What PACE should we do for our workouts and life updates.

I can’t even explain in words without using hand motions and very expressive facial expressions how amazing it felt to run outside in FORTY FIVE degree weather.  I didn’t even have to wear gloves.  Heck, I could have gotten away with running shorts.  It was just what I needed.  I went without a garmin and without music.  I think I got in about 9 miles yesterday and it was one of those runs where you feel every emotion there ever was… running is always my favorite way to sort through things.   Some people close to me are going through beyond tough things right now and my heart just broke for them the entire time.

It rained for the entire run but visors/hats make me love running in the rain.  No rain on my face during a rainy run means I’m happy.

So grateful for a non-snowing day.

IMG 6467

Later on in the day we went to get groceries for my parents and then to eat lunch with them.

IMG 6489

My dad came out of his room (he is just supposed to spend the majority of the day in the dark with no electronics etc) to talk for a bit.  He is getting more and more back to himself.   He wanted to hear about some of the things he was saying while he was in the hospital… like when the nurse asked him his name and he started singing, “M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E.”   Or when he told my nephew he was the favorite grandchild haha.  Oh and also how he thought he bought us a brand new house… yeah, nope ha;)

IMG 6492

We had my mom’s carrot cake for dessert.

IMG 6491

Here is the recipe in case you love carrot cake (she got it from one of her friends).

IMG 6510

We hung out and talked for a little while and Brooke pretended Andrew was a slide.

IMG 6513

My dad brought out my mom’s gorgeous pictures that he has of her:)

IMG 6512

And Brooke went from cuddling to

IMG 6504

pretending she was a dog like she always does at my parents’ house.

IMG 6509

Starting the week off right with the Baron special.  I think I need to make this meal for you just so you can understand why we eat it five times a week;)

IMG 6521

Our evening with Brooke consisted of three things:

1.  Dr. Seuss.

IMG 6531

2.  The lion whisperer.

IMG 6537

3.  A little project we are working on for my grandma.

IMG 6527

Time for a tempo run today… I’m weirdly excited about it.


***Please note that the below portion is a healthy mixture of my own opinion and information from a book and some from the internet.  I am not a running coach but I love running and I talk about it a lot so clearly my opinion means something;)***


We see and read all about different training plans, workouts and runs that other people are doing.  Tempo runs, intervals, easy runs, long runs etc.  I get questions often about how to know what pace you should be running at for these different types of runs.  If you aren’t training with a heart rate monitor it is even a little bit trickier to figure out exactly where you should be!  I just wanted to take a minute today and go through the different types of runs and what paces we should go!

PS most of my information is coming from this book because it is my go to for running information so when I put something in quotation marks I’ll be quoting below goodness:

Photo on 1 9 17 at 3 52 PM

Easy Runs!  “An easy run is usually defined as one that lasts anywhere between 20 minutes and 2.5 hours at an intensity of 55-75 percent of VO2 max.  Because most of us don’t have the means to get VO2 max tested, the next best thing is to look at a pace per mile.  The Hansons Half-Marathon Method calls for easy runs to be paced 1:30-2:30 minutes slower than goal race pace.”  So, if race pace for you is 7:30 then on your easy runs you are running between 9:00-10:00 minute miles.  My goal race pace currently is a 6:50 for my next race (hoping to drop that a bit) and so my easy run is usually right around an 8:34 which is 1:44 slower than race pace for me.  I take easy runs as the day to really just enjoy things.  To be able to talk to whoever I’m running with, to take in the scenery, to read while running on the treadmill etc.  Doing that mentally prepares me to take on the harder runs where you have to be more focused and your body is working a whole lot harder.  These easy runs prepare you to avoid mental and physical burnout by splitting up the hard stuff.

Speed Workouts!  Now these ones are a little bit trickier.  Because these vary greatly (i.e. 400m repeats vs 2 mile repeats etc), the paces obviously vary greatly too!  According to my favorite book above, repeats that are 1-3 miles per repeat are done about 10 seconds faster than race pace.  They refer to the shorter repeats (less than a mile or intervals that last 2-6 minutes) and for these shorter repeats—> “bases speed work on 5k and 10k goal times.”  When it comes to speed workouts, I feel like there are usually more guidelines listed on the specific workout.  IE this workout I am supposed to do soon:

Screen Shot 2017 01 09 at 4 27 24 PM

I will take what my 10k pace is (I am thinking it is right around a 6:20-6:25 at my current fitness level) so my mile repeats will be at a 6:30-6:35.  If you are using a training plan that lists different speed workouts without more guidelines, maybe try to find similar workouts online to figure out the pace that they should be run at.

Tempo Runs!  “The tempo run is completed at goal race pace.  You should run at goal pace, even early on when it may feel easy.  It will take a good number of tempo workouts before you fully internalize the pace and can regulate your runs based on feel.  What does change throughout training is the distance of these workouts.”  This is how I train.  This is how I like to tempo.  For 1/2 marathon training I like to run the pace that I am shooting for on race day and SOMETIMES about 5 seconds faster than race pace (I don’t have any proof to back up doing this tempo pace 5 seconds faster, I just personally like to do it sometimes to give me some mental confidence for race day).  Now when I had a running coach, he usually had me tempo at about 10-15 seconds faster than race pace but that was for the MARATHON.  For the 1/2 marathon I think it is harder to go too much faster during the tempo in order to keep it in the ‘comfortably hard’ place.  Too much faster and it turns into a speed workout.  But for the marathon, you are going at a little bit slower pace compared to your half marathon pace so when I tempo for the marathon I speed it up a bit.  This brings the pace to that comfortably hard place and due to the fact that you are tempoing 8 miles or something for a 26.2 race, having it a little bit faster builds some strength/endurance to hold on to your ideal race pace for this longer race.  Just something that I do, take it or leave it:)

Runner’s World recommends these different point for finding the right tempo for you:

Screen Shot 2017 01 09 at 4 12 30 PM

Long Runs! “If you are new to running, or new to running longer distances, the first goal is to simply build your endurance.  In that case, running slow enough to be able to cover the distance is the objective… We generally coach runners to hold an easy to moderate pace throughout a long run.  If you are new to the half-marathon, err on the easy side of pacing as you become accustomed to the longer distances. More advanced runners should maintain a moderate pace because their muscles have already adapted to the stress of such feats of endurance.  In the big picture of training, when you avoid overdoing these lengthy workouts, you reap more benefits and avoid the potential downfalls of overtraining.”  For me personally, on the long run I am usually with friends and I just run whatever pace they are going (unless it is too fast for me).  I see the long run more as my time to catch up on everything with my running friends and time on my feet.  When I was training for a fast marathon my coach had me do a lot of fast finish long runs (i.e. the last 6-10 miles of the long run were fast).  Where I am at now—>  my body is tired from the tempo and speed done during the week and I don’t want to kill it off and get injured/overtrained by pushing it too hard on the long run so I stick to that easy-moderate side for sure.

Post long-run snuggles are my favorite.

IMG 1420


What about you… how do YOU pace your different types of run workouts?  What’s your favorite one out of them all? What training plan have you found works best for you?  What about—>  how many days of running works best for you when training for a race? Who has a spring race that is starting to train for soon? Meal that is eaten most often by everyone at your house?

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Your my m and your sissy spitting images of each other! Holy cow! So pretty!


I meant mom, cold fingers and typing, not a good mix. ;) Oh, and Happy belated birthday to your sister and I hope your dad is feeling better.


I really want to try that grilled cheese with turkey thing. It always looks so delicious when you post pics! And soup has sounded good lately, too.

I typically run six days a week, and I follow somewhat similar guidelines for pacing that you posted. Sometimes I do my tempos a bit faster than my goal race (if the race is a half marathon), and I’ve actually really come to love the tempo workouts. It’s weird. :) And I can’t explain this one, either, but I really LOVE hill workouts! I can’t say I’m a huge fan of hills during races, but I enjoy training on them.


I’m training for a full marathon in April! I have a few races during training just to keep me motivated, and my first one is mid-February. I love/hate tempo runs, because they help my training SO MUCH but they hurt SO MUCH. Mile repeats are probably my favorite kind of speed workout :)


Great running information. Thank you for the explanations. I really like Luke Hanson’s approach as well. Great post!!


i haven’t planned any races just yet but I usually run the same long island half every may! my son and I totally don’t eat anything the same anymore now that he thinks he is too cool for just about anything I would like. although we both enjoy dessert :)


That carrot cake looks delicious!! Thank you for sharing the recipe :)

During marathon training season, I run 5 days a week and swim 2 days a week. During winter/off season, I run 6 days a week and swim once a week. Helps keep my injuries down when I amp up pool time!

No spring races currently planned but would love to sign up for one … Any good recommendations out there?!?


Thank you so much for explaining pace work – I find it really difficult to know what I should be doing so I will definitely be taking that on board! My favourite run is my long run – I find it the hardest because I burn out quickly but it is such a sense of achievement when I finish it and it means I can eat whatever I want for the rest of the day without feeling guilty which is always a bonus!

I’ve got my first spring marathon at the end of April so I’m currently training 4 days a week. It’s hard getting them in in between gym sessions and work but I’m slowly getting used to it :)

I can’t believe how much your sister and mum look alike, it’s scary!!


Hahaha your dad told the doctor his name is mickey mouse! I’m so glad he’s feeling better :)

I had my best training cycle when I was running 6 days per week with 1 speed day, 1 tempo day and 1 long run day and all the rest easy runs! :)


We had grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner last night, my 18 month old loves dunking the sandwich in her soup. :)

We have a lot of pizza, either homemade or take out, and turkey burgers… Quick and easy meals. Tonight we are having those easy chicken fajitas you posted last week.

I have a spring half I will begin training for next month. Yay treadmills! I have limited options training during the week with my husband working evenings.

Have a great day and I hope your dad is doing better! <3


It sounds like your dad has a great sense of humor, being able to laugh at himself while he was in the hospital. One time my dad got sedation while at the dentist and he was saying/doing all kinds of weird things when he got home. I’m glad your dad is feeling better.


I’ll be starting to train for my spring half marathon soon. Just trying to get my hamstrings healthy. I haven’t done true speed or tempo work in so long. My long/ slow runs are usually 11ish min miles so I just try for 10min tempos and 9 min strides. I don’t think I’ve done an actual interval speed workout since 2014. I used to do that on the treadmill at the gym. I would alternate 5 minutes super fast and 1 minute super slow. I hate complicated so that worked for me. I actually PRed that year in the marathon. Now I just want to run 3 easy miles and not have it feel hard lol.


This was a very well-done post and was super insightful.
Thank you for putting this together!
I have my first marathon in spring and my fitness is currently not at its peak- meaning, a lot of my workouts are pretty different than they were months ago. But a workout is a workout, so I will put that money in the bank, even if it feels like pennies.


Hey Janae,

such GREAT photos of your beautiful Mom!! LOVE. And yessss your sister really looks similar! (Well you both do but your sister especially, maybe because of her hairstyle?!) I’m really glad your Dad seems to be on the mend – have been thinking of him, you, and your Mom especially the last days and sending all good wishes.

We most often eat chocolate and drink tea but in terms of actual MEALs, probably our weird salads with veggie schnitzel or fish finger toppings, toast / sandwiches and soup and pasta… In summer more bbq and salad, in winter more pasta and soup!

Hugs from Germany,


hey Lucy I live in Germany, too! Hope you are tolerating the winter weather wherever you are!



Hey Kelly!

I am up in the frozen north, nearest big city is Hamburg. At the moment it is just a LOT of grey and rain!! Where are you based?



Lucy-wasn’t there flooding up north? I am in SNOWY Bavaria. Finally, snow. Stay warm and dry!


Yes, lots of flooding always but luckily not where we live! Ah, Bavaria! In the snow! I feel like I live in regular ol’ Germany and you live in the picture postcard version ;-) Enjoy the snow!! x


This was very interesting to read. Have you ever considered on becoming a running coach?

I’m steel working on properly pacing my different types of runs. I stick to easy paces for long runs, and now that I’m starting to set goals for racing times I will definitely track my paces more carefully . I could say that four days of running is what currently works best for me. I would normally do cross training and strength exercises on the days where I don’t run.

I started running using the Galloway Method, but now I would like to research more about the Hansons Method because I’ve heard a lot about it.


Your mom is so pretty! What a cute pictures. I tried doing four days of running a week since this is my first marathon and it went well only because I didn’t run three days in a row. My shins were still adjusting and maybe I could do it now but I added spin class to continue with the cardio but lay off my knees and shins. I am using the Hal Hidgons method but can’t wait to explore more! I like speed work, I didn’t get too much of it this training cycle so I’m hopeful to add some more after marathon training. Something about that out of breath feeling is just so awesome.


Glad to hear your dad is recovering. I am still keeping you and your family in my prayers Janae.

I find doing easy run 1.5-2mins slower than half marathon pace works for me. Right now my goal pace is 6:23 and I’ve been doing easy runs around 8:30. I never sweat if they are slower and tend to do a ton of untimed runs too. My favorite workouts lately have been track because I feel like you get them over much quicker.


I’m training for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler this spring! I’m so excited. I do this race every year, but the 5k, so this is the first time I’m running the whole 10 miles.


My husband and I could eat grilled salmon and veggies every night!


I’m a big fan of Pete Pfitzinger’s approach, so I use his pacing guidelines–lots of LRs with marathon-paced miles in the middle (like 2 warmup, 16 at MP, 2 cool down). Easy days are 2:20 slower than goal pace, and most of the other stuff at VO2 max. Last night I put my older kids to bed randomly ran 13.1 on the treadmill waiting for my baby to wake up and my legs still felt pretty good for an easy 5 this morning, so I think it’s time to crank up my paces again now that my baby is 3 months old. I’m not sure yet about my spring races other than a marathon relay with my kids, but I’m super excited to run Chicago in October!!


I have the NYC Half Marathon in March that I need to start training for. So I hate admitting this but I don’t really pace my different runs or even have different runs. =/ I’m a lazy runner who is lucky to get 3 runs in a week. TBH running more than 3x/week starts to burn me out but I do supplement with cross-training like spin and weight training. I like to focus on the long run because that is essentially the only piece I can’t get away skipping in training (trust me I tried). I recently learned that I like a two week taper and back to back long runs and the meet my criteria of good results with little extra effort.


Hmm, I think that the pineapple is what makes that carrot cake so moist, thanks for sharing! Your mom is still beautiful and it is fun to see what she looked like back in the day.

I hate to say it but I think hill repeats are my favorite next to regular runs. Yes, they’re tough and they hurt but I see the most results from them. Speed pyramids might be next.

4 days of running feels like the sweet spot for training, with 2 days of cross training: bike or elliptical. I also need to do a few days of barre, pilates or yoga along with strength training to stay healthy.

I try to switch dinners up pretty regularly. We eat chicken the most often but I make it a bunch of different ways.


I have such a love/hate relationship with tempo runs. I love them because they give me the best results, but man, they’re tough too. The way I’ve always paced myself for them is I should be able to talk, but not carry a conversation. More like 1-4 word answers to a question. If I can sing along with my music, I’m going to slow. If I’m wheezing I’m going too fast. However, I’m just starting to reintroduce tempos into my workout and since I’m training at altitude for the first time ever, it’s taking a lot of guess and fail haha. Until I figure out where my fitness is at 5,000 ft above sea level, I’m taking my tempos to the treadmill!

I shoot for about 6 days of running and 1 day of complete rest.

I’m training for two races right now! First I have the Run to Remember LA half marathon on Valentine’s Day weekend. I’m using that race as a checkpoint for my training because I’m running the Eugene Marathon in May! I’m SUPER excited to run at Hayward Field and to pretend like I’m Prefontaine. :) Also hoping to at least break 3:30!


I’m so glad to hear things are getting better for your Dad/family <3

And thank you for the training info! I have the same Garmin as you so I will need to look up what each zone means. I often run my long runs too fast and intense runs too slow so I need to work on this :)


Meal eaten most often? Bone broth! So nutritious.


So glad to hear your Dad is improving. How scary! A good reminder to hold tight to those you love. So lucky that you and your sister are so close by to your folks. It helps so much to have family around for support.

You and your sis and your Mom are such twinners! And that cake!!!

Great pace info, thanks!


Thank you so much for the pacing advice! In my running history I’ve either had a college running coach tell me what to do or I’ve been running just for the heck of it. Sadly I’m recuperating from shin splints right now, but I’d really like to train efficiently for my next half and these pointers give me great ways to plan that : )


I am currently training for the Salt Lake City Marathon in April. My favorite run is the hills also, but not road hills, mountain hills. I’m lucky that my house backs up to a mountain and there is an awesome switchback from the base that goes about 1/2 mile up to the trails. They are hard, but I have seen SO much improvement in my speed when I am down on the roads, and I know that’s from doing the hills so much. I love being up on the trails.

So, my question about a race pace run. I am currently at about 9:20-9:30 for a regular run. But I anticipate that my speed for the marathon will be more like 10:00. So my pace runs or tempo runs I am actually slowing down for? Just some clarity on this. I am guessing my marathon time based on my last 10k, or what www says my marathon time will be :) Thanks for your input!


Thank you for the advice!

I’ve used Hanson’s Half Marathon Method and it worked well! I think I’m going to have to get the Marathon Method!

And your mom is gorgeous! You and your sister look so much like her!


Thanks for the carrot cake recipe!!!! Of course I’ll exclude the walnuts…..no nuts in cake. On top is okay (but not walnuts) but not IN the cake.


OMG your sister looks just like your mom!!!


I guess I’m in the minority but when I saw the pic of your mom smiling, I immediately thought she looks just like you, not your sister!


I can’t remember the last time I had carrot cake, which saddens me. I need to make that asap. It looks and sounds so good right now! I am loving the (warmer) weather too. Let’s hope it sticks around a while longer! Glad you got a good run in today and that your dad is doing better.

Your mom is absolutely gorgeous.

Five Fluffy Feathers on a Fiffer feffer fef.


Question about race pace.

Hungry Runner Girl, how do you pace yourself when going up and down hills during a race? Do you slow down going uphill and then make up that time going downhill? Or do you try to maintain your target pace for both?

Thanks for your advice,


Running is always a great way to release those negative energy, but It inspires me to see mum like you who does fitness and still manage to bond with your family. What an adorable daughter you have there.

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