The Sights of Lake Powell

I may never come home.  I am sorry mom, but you can come visit us whenever you want okay.  I will take you on the boat, feed you s’mores and pick sand out of your scalp…..okay, probably not but I can’t stop thinking about all of the sand that is currently seeping into my brain.

We got to our camping spot (right on the shoreline) at 2 a.m. and fell fast asleep.  That is until the crazy drunks next to us would NOT stop laughing, cooking brats and shining their flashlights into our eyeballs and asking how we are doing.

IMG 6306

Billster and I got up at 6 and decided to go on a mini hike/adventure.

IMG 6312

IMG 6314

We made best friends with the campers next to us.  Let’s just say these peeps are loaded and have all the best toys.

IMG 6333

They told us to take their Razor out whenever we wanted.  We may have taken advantage of them and explored for 1.5 hours.  I am a maniac driver.  Not only do I love the need for speed when it comes running but driving atvs/razors etc.  I was going crazy.   Emergency room doctor do not read the next sentence.  We caught some MAJOR air.  I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time and so I now have a thick layer of sand on my teeth.  Doesn’t that sound appetizing.

IMG 6350

There has been lots of boating, napping, eating (next post) and swimming.  Really, I don’t know if I will come home.


What have YOU been up to today?  Any races? Any long runs?

4-wheelers or Jet-ski’s?

-Both.  I can’t choose so don’t make me.

Do you wear sun screen?

-Not only do I wear it but I accidentally eat it.  We have the spray on kind and I always forget to close my mouth when I spray my face.

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Never been on either?!

I wear sunscreen on my face, but that is about it…we don't have much to worry about in Ohio.

Can I come visit you and go to Lake Powell with you?! I promise to be your best friend forever, okay? Thanks.

P.S. Michael and I are in the midst of planning our greatest adventure yet – biking across the great U S of A! Summer 2012. Will you be home? Will Yogurtland be open? I'm coming through your town! :)

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