Check Yourself on This One…

There was no way I was going to wake up early to run when I stayed up two hours past my normal bedtime the night before;)  Brooke wanted to run to school and Andrew didn’t have work so I started out my run for the day with Brooke.

She is half-way done with her marathon!

IMG 0528

Andrew and Skye met us at the school to deliver Knox’s birthday treats to his class.  His birthday isn’t until Sunday but yesterday was his last day of school before his actual birthday.  Skye was not happy that she couldn’t just stay at the school and send us home afterwards.

IMG 0547

Then I went to my sister’s house and picked her up for the rest of my run.   We are starting to get to enjoy hearing the leaves under our feet while we are running…

IMG 0549

Andrew and Skye enjoyed donuts (well, Skye just eats the sprinkles and a bit of the frosting just like Brooke did when she was her age) in the back of his truck while I finished up my run… 5 miles total @ 9:13 average pace.

IMG 0548

Fast forward a few hours and Andrew went mountain biking and I got to meet up with my mom to eat lunch.  Back when it was just Brooke and me, I am pretty sure my mom and I went out to lunch 4 times a week (# not including our froyo dates each week too) so it felt so good to get the chance to do it again.

IMG 0559

Another highlight from the day was Brooke’s soccer game.  It was her last game of the season and she has sure had a good time with it this fall.

IMG 0576

Andrew is constantly the human jungle gym…

IMG 0571

And then I was definitely ready for bed before the 2 year old was ready for bed.

IMG 0578


Every now and then on a run I do a thing where I check myself.  I check myself to see what stories I am telling myself.  I swear I make so many stories up in my head each and every day about all of the things but let’s focus on the running stories we tell ourselves.  We can take a tiny bit of information and then come up with all sorts of stories to help support that small bit of information and I think it is so important that we check in on ourselves with these stories and figure out whether they are helping us or hindering us….

It could be any type of story…. about how tired you are, how so and so is so much more talented than you are, how you should just give up because you are already off pace, how you don’t belong, how you need to change things about your body in order to be a better runner, how you need to just give up on your big goals if you are hurting badly during your workouts to get to that goal, how you are too old or too young or too anything to be able to do a certain race or a certain trail or a certain pace etc.

Check in on those stories that you are telling yourself because there are so many better stories you can replace them with!    Replace those false stories with TRUTH (we have so much potential just waiting to be used!).

If you are tired you can tell yourself a story about how all of the amazing nutrients you have been eating the last few weeks are actually canceling out the fact that your legs are telling you that they are ready to quit.

You can tell yourself a story that the cooler temperatures right now have actually turned you into a pr machine and that you can in fact finish the workout you are doing in that moment strong.

You can tell yourself stories about how you are going to accomplish your craziest running dreams or your stories in your head can be about times in the past that you have done REALLY hard things so you can absolutely do something really hard again.

Check in on the stories you are creating in your head during your next run and make them good ones.  As runners we spend a lot of time alone as we train with so much time to think about who we are and what we are doing so take advantage of that time!

Happy running (just throwing in a picture of a time that I had about 9 hours to tell myself different stories and those stories made all of the difference in how I felt)!

IMG 3524


WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PUMPKIN TREAT/BREAD?!  I am craving pumpkin items and need some ideas! 

What is keeping you motivated and running during this time without races?

Those of you that are doing distance learning/homeshooling… how are you managing it all?  

What is something you cannot live without right now?

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TJ’s has all the pumpkin items! I bought pumpkin biscotti, pumpkin bread and cookie mix, pumpkin cheerios, pumpkin curry and more from there this weekend. Too hard to pass up!

Great insight into telling ourselves different stories! I was listening to a podcast this morning about envy and how comparing yourself to others and competing, instead of letting them inspire you, creates envy. I feel like it’s a similar idea! Let challenges inspire you to do YOUR best. Flip the idea and focus on the good- being happy for others and elevating yourself. That way we can collectively be better!


Okay, when I read the pumpkin curry it made me drool a little bit… yum! I need to go today. What podcast was that, I’d love to listen! Thanks for sharing Mariah and I hope you have a beautiful day!


“Check yourself” should be made into a runner’s t-shirt!!! I’ve been re-learning the limits of my body since I broke my leg on an early morning run in the dark last October. (My foot got stuck and the rest of me kept going during a sprint. Disaster.) I was always just in a “push! push!” mindset, but it worked for me and I never asked why. I’ve had to really listen to my body differently since I became breakable, lol.


Oh that is a great idea! BROKE YOUR LEG on a run… Emily, I am so so sorry that happened. I can’t imagine the pain. I bet that you have really learned that big time. I hope you are doing well and pain free. I’ll be more careful now on my dark runs! Have a beautiful day friend.


Pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting (and sprinkles, of course). My FAVORITE cookie and I need to make them ASAP.

With distance learning for me, as an educator, putting all my work stuff away at the end of the day makes a HUGE difference. Because if I leave a mess at work . . . I can see it from my kitchen now. :-) Focusing on the positive–really great days with the kids, learning new things, having good coworkers–balances out the really hard things, like feeling like I’m talking to no one sometimes, things taking forever to set up, etc.

Love love love what you say about telling ourselves stories. When my routine gets shaken up, for travel, illness, a pandemic, I find I stop telling myself those stories for a bit, and it’s jarring when they pop back up. Reexamining them is SO important to how treat ourselves and live our lives. Love this reminder.


Yep, I 100% need those cookies now. YOU ARE DOING ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I cannot imagine how much you have on your plate right now… your students are so lucky to have you. Thank you Kristin and good luck today, you are making a big difference.


OMG -running to school is so cool! How far of a run is that for the Brookers? And where was her backpack?!!!

You are amazing,’ I am totally impressed with your StickToItiveness.

I love a good ole pumpkin spice latte. Right know I am going to make cinnamon toast but with pumpkin spice instead of just cinnamon :)

I’ve ended up in a slew of virtual races I did not expect. First a 5 miler that I had signed up for pre-COVID-19. Then I did the Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee when was a four month 634.84 mile race, and it REALLY kept me motivated (and I earned a 1000K sticker and a belt buckle too)! Next was the “I Run For Women Who Run”’ virtual race sponsored by a Political Action Committee that backed me in my campaign, and now I am in middle of #WomxnRunTheVote which is a team relay to virtually recreate the 680 mile journey of 1977 (more than 2,000 runners relayed from Seneca Falls, NY, where the women’s suffrage movement began in 1848, to Houston, TX, the site of the 1977 National Women’s Conference). Next I have to decide whether to do a virtual marathon in November (postponed from its original in person schedule in April and now made virtual).

Virtual school sucks. My son is online from 8-11:35 and is then bouncing off the walls. It usually takes me 90 minutes to get him back to his desk, and I practically have to hold his hand to get him to get back to work. We usually have 2-3 hours of asynchronous work, and that does not include homework! Only 6 days left, then fall break, then K-2 goes back to school (he is in 2nd grade), yay!!!!

I cannot live without my sourdough bread. When I run out I immediately make another batch!


Hey Tonya!! Andrew just drove and met us there with her backpack, it’s a group effort ha. BRILLIANT about using the pumpkin spice on your toast with sugar and butter… I’m going to try that! I am SO impressed by you doing the Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee, that is incredible. I love the amazing races you are doing to support women and you are such a good example to me. Let me know what you decide on your November marathon! I am THRILLED that your son will be able to go back to school in a little bit… this will be amazing!! Have a beautiful day friend!


I can’t live without my run right now. Which ties into the story I tell myself which is you’ll have so much more energy once you get your run started. I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning. On top of my knee issue, i’ve been horribly tired for the last few months. dealing with work and getting the kids all of their appointments, i finally went to the doctor and ended up being diagnosed with lyme disease. i wasn’t surprised because I’ve pulled a lot of ticks off myself this year. Working out every day and especially the weekend out door runs, are what give me the energy to get through the day.
there’s a vendor at our farmer’s market that sells seeded sourdough bread. it has been my guilty pleasure all summer long. it’s so good! I smear my egg yolks on it. it’s my favorite meal. our farmers market ends this saturday but the vendor told me that he’s at another that’s close by that runs until the middle of november. i’m so excited i get to enjoy my bread for a few weeks longer. He also makes killer cinnamon rolls. thank goodness i only get one on long run days. i can afford the extra calories.


I’m WITH YOU on needing the run. Okay, I love that story that you tell yourself because it is so true and so motivating to get up and going. I am so incredibly sorry about your diagnosis with lyme disease. Are you okay?! You have so much on your plate this year, Lee. Please keep me updated on how you are and I am truly so sorry and wish I could give you a big hug.
I am so glad you will get to continue to to get his bread through November! I hope you have a beautiful day and I’m thinking about you.


Great topic! I have definitely been dealing with this more lately since running alone more than I was before covid. One story i’ve been buying into is that my boobs are too big to be a fast runner! I think to some extent it must be true that it really effects my running, and sometimes leads to back pain when i’m running a lot. But I also can’t think of ANY role models in running that are large-chested – does anyone have suggestions for me? instagram runners I can follow maybe? Thanks in advance !


Thank you for sharing Krista and I am off to do some research on this! I’ll get back to you Krista! Thank you so much for sharing and PS you have to try Brooks run bras… they have changed my life lately because they make running with a big chest so much easier and more comfortable for me. Have a beautiful day!


We made Trader Joe’s pumpkin bread (mix) with chocolate chips this week! So good!


That mix is seriously THE BEST!! Thank you so much Michelle and I hope you are having a great day so far!


I have a great recipe for pumpkin chocolate chip muffins! You can use some whole wheat flour to make them even better, and I recommend the Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips. They freeze beautifully too.


Yep, I will have to make those asap… and when you said they freeze well it made me even more excited. I want to have lots of snacks ready to eat come November. Thank you so much friend and I hope you enjoy your day!


I love this bread

I’m thankful that our schools are currently going all day every day and we are not having to remote learn (though there may be a time it will come up).

Pretty sure at this moment my coffee is keeping me alive so I don’t think I could live without it this morning :)


I have never seen such beautiful photos of bread in my life, I have to try that! I am so glad that your schools are doing so well right now and I hope that continues! Enjoy that coffee! Thanks so much Erika.


Hi Janae! During this time I am realizing that I can’t live without my friends. I mean I kind of knew this before but now it’s really obvious. I don’t get to see my friends as much as I do before and every time I do it’s crazy how much better I feel mentally afterwards. Like I will be smiling for hours afterwards. I don’t use social media and so I have been reaching out to people over text and email to check in, and it’s so crazy how many people are just there waiting for someone to reach out to them because we all want that human connection. That’s one thing I really like about your blog, the personal connection with you and then feeling like I get to know the other commenters too by reading comments.
Have a great day and keep up your great work!


PREACH… I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s amazing how much we need that human connection and that is so great that you have reached out so much to your people. I am SO grateful for the friendship we have formed and I always look forward to hearing from you. Thank you Amy and YOU TOO!


Right now coffee…I didn’t sleep well last night (took too much pre workout for my late night gym session) and got up with my 2 year old at 5…Thankfully he naps for a few hours so mommy might just nap with him.
You look so fantastic and I’m so impressed that your running still! And without a belly band??!! Amazing :)
Have a great day Janae.


GILLIAN! I hope that you have the best nap ever today and enjoy that coffee today! Thank you so much friend.


Pumpkin spice scones. My absolute favourite!! You can just find the recipe on Pinterest. It’s my most favourite baked good probably, though that may make me boring ?


I just made these pumpkin cookies last week and they were gone within 48 hours. SO good!


Total cheater pumpkin muffins – 1 spice cake mix + 1 can of pumpkin puree + optional one caramel tucked in the middle of each. Just add water to cake mix and puree and mix and put in the tins and add in the little treat if you like. They taste awesome.

I love running in the fall and I am a teacher so it is a time for no masks and no stress. I love all the coffee right now and seeing my students in person. Have a super weekend


The pumpkin roll cookie that Crumbl has this week is AMAZING. Melts in your mouth, tastes like a melty pumpkin cinnamon roll!

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