A killer workout to try + complaining while running + random things.

Let’s talk about our Tuesday!

We get to have Knox all week which puts all of us in a really good mood.

I was on the treadmill for my run yesterday which meant I really wanted to do something that would keep my mind busy for the miles.  Playing around with the different speeds is my favorite way to entertain myself on the treadmill.  I am running a half marathon tomorrow with Andrew at a fun pace so I wasn’t worried about doing some speed two days before.   I do have a half in February that I’m already getting excited for.  I will try to beat my course record there:)

IMG 2420

This was an old workout that my running coach gave me.  I’m not in the shape that I was at this time so I just took it down a notch and especially slowed down the w/u, c/d and recovery paces which also resulted in a little bit less mileage.    Try it out and adjust it to your fitness, it is a great one!

IMG 1045

What I did yesterday:

10 minutes w/u @ 8:34 pace

10 minutes @ 6:48 pace

2 minutes @ 8:34 pace

8 minutes @ 6:39 pace

4 minutes @ 8:34 pace

6 minutes @ 6:27 pace

6 minutes @ 8:34 pace

4 minutes @ 6:15 pace

8 minutes @ 8:34 pace

2 minutes @ 6:07 pace

10 minutes c/d @ 8:34 pace

My incline was either on 0%, .5% or 1% throughout the workout and after each fast interval I paused the treadmill for about 45 seconds for a little breather before doing the recovery paces.   The other day I was listening to a church talk while on my run and it talked about how there will ALWAYS be something that we can find to complain about so what a waste of time/energy/thoughts/life to keep doing it.  I definitely tried that idea yesterday when the complaints started rolling into my brain about not hitting my old paces/how tired I was/how my calves were tired… and decided I wasn’t going to waste my energy thinking about those things.  I needed all of the energy I could get trying to get some speed in again ha;).   November running challenges for me have included engaging my glutes and now disengaging the running complaints.

I have NOT been in the mood for salads lately.  I went from daily salads to just once in a while salads (probably because it is cold now) but whenever one does sound good… I go for it.  Yesterday I was craving salads. The one below was a chicken, avocado and pepper salad with ranch and bbq sauce.  I think Andrew is shocked by how much bbq sauce I go through each month.

IMG 2424

The kids sported their thankful leaves yesterday… Beretta and friends were the top of the list.

IMG 2416

And in the early evening we stopped at a park and they didn’t have any fun there;)

IMG 2466

I got in my monthly strength training by attempting to carry them both at the same time, that was rough.

IMG 2455

And they all got in some amazing vertical height with their jumps.

IMG 2471

Dinner included a salad too.  Remember if you are ever wanting to try something delicious then just add some grapes to cottage cheese.  Andrew is always impressed by how much food I can fit on those little salad plates.

IMG 2478

Pizza and breadsticks hit the spot too.

IMG 2479

And then we were all ready to fall asleep by 7 pm.  Well, Andrew and I were at least.  The kids had other plans.

IMG 2480

And of course I have a few random things to tell you about.

*He has perfected the “tiptoe and somehow makes it into the bed in the early morning without making a single noise” talent.  I’m always impressed but I am also one of the deepest sleepers known to man.  When Brooke was a baby I would wake up if she let out the tiniest whimper but now I sleep through everything.

IMG 2340

*Brooke might just be the next big fashion blogger.  Watch out world.  Entire outfit put together by herself.

IMG 2388

*In other news, we went to get my grandma some of her favorite bread from Great Harvest and while we were there I sampled their Snickerdoodle bread.  It was everything you could imagine and so much more.  I will be going back today for an entire loaf for myself and the odds of me sharing it are slim.

IMG 2394

*My brother that is a pilot sent me this selfie from his run on the sand…. hard life when you have to fly to the Bahamas for work and stay there for a little while;)

IMG 2398

*Just some normal goodnight kisses from the pup.

IMG 2487


Ever run on the sand?  What was your experience?  Where was it?

Light or deep sleeper?  Have you always been this way?

Cottage cheese a favorite of yours?  Favorite add-ins/toppings for cottage cheese?

What food have you been in the mood for lately?

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I used to HATE cottage cheese but for some reason during my pregnancy I’ve been adding it to a lot of things to get some good protein. I don’t know why all the sudden I am enjoying it, but I’ll take it :)

I don’t really like running on the sand because it always gives me some runners knee issues, but I love to walk on it so I tend to run on the pavement and then go down for a cool down walk on the sand when we are at the beach!


The last time I ran in the sand was a 10k when I was about 20ish weeks pregnant. WOW–it was HARD! I kept my pregnancy pace pretty well, like a 9:17 or something, but I felt those miles. And I used to run on the beach all the time in San Diego!
Super light sleeper and big tosser and turner. I do this for a few days then I have a night when I’m just OUT.
Cottage cheese is delicious! Especially on pasta!


Snickerdoodle bread??! Oh my word–that looks and sounds so delicious. I need some of that pronto. :)

Wheat Thins and cottage cheese = greatness.

I’ve run on the sand before when I’ve been on vacation at the beach, but I can’t say I really enjoyed it. While it’s very peaceful and so beautiful, I can’t run close to the water because of the slant hurting my calves and feet, and running higher up on the sand just wasn’t as enjoyable as I had hoped. It would definitely be something I would have to adjust to. I probably need to stick to the roads for now.


I am a very light sleeper! My kids wake me up by staring at me, not even making a sound. Yes, it is super creepy.


Never ran in the sand. I used to be a light sleeper when the kids were little babies. Now that they are older I am a heavier sleeper and my husband is a light sleeper. Love cottage cheese and I think grapes or raspberries are my favorite thing to add to it. Lately, I have been craving pineapple. We go through it like crazy at my house.


I’ve ran on the sand in Cancun and to say it was hard is an understatement! The sand was so soft and at such a steep incline, my Achilles hurt so much afterwards! The central coast in Cali is much easier to run on because the sand is hard.

I’m kind of both types of sleepers, it depends on whether I know the hubs is home to help me out ;)

I love cottage cheese and my absolute favorite topping is crushed pineapple!

I have been craving sweet potatoes like crazy and last night I stopped by Sprouts to pick up a Japanese pumpkin so I could have that for dinner. It sort of tastes like a mixture of butternut squash and sweet potato. It’s amazing!


I’m not an overly deep sleeper but once my son was born, I swear I slept with one eye open ever since. and he is now 13! lol


I like to run on the wet sand in the summer. It’s firm enough that it doesn’t make me feel wobbly but soft enough that it feels nice. And the view of the ocean is just a bonus

Light sleeper but lazy sleeper so i’ll force myself back to sleep because i never want to get out of the bed.

Cottage cheese isn’t my favorite. i used to eat it a ton when doing Weight Watchers but i grew weary.
Lately i’ve been enjoying pickled onions and cabbage on everything! And separately I love pretzel crisps dipped in whipped cream cheese


I haven’t been in the mood for salads either! I’m craving pasta and soup. And dessert.
I am a light sleeper. Every once in a while my body gives up and I sleep through everything and anywhere.
I always wanted to run at the beach when I was in California but it was challenging with 4 kids who don’t run. And when my husband is around I just want to spend time with him so it just hasn’t happened.


I have transitioned from salads to soup for lunch lately because of the cold! I am stuck on butternut squash soup and mushroom kale. Mium. I also crave turkey, avocado and cheese sandwiches lately (especially after weight or HIIT training!) so it’s the perfect combo. Running on the beach is hard work!


Snockerdoodle bread sounds fantastic. I would love to try that…I wonder if my local bakery has it.

I’ve run on the sand before and honestly it can mess up my calves and plantar fascia so it’s not my favorite thing to do.


I have run the beach at Carmel by the sea, California. This is a dog friendly beach so they can run and play in the surf and run along without having to be leashed. It’s pretty amazing.
I love cottage cheese and eat it often with tomatoes salt and pepper or conning sugar depending on my mood.
Have a GREAT Thanksgiving.


Great Harvest is my most favorite place in the world. I wish they had a location in Chicago!
Current food mood – Soups and crusty bread. And dessert. Always dessert.

Good luck on the half tomorrow!


I hear you with the BBQ sauce thing. last night, I asked for it at Costco and they told me it was a summer thing. What…


OMG. Everyone has their food item(s) that they can’t control themselves around and for me it’s milk chocolate and…COTTAGE CHEESE. I just love the stuff!!! And I just love it plain…not sure I have ever added anything to it…love it so much on its own!! lol

Am a “dead to the world” sleeper…too often it has happened where I’m walking the dog in the morning and neighbour says, “Wow, did you hear that incredible thunder storm last night?” or “Wow, did the snow plows on the street at 3am?!” Uhhh, nope! lol!!


I didn’t grow up in America. So, when I saw people eating cottage cheese with fruit for the first time I though it was kind of weird. Now I see it more normal but still not a huge fan.

I’ve been in the mood for warm meals during lunch and that’s what I’ve been getting. However, my hunger levels and food cravings had been pretty scarce lately. I don’t know what’s wrong with me:(


I need to try a treadmill workout. Normally on the treadmill I just get on and run and try to entertain myself with TV, music or a podcast. Those giant breadsticks look AMAZING! And I love Great Harvest breads, snickerdoodle sounds delicious. What kind of BBQ sauce do you use? Thanks!


I used to be a dead to the world sleeper. Now my dog decides 3am is a good time to nibble on his little paws. He sure is lucky he’s so cute and I love him so ;)

Brooke is insanely beautiful–just like her momma!! Seems like she sure is growing into her personality.


The kiddos are so cute! I’ve run on sand before and I HATE it. I feel like I’m going nowhere. Flat roads for this girl! I used to be a heavy sleeper but lately my husbands snores wake me up. And I’ve slept next to him for years! I don’t get it lol. I don’t do cottage cheese but I will cook with it. Lately, I’ve been wanting avocado in EVERYTHING. Glad it’s so diverse lol.


Awesome workout and ah so pumped for you, you’re gonna rock that half :)
Lately, greek yogurt has made me really unhappy which is sad because it is a staple in my meals! Oh well!


I love running barefoot but it has to be compact sand. even waking on soft sand is tiring!
I am one of the deepest sleepers ever! I never hear any storms or noises at night. My husband is also a notoriously loud snorer and people are always amazed that I can sleep through it. Must be one of the reasons we are meant to be together!
And no to cottage cheese… think it’s a texture thing… ::shudders::


I am running in the half tomorrow too at thanksgiving point! i hope to see you there!


AHHHH GOOD LUCK!! I hope we see each other!! Hope you have a fantastic time!


Running on the beach was a huge challenge for me!! I was sore in places in my legs that I never knew could be sore!


I remember a while back you had tummy issues — did you ever figure out what it was?

This past Sunday I was taken to urgent care (and almost the ER, but the pain subsided thank goodness) due to tummy pain that had me doubled over Saturday night…

My next few weeks will be full of lots of testing to determine what caused it and my tummy still isn’t right…. :(


Oh Susie, I am truly so so sorry about what you are going through right now. That breaks my heart. That was such a hard time of life for me, I wish I could take this away for you! My doctor had me on a few different medications and I think probiotics helped my gut the most. I ate very simple foods for some time plus a lot more rest and stress reduction. PLEASE keep me updated with how you are doing! xoxox


Love salads, but hate cottage cheese (not a big fan of grapes either so adding those probably wouldn’t help). :) What with Thanksgiving being tomorrow, I am in the mood for pie, sweet potatoes, and turkey!


I dislike cottage cheese quite a bit!

I am a strange sleeper. I sleep so deeply at times that I sleep talk/walk and feel like a zombie – and others, I wake up for the smallest things. When I my dog was sick the last year, I’d wake up each morning when I heard her tiniest wimper from her bed that it was time to carry her outside, or she stirred in the night. So i suppose I vary!


looks like he’s on one of our nassau beaches?! :)

When we’re home in grand bahama we power walk the beach almost daily (they have better/longer beaches than nassau)…good work out works all your different leg muscles. Especially when you time it wrong and hit high tide and have to walk in the soft slanted sand!

I wasted my good heavy sleeping years on my youth, now I’m a super light sleeper :/

and I love cottage cheese on salads!


I used to love cottage cheese and I would still love it but it tastes SOOO salty to me now! I wish they made a low sodium version.

I love the feel of sand under the feet but it does mess up my feet and I would not run in it. Walking in it is nice but the slope and lumps do make my feet sore.


Ahh!!! I’m going to try to hunt this down https://hood.com/products/no-salt-added-low-fat-cottage-cheese/


I LOVE cottage cheese and my favorite toppings are salt, pepper, with pretzels for dipping. #strangebutgood
I’ve been craving warm food too, although today a salad sounded amazing, which is just what I had!


Hey!! I’m just wondering which treadmill you have and if you love it?? There are so many options–it’s intimidating to pick one! I’m sure you’ve addressed this in a previous post, so I guess I could probably just search your blog :)
Cottage cheese on top of a baked sweet potato (yam) with salt and pepper is delicious!
And my run today was a thanksgiving 5k (really closer to 6k I’d say..) pushing a stroller with a flat tire. ?


HEY ANDRA!!!! I have the NordicTrack X11i Incline Trainer and it is AWESOME!!! I have had it for about 6 months so far and it is amazing! I wrote a bit of a review here and I’ll be adding another one soon:


Okay, I need to try your CC and sweet potato combo, that sounds amazing!


So I’m curious about coaching etiquette. Is sharing workouts that you pay coaches for ok? It feels like the coach wouldn’t want that being given out for free. But thanks for posting it!


Hey Tracey!! Great question! I am guessing it is a case by case situation but when I was working with him he told me he was totally okay with me posting the workouts I was doing. I had posted this same workout previously too:) Thanks and I hope you are having a great week!


I love cottage cheese! I enjoy the original lumpy version but I’ve also found a “smooth” cottage cheese at the grocery store. It’s by Nordica and I’ve tried the lemon and the salted caramel kinds – soooooo good!!!


SOOTH cottage cheese, I need to find that! That sounds amazing. Thanks Andrea!


I ran on the sand twice in Kitty Hawk, NC. I was really excited about it. Nothing extraordinary happened but I somehow messed up knee. It swelled so badly I couldn’t bend it. I had to drag it behind me. The orthopaedist was perplexed. He couldn’t find anything on x-rays and MRI. Ended up draining it and giving me a collagen injection. That did the trick. It hasn’t bothered me since but I don’t think I’ll ever know what was wrong with it.

Happy Thanksgiving!


I had a dream that you were on Facebook live and live shared that you were in Europe and about to run a marathon there and you live shared you waking up, getting ready, etc.! Haha what a random dream- but had to share! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your adorable family! xo


I need that snickerdoodle bread right this second. That sounds amazing.

Brooke’s outfit reminds me of something Rita would have worn on Arrested Development. She can pull the look off too and would have people copying her, no doubt.

I went through a phase a little bit ago where I did NOT want salads. I didn’t eat a single salad for a couple of months. It was weird for me. My body had had enough I guess. lol. But now I am back on the salad train. I wonder if my body would ever go through a phase where it didn’t want treats. Not sure if that is even humanly possible for me.

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