20 MILES + Friday Favorites (including running clothes and real life clothes) and we are off on a road trip!!!!

It’s official, yesterday’s 20.3 miler was the best long run I’ve had this training cycle.

I think I kind of figured out part of the reason why my previous long runs have been REALLY hard for me—>  I was in major need of electrolytes during these hot summer runs.  I guess I didn’t really think of this as being a problem because it has never been a problem for me in the past.  Things change over time and I think we have been running in the heat way more than ever this time around and my body has needed more electrolytes/hydration this time around.  I took an electrolyte drink that I bought at Sprouts (I don’t remember the exact name and I am typing this in the car but I will post it next week when we get home) before my run and goodness gracious I felt so much better yesterday than all of my other long runs this summer.  Isn’t it crazy how much of a difference all of the little things make in our training?  Part of the fun of different training cycles is figuring out exactly what helps you to get in your runs.

When we started our run it was 70 degrees and when we finished it was 84 degrees.  It was toasty but toasty miles = we will be better prepared for the St. George Marathon if we get a hot day.  The last few miles of this race are always hot so we will be ready for that for sure:)

PS we love running up and down this little canyon road.  I think it is by far our favorite.

IMG 5673

We got in some pretty good hills along the way and I had a random knee pain all of the sudden but Josse used her massage therapist skills on it and it was back to normal just like that.  I’ll keep an eye on it for sure but it was a random part of the run.

IMG 5671

At mile 18 we hit the cold water drinking fountain and poured water all over our faces and arms and used it to cool down.

At the marathon we are going to do they usually hand out ice and/or cold, wet towels in the last few miles and stuff like that sure helps a whole lot.  We felt like new people after this water.

IMG 5674

And then we finished at 20.3 miles with an average pace of 8:12 (we stop our Garmins for any water stops) and my mom picked us up at the end.  She even had really cold water for us waiting in her car.  She is so supportive of our training:)

The marathon is exactly a month away from yesterday and I am sure glad this run went well.  I needed a confidence booster run for my endurance before race day comes along.  I felt like I could have definitely kept going and I’m one step closer to figuring out hydration/electrolyte/nutrition for the marathon.

IMG 5677 1

Fast forward a few hours and we all jumped in the car for our first big road trip together.  Andrew has 4 days off from work so we decided to drive to Southern California to go to the beach and visit Andrew’s grandparents.  I think we are going to hit up a baseball game while we are there too.

IMG 5680

We drove through St. George on our way…  I’ll be seeing all of the red rocks again soon on race day.

IMG 5686

We tried out this brilliant idea…  the entire bag is filled with the best flavor.  I never eat the yellow and orange Sour Patch Kids so this bag had my name on it.

IMG 5683

Just another salad parking lot date for the two of us.

IMG 5694

The kids made sure to get in jumping jacks whenever we got out of the car.

IMG 5702

And we took every opportunity to keep them entertained with stops along the way:)

IMG 5710

The 8 hour and 15 minute car ride with two toddlers included the song below on repeat, movies on the iPad, playing I spy, discussing Halloween costumes, the kids telling us all sorts of theories, good talks with Andrew and naps.  At one point while I was driving, everyone else was asleep and I got a little emotional hearing the little snores in the car and Andrew next to me.   I prayed for this type of situation for years and years and it is here so I’m just going to keep cherishing every second of it.  My sappiness is over for now…. sorry about that ha.

IMG 5698

PS it was kind of nice to just relax and sit in the car for the rest of the day after a 20 miler. I’ll be stretching out really well today though…


I’ve had a few requests for an updated list of my favorite running clothes!  This post does contain affiliate links!  PS if something I wear isn’t available anymore then I will include the newer version/something as close as possible!

Headbands/hats:  *I always go with Lulu headbands.  I bought a few a few years ago and I still wear those same ones now.  They last forever and they are thick, keep my hair out of the way and cute.   *Brooks hats like this one and this one are my two faves.

Shorts:  My top three most worn running shorts——> Chaser (the 5” are a little longer:), Crew/Rival, Roga Shorts

TanksRacerback tank, breathe racerbackcompassion tank,  Ghost Racerback, similar to my black and white checkered tank, cool tank and these ones are cheap and super cute (mine is super similar but I use them more for bootcamp type activities than running)!

Shoes:  Currently using the Launch 3s and Hyperion the very most.

Oh and the Garmin Forerunner 225 that I use and love (especially the wrist-based heart rate—> no chest straps!)

(When it gets a little cooler out I’ll include my winter faves)!!

And as far as my normal clothes go—>

*Favorite clothing finds/deals—>  My favorite J Crew sandals just dropped down to $19.50 and my favorite v-necks ever just dropped down a few bucks too!

*These sneakers have been making my feet happy.

*Roolee (my favorite boutique) is having their SUMMER SALE!!!  Also, my favorite MOTO LEGGINGS ARE BACK!!

*These sunglasses have been my every day sunglasses.

*I just ordered this charm necklace and these earrings (I want to be an earring person all of the sudden) and I love them.

And my fall wish-list (***Andrew feel free to pay attention here***) currently contains this jacket, a denim dress because I haven’t had one in decades and of course some new booties:)


What are some of your favorite running clothes lately?

What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

What is the longest run that you usually do before a marathon?

Ever had any knee problems?  What was going on?

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I’m so glad your 20 miler went well! I’m absolutely dreading mine next week, though I’m sure with a reasonable pace it will all go off absolutely fine. At least, that’s what I’m hoping for! It’s so odd how you have sudden epiphanies in training, like “ohhhhh, I haven’t been drinking enough/taking in electrolytes/eating enough carbs/whatever” and it seems so obvious! I think my long run pace has been way too high, which has been why I’ve been struggling to maintain it!


I’m glad your twenty miler went well Janae. I do feel as though that run is such a big and important peice of training. I’ve found the heat to really take a toll on me as well. I need a lot of electrolytes when I run!

I just bought this cute Northface crop hoodie which makes zero sense but I find it fun to lounge around in.


My right knee gets cranky every so often. The first time it happened I let it go too long without seeing a dr and couldn’t run. Now I do extra foam rolling stretching strengthening and icing as soon as it starts to act up. Basically scar tissue builds up in my quads and it throws knee off track. Weak hips and glutes just add to the issue.

I’m so ridiculously happy we have a gorgeous day here in NYC before the hurricane might hit. Hoping to spend most of it outdoors.


Sounds like such a fun little getaway! Hope y’all have a great time! I’m super excited for froyo and watching college football this weekend! :) By the way, thank you for introducing me to Roolee. I LOVE that place!

I recently had some knee issues, and it was actually the result of my quad being super tight. I started rolling it and stretching it every day, and the knee pains went away. Hope yours is nothing serious!


That is a sour patch win! O my goodness!
The major knee problem I had when I was a competitive dancer was patella femoral syndrome. 3 or 4 months of PT and rest to fix that one :/


I was having knee issues earlier this year. Some time off + strengthening my hips + new shoes = pain free! It took a few weeks and it was frustrating, but all good now.

Have fun on your road trip!


Congrats on the great 20-miler! I have a much needed cutback week in my training plan for this weekend … Next week I’ll get in a 20-miler … And then we have our big 22-miler … And then taper time!

Knee problem is the worst … Dealing with some left knee issues and I’ve been foam rolling and stretching and doing all my running strength exercises like crazy. It’s helped a ton so far and I’m hoping to be 100% better by marathon day!

Have fun this weekend!!


Congrats on your 20 miler, what a motivator for the upcoming marathon!

I’ve never had a knee problem but was recently diagnosed with osteitis pubis, a vague condition caused by inflammation of the pelvic bone due to running/soccer/etc. I’ve been researching a bit but hope to learn a lot more at my first PT appointment next week. Has anyone battled this issue or known someone who has? Some success stories would be very welcome!!!


I am in awe of twenty mile runs. It’s just something I could not think about doing ever. I get so distracted haha. Congrats on getting it done!

I’m loving old navy workout clothes right now. a) they’re dirt cheap b) they’re actually pretty good quality and really comfy. That’s a win win win in my book.

knee problem is awful. the worst I had was IT band related and it just felt like it was constantly pulling my kneecap over all the time. no bueno at all.


This weekend, my boyfriend and I will be doing a 500 KM road bike ride because it’s the long weekend! Lots of sunshine, ice cream and miles = best weekend.


I’m so looking forward to sleeping this weekend! It’s a long weekend, which means I only have to wake up early for my long run on Saturday!! I can sleep in on Sunday and MONDAY!!!!

I’m currently loving my tanks and running shorts — I want to wear them every day all day!


I seriously need to find those red berry sour patch kids! The yellows are the worst!


8 hours in the car with two kids?! You just became my hero. I really want to take my girls to Great Smokey Mountains this fall, but the seven hour drive gives me pause. But you survived! Maybe I’ll just go for it…

P.S. The orange sour patch kids are the best. Blue is second best. Red is, like, third.


Sea salt has worked wonders for me this summer! Enjoy your trip


You picked a great weekend to come out here to SoCal :) The temps have cooled down a little, so it will be perfect!
It is so nice to get in a confidence boosting long run before a race! I usually do 3 20 milers before a marathon, and if the last one (or 2) before taper feels really good, I get the best confidence push! So, yay for you and Josse!!
About a year and a half ago (after a marathon) I was having issues with my right knee. It turned out that it was because of hip issues on my left side (on again off again issues with this hip)! I was over compensating for the hip, which resulted in the knee issue. So, with the help of my physical therapist, I now do some more strength training, to keep my supporting muscles of the hip and knee happy, and more stretching to keep the hips happy :) So far it is working very well!
I hope the 4 of your have a great time this weekend!


I’m so glad you told me about Roolee a while back when I asked about your dress. I’m hooked and I’ve been sharing them with my coworkers.


Looking forward to our friends coming into town today for the weekend!!! Have fun in Cali!


We are doing a longer run tomorrow so kind of dreading it, but it will be a confidence booster if I can hit it at a harder pace. We typically don’t do many longer training runs throughout the summer b/c our races are long enough. I am a bit jealous that you already have yours finished and can now just totally enjoy the Labor Day;) No, all joking aside, we try to enjoy all of our runs. It’s all about the process right?!?

Happy Labor Day to you and the fam!


I’ve been having a strange knee issue lately where when I walk down s flight of stairs it creaks. It’s really creepy. It doesn’t hurt, but I have a high tolerance for pain. I’m not sure if this is getting older or if something is going on.


I love my Roga Shorts too! I have the longer ones for running but am planning to buy the regular ones for around the house/weekends/etc because they are so comfortable! (I also like to wear these to my dance class because they move so easily!)
I had some knee issues two winters ago. I was having sharp pain while running and thankfully the local running store was having a free clinic with a physical therapist there so I went and they checked me out and gave me some exercises to do – mostly I was running too much without doing any strength training. So now if my knees start to bother I know I need to do some squats, lunges, etc. Definitely helped me out!
Also, your 20 miler post gave me some inspiration for my 10 miler this weekend – I have been dreading it but hopefully it will be a good confidence boost as my sister and I get ready for a half marathon later this month! :)


Great job on your long run! It’s always great to have one of those confidence building runs right before a race. You’re going to crush it!

Lately all of my favorite running clothes are from Lululemon. I love how comfortable their fabrics are and they’re so flattering. I just wish they were A LOT cheaper….


I’ve been training for st George also but I’ve had to star my runs on Fridays around 5:00. The heat has put me through the ringer! I figured out on my last 18 miler that I need to take an electrolyte with me and I felt amazing! I got severely dehydrated the previous week.
Three cheers for electrolytes!!


I’m also a big Garmin Forerunner fan! I had a 335 forever before replacing it with a TomTom. I had the opportunity to take the 235 for a spin and fell in love with it. I may not be a stats person, but Garmin knows how to make all of those numbers look beautiful. The auto pause is also incredible!


I am looking forward to a relaxing fishing trip tomorrow and a long distance run on sunday. I am nursing a shin splint right now so I haven`t run for 3 days straight. :(
Anyways, have a nice and safe loooong weekend!


I’m looking forward to catching up with a friend over coffee. I haven’t seen her in a few years now, so it’ll be great to spend some time together again.


Have an amazing long weekend! I love Sour Patch Kids! I’m heading to Galena Illinois for the long weekend!


Going to Idaho to see some family this weekend. part of me wishes it was california, just because it’s supposed to get a little cool in Idaho and I’d rather be warm :)


I kind of miss marathon training! It gave my life such structure and I felt so accomplished after a long run even if it meant laying around in bed and on the couch the rest of the day :) Have a great weekend in Cali!


I’m having some knee problems right now so I’m taking a couple days off running? i’m excited to finish this workday and spend time just planning future workouts and reading with my son!


I only eat the orange and yellow sour patch kids!!! You can always send them to me! :) Hope you get to see the Angels play while in SoCAl!


I used to have a bad knee pain that went on for almost a year. My doctor thought I might have Plica syndrome but I ended up getting it scoped and didn’t. Finally what helped was dry needling. What a lifesaver! I felt immediate relief and would recommend it to anyone!


Hooray for a great 20 miler!! Such a feeling of accomplishment! And yes, total confidence booster! I swear by the electrolyte tabs Nuun. I’ve been using them since my first marathon in 2005. I know everyone has their favorites, but if you are still experimenting, I highly recommend them — nothing artificial, no sugars, tons of flavors.

Enjoy your weekend getaway!


My shoes are basically my favorite piece right now. I’ve been having a hard time getting used to them. But they look do pretty though, lol.


Yay! I am so glad your run went well. Have so much fun on your trip. I am over here just wasting time now on Roolee’s website wanting allthethings and cursing your name!


NUUN tablets have been a game changer for me. I used to get headaches after every single long run, even though I felt like I was drinking enough water. Ever since I’ve started throwing a NUUN tablet in my post-run water, my headaches are completely gone. I know the Sprouts here in So Cal does carry them, so not sure if that is what you took, but just wanted to share what works for me. Enjoy your time in my neck of the woods!


Yay for good training runs! It makes such a difference to your mind set! I have my first race in October after having my second baby (it’s 12km over our harbour bridge) and I can’t wait to get back out there!
Also, I found roolee boutique through your blog and follow them on Instagram and I am dreaming of making a big order at the end of the year for some new ‘back-to-work’ clothes for teaching next year (our school year starts in Feb here and that’s when my maternity leave finishes) – I just have to order enough to make the shipping to New Zealand worthwhile ;-) But I love all their dresses (and the fact they have sleeves- perfect for teaching!). Love reading your blog for running inspiration :-) thanks!


High five on the 20-miler and have the best road trip with your cute little fam :)

Ps. GREEN sour patch are the bomb.com in my opinion ;)


Great 20-miler Janae!!! I have my doubts before every 20-miler and you have inspired me for my long run tomorrow :)))


I like my Nike Terra Kiger shorts but I don’t think they make them anymore. I have 3 pair though so I think I’m good. I also have this lovely Pearl Izumi softshell jacket for winter time that is simply awesome. Found it cheap on eBay.

My IT band is giving me fits. Funny thing is last year it was my right knee this year it is my left. Weird huh? I can run on it with difficulty but the second I stop it just seizes up on me. Then it’s hobble on home. (The key seems to be not to stop running, ha, ha).


You are amazing! I got 17 in today but no where near as fast. What do you do for fuel during the marathon?

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