Silentish Saturday!

(bra, shoes #1, shoes #2, shorts)

1st 10 miles up to Silver Lake (2500 ft climbing) and back to the parking lot +  3 x 2 miles with .5 recoveries down AF canyon (some flat, a few small ups, mostly downhill): 5:54, 6:00; 5:43, 5:31; 5:17, 5:32.  <– I wanted to quit so so bad during that last mile.

This was absolutely one of the hardest workouts I have ever done.

Switched our shoes/socks, took gels and water in and got to work on the roads.

The rain started once we hit the roads which added a fun element and now my shoes are mostly brown.

Andrew drove everyone up to the trailhead and did a 13-mile ride while we ran which was fun and found us during the speed miles.

Graham crackers before a run is truly magic.

Kid party.


Movie night.


Tell me 3 things you have going on today!

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I’m on vacation so I ran 9 miles among cattle farms. I saw three calves. Nobody moo’d at me.
That’s sad about your shoes I hope you’re able to get the mud out of them.
Now it’s time for an ab workout and then taking the kids to the used CD store. My kids are old school: the listen to CD’s. They are also emo. That makes me proud.
Have a great weekend!


I hope you are having the best vacation and way to get in that run, it sounds so peaceful and gorgeous. Way to get in the abs and a used CD store, I would be proud too. You are doing a great job:). Thanks Lee, you too!


Good morning, Janae! Wow – what a workout!! At least you had some beautiful scenery :o) Brooke and Skye cracked me up with their fierce leopard faces!
Three things: 1) Easy run (feeling all the kettlebell workout from last night), 2) Painting projects in the house (never ending closet reno/expansion), and 3) seeing a play tonight (looking forward to that!)
Life has been bananas lately, so while I haven’t been commenting much, I always try to at least skim your posts. Thanks for always being a bright spot! Have an awesome weekend, Janae!!


Yes, the scenery definitely distracted from the pain haha. Not sure how they wore those leopard blankets/hoodies in July but you gotta do what you gotta do for fashion;) Way to get in the kettlebell workout and the easy run. GOOD LUCK with your house projects, they really do feel never ending and have the best time at the play! I hope this next week is a little less crazy. Thanks Janine, that means a lot. Happy weekend!


You look so strong in that first picture girl! Love it! I’m at a CrossFit camp this weekend, so who knows what they have in store for us today?! Have a beautiful day Janae!


Thank you, Jen! I’m loving strength training. Ummm CrossFit camp?! That sound both really fun and really hard. Go rock it!


Oh my goodness, those mountains are beautiful! And with the clouds… Perfect for a run.
Ping pong is so much fun! I haven’t played in years, but what a great thing to do with all the kids.
Wedding day! We’re going to head out in a couple of hours, stop by a beach we’ve never been to in south Laguna, hang out, then check into the hotel to get ready for the wedding at 6pm. It’s going to be a great evening! Lots of long time friends and neighbors. My boys are sad they won’t be there. The bride’s kids and my kids have grown up together, since kindergarten!
Have a great weekend Janae 😊


Wedding day, wahoo! Enjoy all of the festivities and time away. Enjoy every second of seeing so many important people. Maybe your boys can FaceTime in for a few minutes? Thanks Wendy, you too!


Long run this morning – 10 miles with a negative split! Super happy with my pace. I had my 2nd best time on 3 different Strava segments – my PRs are from 2012 when I was training for my first marathon. I’m starting to believe that my post-menopausal years are going to be great for running.

I came home and did 30 minutes of yoga and now I want to eat and nap!

Have a great weekend!

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