A ridiculous amount of pictures from yesterday plus our treadmill thoughts!

I’m hoping that your weekend is fabulous so far!  I’ve got a race recap coming up tomorrow but until then I’ll just do the normal ‘share every picture I take each day on the internet’ thing right now!  —>  I will say the race was a blast, but it was really hard, but fun in a weird way.  Lots of running thoughts coming your way.

1.  After the race I did 2 more miles, went home to my three peeps and then we went off to Kneader’s.  If you go to Utah ever, this is one of those restaurants you have to try while you are here.  Their breakfast is pretty popular, especially their 4 inch thick all-you-can-eat french toast.

IMG 3007

2.  After that we drove to the lake to spend time with Jamyn (we have been friends for 22 years now… we were inseparable as kids too… she is the best) on their boat.  

FullSizeRender  4

3.  This was Brooke’s first time ever on a boat like this and I think she is convinced now that we need one.

IMG 3027

4.  First adventure:  Tubing.  

IMG 3046

5.  They felt pretty hip doing this and they requested as many bumps as possible over the waves.

IMG 3111

6.  After that, just Andrew and I went and within a few minutes we somehow flew into the water (I’ll get you back Andrew…)

IMG 3129

7.  The kids were trying all sorts of things.

FullSizeRender  2

8.  She is better at surfing than I am. 

FullSizeRender  1

9.  I finally got up and figured out how to stay surfing for a few minutes at a time (usually I just fall after about 20 seconds).

FullSizeRender  3

10.  Talk about pure joy.

Screen Shot 2016 07 30 at 9 12 42 PM

11.  Jamyn’s husband was doing all sorts of flips and crazy jumps on the wakeboard and Andrew did some awesome jumps too.

IMG 1836

12.  And then all three kiddos that were on the boat fell asleep and I got a solid hour of snuggling with Brooke.


13.  Some quality family time. 

IMG 3245

14.  I’m super excited because we just got one of these because Utah has a ton of state parks that we need to start exploring.  PS Andrew has sure got me out of my normal -eat at the same 3 restaurants and do the same things everyday- habit and I absolutely love it.

IMG 3011

15.  After a quick dinner, baths and pjs… Andrew hit the X11i Incline Trainer for his Saturday run (he LOVES night running).  

IMG 3258

We’ve been using this treadmill for a few months now so I thought I would share my thoughts so far.  I’ve run on quite a few treadmills over the years and thousands of miles on them so as you can tell, treadmill running has been a big part of my life—> I told you about how I trained for my first marathon completely (except for one five miler) on a treadmill.  

Let’s talk about a few of the things that I love about this baby so far:

*That I can get in my workout at any time, any day.  I can run or walk on an incline while watching The Bachelor.  When I’ve got two kiddos running around like crazy and playing in the mornings I can just jump on and get to work.

*You can pop in your tabley/ipad super easy to watch whatever you want!  (Mine isn’t in the pics here because—> RIP to my iPad but hopefully I will be getting a new one soon).

*I LOVE the speakers.  You just plug your music in and the speakers are awesome—>  killer sound and no headphones.  Win.  This also allows the kids to have quite the dance party while I’m running which offers great entertainment of me.  

*The incline makes it awesome to get in UPhill and DOWNhill workouts.  -6% all the way up to 40% incline  It is super easy to adjust speed and incline with the huge buttons.  

*The dashboard also has a fan built in and I added my own fan too because I tend to sweat like crazy.

*It is super quiet compared to other treadmills I have had (it has an awesome motor and a WhiperQuiet design which makes the noise of each step on the deck quieter).

*If you’ve been on a bunch of different treadmills then you know what I mean about the deck of some of them being too hard… your knees and joints end up screaming at you.  This one uses Reflex Cushioning on the deck which makes each foot strike comfortable and cushioned—> we want to protect those joints of ours so that we can run until we are 99.  

*It goes up to 12 mph which will be awesome once I’m getting back to speedwork again.

*I love the touchscreen… it is SUPER responsive (touchscreens that are slow or you have to push really hard on to get a response drive me crazy).  You can use iFit to get your workouts, maps (that use Google Maps to show you where you are running if you choose), to track your progress and for 44 different workout apps.  

(PS the treadmill was given to us by NordicTrack in return for my honest opinion!!!)

IMG 2591

*And my favorite Youtube video right now.  This guy is hilarious… and he gave me new songs for my running playlist ha:)

Between a half-marathon and boating…. I’m going to be really sore today and fully embrace today’s rest (aka lazy and make chocolate chip cookies) day.  


Have you put a lot of miles in on a treadmill over the years or not so much…?

Any boating people?  Favorite part about boating?

What are one of the restaurants that is a must-eat-at in your area?

Best thing you’ve eaten this weekend so far?

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Mmmmmmm all you can eat french toast sounds amazing! In our area you can’t leave without trying Maple Street Biscuit Company (amazing biscuits and sweet potato fries) or Mojo Burrito………a great tex-mex place!
I have a treadmill (a gift!) but I admit it doesn’t get much use……….I prefer to be outside, even in the rain or heat.
I like boats, but haven’t been boating :(
Is that a pineapple on your shirt? I love pineapple anything……….where did you get it?


All you can eat French toast?! Count me in!!


There is an awesome brunch place in Glastonbury, CT (where I am moving in 6 weeks) called The Spicy Green Bean. The place is super small so there is a wait but the food is awesome! Also there is a great crepe place down in New Haven, CT called Crepes Choupette.

I WISh I could get into running on a treadmill. I don’t have one yet but will probably buy one at some point since occasionally the winter weather in New England precludes me from running outside. Maybe if I buy one that has an iPad dock so I can watch The Bachelorette, even though I can’t really get into it this season.


You will have your own boat in no time at all!


I have a nordic trac too and I love it. Just got it recently and I am almost embarrassed to say it but I kill treadmills on the reg. Technically this is my 5th in 4 years. OOops.

We have a lot of boats because we have two houses and both are on water and also my husband tends to collect them.

I love Motoki’s videos but his mom wins my internet for sure.


I have my treadmill in the basement so my indoor runs stay pretty cool and it’s nice on super hot or rainy days. I use it way more in the winter but try to keep it to about 1-2 times a week in the summer. It’s a Nordic Track from Costco but had become pretty squeaky and noisy lately. What do you do for maintenance on yours?


I had a treadmill in grad school that I ran on every day. I put thousands of miles on that thing! Then I still used it through my first year of marriage and the snowy, cold winter we had, but once my husband and I moved to Seattle we sold it.


i’m unashamedly a huge treadmill fan. I just like that it’s always there and it takes out any variable that could hamper my run. plus, if I want to get in an extra weight workout after a run, the gyms right there! I don’t know why I love it so much, but no complaints.

all those boating pictures look so fun! my bf’s dad is a fisherman and we’ve gone out on his boat a couple times and it’s always a blast.

ps. all you can eat french toast seems like the thing that dreams are made of. yummmmmm.


Looks like such a fun day!

I’ve always embraced the treadmill. If it’s way too cold or way too hot (which tends to happen a lot in Chicago), no shame in hitting the gym instead of battling the weather!

Best thing I’ve eaten all weekend – Cheesy bread from Domino’s at midnight after seeing the comedy show. Post 16-miler hunger hits at any time :)

Have a great Sunday!


I have put so many miles on my treadmill…early morning runs while hubby at work and my kids asleep, while my boys play basketball I run and watch them (from my garage), when my daughter rides her bike around me and treadmill…a treadmill is great for training with 3 kids and a hubby who works a lot! And I need a new one like asap gonna research the one you have! It’s also easier on my joints and for speed work.


I have done a lot of treadmill running over the last 5 years! With three small kids at the time I bought it, it made it easier to push the excuses inside. I am probably one of those weird people who don’t dread it like most. We live in Waco, Tx (home of Fixer Upper) and I love this Taco place called Fuego. We are visiting my bestie for 10 days in Bakersfield. Yesterday I had to have Rubios Shrimp Tacos as soon as we landed. Yum!


I love my Nordic track, I have had it for several years and it is so comfortable to run on. And, yes, the speakers and fan are nice!

I love the free feeling you get on a boat. Friends with boats are the best. (Boats are pretty expensive to maintain but so much enjoyment).

I had a Brooklyn Blackout cake doughnut yesterday. That and the pesto pizza with chicken were amazing.


What a fun time on the water!!


Girl have you been to Penny Ann’s Cafe up here? Their pancakes are to die for! And I didn’t even like pancakes!! There’s one in Draper. You should totally go. Or meet me there ;)


I grew up on a boat and I love them! My dad sold our boat a couple of years ago which made me really sad. But someday I’ll have another boat.

Have you ever had joe Vera’s in Provo? It’s my favorite Mexican food here!


We just got a Kneaders here in Phoenix. I haven’t been yet. Definitely need to check it out!


I put a LOT of kms in on the treadmill, and I actually don’t mind treadmill running as many do!

Restaurant –> Boston Pizza (going there now to watch the Blue Jays vs. Baltimore)

Great job on the half and boating looked like SO much fun!


For some reason I cannot do treadmill running no matter how hard I try. I think I am spoiled after growing up with years of running outdoors. Any suggestions? I have to run on a treadmill in the winter a lot because I go around 5 am and when it is dark and icy there are not many other options. But I get bored so easily and can barely last an hour.
Best thing I ate this weekend on Nantucket Island: honemade waffle cone with chocolate peanut butter cookie dough ice cream. Amazing.


I’ve had a Sole treadmill for two years. It was the consolation prize for giving up my wife’s club membership which she rarely used with 1 kid much less 2 and now 3. It’s not bad but the ones at work are slightly better commercial varieties. Funny, just yesterday she was complaining I haven’t used it lately. But then I ran 10 miles out on a nice trail instead yesterday morning.

I had a pretty good Red Robin bacon cheeseburger yesterday with my 2 yo. It was greasy and yummy in all the right ways.

The local favorite restaurants are Kruse and Muer. Mostly seafood, which is funny since we aren’t near the sea.


I like Brooke’s style- banana pancakes. The best and only kind apart from chocolate chips worth eating! Your snaps yesterday were awesome! The kids looked like they had a ball out on the water.
Best thing I ate this weekend was a gyro last night! The Tzatzki sauce is amazing.
Happy Sunday!


I can’t wait for the race re-cap. I was supposed to run that 1/2 marathon but am suffering from my first injury ever – plantar fasciitis. SO bummed. And to think maybe I could have met up with you!!!!

All you can eat French Toast? I’m on my way!


Sounds like SUCH a fun weekend! Can’t wait to read about the race. :) I’ve just started going to treadmill studio classes, which are such a blast. They use woodward treadmills which I had never heard of before, but they really are great and better than the average treadmill at my gym. Much more stable!


I run on the treadmill a lot when I’m traveling, but otherwise I 100% prefer outside, rain or shine.

I love boating! I learned how to drive a speedboat last year and was obsessed

Delicious fancy gnocchi with mushroom sauce was my best meal :)


Recent boat ride was to the sandbar in Kaneohe bay- and we got to see some cute turtles swimming around us. He even ate something the kids dropped in the water by mistake (either popcorn or chips…oops).
Amazing thing we ate- hot fresh malasadas! Yum!


Both of our local Kneaders but I think all Kneaders have half priced perishable items on Saturday nights from like 8pm-close so all their desserts and breads and stuff. It’s quite dangerous with how much you want to buy when it’s half off!!


I can’t believe you were on a wakeboard after a half marathon– you must have legs of steel! and kudos to the french toast, next time i’m in utah i will be at kneaders for breakfast!


There’s nothing better than time on a boat and a lake!! This looks like a blast!


There is ONE Kneaders in Texas – in my hometown of San Antonio to be exact, and I make it a point to go there every time I am back in town! Unfortunately I live 5 hours away in Dallas, but that is seriously the best place ever! Yummmmm!!!


Have you put a lot of miles in on a treadmill over the years or not so much…?
YES in the last few years I’m about 75% treadmill, due to having kids and them having to be with me most of the time when I work out. Sometimes hubs is here and I can sneak out,, but normally it’s treadmill for me.

Any boating people? Favorite part about boating?
No boating. I’m kinda scared of large bodies of open water.

What are one of the restaurants that is a must-eat-at in your area?
I live in Columbus, GA. Favorites here are Country’s BBQ, OK Sun (Korean – incredible!), and Luke’s Pub (little side-of-the-road, hole in the wall, steak and oysters place. It is unforgettable.)

Best thing you’ve eaten this weekend so far?
Hmm… Well the week’s just starting but let’s see… I had some really crispy bacon this morning with breakfast, and it was exactly what I needed at that moment, if you know what I’m saying. :D


My husband and I bought a boat last summer and we use it all the time. Best investment ever!!


Wow! That video is hilarious. The woman’s passive face is so impressive. I would have busted out laughing.


I always send my family and friends to Cook Out — A North Carolina fast food joint. It’s a great place for a greasy burger, some onion rings, and an AMAZING shake! They have so many flavors — a must stop if you’re ever coming to NC.


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Hello, just dropping by to say that your family is so cute. You guys are so great even on your exercise time, you are one family.

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