Silentish Saturday!

7.5 miles @ 9:19 average pace to start out my day.

The reason I am sneezing every 12 seconds:

IMG 4852

He say’s this is his resting morning face;)

IMG 4862

Donut day.

IMG 4867

Followed by the pool of course.

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Week one of St. George marathon training for Andrew is going well!

IMG 4885

Made more jam because I realized we are going to go through the jam I already made very quickly (and strawberries are only $1 per lb right now).

IMG 4888 copy

Skillet Summer Vegetable Lasagna for dinner!

IMG 4889

One of my favorites.

IMG 4890

Kid and adult approved.

IMG 4892

A water fight.

IMG 4887

Finished the kid’s night off with an excellent book.

IMG 4894 copy

This memory popped up from 4 years ago… it was our second race together and Andrew hit a PR that day.

IMG 4869


Tell me three things that you are doing today!?

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Hi Janae !
At first sight, i thought it was ice ! Haha! But it may be pollen :)
So happy to see that you are feeling great and keep on running each morning.
Today, it’s raining. So I decided not to run. I think it is so different when a race is planned. I could go out whatever the rain, the cold… (not whatever the heat). But now, as I don’t have a goal, i won’t go under the rain (your sister is right ! :)
So today :
– painting a wooden couch for the new room
– watching the last episode of “The last dance”
– sewing (tighten a jeans)
The photo of Skye in the chair is really beautiful.
Have a nice week end !


Bahaha that’s the funny thing about Utah… there probably has been ice at this time in the year too:) I totally agree with you… without knowing that race day could have really bad weather and thinking we need to get out and train for the chance of bad weather on race day it’s so hard to go out in it! Oh enjoy the last episode of The Last Dance… so so good. Enjoy the sewing and painting too. Thanks Ingrid and I hope your weekend is a great one too.


I went out for my normal 6 miles ( do longer on the weekend) and discovered on mile 2 that my foot really hurt. Made it to 3, picked up my 12 yr old for a mile and barely made it that walk/run mile. I thought it was my ankle then realized it’s my heal and arch- plantar fasciitis. I am really upset, running was going SO well and my knees have been great. I had this many many years ago each time I was pregnant. Hoping it is not the full 6 weeks + of recovery. I couldn’t put pressure on that foot yesterday. Slightly better today but certainly not doing my 12 miler tomorrow!! Ordered a night brace from amazon… Hoping my family lets me stay off it today!!
I actually think it is from doing cross training HIIT workouts in bare feet, not the best idea!! I guess this is the perfect time for core work and arm strength


NOOO to your foot. Carrie, I am so so sorry! I am really hoping that the night brace helps asap. Please keep me updated and I can’t wait to hear about the plantar being gone along with your knees being happy. Good luck and have a beautiful weekend.


Today we are going to t-ball for my three year old! It’s a real toss up if he will participate or go limp and lie in the grass haha! I will probably do barre today at some point. I feel like it has really helped my hips and back stay strong this pregnancy. And then probably up! I like to have a fresh clean house for Sunday.


*clean up


Hey Ehrin! You’ll have to let me know which option your 3 yo went with! Such a fun age to watch play sports. I’m so with you on a clean and fresh house for Sunday. Way to go with Barre! Such a tough workout. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Hi janae!
Hello from Canada! Where are your overall shorts from? They’re adorable!! So are Skye’s!


Hey Alli! What part of Canada are you in? We are wanting to take a trip up there sometime soon. They are from American Eagle last year and sadly they aren’t there anymore? I hope you are having a great day.


Aw too bad! I love overalls I wear them way too much!
I’m in Vancouver!


Hi Janae! Today I’m going on a hike even though it’s raining! My fiance finally finished his quarantine! Happy weekend!


Ahhhh you and your fiancé are back together again! This makes me so happy and a hike in the rain sounds like a blast! Enjoy Amy.


Long run…done! (Still waiting to shower, though.)
Finish cleaning out and wiping down broken fridge (no repair appts available until 6/22!)
Grocery and ice run now that I have a repair date and can plan menus for the next 10 days.


Oh wow! I wish they could come and repair sooner! Good luck and great job on the long run (it takes me forever to shower afterwards too)!


Good morning!
I love those overall shorts – they look so cute and comfortable!
Two things I’ve already done, plus one that I’m including to help motivate myself to do it, haha:
1. Ran to USU campus, got some lab work done, then ran home
2. Picked up groceries for the week, and a new bag of dog food for our three pups
3. Writing an abstract for an upcoming presentation
Hope your family has a wonderful weekend.


Thanks so much Laura! So awesome that you were able to run to campus and back and also get in some lab work! 3 pups… how fun. Good luck with your abstract. Thank you and I hope your weekend is a great one.


You should have a photo collage of The Expressions of Skye. She’s a hoot!

Walked to town for veggies/bakery
Mountain bike ride (new trails, more hills!) in a bazillion degrees.
Went to three stores just to find almond flour, and along the way ended up with a standing fan, canvas/paints, garden trimmers, bag of carrots, an LED magnifying glass, fire starter, light bulbs, batteries, and creamy caramels. Note to self, taking a bored teen isn’t the most economical. I mean, all our stores require you take a cart in so it’s inevitable we will put something in the cart! (it’s the store’s fault) So overall, it was a pretty swell Saturday!

Happy Weekend!!! And, that skillet lasagna looks DELICIOUS!!!!


Kelly! I will definitely have to put together that collage, thanks for the idea. Wow, that sounds like the perfect day. Way to go on the mountain bike ride in such hot weather! Haha your almond flour experience sounds like something we would end up doing too… the carts do not help! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


That pic from 4 years ago is so fun, it’s clear you and Andrew were connected from the very start! Totally going to copy you on that skillet lasagna, and I’m so glad you are capturing Skye’s expressions lately, you all are going to look back at those and get a good laugh!


You’ll have to let me know what you think of the skillet lasagna! Thank you, I agree.. we sure knew fast! Haha I’m so glad we have them captured. Enjoy the rest of your weekend Michelle.


I packed up my classroom for the summer, kind of was strange feeling since I hadn’t seen it since March, I delivered some baby gifts to friends, and I played lots with my girl! Hope your weekend is great!


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