FINALLY a workout that clicked, things to talk about and treadmill marathons?!

IT HAPPENED!  First, see that little burn by my seatbelt?  I noticed it the other night but have ZERO remembrance of burning myself there?  Maybe I have been sleep curling my hair in the middle of the night or something.  Weird.

Anyways, the kids wanted to do kid’s club at the gym so we went on over there and I got on the treadmill.  It has felt like almost a month since my last really good speed workout so I went into this one telling myself that a good one was GOING to happen that day.  Mind games are necessary going into speed workouts for me.

Gotta love sweat marks on our shirts;)

I started off with a 1 mile warm-up while watching and then started my tempo.  I told myself the goal was 6 miles at tempo pace and that I was going to do 8 if I was feeling amazing.  The miles started clicking by and I was wondering when I was going to start feeling like I had been the last few weeks of speed workouts. The last 3ish miles were tough but I felt like I was in control of the pace more than the pace owning me like the last few weeks.  I got to 8 miles into the tempo and decided to go to 9 since I cut my last workout short:)  1 mile cool-down and 11 miles for the day (tempo @ 6:51 average pace).  It only takes one really great run to make all of those hard runs since your last great one completely worth it.

Running amnesia is real (proof: if you have ever run a 1/2 marathon or marathon and signed up to run another one because I am guessing during your first one you kept repeating to yourself you are never going to do this again).

IMG 9264

Just a bunch of random things I feel like discussing with you today.

**I bought these donut shoes (from Vans) a long time ago and her feet are finally big enough to fit into them.  I was pretty happy about it.

IMG 9242

**Whoever created the idea of doing a half-sandwich and half-salad combo at restaurants, thank you for letting me have the best of both worlds.  Also, pesto is amazing.

IMG 9266

**Where’s Waldo has been a big deal at our house right now.

IMG 9271

**We are finding him all over the place.

IMG 9272

**Yesterday was warm enough for another day at the park.  PS it seems as though we have switched places weather-wise with the east coast.

IMG 9288

**The kid’s faces as they prepare to swing are my favorites.

IMG 9321

IMG 9309

**The only way to ensure Beretta leaves the park tired is by playing fetch using the baseball bat so she has to run across the entire park multiple times to get the ball.

IMG 9284

**They are learning how to pump their legs when they swing but I pretend they still need me to push them.

IMG 9300

**For our family night last night (we do something more special/family time each Thursday night) we made Valentine’s Day cards for their grandmas and Mer.  We did a little lesson, had sweet potatoes before (my skin is a little less orange than usual so I take it that that means I need more sweet potatoes) for dinner and a little ice cream for a treat.

IMG 9327

**Mom, get excited because Knox included a crayon and a 5 dollar bill in your card.

IMG 9328

**Brooke actually really needs this shirt… she believes it;)

IMG 9168

**Andrew and I watched this 60 minutes episode the other day.   Have secret motors been used to cheat in pro cycling?  The episode is about how engines may have been on different cycling bikes since 1988!  They showed the little motors and how they are placed and how they work.  So sad that these have been used by a few different competitors in MAJOR things like the Tour de France for years.

Screen Shot 2017 02 07 at 10 23 18 PM

**A little warmth outside= salads sound good daily again!  As soon as it snows again (because Utah always tricks us for a little bit with good weather) I’ll be back to hot foods all of the time.

IMG 9205

**I am actually worried that I am becoming a little too attached to this show.  I don’t know how much longer my emotions can handle all of the ups and downs in This Is Us.  I.Cry. Every. Episode.

IMG 9277

**Alli and I have been emailing back and forth and she told me about her treadmill marathon and I had to share it with you guys.  I did a treadmill marathon 6ish years ago so I love to hear from others that have too:

“I had run the LA marathon the year before and it rained the ENTIRE time.  In my photos I look like a drowned rat.  And bc I live in Santa Monica I didn’t even bring keys and was just going to walk home with my boyfriend who was waiting for me at the end but because everyone had a million umbrellas we couldn’t find each other and I don’t run with a cell phone.  My Mylar blanket fell off while I was walking and I literally had never been colder!! Ha I’m originally from Miami and have only ever lived in SF and LA since.  I walked inside a store near the finish and asked to borrow the phone and for hot tea!  Ha and my boyfriend found me and we walked home.  Soooo anyway the next year he and I both signed up to run it but there was rain in the forecast! Ha and the day before the race we drove to the gym to just run three short miles (which we would have done outside but it was POURING and miserable).  So I decided no way was I running the next day in the rain again— I had already done it!  So I got on the treadmill in the gym (and I was wearing my least favorite running clothes because I thought it was going to be a quick three mile run) and ran an entire marathon!!  Ha!  My boyfriend showed up to meet me around the time he knew I would finish and had made signs at home and brought them!!!  It was spectacular.  I ‘qualified’ for Boston for the first time but I guess it didn’t really count;)

And then of course the next day rained for five minutes before the race started and then it was the most beautiful day ever!  But it all worked out really well because I was able to drive my boyfriend to the start so he didn’t have to take the busses at 5 a.m. and I met up with him with a mile or so to go and ran the end of the race with him!  He qualified for Boston for his first time too which I would not have been able to see if I had been running the race because he’s quite a bit faster than I am (as in has since run a marathon in under three hours)!”

IMG 2025


Ever told yourself that you are NEVER doing this again during a race and then signing up for another one later?

What are your Friday night plans?

Have a long run this weekend?  HOW FAR? 

What type of headphones do you use?  I keep losing mine and going back to one of the million iPhone headphones that we have.  

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I love all of y’all’s pics together. So happy that so much has changed for you this past year and has brought you so much joy!! :) I’m hoping one day I will have something similar. My Friday night probably won’t involve much other than relaxation. I do need to catch up on This Is Us, though!

After my first half marathon, I told myself no way would I ever run two of those things in a row for a full (that was a lie), and I said I would never run a half again. The half is actually now my favorite distance to race. It’s funny some of the things we say or think that simply aren’t true when it comes to running.


I’ve burnt the tips of my fingers before and not realized it before. I guess it doesn’t hurt too badly?

Those donught shoes are fantastic.

It’s been nearly two years since my last marathon. I’ll never say never but I don’t enjoy that distance. ;)


What distance do you enjoy instead?


I’m running the Hot Chocolate 15K in Nashville tomorrow morning with one of my best (and running) friends. We did this race 2 years ago and the temperature was in the 20’s. Tomorrow’s forecast is calling for 58 degrees at the start and party cloudy – perfect! You would love this race because they hand out little bowls of chocolate at the end and goodies like pretzels to dip in it. Also, the swag is a great sweatshirt:) Should be a fun run! Have a great weekend!


I can’t imagine doing a marathon on the treadmill!!! Major kudos!

I told myself I’d NEVER do another half marathon after my first one and then 5 months later signed up for my first marathon…

Speaking of which, I’m flying to LA tonight to run a half there on Sunday! Mario Lopez is the race MC, no biggie ;)

I use the Bose athletic ones. They’re not wireless but I like them well enough I don’t run with music often though, usually just on the treadmill


Annie, GOOD LUCK ON SUNDAY!!! I cannot wait to hear how it goes for you. Say hi to Mario for me;)


I always end up back at the iPhone headphones too! I probably like them the best lol. sounds funny. not sure how long my long run will be tomorrow but it will most likely be on the treadmill this week after yesterday’s blizzard. have a great weekend!


I’m doing my first 5 mile run today! Wish me luck. It’s the longest I’ve ever gone, and only half of what I need to do for the race in April, so that makes me nervous.

I use the regular Apple headphones, but I don’t really like them for running. They always stop working or get fuzzy. I think it might be from sweat. Do I sweat from my ears? LOL.


Good luck. You’re in good shape if you’re half way to your distance for April. :) Just take it workout by workout.


LYNN!!! How did your run go today!?!?! Haha… my headphones do that too! I guess we have ear sweat;)


Just curious…how do you determine the pace for your tempo runs?


Hey Caroline!! I usually do my tempo at around race pace. So for my next race I would love around a 6:48 so I am happy with anything around that! Here is a post that I wrote where I explain how I do my different paces:

Thanks and have a beautiful weekend!


I think I need to quit This is US while I’m happy with it. I’m worried about the rest of the season.


I am too… really worried. I did NOT like how it ended this week!


Wow I cannot imagine running that far on a treadmill! That’s crazy!
Colorado is having really nice weather too. It’s supposed to be in the 70’s today! I’m hoping to get a quick run in between my personal training sessions.
I tell myself that every time I run that I’m done lol. Then I find myself signing up for more races.
I run in Bose headphones. I don’t remember the exact type but they’re specifically for sports. I’ve had them for over three years now and love them.


Running amnesia is so real… too real!
Long run this weekend is 16 and if I get the sleep I need, it will be a tough workout so horrah for that!
If I had a nickle for every pair of headphones I lost/broke/just fizzed out, I would have enough money to buy a small family of champion hunting dogs. That is a LOT of money ;)

Have a good weekend and so glad you had a great workout!


Jealous of your nice weather – yeah, it has been wacky here in MA – snow Tuesday, 50s Wednesday, blizzard yesterday, sub zero today. Need 5 miles this weekend (I am currently concentrating on 5 miles or less- trying to lose weight and I have a hard time doing that when I run more) – Hoping to do it outside, but additional snow this weekend may prevent that. Though I do have Yaktraks so I may try to run on a bike trail with them (but I am a total wimp driving in the snow so if it is snowing when I need to run, I may head to the basement instead :( )


I hope the weather gets better for you SOON! What a crazy week it has been in MA! Good luck on your run this weekend and let me know how it goes! Hopefully you can get out but I’m a wuss in the winter and hit the treadmill a lot and love it:)


I am also addicted to THIS IS US….and just like you, I cry every time.
This last week’s show is a good reminder of how important it is to always have those “date nights” to keep your marriage “fresh”. Years from now, when the kids are gone and it is just you and Andrew, you will appreciate the time that you took and not look at each other and say “Who are you again?”. We’ve been married for 35 years and I can honestly say that I am more in love with my husband now than ever….we have ALWAYS took time for US, even when our children were little and we were crazy busy with them.
I could go on and on about this subject and offer tons of advice about it..but I better stop. :)
Friday night plans involve some home renovations that we are working on (we do this kind of stuff in the winter so that we can “play” in the summer months).


That is EXACTLY what I was thinking about while watching this episode! Thank you for the reminder and sharing your experience, kids keep Andrew and I so busy but we need to remember to take time for the two of us! We get to go out just the two of us on Monday and I am counting down the minutes:) Thank you Cindy, I LOVE your comments! Have fun doing the home renovations and can’t wait for those summer play months!


Those donut shoes are adorable!

We’re celebrating my brother’s birthday tonight.


Those donut shoes are amazing! Also, I’m totally with you on the salad/sandwich combo. My favorite.

I ran my first half marathon in October and did well but couldn’t wait for it to be done, and of course I’m already considering signing up fro another…

My Friday night plans are babysitting the three little girls I used to nanny for three years. It makes me sad how big they are getting, but so fun to get to see them grow up.

Have a great weekend! :)


I had been wanting new headphones for awhile and couldn’t find ones that stayed in well on a run. I finally caved and bought a pair of Beats by Dre headphones and they were the best purchase ever! Slightly expensive but I love them!


I did my first triathlon last fall and of course said I’d never do one again. Now I’m hoping to not only do one but also double the distance :)

Love the donut shoes! Hope you guys have a great weekend :)


Hi! I love your denim shirt! Where is it from? I’ve been looking for a new one! Mine now has a hole in the sleeve :(


Thank you so much Kate! I got that one from Old Navy about two years ago but each year they have great ones out for Spring. Good luck and have an awesome weekend!


So far, I haven’t got to a point of “There’s no way I’m doing this again” In races.

I love Brooke’s shirt:) and the type of headphones that I use are the ones that comes with the Iphone.


Give us back our weather :'( We had like three 70 degree days in a row and then we had snow. It’s too cold!


NOOOO I am so so sorry Meagan! Spring needs to be here for everyone ASAP!!!


Haha – not only have I told myself I was never running a marathon again, I have SWORN I was never going to run again! Yeah, that lasted until probably after I had showered! lol

Headed out for drinks with a girlfriend I haven’t seen in a while – looking forward to it!


Friday night plans = do essay.

I don’t think I’ll ever do a marathon on the treadmill–too monotonous! I need some scenery and outdoor air. I applaud those who can, though.

Also, if you like salad and sandwhiches, you’ll LOVE SOUPS and sandwhiches. They’re even more perfectly made to be together.


It’s been a while, but I just have to say, I started watching This is us a little late in the game and am pacing myself through it so I only let myself watch one episode a week as my “me time”. Anyway, I’m starting to get nervous but I’m also liking Kevin more than I previously did.


I have the same thoughts! I’m nervous now too about some of the things and Kevin has definitely grown on me. Keep me updated with your thoughts Jenny!


I did my long run yesterday in preparation for Boston of 14 miles. I have a 10 weeks old little boy so I have to move things around to when I can have a family member watch him. Tomorrow is a shorter but quicker run – though still looking forward to it!


Brooke’s tongue while she is batting is too cute!

I’ve only run 2 marathons and both times, I knew they would be my last but lo and behold I’m signed up for another one this year.

I am helping my MIL move this weekend. But that also means we are bringing over pizza and Baja Fresh so that’ll make it a little better :)

This weekend will be 9, so not too bad :)

I use Beats wireless. The Jaybirds just wouldn’t stay in my ear and it made me crazy. The Beats fit well, but I can still hear a lot of background noise, which is great for running outside.


I got the beats wireless sport on a Black Friday special at Target. My first attempt at wireless. Have worn them on several runs, up to 3 hours. Loving them so far.


For about 6 miles during my first marathon I told myself never again. But the adrenaline of the finish line had me signing up for another one!

We are staying in tonight, suppose to get a bunch more rain – yay for the end of the California drought! Also, we’re flying to Hawaii on Tuesday (last minute business trip) so I need to start working on that.

I might do a long bike ride this weekend if it’s not too wet. I’ll be off the bike while we are in Hawaii for 2 weeks.

I have ancient iPhone headphones that I use. Would really love a good recommendation for wireless that stay in without hurting!


I have iBlast with ear clips. They Have Great SOUND and don’t fall out of my ears. I have no idea what’s going on with the caps there.
I’m doing 8 tomorrow before work. I’ll start increasing mileage in a few weeks when I start training for a half marathon on 4/29.
Brooke’s shoes are awesome! Your mom is one lucky girl to receive that valentine from Knox!


Thank you so much Lee for the recommendation! I can’t wait to check them out:) Enjoy your 8 miles tomorrow and yay for half marathon training! Enjoy your weekend Lee!


You’re definitely taking sleep walking to the next level…I hope your burn gets better soon.<3

Brooke needs the 'I run the show' t-shirt…all the amazing girls here should have one too!

EVERY time when I am running a marathon I think to myself 'why am I doing this, I'm never doing it again'..but the feeling when you cross the finish line is like no other and you are more than excited to sign up for your next one. It's EXACTLY like having a baby!


I have really bad luck with headphones. The ear buds are a touch too big so after a whole they will start to hurt. Over the ear headphones feel too clunky and warm for runs on treadmills.

I guess I’m like goldilocks when it comes to headphones. Not too big and not too small.

I found my “just right” with in ear headphones that have a bit of plastic to wrap around the back of my ears. This keeps them on while allowing the in ear piece to be slim and not snug.


Ahh I’m in love with Brooke’s donut shoes:). And I remember those Where’s Waldo books, those were awesome! As far as headphones go, I am always using old iphone or samsung headphones. I need a good new pair!


Such a good (and ironic) story about the treadmill marathon!! Too funny!


*I just finished Gilmore Girls for the first time and wow thanks for that recommendation!
Also your friend in Santa Monica is close to me and Ihate all precipitation currently. Except it might change later so don’t hold me to it.
*I use crappy iPhone headphones because of the dongle issue. I prefer over the ear kind because I’ve never gotten used to the “in my ear” thing. I think my ears are sensitive because some earrings are just too dang heavy.

I have had these headphones for over a year now…my hubby has them too. i used them to train and run a HALF and since then have used them on many gym trips and runs. we both LOVE them and they are on sale for super cheap right now! We paid $99–so at $39 I am thinking i Need to get my teenager some!


Those look awesome and $39 right now? That is amazing… I’m going to have to get some! THANK YOU!! Have a great weekend Amanda.


You really need to get wireless earphones. I was so tired with fighting with the wires! They are amazing and I would never go back. Also, knowing your love of sweet potatoes equals mine. :) you have got to try sweet potato soup. Its super easy to make, the same consistency as tomato soup and so, so yummy!


AHHHH I need to try that asap! Have a good recipe you recommend? I used to do wireless earphones and I LOVED them. I need to get back to using those! Thanks so much Anne!


I have 16 miles on the schedule for Sunday, but I’m going to run the mileage tomorrow (Saturday) instead since there’s rain in the forecast for Sunday. Is that bad? ;)


My friday night plans are to work :( I’ve been traveling so I have to catch up on lost time

I only use Skullcandy earbuds! Nothing else works for me, especially running


Today I got off work a little before 3. Took my daughter and her teammate to the tennis club for some practice with friends. Then took her to work and I hit the trails with my dog at the lake. It was 66 degrees, sunny, and fantastic!!


My husband was a doctor at UCLA during the rainy LA marathon and they had more cases of hypothermia than ever before! He even did a big presentation at a few different hospitals after. It was pretty crazy!


HI Dayna! That’s nuts! This is Alli (the crazy treadmill marathoner ;)) and I guess I’m super lucky it wasn’t any worse than just being a bit miserable! Thanks to your husband for helping all the poor runners!


Yup!! The weather over here on the east coast is snowy, which means lots of treadmill running. My treadmill is in the garage so it’s still super cold.
10-12 miles on the treadmill at some point this weekend. I want to do it this afternoon but I’m getting my hair done. Don’t really want to get my hair done and then get it al sweaty.
Ran the Philadelphia marathon in November, got back to the hotel and registered for my next. Of course I’m the course I was asking myself why I do this to myself.


May need to get Brooke’s doughnut shoes in my size! I love the yurbuds earphones! I actually just found some for sale at Marshall’s the other day for $5.99!! :)


I LOVE her donut shoes!!! Y’all should get a Chuck-it for Beretta – makes it so much easier to throw the ball super far and tire them out :)

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