Beauty tips from my mom and three things I’m adding to my beauty routine—> FOXBRIM!!!

I’ve got a 15% off code for you today with Foxbrim at the end of the post!! Sponsored by Foxbrim today! Thanks for supporting our sponsors and my new little fam:)


We are talking all about beauty products today!!  But before we get to that I wanted to share with you a few beauty tips that my mom taught me growing up that I want to pass down to Brookie!  And I’ll sneak in a picture of me and my mom from the wedding while we are at it:

And one with my sweet dadio too.

Andrewjanaewedding 0230

3 Simple Beauty Tips from HRG Mom:

*A smile is by far the most beautiful thing a person can wear.

*Do your thing in the morning (ehhhh afternoons some days for me when life is crazy;) to get ready.  Do your hair or your makeup or whatever routine makes you feel confident and ready to take on the day.  After your time in front of the mirror, spend the rest of the day thinking about other people instead of focusing on yourself.  Do the things that help you feel beautiful/healthy/confident and then get on with your day and focus on the people around you!  <—— my mom is the best example of this.

*Pay close attention to your own, and others around you, strengths…. life is too short to obsess over the flaws.

Easy enough right?  She is a smart lady and I’m sure lucky to have such a positive woman as my biggest role model.

PS I’m not pregnant even though Andrew is holding my stomach as though I might be;)


Over the last few years I started to really pay more attention to the different products I was using and what they contained.  In my mid 20s I don’t think I even thought about that kind of stuff… but once I had Brooke and I was obsessed with what products I was using on her, I started to really look into what I was using.

Foxbrim caught my attention quickly because their products are all natural and organic skin and haircare solutions.  Everything they offer is pure and all-natural ingredients which I know is extremely important to many of you reading so I was excited to tell you about them!  Foxbrim sources all of their products in extremely small batches so that they are able to provide the freshest, premium product at an exceptional value.

I went through every product they offered and chose three things that I felt I really wanted to try out big time (it was hard narrowing it down because I wanted to try everything:).

It felt like Christmas morning (ehhh fyi mom, sister and sister-in-laws… your Christmas presents will probably look a little like this because I know you will love these things too:) when I opened this up because I have been so excited to try them.


PS Foxbrim is never ever tested on animals—> Beretta approves of this and so do we.

I first really wanted to try out their Argan Oil.  A few of my friends that do hair have told me about the benefits of Argan oil for our hair (it is great for any type of hair too!) so I wanted to see what it would do for mine.

“Argan oil is the ingredient to renew your hair, protect it with antioxidants and infuse it with nutrients.”   —>  YES YES YES please.  I feel as runners our hair is put through a lot with all of the elements/pollution it is exposed to when we are out on the pavement.  Plus all of the ponytails and crazy snarls that occurs (I’ve had some really bad ones over the years ha) have not helped in the slightest.  My hair (especially my ends) were more than ready to try this out.

With this you can put it in your hair and leave it for 10 minutes, a few hours or overnight before washing it out.  I loved leaving it in overnight (and for my run in the morning) because I felt like it had plenty of time to do it’s job on my hair.

PS What do non-runners use for comfy shirts to wear around the house and at night?  I use my race t-shirts for this purpose quite often:)


A little bit more about what is exactly in Foxbrim’s Argan Oil and how it repairs hair health from this plant-based formula!

Screen Shot 2016 08 26 at 11 06 30 PM

I washed my hair and styled it the next morning and loved the result.  It felt crazy soft and smooth.  This will be my new Saturday night tradition so that I can wake up and wash out the Argan Oil for church each week.  You can also add a few drops of this to your hair once it is dry to act like a styling fluid/restorative elixir!

IMG 5425

FOXBRIM’S CASTOR OIL!!! This had me extremely excited because it is an oil that can be used for the FACE, HAIR, BODY and HANDS. The simpler the better—>  I love that it is an all in one product.

I was most excited to try it out on my hands and hair but it has a long list of benefits for our daily beauty routine—> promotes hair, lash and brow growth, it helps repair split ends (yeah… I need major help with that), it enriches the texture of hair and skin, improves quality of nails, treats acne and helps with the appearance of scars.


You can leave Foxbrim’s Castor Oil in your hair (you use it on damp hair once or twice a week) for a few hours or overnight if you’d like.  When you are putting this in your hair you focus on the ends!


We had a dance party to some early 90s hip hop while it was hanging out in my hair:)

I’ll keep you updated on how it helps my hair to grow and how it repairs my ends.  I do know that it already helps my skin and hair to feel softer and better hydrated.


And lastly, the Vitamin C Lotion!!!  Vitamin C is crazy good for your skin.  I didn’t know before this but our skin can reap the benefits in other ways than just through ingesting our Vitamin C:)  Using Vitamin C daily on your skin can help it to be healthier than before!  Even skin tone, strengthen skin elasticity, promote cell regeneration, make skin appear more youthful and firm, lighten sun spots, even discoloration—>  all benefits that can come from using Foxbrim’s Vitamin C Lotion daily.   Also, there are other all-natural ingredients included in this lotion… for example, Organic Aloe Vera—>  ultra-moisturizing to keep your skin hydrated and it also helps with acne and aging.  Each product includes every ingredient and the amazing benefits that are provided by these natural and organic solutions!

Our skin is also exposed to all sorts of things while we are out for our runs each day and I’m all about doing whatever I can to help out my skin because I’m not quitting running anytime soon:)  You better not be anytime soon either… we’re in this together, right?!


There ya have it!  Three things that I’ve added to my beauty routine to help my hair, skin and nails.

If you want to try Foxbrim out for yourself  Go HERE and use the code HRG15 for 15% off your order!! (this code expires on 11/30/16).  Foxbrim is HUGE on customer service—>  they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you’re not happy with you purchase you can get a complete refund, NO questions asked.


Any beauty tips that your mom shared with you when you were growing up?

How old were you when you started wearing makeup?

Race t-shirts… wear them often or are they tucked away in your drawers for awhile before you see them again? 

Do you like to dance?

Brooke, Knox and I sure do but Andrew wants nothing to do with dancing.  He told me that in the very beginning;)

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Ohh thanks for sharing! I recently switched to all cruelty free beauty products and am always look for new brands to try! That Argan oil sounds interesting! I’ve used the OGX Argan oil products before and really disliked it but it sounds like I might just need to switch brands!


My mom always told me that lipstick is the one thing you should not leave the house without applying. Ironically as an adult I hardly ever wear it. Tinted lip balm is about it.

I was 13ish when I started wearing makeup. But I’m guessing 15 or 16 when it was applied correctly. :)

I wear my race T-shirts often. Mostly for running but some I save for athleisure wear :)

I only like to dance when nobody is watching. Maybe in the living room with just my dog. HA!


I LOVE your mom’s tips–especially the one about the smile being the most beautiful thing you wear. :) She sure has some great advice and seems like such a caring and wonderful person. You are one lucky gal to have such a great mom!

And I definitely love to dance! Anytime there is music playing, I can’t stop myself.


to quote Annie and my mother “you’re never fully dressed without a smile” :) That’s by far my favorite beauty tip. It is the only thing that makes a world of difference, if you ask me.

I wear my race shirts around the house every now and then, but I often bring them along as sleep shirts when I travel. Partially because if I happen to forget a workout top while I’m there, I know I always have something stowed away just in case haha!

And I grew up dancing, so it’s always something I enjoy. I will dance to anything and everything if there’s music playing!


Right now I use coconut oil for everything. Every Saturday night I oil my hair, wrap it in a bun, and then don’t wash it again until Monday. I also use it as a moisturizer (but I have very dry skin). I like Josie Maran’s argan oil, so I’m really interested in trying Foxbrim!


I use a Vitamin C Moisturizer and I absolutely LOVE IT! It smells amazing and feels so good on my skin! I have used Moroccan Oil on my hair for years and it really helps protect against heat and makes my hair shiny and soft!


Your mom is seriously amazing. The best “beauty tip” my mom ever gave me was that exercise keeps you young! She leads by example on this, even now that she’s in her 60s.

I started wearing makeup in college … before that I didn’t see the point. Plus, I don’t have good face for makeup.

I wear my race t-shirts all the time, but if I don’t like one I give it to goodwill right away. I hate it when a race shirt is too short. Boo on crop-tops!


Argon oil in my hair w irks amazing!

Also, Vitamin C spray cream on my face has made a world of difference for my skin! Such a glow :) I love it




I save the ugly race shirts to use as throw away shirts on chilly race mornings! The cute and nice ones I wear to bed too.


I like to wear my shirts for bed too. We have dance parties quite often at our house. I was 14 when I started wearing makeup. I only wore mascara through high school, then I added eye shadow and eyeliner while dating my husband. Now I wear that, a little concealer to hide dark circles and sometimes a little blush. I’m kind of make up retarded so I don’t try to much other stuff.


I’m always curious to see what others are doing for their beauty routine. Everything looks good! My skin is so sensitive I have to be very careful what I’m putting on it.

As far as race tshirts go, I generally keep my favorite shirts or favorite races and donate the rest.


I’ve been using more natural products lately too! I love using Rosehip Seed oil on my face at night- I’ve noticed a big difference in the softness of my skin. My mom always danced with us when we were little! I loved it! We will be dancing at my wedding next weekend :)

I looked into the sports bras and it seems like the Fiona would fit the bill for me. Thanks for your reviews!


My mom always taught me how to do my hear and makeup. And I can’t even remember at what age I started wearing it. I think I started putting make up on for parties when I was 14, and then wore it on regular daily basis when I turned 17.


i hope you start posting more about your marathon training soon!! i need the inspiration! i am doing my first marathon on october 16th and i would love to hear more in-depth about how it is going.


I am such a sucker for hair products! That castor oil sounds awesome.. I use Moroccan oil on my ends now and it has really helped my hair grow, but I may have to try this out!

When I was little I had the curliest, most tangly hair ever. My mom always insisted on using a detangler and comb and that has stuck with me my whole life! She also would make me use soft scrunchies instead of tight hair ties, but I must say I’ve let that one go :)


Be extra careful to always use a good sunblock if you’re adding vitamin C to your skincare routine.


Thank you for the heads up… I didn’t know that. I really appreciate that! I hope you are having a fabulous day!


I’m a bit of a sunscreen nut. You have a great day, too!


My mom’s beauty rituals were super unique back in the day — now Korean beauty is everywhere and widely accepted. Back in middle and high school, my mom would bring back korean makeup from the korean market where we live and let us use them!

Weird compacts with powders — which I know understand were the equivalent of BB creams — and “all in one” lip balms that were like mood lipstick!

My Korean mom had two beauty rules; (1) drink water and (2) wash your face before bed! No sleeping in makeup for me! If I ever do crawl into bed with makeup on, I’ll wake from a dead sleep to wash in the middle of the night! I’m programmed to need a squeaky clean face at night!


So glad you brought this up, as a friend of mine just got me hooked onto Korean face masks. I have a 20 miler in the Texan heat this Saturday , and the post-run routine will involve face masks, air conditioning, and ice cream :) If you have any favorite products, let me know!


Anything Dr. Jart is amazing!!!


I started wearing makeup when I wasn’t a whole lot older thank Brooke! I wore sparkly blue eye shadow and frosted pink lipstick for my 1st grade class pictures (it was the ’80s, and my hair was also crimped!!). I just always loved the stuff; my mom hardly wears any makeup other than nail polish, but I was always drawn to it.

I’ve recently gotten into supporting cruelty-free brands; thanks for the heads-up on Foxbrim!


I’m not sure if you’ve been using these for the last four years, or just started???? You said you found them pretty quickly after having Brooke. But then said after going through all of their products, you found three you wanted to try out, which you are just now doing. Have you been using any of their other products for the past few years? Or did you just now try them. Sorry if I’m missing something. thanks.


HEY:) These have been a recent addition to my skin/beauty routine… I said that I started paying more attention to what I products I was using about the time I had Brooke. At that time I started using way more all-natural/organic beauty products and paying closer attention to what companies were doing with their testing… and that those are the things that first caught my attention with Foxbrim and why I was so excited to try them out! I hope you are having a beautiful day!!


Ok I love those tips from your mom!! She seems like the sweetest and wise lady. Loved her guest post a couple months ago! :)


Where did you get the adorable black shirt with the arrow on it you’ve been wearing lately?


HEY AMY!! I got it at Soel Boutique (cute stuff!!!) and they don’t have it online but they do have other cute tops! The brand of the shirt Signorelli

Hope you are having a fabulous day Amy!


To echo what others have commented, HRMom is amazing. I just love her advice and she makes me want to really focus on being kind and serving others :) It’s clear you’re taking after her!

I can’t pinpoint a single phrase, but I’m thankful that my mom was the one person that would be honest. Too much black eyeliner for a 15 yr old? She’d let me know!

I was in the 6th grade when I started wearing makeup. I started with nude eyeshadow and mascara and then got to add something new each year (like a darker eyeshadow or eyeliner). It was a good way to ease into wearing makeup.


Argan oil is amazing for your face too!!! I’ve used it daily for almost two years and I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in my skin. Smoother, much less prone to breakouts and it has amazing anti-aging properties.
I really want to try some of that detangling spray…as a runner that’s what I need most. I think I started really wearing makeup Freshman year of HS…ugh, the black eyeliner. It was so bad. I’m really going to try to instill a good routine for my daughter with GOOD makeup if she wants to wear it when she gets old enough (18, right??). I always bought cheap stuff and it’s just bad all around. Probably because my mom never has and never will wear make-up.
I love to dance with my toddler…she does the funniest little moves and loves it when we put on 90’s music and dance (girl loves Shania Twain). ;-)


Since you said they caught your eye quickly after you had Brooke, that made me think you had started trying them pretty soon after you had her instead of just now. thanks.


Race shirts are the best part of the race! I actually get really really disappointed if it’s not a cotton shirt….I only wear race shirts to bed! I typically run in tanks and can’t stand sleeves so tech shirts are wasted on me.


Race T-shirts are the best. I either wear them as PJ shirts or for running (depending on the kind!)

Okay, your moms beauty advice…so spot on and precious!

Thanks for sharing these products! I need to get better at what I put on my face. I’m careful about what I eat/how much I exercise, but I don’t always think about what I’m slathering all over my body. I’d love to try these products out! :) Thanks again for sharing Janae! Hope you have a fantastic Wednesday!


I was in high school when I first started wearing makeup – to be honest I wasn’t really interested in it before then. My routine hasn’t changed much since then, I usually go with mascara, powder, blush, and lip gloss.


Nope, my Mom had nadda for me, except good luck figuring it all out. Ha. I too like you, didn’t pay attention to this stuff until I had a baby 8 years ago, funny how it all matters after you have someone else to love and worry about, but before that not so much. Anyway, I have the Foxbrim Argon Oil and absolutely love it. I use it like you said, then also put one drop on my ends before styling. Love it during swimming season. Another good one for face and other skin areas is Rosehip Seed Oil. I love my race t-shirts, I wear them frequently. To me, part of the race day fun is receiving my t-shirt. It’s like 75% in it for the run and 25% in it for a cool shirt. I don’t like to dance in public, but here in the kitchen, with the kids, in the house, in the car….bring it !!!!


I love your moms tips… I hope to pass on those to my daughter too.

As for caster oil… pretty sure thats what I used trying to get labor started… spent a night pretty miserable after drinking some. Not that you wouldnt already – but make sure it stays away from the little ones.


We weren’t allowed to wear makeup to my (Catholic) school and I remember being so secretly relieved because I had no clue (thank goodness for school uniforms too!). To this day I stick to chapstick and good moisturizer with SPF and call it good. Now I’ll be adding your mom’s tips to my beauty routine, love them!! No wonder your family is so beautiful!


I love that they are not tested on animals – I look for that in beauty products now so I will check them out :)

I’m afraid of any oil in my hair because it is fine and super straight. I might, however, try it at night on the ends!


I read the greatest book ever called the Magic Art of Tidying up. So I don’t hold on to anything or tuck anything, including race t-shirts – away in a drawer. I use old t-shirts as rags instead of paper towels. I also use old t-shirts to wrap my hair after washing instead of a towel. I have curly hair and supposedly it cuts down on frizz if you use a shirt rather than a towel.

I only use coconut oil as a beauty product – you can eat it, moisturize with it, and put it in your hair! Inexpensive and all-natural.


Definitely on board for the race tshirts as sleepwear!

My mother wasn’t much about hair or makeup, but she did teach me to put on face lotion every morning, which her mom also did. I prefer the Oil of Olay sensitive skin kind with SPF (or the store brand version), and hopefully it’ll keep my skin looking fab for a long time :-)


Your mom is the best! I absolutely love that her beauty tips are all about INNER beauty! Amazing.
My mom and her mom have the best skin! So I feel blessed. She handed down the advice to always wash your face before bedtime and never wipe it with a towel…just pat it dry. Since they have virtually no wrinkles and look way way way younger than their years, I adopted this habit.

Thanks for this review. It is so important to know what is in our products..the skin is porous and all those chemicals have to be going through, right!?! Eek!

I will only dance in the privacy of my home since I’m not as, um, graceful as I think I am.


my mom wasn’t big on the beauty tips, everything i learned i learned from friends and cosmo of course! i think my mom didn’t know what to do with my she is pretty low key in that department, just the basics… I am not! I love to buy all the things, ulta is a dangerous place for my wallet, to my hubby’s dismay. haha
i probably started wearing make up when i was 12 (without permission) i remeber i got stuff at Claire’s (are those still around?) talk about bad for your skin! haha
depends on the shirt… some are just ugly! but are great for lounging in… if they are cute I wear them for working out or running errands.
dancing is my fave! have you heard of the fitness marshal? his videos are seriously the bomb!! it is so fun.


Your. Mom. Is. Awesome.


I just ran out of face wash and have been looking for something different I saw they had a honey coconut cleanser so I’m going to try it out! Thank you for the post. I also got the Argon oil I have super long hair and it definitely needs some help on the ends. :)


My mom didn’t have many beauty tips for me. She’d cake on blue eye shadow and red lipstick for our dance recitals in the late 80’s, early 90’s (still cringing at those pictures!), but otherwise told me to wear a neutral brown to bring out my eyes and that less is more when it comes to makeup. I started “illegally” wearing makeup when I was 13, just a little eye shadow that I stole from my older sister. I was allowed to wear makeup to school when I was 15 and then, because it was the mid/late 90’s, I wore glitter gel as eye shadow, haha! I’m not much into makeup anymore, I just wear a powder foundation and mascara daily. I really prefer not having to worry about “fixing my face” while going about my day and instead focus on living my life (like your mom said!). I also live in the south now, so my makeup melts off by the time I walk into work in the summer!


My mom was never one to wear much make-up so I think the best thing I learned from her about beauty was not to overdo it and to this day I still can’t handle any sort of heavy make-up. I don’t even remember when I started wearing make-up, probably around 14-15.
I have only ever done small local races so the free shirts are usually awful and scratchy but my bf does have a really old soccer tshirt that I have stolen because it is so soft and worn in. Speaking of my bf, he is not a dancer at all (probably for the best as he’s got no rhythm) and I don’t mind it but don’t dance often.


I ordered the Castor Oil and I can’t wait to try it! I have the thinnest lashes, I always get jealous of yours and try to tell myself that I don’t need to get mine done! Anyway, I am hoping it helps with that and my brows. I love your shirt on the bottom with the arrow, where is it from?
I love my race tees but I need more of them…I need to race more!


HEY ABBY!! Will you please let me know how it works with your lashes… I’m thinking this might be my answer to quit eyelash extensions. The shirt is from Soel Boutique! I can’t find it on their online shop but they have a million other cute shirts! The brand of the shirt is Signorelli!


Your Mom is a genius! <3


I love your mom’s advice!

I wear some of my race shirts, usually they are my lazy Sunday go-to. A few I wear to run in, especially the long sleeve ones, they are the perfect in between weight for brisk mornings that are too cold for tanks, but not cold enough for my other long sleeve gear.
Most are sitting in a box waiting for me to make a t-shirt quilt out of them.


I never got into makeup.. I’ll only put on maybe mascara or eyeshadow if I’m going on a date. Otherwise its just so uncomfortable for me. My mom never wore makeup either so I guess its related haha

I only keep my favorite or most meaningful race shirts. I used to keep ALL the t-shirts but it was too much and some of them are just ugly…


Your Mom’s tips are perfect, we should all remember them more often!

I’m also into natural products as I get older. Totally agree with the Argan Oil. It’s treat as a facial moisturizer and on your hair.

And I’m in the same boat as you Janae – I love to dance, but my fiancé absolutely does not!


I love your Mom! Her tips have so much wisdom and ring so true. Mom’s are the best, aren’t they?


Pick me


Ive been off the running schedule due to heel issues. I have my new tank top and would love to have a new Brooks running bra to start off my new running time!


Love your mom’s tips!! I totally agree about smiling!!


Thanks for sharing beauty tips from your mom ? ? and adding some stuff from your side. Beneficial and result-driven tips, keep sharing.


Admire your mom’s advice and thanks for sharing with us.


admire your mom’s advice and thanks for sharing it with us.

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