I’m old and cellulite abounds and “ain’t nobody wanting to see all that”! Typical Saturday, lots of errands and housework.


I ran on the treadmill because I needed to do hill repeats and….there are no hills here. ? I love running on my treadmill at home because I can wear a sports bra and shorts and day two makeup and there’s no one but my kids to judge me! :)


I totally agree with you… the treadmill makes it SO easy to get in our workouts and wear whatever we want. Way to go on hill repeats… I need to do those NOW!


Sweats and a windbreaker, gloves and a hat!


Oh my goodness. . .all that sushi looks amazing!!
I think there is a warm spell all across the map!! Running uniform= capris and tank!! I know I live in NC but its not suppose to be 75, YET!!! I will take some of the snow my parents got in CT!

And my hubby has been cooking ragu(Italian meat) sauce ALL day!! He loves to do a large batch then we freeze it all!!!!!


!. My kids were in town and that was the best!
2. Tonight I’m watching VT wrestling with my hubby and that is the best!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


OMG – those instagram finds are pure gold.
Two things going on for me today is the first race of 2017 and going out for valentine’s day dinner!

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