We won’t quit and my current playlist!!!

We picked up the girls from school yesterday and went straight to our favorite celebration together.

FREE FROYO day at Yogurtland.  I used to eat froyo like it was the base of my food pyramid but now we don’t go very often at all… which made the event even more special.  Brooke was just a tad bit excited.

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We were second in line and had some time to kill before the doors opened.

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Brooke has celebrated National Froyo Day every year she has been alive so this has been her fifth time attending…

We won’t be quitting this yearly thing ever.

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Although, her first time going she didn’t actually eat any froyo so this is from her third time celebrating.

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The finished product. They give you a cup for free and you fill it up.  Yes, sour gummy worms on chocolate froyo probably doesn’t sound great but I eat those first and then eat the froyo so it works out nicely.

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We sat in the car because the store was packed.   We ate together and then we took the girls home.

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Yesterday afternoon we also hit up an indoor play place for Brooke to get her running in for the day;)

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Our dinner was beyond delicious.  I think this will have to be put into a weekly rotation for us because it was so good.  We made THIS COWBOY CAVIER (although we used canned corn instead of fresh corn because we couldn’t find any fresh corn).  We added this to some grilled chicken (we use the outside grill year round:) and corn tortillas and it was heavenly.

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Story time including Brooke holding her arm up in the air for me to rub it while she places her other hand on my hand to ensure that I do not stop.

IMG 9060

According to my eyes, I was quite tired.  Brooke was not.

IMG 9052

PS the kids do this thing now where they try to get us to step on cracks outside…  I mean they may have learned doing this from me but I’m not going to fully admit to that.

IMG 2928


And here are some of my current favorite running songs!  Some old, some new, all keep me motivated to run the miles!

A random hair in my face picture.

IMG 7655

Believer by Imagine Dragons (MY NEW FAVORITE)

Levitate by Imagine Dragons

Stop by Jimmy Eat World

I Don’t Wanna Live Forever by ZAYN and Taylor Swift

Paris by The Chainsmokers

Lose Control by Timbaland

24K Magic by Bruno Mars

How Far I’ll Go by Alessia Cara

Incomplete by Alanis Morissette

Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran

Scared To Be Lonely by Martin Garrix

Just Hold On by Steve Aoki


What’s on your running playlist right now?  Do you generally listen to the same type of music for each run or switch it around often?

A food/dessert that you used to eat all of the time but rarely do anymore?  Anyone else use to eat loads of froyo each week like me?

Would you rather have a foot massage or a back massage?

-Foot.  These running feet are obsessed with foot massages.

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it’s funny because I really don’t eat frozen yogurt that much either anymore! funny how that happens. I love that new taylor swift song with ZAYN. I really love anything taylor swift because I love her lyrics!


I eat froyo like it’s going out of style. I LOVE it. I definitely consider it and Wheat Thins the two most important parts of the food pyramid.

That Taylor Swift and Zayn song is SO good! And I’m struggling to choose about your back massage or foot massage question. Both are absolutely wonderful. Can I just be greedy and say both?? :)


I have really cheesy songs on my running playlist but they’re most definitely my happy songs and I always run faster when they play – tell me ma and cotton eyed joe are firm favourites!

We don’t have a fryo here which is really annoying – they look awesome!! If I’m ever in America I’ll make sure to check it out :)

I used to eat bars and bars of white chocolate but I’ve since discovered an intolerance to dairy so I’m had to cut them out which is seriously upsetting! Ben & Jerry ice-cream used to also be a weekly treat but I’ve had to give that up to :( Although I’m slowly getting used to homemade banana ice-cream and although it’s not quite the same, it’s an ok replacement :)


Not sure if you know this, but Ben and Jerry’s now has four flavors of non-dairy ice cream (made with almond milk) and they are AMAZING. You would have to check your local stores, but we can buy it at our regular grocery store and Target.


Thank you Jenny!! I didn’t realise they’d done this – although I’ve just googled and apparently they’re still just in the US :( Hopefully they’ll come to the UK soon because they sound amazing!


I used to eat froyo almost every night when I first moved to Colorado. There used to be a froyo shop next to Chipotle and my friend and I would eat Chipotle and froyo every single night. I had a super healthy diet haha
Still Breathing by Green Day is my newest favorite running song. I tend to list to the same playlist over and over again until I get sick of it.


If I run with music, I put on the Above & Beyond podcast of the week. But I LOVE the Imagine Dragons song. SO SO good.


Levitate is such a good song, nice! I like a wide variety spanning from Disney songs to rap to bubblegum pop to alternative. It gets interesting when you switch from the “Brave” soundtrack to Young Jeezy…


Brooke’s hair is so gorgeous. I wish so badly that my hair was as long and thick as hers is!

I’m having such a hard time putting together a workout playlist right now that I don’t skip through most of the songs, so I appreciate the recommendations! I am notorious for listening to the first 30 seconds or so of a song and then skipping it, but I’m really trying to intentionally put together playlists that make me not want to do that anymore. However, I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of listening to “Welcome to the Jungle.” Random, but so good.

Oh, and I think I actually prefer a head massage over a foot or back massage…


Honestly I’ll take a foot or a back massage. I am not picky… although I do think the head massage is the best :) Puts me right to sleep lol

Right now I am listening to a curated Total Request Live playlist in google music and … man those were the good old days! :D


Mmmmmm back massage! My lower back is always cranky!


Lately I’ve been loving the Hamilton Mixtape. It has so many cool versions of the songs from the musical! Some of my favorites are My Shot, Wrote My Way Out, Satisfied, It’s Quiet Uptown, and Burn. I also love Believer and just added it to my playlist!


I can’t believe how old Brooke is getting. Plus her hair is so long! I haven’t had froyo in a long time. I actually haven’t had ice cream in awhile. I need to work on this situation.


My running playlist is full of Imagine Dragons and the Killers. Though probably my favorite running song is an oldie–Break it Down Again by Tears for Fears. It gets me through the tough parts.


Your dinner looks delicious. It’s tough to go wrong with anything that has that much avocado on it!

I like to switch up what I’m listening to when I’m working out. If I listen to a playlist too often I get tired of it and I therefore have less motivation to work hard during my workout.


I am one of those strange persons who still run with a IPOD and I listen to my favorite radio morning show! I love the entertainment between the music (the radio hosts on this station are hilarious) and I also love the music variety. Ran in -5F this morning, so froyo will wait for a while :-)


Bruno Mars’ 24 K Magic is my JAM right now!!!! I also just rediscovered Coldplay’s Adventure of a Lifetime and have been jamming to that on runs :)


Definitely a back massage. My feet are too ticklish. :)
I haven’t listened to much music. Been in podcast land lately.

Bananas are the one food I go from not eating all year to eating daily the following year. Odd.


I used to eat loads of cottage cheese, but now I always forget to pick it up when I’m at the store. I always enjoy it when I have it again, but I have to get back into the habit of buying it.

Right now, I would totally go for a back massage. Carrying around my five month old throughout most of the day = one sore back. But really, any massage is good for me. :)


I change things up on my music play list every couple of weeks. And I tend to get stuck on repeat. Right now I’m loving the Hamilton Mixtape.
I try not to eat m&ms everyday. I used to eat cheerios all the time but then my stomach decided dairy is the devil and now even two decades later I still struggle to remember to buy a different type of milk for myself.
100% foot massage. Back massages hurt.


I listen mostly to Christian artists like TobyMac, Mercy Me, Newsboys and Mandisa. I also like oldies like DeGarmo & Key, Bryan Duncan and Sweet Comfort Band. They have to have an upbeat tempo and I like the positive themes in the songs!

Back massage, followed by a foot massage :)


I just worked on my 10k play list I have a few of the same, but some others that I have are Shape of You by Ed Sheeran, Body Like a Back Road by Sam Hunt, Classic by MKTO, and some Eminem and T.I.

I will probably always be an ice cream/froyo kind of gal! I can pretty much pass up everything else but not froyo or ice cream :)

I would love to have a back massage!


I’d rather have a back massage! My upper back is really tight.


Definitely back/shoulder massages-my shoulders stay pretty tight.


I dont really listen to music while I run. Totally use it as quite time.
Crazy thing-now that we live in a small mountain town….no FROYO!! Kind of crazy. I miss it. We do have ice cream for dessert almost every night. Just a scoop though. Sweets fix.


I want to have a human to sit and tickle/rub my foot/arm/back whatever WHILE they simultaneously read to me. Brooke has it MADE.

I used to have fro yo weekly. Nay. Several times a week. Then Maverick got rid of their fro yo and the convenience factor when down 100 notches and I only have it a few times a year. I’m still bitter about it, actually. Probably will be till the day I die.


Haha I love that you run to How Far I’ll Go because I secretly love that song too!


I wish you would set up your Playlists on Spotify so I could follow you!

Totally back massage. My neck gives me lots of problems.


I used to eat a lot of pasta but I don’t eat it that much any more. (I still enjoy it though).

I have really tight shoulders and an achy middle back so I think I prefer a back massage. Plus I hate when the masseuse pulls on my toes, it’s an ick feeling for me.

Have you tried TJs roasted corn? It’s frozen but I use it to pump up flavor in some dishes. (it defrosts nicely).


Have you ever created a Spotify playlist? It would be great to have a link to a Spotify list that you have created with your fav tuning songs for your readers ;) just a thought!


Well that is a really great idea! I will start doing that! THANK YOU PAIGE!!!!


I looove Believer by Imagine Dragons too! ❤️


wow that froyo looks soo good. Also the cowboy caviar is a great idea, I should try it!! Would love a back massage, I never quite understood the foot massage thing.. it tickles and its weird to have someone touchign your feet so much..


I’m all over the board with my running playlist! It looks a lot like yours right now. How far I’ll go is perfect for my pace to run to the beat–I love love it! And I just bought believer a couple days ago and love it too! One that’s not on your list that is probably in my top 3 faves is called “Never Give Up” by Sia. Such a good one!
I don’t remember the last time I had a froyo! ? Your post made me want one! I’m usually more of a cookie person. And cold stone is another weakness..
And that is a toss up between foot and back rubs… if I had my choice right this second I’d head rub.

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