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The Food of Lake Powell

Happy Sunday morning!!! I am actually writing this Saturday at the ice cream parlor because I won’t have internet again for a while and I know that you couldn’t live without seeing pictures of my high sugar diet mixed with more fiber and fruit than most people eat in a week. Breakfast was yogurt, banana, … Continue Reading

The Sights of Lake Powell

I may never come home.  I am sorry mom, but you can come visit us whenever you want okay.  I will take you on the boat, feed you s’mores and pick sand out of your scalp…..okay, probably not but I can’t stop thinking about all of the sand that is currently seeping into my brain. … Continue Reading

NO CHEESE?!?!?!?!?!

Is it normal for a group of 25 year olds (Billy is almost 26….the gray hair is coming in) to spend twenty minutes going through a bag of chocolate animal crackers guessing what each animal is?  Maybe the weird part is that none of them actually resembled different animals except for the elephant.  BIlly swears … Continue Reading