Starting to Celebrate. 10 Treadmill miles. Training last week.

I hope your weekend has been a great one so far.  We started celebrating my birthday yesterday (I try to turn it into an event that lasts a few days;).  Andrew and I have been married a little over 7 months now and this is my first bday/valentines with him (if you do the math… we sure didn’t date long;) and I’m really excited about that.

The day started off with 10 miles on the treadmill.  Brooke likes to join me for a few minutes on the treadmill too… I’m guessing that I will probably just pass my blog down to Brooke in 15 years or something and she can write all about her love of the treadmill, running and treats.

I stayed entertained during the run by catching up on a show, reading a book on my iPad and listening to my latest playlist.  The time went by quickly until about mile 8 and then the last 2 miles felt longer than the first 8.

It’s always fun when time slows down;)

It was snowing yesterday morning (it quickly melted by the afternoon) in Utah so I was just thankful to not be running on slick roads.

IMG 3115

After my run we went straight to my niece’s basketball game to cheer her on.

IMG 9471

Curly (niece above) gave me two swedish fish to eat while we watched.  It has been a very long time since I have even thought about swedish fish and if you read my blog 5 years ago I think I mentioned them every 3 posts or something.  They were also my favorite fuel to bring while running back in the day.

Maybe this was a sign that I need to bring them back to my life again?

IMG 9462

From there we met up with my mom for a little while at an outdoor mall to pick out a present together.

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Brooke found a little something too…

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After that we went home and Brooke got to work on her Valentines for the kids in her school class.  I wonder if she will ever get sick of all things Elsa and Anna?  Probably not.

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Beretta has a new favorite pillow.

IMG 9510

Brooke spent a few hours with my parents last night and she requested to pick out her outfit for her evening with them.  I love to see her style/tastes/opinions coming out.

IMG 9512

Dinner last night was up in Sundance.  Every year Jess takes me out for my birthday and we eat delicious food.

My heavenly brussels sprouts that are fried and topped with the most amazing sauce.

IMG 9515

For dinner I had the burger with sweet potato fries.  We loved spending time with Jess and her husband.

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For dessert Jess made sure to bring a candle to the restaurant for my bread pudding.

IMG 9518

**Did you see this?  Peres Jepchirchir (23 years old) finished the half marathon in 1:05:06!!!!  4:57 average pace for 13.1 miles.  Wow.  She took home a total of about $113,600 for her win!

Screen Shot 2017 02 11 at 9 39 24 PM

A little look at my training last week and I would love to hear how yours went last week too:

Monday:  8 miles @ 7:48 average pace.

Tuesday:  10 miles total with 3 miles @ 6:48 pace (with a jog recovery of .25 miles), 2 miles @ 6:48 (with a jog recovery of .25 miles) and 1 mile @ 6:48.  This was not my day.  I struggled from the very first step and switched my original workout to this one once I realized it just wasn’t my day.

Wednesday:  6 miles @ 9:03 average pace.  Trying to take my easier runs easier than usual so I can truly recover before doing a hard workout.

Thursday:  Best workout I have had in a long time—>  1 mile w/u, 9 miles tempo (half-marathon pace… 6:51), 1 mile c/d.  11 miles total.

Friday:  5 miles @ 8:41 average pace.

Saturday:  10 miles @ 7:57 average pace

Sunday: OFF!


What is going on for you today?  Run?  Family?  Relax?

Hardest run last week?  What was the best workout that you have had in a long time?

Trying anything new with your running lately?

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LOVE fried brussels sprouts! so so good. the weather here in New York is a mix of rain and ice and who knows what else so not sure what our plan will be for today. enjoy your birthday week!


Happy almost birthday!

Hardest run for me last week was a treadmill 8-miler I did on Wednesday. My body was so exhausted and I had to drag myself every step of the way. It sucked.
Fortunately, I got a lot of sleep throughout the week … Ran a 15 miler yesterday … And felt great!

Amazing what some extra snoozing will do for the body :)


Happy birthday!

I used to hate the ‘mill but love it now. Wish I could have one in my loft but it would be so rude for my neighbors below me to hear my thud-thud-thud. One downside of city life.


Thank you Dynise!!! When I lived in an apartment I didn’t put mine in there because of that same reason! I hope there is a good gym close to you!


Hardest run: 5 miles on Friday. I’m slowly increasing my mileage, and this is the farthest I’ve gone. I’m a little scared for next week, tbh.


Today’s a rest day for me, both because Sundays always are and because I’ve been fighting IT band pain all week and it’s worse than ever today :( Because of that, I haven’t had a really great run since last Monday… My legs felt amazing for the first time in like a month. And then, of course, the next day something had to go wrong, haha…


Grant, I am so sorry that your IT band is so bad. What have you been doing for it?


All week I’ve been able to manage it with a lot of stretching, rolling, and icing… Usually when I run it only hurts when I start, and then it goes away. I’ve tried a couple of compression wraps while I’m running and I think they’ve helped some, but this morning I felt the pain while just walking, which is new, so I hope I didn’t overdo it yesterday…


I’m relaxing, trying to get some work done, and hopefully cooking a bit. I’m also playing volleyball with my friends later on.
My new thing with my running is trying to train my dog to come along.. any tips!? How did Andrew train Beretta to run with you guys? How far can she normally go?


Your dinner looks great.

Running with a head cold was rough last week.


Thanks Lew! I am so sorry about your head cold last week! Andrew had one last too and it made his running feel miserable!


Yesterday the weather was beautiful which always makes me excited to run, so I changed up my running plan a little bit and got my long run done. It felt great!


Way to go Desiree on your long run yesterday and I am so glad you had beautiful weather!


I think this is so funny- you and my husband share the same birthday and last night we had his birthday dinner #1. He picked the menu and my daughter (she’s 12) made him his birthday dessert, Bread Pudding with vanilla sauce! Happy early Birthday to you!

Rest day today and after falling and twisting my ankle and bruising the bottom of my foot last week, I hope to be able to run tomorrow.

Have a great Sunday!


Oh that is awesome! Tell him Happy Birthday tomorrow! Your 12 year old made bread pudding with vanilla sauce, that is amazing!
I am SO sorry about what happened to your ankle and foot… I really hope you get a run in tomorrow! Keep me updated! Thanks Leanne!


Birthday celebrations that last the entire week are the best!!
Sundays I try to fit in a short run before church (Friday’s are my rest day) and then the rest of the day is for errands and relaxing before another work week:)
How do you have energy to keep up with the rest of your (busy) day after you’ve run so many miles? I’m honestly curious, after I run anything over 6 mi or go to an intense HIIT bootcamp, I feel like my energy levels struggle for the rest of the day. Obviously this effects my family life, but I haven’t found a happy balance yet (and am scared to train for a half marathon/marathon because of it!). I’d love your opinion/advice!


HEY Kalena! Thank you so much for your comment and I hope your run was a great one today and that you get in some much needed relaxing! As far as energy goes… when I am in marathon training and doing my long runs 20 miles etc. I feel like I am done for the day. At this point, I think my body is just used to running 10ish miles and it has adapted to it (I’ve been running for 18 years now:). I also show you the highlights of the day on the blog (because it’s kind of boring to read about me being lazy for the other parts of the day ha). I also am pretty much done functioning at about 9 pm (ask Andrew ha) so I get a lot of sleep. I’ve also been called the energy bunny since I was a toddler so maybe that has something to do with it. This last year or so I’ve really been working on putting my family first too and racing according to what is best for them while I still do the hobby I love to do. For now that means I’m not doing the extra crazy workouts that I used to do etc but I’m sure at some point it will fit as part of the balance. I think finding the sweet spot for wherever you are right now in life is the best option and if that means sticking to shorter runs right now, you are doing the right thing!


Today is a travel day–I’m currently in the Houston airport for a 7 hour layover, then I’m heading to Bogota, Colombia! :) My hardest run last week was mile repeats…bleh! The best by far was the long run that I did with my friend who was visiting–10 miles goes about 10x faster when you have a friend by your side.


Training for this marathon has been such a mental battle. The accumulated fatigue makes hitting workout splits, that used to be my easy run splits, less and less easy. I suppose that is just running, though- can’t get discouraged!
Nice work last week and love Brooke’s style!


3 x long hill this morning and it felt great. I’m at the beginning of half marathon training so that was a good confidence boost! Wait, what : a 1h05 half marathon??!! That is crazy amazing ha


WAY TO GO on your hills this morning Mel! You just inspired me to do hills this week! Excited for your half marathon training starting!!


Happy early birthday! I’m sure it’ll be so fun celebrating with your husband for the first time!
I recently found out I love brussel sprouts and yours look amazing!
That picture of Brooke and her dog is so adorable!
Your training is looking legitttt! Keep it up!


I was gonna go for a run today but it is snowing so hard that I can’t!


Oh my gosh, those brussels sprouts look amazing! Happy early birthday!

Not much going on today….had church this morning, volunteered with the kids, went to an amazing brunch, and now just laying on the couch watching Criminal Minds with my boyfriend for the afternoon. Big plans tonight to watch the Grammy’s and order Chinese food. We are wild. ;)


I hope you have a great birthday! and congrats on all the celebrating you’ll be doing this week!!


I have never been to Sundance but my 40th birthday will be here this month. I am going to go to sundance for dinner (decision made based on your blog). Is there a particular place that you go? I guess I should google the area. I live in Salt lake and don’t spend much time in Utah county. Happy birthday, btw !!!!!!!


Hardest run for me this week was the RAK Half where the women’s world record was broken! I ran it a little slower though ;) but still got my PB of 1:54:28, nine years after my first half in St. Louis and two years after having twin boys. Moms can still rock it, but you know this already!


It makes me so happy Brooke still likes and wears the Minnie Mouse jacket.

It makes me sad I missed out on dinner with you and Jess though. We definitely need to go again, please. It looks amazing. So glad you had a good time and started the celebrations off right!


Happy birthday week!!! I LOVE bread pudding, but I’ve never made it at home. I need to change that!

I’m not a Swedish fish fan, but I think of you when I see them at the store. Yes, I was reading your blog back when you talked about them a lot. :-)


We recently got a treadmill. I have a 3 year old. I’m wondering what Brooke does while you run? Will she watch tv/play etc? I can not imagine running on the treadmill and trying to keep my son entertained/away from the treadmill etc. Additionally he talks non-stop and we are in the “why” face. I want to be able to watch a show, listen to music while running. Is this possible???? Help! Lol. P.S. I”m 33 weeks pregnant- so a newborn will be added into the mix soon!

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