Search terms/my answers that brought people to HRG! SLOW DOWN! Pictures from our day.

Today I am sharing with you different search terms that brought people to my blog.

You can find these search terms that people type in that bring them to your blog in your google analytics if you are a blogger.  I always find some pretty great ones.  You can read my previous posts with my favorite search terms here, here and here!  Here are some of my recent search terms that brought people to HRG and my reply:

“Is hrg pregnant?”

-No but hopefully at some point that happens.  And I may or may not have a bunch of names on my list already.  Brooke has asked me a few times recently if I have a baby in my tummy… nope, Andrew is just a really great cook and food babies are real.

“5 mile run cures everything”

-Except for chafing… running just makes that worse.  And then when you take a shower afterwards… yeah, not okay.

“Can I eat Chinese noodles the night before a run?”

-You can eat anything you want the night before a run but food consequences are a little bit more exaggerated when you are running so choose wisely;)

“Comebacks for you look tired?”

-So do you.  So do we all… probably because we are all a bit tired.

“Cute ways to say goodnight over text?”

-If they are anything like me, maybe avoid texting them because they have a hard time staying up past 8 and you don’t want to wake them up with your text because they will probably be grumpy.

“How to get excited about moving?”

-Google how close the nearest donut stores, running paths and Nordstroms are to your new house and if any of the aforementioned places are within a few miles then the excitement will build.

“One month girl spicy hair”

-I feel like the post with this picture of Brooke must have popped up with this google search:

Screen Shot 2012 10 19 at 9 19 42 AM

“How to make the elliptical less boring?”

-Jump on the treadmill instead.

“I stopped weighing myself”

-Me too, years ago and it is probably one of the top 7 best things I ever did for my brain.

“I eat hills for breakfast”

-I don’t, but I should because I feel like my body is allergic to hills during a race.

“Party city hours?”

-9 am to 9 pm, Monday through Sunday.  Closed holidays.

“Donuts help distance running”

-I feel like this must be a scientist or running expert that was entering in this statement to google as a fact, not a question.


“hug goals”

-I would like to hear more about this.  I might be interested in adding this goal to my 2017 list.

“tomato chicken cream cheese soup sister hungry runner girl candy corn”

-So this is a combination that I haven’t tried before but now I’m wondering why I have waited so long.

“Song about how bad it feels to lose a softball”

-I asked Brooke this one and she responded, “Let it go” -Elsa.

“runner’s flu”

-Definition:  that awful feeling you feel after getting back into doing long runs or speed work again after a break.  Basically your body is asking you WHAT THE HECK are you doing to me and then it fires back.

“Why do I have so much energy?”

-I am guessing from my experience with people that this is a four year old that typed this in.

IMG 9198

How to run without getting tired?

-I have found that horizontal running is less tiring for me than vertical running.


“Why does Costco close so early?

-Preaching to the choir.  We ask the same thing, especially on Saturday nights when we REALLY need to go and they close at like 6:30 p.m.

“Am I a fast runner?”

-I always ask this question to my mom because since she is my mom she always answers like I am 100 times cooler than I am.  So ask your mom.  Or my mom.

“Benefits of eating chocolate before a run?”

-You will smile more which will in turn bring a positive attitude which means you will run faster.  Long story short, you will run faster.

“Boys leg sexy”

-Please stop googling to find pictures of Andrew’s legs.   He is mine.

(Below he is studying out the recipe for the cake he is making for my bday… I hit the jackpot)

IMG 9207


I’ve been in a dilemma trying to figure out why my speed work feels so much harder this week and last week.  I think I’ve decided that my easy runs need to be EASIER so that I can try to do the fast stuff.  So 6 miles @ 9:03 pace was on the agenda yesterday.  I was trying to take a selfie with a cow but he suddenly started making weird noises.

IMG 9231

Came home to Brooke in costume with two more skirts underneath the yellow one.

IMG 9129

Picked up Knox and hit up the library.  The library has a little story time thing that they do along with talking about different letters.  R was on the schedule.

IMG 9167

“I know it is summer because I felt hot on my skin.” -Knox.  Warm enough for some park time.

IMG 9190

Followed by a Valentines Day cookie..  we don’t have Knox on Valentines Day so doing a little tradition with him before:)

IMG 9149

IMG 9155

I don’t know.

IMG 9213


Worst food decision you have ever made the night before a long run/race/hard workout?

Ever get runner’s flu (aka feel really sick after a run)?

Weigh yourself yay or nay?  Does weighing yourself bother you lately?

-I haven’t been on a scale for years nor do I have any idea where I am right this second but I LOVE not letting myself feel so frustrated over what the scale told me somedays. I know a lot of people that the scale doesn’t bother them at all! I’d love to hear where you are at with this right now!

When was the last time you moved?  Do you tend to stay in the same place for a while or move around a bunch?

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Worst decision ever was the time I ate high fiber bagels for breakfast , lunch and dinner the day before a half marathon, aka, the poop marathon or the half marathon that I ran off into the woods at mile 10! Horrifying! Seriously.


I LOVE when you do these posts! So, so funny. I think hug goals would be a good thing too. :)

I’ve definitely felt runner’s flu before. It’s real! And kinda hard to figure out if I’m really sick or not.


I have definitely felt the runner’s flu MANY times in my life as a runner. Most recently was last Saturday (I did a longer run than I have done in several months). Thank heaven it never lasts for long!

The most I will weigh myself is once a week. If I feel like it’s going to be too emotional for me to do it, then I don’t allow myself to do it at all. I’d say 90% of the time I’ve gotten to the point where the number on the scale doesn’t influence my mood–which is a nice change from my early 20s.


Haha, some of these searches and your responses are pretty hilarious. :) And runner’s flu is definitely a real thing. I get it really badly after half marathon races. It usually takes the entire day for me to recover. One problem is that I always have froyo after, which doesn’t really help the problem, but I love froyo too much, so I do it, anyway.

I moved in November, and I’m hoping to stay where I am for as long as possible. I feel like I’ve moved too much in the past few years, and I am not a fan of the moving. Plus, I really love my new place and the location!


i love the search terms! I always laugh when people ask google if it’s ok to eat cake for lunch and they find my blog. ha. I say eat cake for lunch if that’s what you want! I don’t weight myself, haven’t in years.


Don’t really weigh myself ever…i can usually tell when I’ve gained some or lost some.

Have you looked into heart rate training? I’ve been doing that for a month and have noticed my fast pace has decreased by a two minutes. Most of my runs are slow, and I am talking slow! They are usually 2-3 minutes slower than what I am used to but I try to stay in a target heart rate zone for about 80% of my runs and the other 20% I run fast on those days. Seems to be helping and it makes running much more enjoyable!


“Google how close the nearest donut stores, running paths and Nordstroms are to your new house and if any of the aforementioned places are within a few miles then the excitement will build.”
I’m dying. Replace Donut stores with Whole Foods and those three reasons are why we live where we live now. Nordstroms forever. <3


This is probably the funniest post you have written to date- I was cryinngggg. Nice work.

After races I tend to get the runner’s flu, so I make sure to take a lot of Vitamin C (helps with recovery anyway).

I don’t weigh myself, instead I weigh my thoughts- if they feel too heavy (aka staring in the mirror for 10 minutes looking at all my flaws) or too light (not caring about anything, really, and eating sundaes for breakfast lunch and dinner and forgetting to run) then I make a change. My thoughts have to meet my “thought-set-point”. Happy, not ignorant and healthy, not extreme.

Worst thing I have ever eaten before a run- in middle school, my 4 by 8 team was trying to qualify for a big meet and I ate Taco Bell 45 minutes before the race. Yep. Worth it. We qualified and I got to eat a taco.


I don’t weigh myself. I used to every morning, and then I would have either a bad day or good day depending on what it said. Stupid. I have two daughters and I don’t want to put that nonsense on them. I don’t want them to think weight is a big deal or even something to care about. Health is what’s important. They know I run, they know I exercise, we eat healthy (mostly) and we take pride in being strong.


I love this post! :) And I hope I have energy when my girl is 4… lol

Thanks for the smiles today!


I love all those search terms – they are brilliant!

Every single time I go for a run I feel sick and I can’t eat for ages afterwards – so many books / articles I’ve read have said to eat within 30 minutes of a run but it takes me a good 2 hours before I can stomach anything and even then it’s touch and go! Long runs are the worst – I went for one this morning and didn’t have breakfast until 11am!

I try not to weigh myself – as long as my clothes fit and I’m confident then I’m happy. We spend far too much time obsessing over a number that it ends up affecting life which is just silly – as long as my heath isn’t in danger, I can run and I can fit into my clothes, I’m happy :)


I just posted about this very issue – I feel your pain – or nausea! ;) Are you eating enough before your runs? This past half marathon I did, I actually ate a “real” breakfast, and felt the best I’ve felt after a half when I was done.


Hey Amanda! I do – I normally run in the evening so I’ve eaten all day but I still manage to feel sick :( I’m normally ok while I’m running, it’s when I finish that it kicks in which just means food has to be delayed!


Not sure if it’s “runner’s flu” (never heard that term until this blog post), but I get sick to my stomach after long runs. Sometimes it lasts for hours afterwards. I’ve ran 5 half marathons, and after this last one, it was there, but it was the least sick I’ve felt yet. I took in more calories than ever while running it, and made sure to eat right after. I sweat a lot too, so I’ve been better about getting enough sodium after my runs. Despite this issue, I’m running my first full in October! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but part of me is anxious about figuring out this tummy issue once and for all. I’ve got some ideas on what to try, but I know one thing I’ll be trying for sure is Tailwind – have you ever used that, Janae? You don’t seem to have tummy/fueling issues, so I’m guessing it’s not something you worry too much about. I’ve read a lot of good reviews about that product and I’m hoping it’ll help me sort out the nausea.


I hate moving – it’s always so much work – so I like to stay put. I always forget how much stuff I have until it’s time to box it all up!


I moved into a new home 2015 of December 18th :)


Oh geez, I’ve made some pretty poor decisions before races. Ha, but I will say two days before my first marathon intrued Octopus and loved it. It’s now one of my favorite foods! My stomach can handle most things but it’s not a huge fan of Thai food.

I remember one day I got pretty sick after a run. It wasn’t a sreneous run, just an easy 6 miler…


Some of those searches are pretty darned funny.

I felt hot on my skin yesterday too, Knox. It was 71 degrees, today it’s snowing and they are saying up to a foot. weird.

We had running practice a 7pm so I would try to eat something around 5pm. The turkey burger did not sit well, even with 2 hours to digest. :(

I do weigh myself but not all the time. I used to be very heavy so I try to make sure I’m staying on track.


When I started getting into marathoning, I would “carb load” the day before without realizing that upping my typical carbs was also upping my fiber intake… immensely. So nowadays, my version of carb loading is swapping a few protein or vegetable servings with easy to digest carbs like white rice, white pasta, or a bagel.
I’ve never heard the term “runner’s flu” but think I’ll use it from now on.
I do avoid the scale, and used to even avoid it at the doctor’s office. I’m at the point now where I can get weighed at appointments without it bothering me (usually), but still don’t own a home scale.
I love it when parents (like you) let their little ones in public wearing crazy outfits that they picked themselves. I think it’s adorable and shows allowance for creativity.
PS: I can’t wait for you to have another baby!


Great post! Loved it.
Two things here… Worst meal the night before a long run would be General Tsao’s chicken. Bad choice and total rookie mistake while training for my first marathon! This also leads into item number 2, runner’s flu. After this same long run (with issues from dinner the night before), I felt like I was catching the flu. I couldn’t get warm and was shivering. I ached all over. Recovery called for a day on the couch with blankets and comfy clothes. Woke up the next morning 100% improved with new knowledge about what not to do while training for a marathon!


This post had me giggling so hard. I’m 100000% using “So do you” as a response the next time someone tells me I look tired. I get told that a lot, so I’ll probably get to say that today.

I have made a lot of poor food decisions before a run. Perhaps my worst was trying pasta with tofurkey the night before a long run. Turns out I may be allergic to soy. Also on the list: sushi, thai food, chinese food, buffalo chicken dip, basically an entire platter of cheese (and crackers)…I’m a slow learner

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten runner’s flu? I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS get sick during the marathon taper though. So that’s kind of the opposite?

Never weigh myself. Even started asking the doctor to do it with me standing backwards at my physical. Don’t want to know, don’t need to know. So long as my pants still fit.

Moved last June and bought my first house! Hoping I stay here for quite some time!

Also, I can’t believe you’re leaving us hanging on the type of cake you chose!!!! ?!?


Worst pre-long run meal: salad with roasted veggies and barley. Worst decision ever!
I haven’t weighed myself in a while because the batteries died in our scale and I’m so not motivated to replace them. Going with the “how do my pants feel” approach to weight for now.
We move next week and don’t plan to move for at least 10 years. We’ll see how that goes though. We have never lived in one house for more than 3 years.


Food has a huge impact on my runs. I can’t really eat before my runs especially if it’s in the morning. I decided in January to get rid of my scale. Weight has too much importance in my life. I think that as long as I eat healthy, I exercice and I sleep well, I don’t need to know my weight ;). Love reading your blog! xx


Hmmmm, pre run/race meals can be so hard to figure out. My worst was probably the time I had a cheesesteak the day before the Philadelphia marathon. Let’s just say it is the only reason I didn’t break a sub 4 marathon (officially that is. I spent 8 minutes in a porta potty at mile 22! I know this because I stopped my Garmin during my unwanted, but necessary bathroom break and took the difference of my official clock time and my Garmin time). I felt so defeated until I was able to laugh about the situation later.

Then, the night before this year’s Turkey Trot I ate 2 tacos at 1 AM while out with friends. Not wanting to miss out on the festivities I went out to the bar with friends but vowed not to drink alcohol so I wouldn’t feel like poo at the trot. I drank water all night but when they wanted to grab tacos I couldn’t resist. I thought I made I huge mistake I’d regret but went on to race the Trot the next morning, had a great run, and placed 1st in my age group.

I think my body just does what it wants no matter what I eat and sometimes it is just luck like the night of the tacos, lol!


3 months sans scale!

It was really tough to give up but I realize now how I would let it affect my whole day. I’m trying now to just go on how I feel, rather than some arbitrary number on the scale.

I’m also reading a book called intuitive eating and trying to truly let go of all the unhealthy eating habits I have developed over the years. This means putting my health before my appearance and letting my body find its true set point. I’m in the process so I still have a lot of work to do.

Having read your blog for years now, I think this is a place you have gotten to and I’m inspired <3


I did feel like I was going to puke after my speedwork this week… but that just means I’m out of shape I think ;)
I had to go look up my blog search terms and they were nothing exciting at all! bummer. You had some very interesting ones!!


I just started weighing myself everyday about 3 weeks ago. I previously would weigh myself once a week or even once a month. Then the pounds would creep on and my pants would get tight. It was scary to start weighing myself daily but it keeps me in check better than the once a week or once a month. I think I have started to desensitize myself by doing it everyday.


I do weigh myself but there is nothing “yay” about it. Lol. I always say I will go by how my clothes fit but then I get on the darn thing.


Some of those searches are so random!
The worst food decision-spaghetti squash the night before a 10 mile run. I didn’t realize it was a bad decision until about mile 6.
Nay to weighing myself, mostly because our scale is broken and we’re not too bothered to replace it.
Last time I moved: a little over a year ago into our house. Before that, I moved nine times in 6 years. I’m staying put for awhile!


I love your responses to some of those. Hilarious. :D

I have a love/hate relationship with the scale. Long story short: 4 babies + 100 lbs + a TON of hard work/clean eating/scale watching – 100 lbs = I try to think of my scale as a *tool* rather than a declarative instrument to my self-worth. Does that make any sense? I take a break when I get obsessive and I utilize it often when my jeans get tight. I think that’s called balance…?

And, which cake did you choose? :)


Those search terms are hilarious!
I know that I can never eat a grapefruit vitamin c drop in my life again. Bad experience during a 5K in high school. Gross.
I occasionally step on the scale. I don’t always like what it says, but I try hard not to let it bother me. I don’t weigh myself often but my clothes fit and I run so I feel like I am healthy!


The search terms for your blog are so funny! Mine are all boring except for “hulk smashes door.” I mean, I’m pretty glad I’m associated with this term but I’m also confused by it! :D


most recent bad food decision: last night I ate leftover (Super Bowl) delicious 7 layer dip then went and ran 400 repeats on the treadmill. It felt terrible. I advise not trying it.

I’m struggling right now because I gained a few pounds last summer/fall while recovering from a hip stress fracture. I seriously need to stay off the scale because as a runner I feel really strong right now and I’m very happy with where I am speed wise. I can only say that the struggle is real and it gives me compassion for those who have a hard time with weight related issues and feelings.

I’ve moved a grand total of 5 times in my life.


I got into an unhealthy/overweight space over the past couple of stressful years. So I broke out the scale and body fat monitor again. My relationship with them is pretty healthy, but I can’t have one without the other. (Well, if you could do bodyfat at home without a scale I would just do that but you can’t.) My workouts are about 1/2 running and 1/2 lifting heavy things so if I just went by the scale it would be bad. Right now weekly weigh ins are more of a tracking/reward thing. I have my big reasons why for eating better and working out but it’s nice to see those numbers change. It’ll be nicer when my clothes fit again but that takes more time!


I ate buttered egg noodles and a banana (noodles & nanner) the morning of a 5K race. I was doing good until about a half to quarter mile to go. I could SEE the finish line & folks were out cheering from their front porches since we were finishing on a residential street.

I dry heaved a few times & thought I was going to be okay, until I tossed my stomach contents on the street in front of a porch full of people cheering, and just kept running!


hahahahaha! I love the search terms. Always interesting what people put into a search engine.


I learned very quickly that my body hates extra fiber/salads any time near a big race (or just… always, really). Straight simple, white carbs, baby!

As for weighing myself, I don’t even own a scale. I go by how my clothes feel (which I’m kinda grumpy about right now) – and when I have to see doctors and they weigh me. I particularly hate the ones who mention I’ve gained weight or am unhealthy, then I tell them how much I run/work out. Sigh. Notice the Grump. LOL


Worst food decision the night before a long run was chicken parmigiana! I love it, but I’m a slow digester so my run was a disaster. That’s why I stick to pizza. Carbs are not evil to runners!

We have been in our house 16 years this month. We have moved a few times in Hawaii (9 months in a rental last year) but we always keep our California home.


“Please stop googling Andrew’s legs” made me literally LOL!


I’m so glad runner’s flu has a name! The worst I’ve felt after a long run wasn’t even a 20+ miler, it was after a 12 miler in the pouring rain when it was 30 degrees out. I was soaked when I got in, and spent the rest of the day miserable on the couch.

And I love the scale mentality- our weight fluctuates so much and doesn’t factor in “Hey, you’ve built up some muscle so you’re actually healthier even if the number is a little bigger.” I had scale issues throughout highschool and college, to the point where it was as if I wasn’t a good enough person if the number wasn’t under a certain amount. And, now that I’m pregnant, I leave the scale to the doctor’s appointments and rest assured that me/baby are healthy as long as I’m eating well and working out (even though running has definitely become harder!)


OMG your comment about Andrew’s legs was hysterical. Thanks for making me laugh on this cold blizzardy day up in New England while I am at work (and on call :( ).

I have been seriously thinking about not weighing myself anymore. I still have 10 pounds to lose after the birth of my youngest and the number not budging just depresses me. So maybe it’s time to “let it go,” as Brooke would say.


I do weigh myself, not nearly as much as I used to but I still do. I used to weigh myself multiple times a day and get very bothered by the fluctuation. Now I weigh myself once or twice a week (I still get a little bothered by the number).

The last time that I moved was the end of last year. I moved out of state for college, and then back “home”.


Your search terms are hilarious. :) I have definitely gotten runner’s flu–once after a triathlon and at least once after a long run. It kicks in about 4-6 hours after the run ends, so it’s hard to predict. Bleh. I weigh myself at the gym sometimes and it usually makes me feel bad, which honestly makes no sense because I am stronger and healthier than I ever have been before, so it should be a nonissue.


Last time I moved was to Miami two years ago. I don’t move that much actually.


Worst pre-run food decisions I’ve ever made:
– eating two Fiber One bars as part of my night snack before a long run… Let’s just say I needed to stop very suddenly around mile 14.
– A few weeks ago my grandparents brought me these giant cinnamon rolls, and I couldn’t resist nibbling on one in the morning before starting my run… Well, a nibble turned into 1/4 of a roll, which may have made me smile initially, but my stomach wasn’t happy about it for the first few miles.


I am so glad people are coming to your blog to read about donuts and running! lol That is absolutely amazing.


Loved this post. Your responses to the Google searches were so cute.

I have never owned a scale. Don’t believe in ’em. I know if my clothes start feeling snug that I need to pay attention. I have come a long way w/ body image issues, too. When I get weighed at the doc, I take it w/a grain of salt. I take Body Pump on the regular & weigh much more than you’d guess by looking at me ‘cuz of all the muscle. :) I actually remember gaining weight from one year to the next after going down several pants sizes (due to gaining muscle). That scale is pretty useless imo.


Hahaha these search terms are fantastic. I think my favorite is about eating Chinese noodles the night before a run. In my opinion, Chinese noodles are delicious any day, any time.

I do not weigh myself anymore. Like you, I used to be obsessive about it. Every single morning the number on the scale would dictate how my day was. One day I just got over that, and now I do it once every 3 months (if that).


I work in pediatric weight management and one of the top 5 things we ask families to do is throw away their weigh scale!

There is something about the indoor track (which I train on once a week here during our arctic winters lol) that I am terribly allergic to…without fail, during our cool down I start sneezing like crazy and for the next two days it’s like a have a cold – my nose won’t stop running!! It’s crazy! lol


Those search terms are hilarious! I just don’t get how they linked to a running blog, lol. The worst thing I ever ate was a Marie Calendars Chicken Pot Pie the night before a 5K. I haven’t had one since. I quit weighing myself just this year and it feels so good!! And surprisingly my clothes still fit (I think I had in my mind that if I didn’t constantly weigh and monitor, I would gain a ton of weight). I used My Fitness Pal for a long time and I gave that up too. Now I am just trying to listen to this awesome body of mine to tell me what I need, rather than relying on external things that know nothing about me :). I’m thinking about taking it one step further and giving up my running watch for a bit. Those numbers still get me a little uptight at times.


Worst food prior to a run has to be fried chicken tenders for sure! I actually didn’t know I would be running soon after eating those but it was enough to make me queasy. I’m not sure I get the runner’s flu. I know after I do an ice bath after a long run I tend to be cold for most of the day. Weird. And nope, I’m with you! No scale for me! It made me miserable so I just leave it out of my life. I feel happier and healthier than ever!


How often during the week/month do you drive somewhere for your runs? How far? I generally run from my home but I’m getting bored. I live very rural so running around a small town gets old. Is it normal to drive somewhere for long runs? Please say yes. Please please please. Totally looking for validation. I’m thinking of driving 60 miles to run 13 mi auto tour loop at a wildlife refuge for a long run.

So it’d be super great if you could say “Hey reader, that’s totally normal!”


HEY MENDY!!! I honestly think that is totally normal (but a runner’s normal because we are a strange group of people;). I have driven plenty of times far away from home to meet up with somebody to run in a gorgeous place or just to get away from my normal routine. I say GO FOR IT. Let me know how the loop goes and I would love to see a picture or two!


I love it when you do search terms posts. The things people search for are hilarious sometimes.


How did you stay so positive during your divorce? I Need tips. Thank you!


Can you email me missy? I could write you a novel! I am so sorry you are going through tough times right now!


That cow was just saying “Cheeeeese!”

We have lived in this house four years this April. We will be here at least another year and a half, but have plans to buy a new house after that. My youngest will be a high school senior then so we will have more location options to consider. (As long as she starts her senior year as a school district resident, she can finish the entire year there.)


Worst food choice that I have made before a long run was eating Chili’s late at night. I have a sensitive stomach and what I got didn’t sit well in my stomach. This was by far the “crappiest” long run that I have ever had! I have since learned my lesson!

I have gotten runners flu before without realizing that you can get sick after a break from running.

I used to weigh myself diligently, but since I had a baby 6 months ago I find the weight isn’t coming off as easily a step I hoped. So, I am g to take a break from weighing myself and focus on how I feel; like do I feel strong.


Janae, well done! I literally laughed out loud through each search term, but girl you nailed the answers! I thought I was going to lose it when you gave Party City hours hahaha! I enjoy every post but this was my favorite :)


Oh thank you so much Bethany:) I really appreciate your comment! I have fun writing the responses to stuff like this haha! I hope you have an awesome day tomorrow!


Party city hours?! I literally laughed out loud. You’re the best. A one-stop-shop for answers!


Have never owned a scale since I left my parents’ house and went to college. Like so many other people, I struggled with a few eating issues later in high school/early college—bingeing and then exercising like mad to try to make up for it. Thank goodness I was able to leave all of that behind, but I have two daughters. I don’t ever want them to have to deal with the pressure of the scale. It angers me that they even get weighed at school still.


All the ways google has brought people to you blog are so entertaining!!

Worst food choice I’ve made was eating 3/4 of a pizza to myself the night before a 18 mile run. I just kept eating. I made it the whole way but it was awful!!!

I very rarely weigh myself these days..its just a number it doesn’t tell me how strong I’ve gotten or if I’ve gained muscle.

The last time I moved was 3 years ago. This is the longest I’ve lived in the same place and its been wonderful! – but I’ll be moving again in October. :\ Time to start purging things around the house again!!



Gave up weighing myself years ago, good decision. We keep a scale in the house for the really important things, like making sure our gear is below the airline limits. We are really good at hitting 49.999 pounds.


DO NOT, under any circumstances, eat a chopped salad the night before a run. The consequences can be dire, and I speak from experience… Let me just say that it was traumatic!


Wow thats a beautiful picture! I love this post!! so funny!
I often get a runny nose / mildly sore throat after running but never anything worse. I don’t weigh myself either, but it doesn’t quite affect me anymore the way it used to (I weighed myself recently randomly at someone elses house and I was so surprised that I didn’t think about it again for several days until I patted myself on the back for not thinking about it! haha!
I move allll the time. I moved four times between June and November of 2016!!

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