Our favorite night of the week, I won and the mile at a time law.

Date night…  The absolute best part of the week.  Starting off marriage with two little ones is the best but it also makes us really treasure those evenings we have to go on a date together. 


Four of my best friends (the girls I go on a trip with each year and we end up eating an absurd amount of donuts each time) gave me and Andrew a gift card to Sundance for our wedding.  The know me way too well… Sundance is one of my all-time favorite places to go.  It is only about 20 minutes away but it feels like a little getaway.  


They have two restaurants up at Sundance and I always choose The Foundry Grill.  The food is insane.  Just a picture of our starters ha… fried brussels sprouts (I can never eat normal brussels sprouts again after eating these… the sauce is perfection) and sweet potato fries:)

IMG 5576

For dinner we both had the ribs and then for dessert I picked up one of their 7-layer bars.  One of the only acceptable desserts with nuts in my opinion.  

IMG 5629

The drive back into town was just kind of pretty.  


We went straight from our fancy setting to the arcade.  I’ve been telling Andrew about how good I am at air hockey (my brothers taught me how to play and all of the strategy at a very young age;) and he didn’t believe me so we decided to play.  

And I won.  

He believes me now;) 

IMG 5584

And moving on to Wednesday… I woke up and got 3 miles done real quick at a 9:00 average.  My legs were dead after those Tuesday mile repeats.  Keep the easy days easy so you can get the hard workouts in (aka I have a lot of miles to run today so I wanted to be smart:)

IMG 5588

Brooke and Knox were reunited.  It had been almost 5 days since they last saw each other and they just picked up right where they left off. 

IMG 5608

It was LINDSEY’S bday so we went to her favorite place for lunch.  

IMG 5591

And afterwards both kids insisted that I hold them.  My arms almost fell off.  I don’t know how Andrew does it so easily.  

IMG 5624

Andrew came home from work a bit later and Beretta and I hung out with him on the ground.

IMG 5645

We made this dinner last week and we have thought (ehhh… and talked;) about it a lot since then.  Grilled turkey burgers with a fried egg, grilled zucchini, avocado, tomatoes and lettuce.   The bowl of cantaloupe was a request of Brooke’s, she could live off of that stuff.  Other notable thing from dinner—> we got Knox a new spiderman plate and I think it came close to making his month;)  

IMG 5650  1

Always a good sign when your sandwich is almost as tall as Andrew’s head.

IMG 5652

Brooke did a million cartwheels.

IMG 5657

And then we were all ready for bed by 8 pm ha.  Long runs the next morning will do that to ya.  I’ve been nervous about this 20 miler today (because it is going to be really toasty out and because that is a heck of a long way to run;) but I was reminded on Instagram yesterday one of the best running laws (I’m really into calling things running laws these days).  

Stay in the mile.  Take a mile at a time.  Don’t worry about the rest, just live in that mile you are running.  

And that is how today will go… Josse and I are just going to go ahead and stay in the mile.  We will laugh, fuel, hydrate, focus, tell stories and probably see a few random animals along the way like we always do.  One mile at a time, the best way to get through the hard parts!

IMG 5660


Any fun plans for your Labor Day weekend?

Have any running laws that you’ve found in your life?

How do you get through the really LONG runs?

Any random games that you are pretty good at?  Any other lovers of air hockey?

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Hope you have a great 20 miler! Actually I know you will because you are an awesome runner and Josse sounds like a great running partner!

Those turkey burgers sound perfect – literally everything I like one my burger! And cantaloup is a great side. I literally can eat a whole cantaloup by myself during the summer. It tastes like candy! :D


I need to focus on the mile-at-a-time law more often. Sometimes when I know I have faster miles coming up, I start to get anxious, or I’ll think about how many miles I have left. It’s better to live life in the moment and run life in the mile.

I love air hockey! That takes me way back to some fun times. What a cute date. :) I’m actually really good at Mario Kart. I’m undefeated when I play as Peaches.


You are really lucky to have a running partner for your long runs! My IPOD is my running partner for now ha… music fuels my mind during long runs ;-) I have a 22-miler to do on Sunday… last long run before tapering! Lower mileage will feel strange but I am (kind of) ready to focus on yoga+streching+recovery to get a healthy body and fresh legs to the starting line ;-) That “air hockey face” of yours is awesome! ha


Running law (for me): Never look at the time! It makes the run go by soooo slowly. I count songs instead, and I estimate it as 3 songs per mile, for a total of 10 songs, which means I’m always happily surprised by how far/long I’ve actually run when the playlist is done. It’s a silly trick, but it works for me!


No plans over here for Labour Day. There is a little free 5K race that I’m going to use as a time trial and after that it is getting ready for school for all three of us.

The one time I completed a 20 miler, I did on Thanksgiving. I ran 6 loops of 5K +2K in a provincial park. All I had to look at was road and trees. My husband and Dad drove by me a couple of times and I don’t even think I had music on. What got me through – thoughts of a delicious turkey dinner that was waiting for me :-)


For our 100+ mile races, we are all about “just get to the next aid station.” If it is a loop course, then we will set up a routine of eating every 3-4 miles, drinking the miles in between, and I also set little “rewards” throughout, including “after XX more miles, then I will switch my shoes.” I save the more cushioned shoes for later in the races.

On our 36 and 48 hour races this summer, we also slept during the races. So, getting to the “now it is time to sleep for 30 minutes” point was a HUGE reward to look forward to.

Your date night looked grand! We hope you have a terrific Labor Day!


On longer runs, I try and either turn off my brain or distract myself with thoughts/a podcast depending how I’m feeling. the more I can disconnect and just go, the easier I find it and it really helps me mentally set up for the rest of the day haha.

no labor day plans for me because I JUST realized it was labor day weekend yesterday…where did the summer go!?


Taking it one mile at a time is so important to remember! If I have a long run like that I’ll also break it into smaller chunks…so instead of thinking I have 20 miles to go I’ll say I have 5 miles to run..four times! Makes it seem more manageable if I’m just focusing on my current “chunk” instead of the whole thing.

This weekend we have lots of house projects to work on, and we’re also visiting Falling Water! I can’t wait :)


Hoping you have an awesome 20-miler :) Can you share where your pink running shorts are from? LOVE them!


Hope your 20 miles goes well today! I have 14 to do this weekend which will be a new record for me. Thanks for reminding me to take it one mile at a time! I’ve been getting a little scared looking at the rest of my marathon training schedule because there are some reeaalllly long runs to do. But one mile at a time is more manageable!


Aww that picture of you holding both kids! So cute!


I’m pretty awesome at board games! Or dutch blitz. My sis are always playing board/card games when we’re together. My hubby won’t play with me because he said I’m so good that it’s no fun :(


One of my favorite things to do on a long run is listen to an audio book. If I get a new one, I save it for running. I usually lose myself in the story and the run is over before you know it. I also like to think about how amazing I will feel when I finish what I started. When I ran my first marathon, I kept thinking “no matter what, I’ll be done by lunch and it’s going to feel amazing.”


I used to do my long runs on the boardwalk. It’s 5 miles round trip and you are literally under the Verrazano Bridge at the halfway point. My car would be parked at one end like an aid stop and there are water fountains. So every 5 miles I could be at home base :) it was my safe long run route. Also flat. :)

My boyfriend and I will be getting in long runs this weekend and maybe just go look at some old landmark homes. We love architecture.


I think date nights are super important to any relationship. You have to be happy and spending time ugh each other! I’m glad you guys are having a great time.

To be honest, I normally just remind myself the run will be over soon enough…it usually seems to work getting through them…like today…


You make me smile when you say you’re nervous about the long run. How many 20 milers are already under your spy belt? That said, I also tend to dread long runs.

I try to stay in the segment I’m in if I’m run/walking or speed training, thinking about the rest of it messes with my head. I ran an 11 miler alone last week while on vacation. I picked an area I don’t normally run and just enjoyed the scenery (I even stopped for a few photos along the way). It made it enjoyable and more like an adventure. Now, I have to incorporate some of that at home.


Have a good 20-miler!

Best way I get through long runs:
-Good company or good music
-Mentally breaking up the distance into more manageable distances (4 easy 5-milers is no big deal!)
-Think about how accomplished you’ll feel when it’s done!


Normally when I go to long runs with low expectations, (only focusing on the mile-by-mile thing and not thinking obsessively that I’m going to accomplish certain distance) is where I get the best results.


We are going on a little family outing for Labor Day! It should be pretty interesting.

I like air hockey. My parents got an air hockey table when I was in high school and I was pretty good. It’s been a while though so I’m probably not good anymore


The only plans I have for the long weekend are to get coffee with a friend I haven’t seen in a few years. It should be fun catching up.

As a kid I used to be pretty good at bowling. Unfortunately that skill hasn’t stayed with me into adulthood.


That looks like an awesome date night location! We have been to Salt Lake several times, but never made it to Sundance. Thursday night is my date night with my husband. It’s just our tradition to stay home, eat pizza, watch our favorite TV show together, and just catch up. I don’t work on Friday, so it’s always the start of the weekend for me!


I just really have to say that I am enjoying your pictures and stories of your family so much! I loved the picture of you holding both Knox and Brooke! :) I know you did a video on how to curl your hair, but would you consider making a video of how you style your hair, from right after the shower? I love your side-swept bangs and your hair looks so perfect every time! :)


Good luck on the 20-miler today :) (not that you need it)

Knox in the angels hat = the cutest (though I’m a Toronto Blue Jays fan) haha
And that sandwich for supper looks UNREAL! Literally drooling while reading!


Date nights are so much fun! Now that I have a son, it’s much harder to schedule a date night but my husband and I try to make the best out of it whenever we do get to go out without our baby. This weekend we’re planning to go to Vancouver! I’m pretty excited since the last time we went there was before our son was born!


My weekend plans include a road trip to New York City for a few days with my husband. NYC is one of my favorite places to go!


I like the “stay in the mile” idea……..will try that on my next longer run. (although right now that is only 8 miles……….can’t go any farther than that in this heat and humidity. I am really competitive (think Monica in Friends) but I usually lose to my husband………….he’s really good at almost every game! He loves Trivial Pursuit, but I can beat him at the Disney Trivial Pursuit anyday so that is one of my favorites, ha!


My cousin is getting married on Sunday, so we will have a fun day on Sunday. Monday I am playing in a community band for the annual Labor Day concert. I am not sure what we are doing on Saturday yet, but hopefully something outside before it starts to get cold again!

I ran a half marathon on Sunday with a few friends, and I said the same thing, “Let’s just focus on the mile that we are in. No looking forward and no looking back.” It’s much easier said than done, but I think it’s a good mantra. I have a 20 miler on Sunday (my first ever 20 mile run!), and I will try to practice staying in the current mile. :)


Good luck on your long run! I get through mine by NEVER doing them alone. I always have my dad or some running friends with me.. I don’t know how people can train for marathons without running buddies!


Such a precious family!!! Love the pictures, Janae. I have a 20-miler coming up this weekend and breaking it into chunks helps me. Instead of thinking “20 miles! EEEKKK!!!”, I change it to 1 hour + 1 hour + 45 minutes or so. That mental breakdown really helps me :)


That 7 layer bar looks AMAZING!! Yum yum!

When I was marathon training, the long runs were hard for me mentally. I would always be nervous and think “I can’t run this far” but once I got past the halfway mark I always felt better and by the end I usually felt better than I did at the beginning. The mind is a funny thing, isn’t it? In fact, I’m reading The Inner Runner by Dr. Jason Karp after hearing his Runners Connect podcast. Also, I just listened to your interview on Runners Connect!! <3


Omg fried Brussels sprouts are my favorite to order in restaurants. The best!


What are some of the things you take for your fuel during your long runs? I need some more options :)


I’m in the Twin Cities marathon on Oct 9 and have a 20-miler on Saturday. Mine in Dallas will be a hot one–the forecasted temp for the day is from 71 to 88 with humidity at 82% early morning to 49%ish later. Yup, as the temp goes up, the humidity goes down but the misery index (the temp and humidity together adding up to 150+) is pretty constant! Enjoy your run! I’ll think in terms of a mile at a time too.


I would love you to go back to blogging about your marathon training in more detail. I’m sure that’s what many of us started reading your blog for. I find your commitment to running really inspiring and would love to “catch” some of your discipline and commitment.
I’d really prefer this to lots of posts about your kids. They are gorgeous and I’m delighted that you’re so happy, but as they get older their privacy is really important and I start to feel uncomfortably stalker-ish reading and seeing so much about them.
Running posts pleeeease!!!!!!


That burger looks SO good. I might just have to make them today for lunch.
One of my running “laws” is to follow what feels right for my body. Often times, we get so disconnected to what our body is needing from day to day because we are distracted by the number of miles on our training plans, etc.


Thank you for that running mantra! I definitely need it at the moment, training is hard right now! I have a 14 miler this weekend (thankfully downgraded from a 20 miler courtesy of my running club buddy/unofficial coach)!


Knox and Brooke are just too cute!!


Hi Janae,

What size shirts do you wear in the v-necks (they look so comfy)? and the leggings? We may be similar size up top, but I hate shirts that cling to me or are too tight…but I don’t want to look like I’m wearing a bag either :/

Kidlets are too cute!


Ahhh – weird sorry, this comment was meant for Friday’s post where you listed the clothes you like!!! Not sure why it ended up here :0

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