Addicted to running? + TRY THIS PLEASE!

Three MTC Miles (partly flat, mostly down mile repeats that our group does every few weeks) to start out my Tuesday morning and I LEGIT almost quit .18 miles into the first one.  Just as I was about to push stop on my Garmin I told myself that this strong desire to quit happens every single time and that I can push through that desire to quit and keep going just like I always do.  With each workout that we complete we teach ourselves that we can do hard things and we have to remember that the next time we go into doing something hard.  I pushed my hips forward (a trick I do that helps me to engage my glutes and it makes my legs move faster to keep up with my hips ha… I’m not sure that makes sense but try it, it works;), told myself I was comfortable (even though I was nowhere near comfortable) and with each mile repeat I had less of a desire to quit—> 5:44, 5:38 & 5:35.

2ish mile warmup and 1.5ish mile cool down with .7 mile recovery jog after each mile repeat back to the start (it forms a big loop).

9 miles total @ 7:42 average.  I experienced some perfect speed weather and a self timer photo after I dropped the girls off at school because I’ve taken a picture of almost every run I have completed for the last 10.5 years now.

See that bump in the road?  Yeah, I don’t either ha.

This bump is on the road we use for our recovery to get back to the start of our mile repeat.  It has almost tripped me and my teammates dozens of times.  I always forget it is there and it always jumps out and gets me right as I’m running over it.  It camouflages itself very well.

I’m sure loving seeing so many blossoms out on my runs every morning.  I can’t get the song ‘popcorn popping on the apricot tree’ out of my head because that is Skye’s song request every time we get in the car right now.

Skye hadn’t been to preschool in 2 weeks because of Spring Break so she was more than ready to jump in the car to go and Brooke on the other hand is counting down the minutes until summer break.

Don’t mind the mask photobombing the picture.

After Skye’s first day of preschool a few weeks ago I took her for donuts afterwards and now she says that it is our tradition to do together after preschool each Tuesday and I have a hard time arguing a tradition especially if it involves a maple bar.

Beck is all eyes on Skye these days.  She is his favorite entertainment.

IMG 1778

She hasn’t taken a nap for a verrrrrrrry long time but she will do a little cuddle time with me on the couch each day to recharge.

IMG 1780

Brooke had her first day of soccer practice this season.

IMG 1795

PS Andrew is doing Megan’s 50 pushups a day challenge and Skye is joining in with him.

IMG 1733


Just wanted to share four screenshots from my phone recently.  Pretty sure I have as many screenshots on my phone as actual photos.

*Try this with your people… I’ve been loving it.

*The abundance mindset = my life goals.  Keep focusing on the abundance mindset with our running!

IMG 1740

*Rich Roll had an incredible post that really made me think the other day.  Years ago there were people that would tell me that I’m addicted to running and it made me super defensive.  I’m not sure why it always did but over the years I’ve been more okay with admitting that I do have an addiction to running/movement/exercise.  I’m not concerned about this addiction because I can still take rest days (weeks!) easily and it never comes before my people (90% of my miles are when every one is asleep) but yes, I’m addicted to every single reason that Rich Roll describes below.

He adds in on this caption to ‘swap ‘alcohol’ for any addictive substance or behavior that moves your life in the wrong direction.’

IMG 1692

*SHE DID IT!  A 5:47 average pace for a little over 31 miles!

IMG 1785


Are you doing what you thought you would be doing 10 years ago?  Is life pretty similar to what you guessed or really different?

-Definitely did not think I’d still be taking running selfies 10 years later than when I started ha… here’s to another 10 years of them;).

Tell me what the last screenshot is on your phone or the last photo that you took on your phone.  <— I really want to know!

Ever fallen while running?  Where were you?

When was the last time you wanted to quit… What did you tell yourself to avoid quitting?

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My last screenshot is the picture of Prince Phillip dressed like a guard and Queen Elizabeth walking past laughing. I’m obsessed with looking at pictures of them! I remember one time falling while running through Metropolis, IL (home of Superman) and wondering why Superman couldn’t save me :o)


Just had to google that picture and thank you, I LOVE IT! Definitely screenshot worthy. SUPERMAN… he should have been there! Have a beautiful day Claire!


My last screenshot is of a sleeveless shirt I want to look at Black House White Market. I have fallen a couple of times while running, the most memorable was in January years back when it was dark and the rise from an uneven piece of concrete got me. I still have a scar on my knee from that but glad it was dark so no one saw me. Yup just a little vain…HA. Have a great day!!


I hope you end up getting that top! Hahaha you aren’t alone in that, I don’t want anybody seeing me fall either! Thanks Nancy, you too!


My last screenshot was of Tina Muir’s last episode. I loved it so much. She did a “guided” run with Tina, and it seriously was like being out on a run with a friend. The miles flew by!
I haven’t fallen on a run in a long time! ( I’ve now probably jinxed myself…ha). But the last time I did, I ended up with 2 bloody knees and a bloody hand. Those darn sidewalk cracks can really get ya!
Des is AMAZING!! It was fun “tracking” her throughout the morning. I can’t wait to see what she does next.
Oh, awesome job on your workout yesterday!!
Have a great day!


My last screenshot is of a fake spam account that tried to follow me haha.

Yes, I was running a trail race and eating and running and then bam?! lol.

The last time I wanted to quit was at 54km of a 100km because the first loop ended in a huge parking lot next to my hotel and we had spent the day running in legit 100 40 degrees Celsius weather. But the next aid station was only 7km away and the night was cooler. I made it to the the next aid station thanks to s lovely fellow runner and decided I didn’t want to quit. lol. I did finish ultimately.

Have a great day Janae!


Hi Janae! I am so happy for Des and can’t wait for the video of her 50k to come out. My husband and I watched her Boston win again yesterday and it was a great reminder of how talented and humble she is. One thing that stuck out to me reading about her attempt was her talking about respecting the distance even though she knew she could break the record. Have a great day!


I didn’t think 10 years ago I would be working at home. But honestly, it is a good thing. I have spent way too many hours in my car commuting to a job.
My last screenshot is of some clothes my daughter has outgrown I posted on a local “free” facebook group to give away.
I have fallen many times while running. I actually fractured my ankle last summer. I JUST got the courage to start up again last week. My hubby bought me new Brooks sneakers for my birthday and I have been hitting the track for now. I feel safer there.
I was thinking of quitting this morning on my run, but I just told myself that it is going to be really hard at first and I will fall back into my routine after I get over that initial “hump”. Did that make sense? Have a great day, Janae!!!


Yes! I fell hard last month and ended up with road rash all over the palm of my hand. I had just reached the halfway point on my run and told myself I was tough and wound just run back home. Fortunately, there were fresh patches of snow around, so I had something clean along the path to stick my hand into and help staunch the pain and blood. Now, almost every time I leave to run, my kids tell me to be careful and not fall. ?
I sent my last screenshot to my brother (he and his partner have a newborn). It’s a photo of a man holding a baby with a picture of his wife taped to the side of his head so his baby doesn’t realize its favorite person is gone. I think I’m so funny.


If you had told me 10 years ago I would be a stay at home mom with one on the way I would have LAUGHED! But I am so happy things have turned out the way they did! In high school I fell during a XC meet warmup and sprained my ankle so bad I missed the rest of the season!

That maple bar looks so good! Are they filled? I can almost never find them here but when I do they are usually filled with vanilla frosting and are my absolute favorite! Hope you have a great day!


Last screenshot was the Des one you took. I sent it to a running friend yesterday.
Last time I wanted to quit was running errands after school yesterday. Literally was considering turning the car back around. Bribed myself with diet soda. Yikes.


Yes! You grabbed me with your opening and closing!! I encounter challenges regularly because I push myself in life. However, this covid19 lockdown hangover (not literal in the alcohol/ drug sense) is something else. I enjoyed time at home for a long time, but it was so nice to get out into the world yesterday. I see benefits from this time away, no doubt.

Also, today’s pic in the black ensemble with blue socks reminds me of young HRG! Something about the angle. Yes to another 10, baby!!


Definitely not doing what I thought I’d be doing 10 years ago. Biggest change was Les losing his job and getting a new one with the company in Hawaii in 2013. It was terrifying and exciting at the same time.

Last 4 photos on my phone are of landscaping ideas I saw while on the run.

I’ve had some epic falls while running. 3 biggies come to mind – #1 in Hawaii, a homeless woman came to my rescue, offered band-aids from her small stash of possessions. #2 on my local trail, I ended up with a severe ankle sprain. #3 last November when I got my first black eye.


Wow! So many inspired feelings from your shares today. Wanting to quit (or not start) is so powerful sometimes, but it’s amazing how quickly it can evaporate if we can just start. Glad you got those miles going!
Skye is such the little character–just think, Beck is learning from the champ, LOL!!! They will definitely keep you laughing :)
I LOVE those screenshots & will have to screenshot them on my phone, too!
My oldest (22) has needed some strong hugs the past few months as she’s adapting to some challenges and responsibilities. I’ve learned to never be the first to let go of her, either, even though she’s not a ‘little’ anymore (except in my Mama eyes).
My kids are used to talking about Growth Mindset, but Abundance Mindset is something we need to get comfortable with, too. Thank you for the new term and reminders.
LOVE the addiction comparison–so perfectly stated.
I didn’t think I’d do a daily selfie 10 years ago, but I started a workout streak at the start of lockdown and I workout many more days a week than a used to. My IG is ridiculous, LOL!
My last screenshot was my workout so I could post on IG ~haha~ But motivational quote “if you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit ~Banksy” Pretty appropriate!


The last screenshot on my phone is the penguin picture you shared yesterday haha, sent it to my running friends.

I am nowhere near where I thought I’d be 10 years ago. But that’s good! My brain couldn’t possibly fathom all the things that could happen in my life. My view of life was very linear and life is not at all like that- which is ok and makes things interesting!


It always makes me nervous to comment I’m not sure why –but I loved today’s post!! Thanks for your positivity and perspective :) I am trying to get back to running after too long of a break, I struggle when even a mile or two leave me exhausted and get caught in the trap of thinking I should be better, I was better than this! Starting today to change that mindset!! Falling while running – tripped and broke my fingers in five places during a leg of Ragnar – one mile in on a nine mile non-supported segment…ouch. Screenshots take up a good portion of my camera roll too! Last one was of supplements I want to try at a local fitness store! Quitting – Megan’s push up challenge haha!! Especially when I’m in bed at night and I remember I haven’t done then…I keep thinking I’ve made it this far though and it’s got to be making me stronger!!! Have a beautiful day – thanks for this space you share!!!


S! I am SO SO glad that you commented, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me! I love what you said… it is never too late to start a new habit and now is the time to start cheering yourself on, you are doing amazing on your comeback!
BROKE your finger in five places during your Ragnar?! NO! That must have hurt so bad!
You’ll have to let me know what you think about the supplements! Way to go on her pushup challenge and you are stronger than me… I would just stay in bed haha. Thank you for your sweet words and keep in touch!!


I just went for a HILLY run and kept telling myself “I can do hard things”. It turned out to be such a great run – a positive mindset makes such a difference. Have a great day Janae!


Last screenshot was my son’s school lunch menu. He always wants to know what they are having but it seems like there is a 50% chance that they’ll change it anyways so it’s anyone’s guess what really is for lunch that day.

I’m a year into my new job. I wouldn’t say I thought I’d be doing this 10 years ago but I’m sure glad I’m not doing what I was then anymore!

When it’s cold and windy out it’s so easy to want to quit a run/walk but I’m always glad I talk myself into just keep going. I’ve also been telling myself I need to quit eating a chunk of dark chocolate every night after supper, but do I?!?!

Skye looks so big in pictures by herself but in the picture with Brooke she looks little – just like she should :)


— 10 years ago I thought I would be starting my second career now…but I had a surprise, later in life, baby and am back in the elementary school mom years. And happy with it.
— Last photo on my phone was from early this morning, sending a picture of our dusting of snow to my husband who is out of state right now (not nearly as pretty as the ones he sent me yesterday from the path he found to run on).
— I have fallen SO many times…down the mouintain (broken hand), on the mountain, in the street, in the street, on the sidewalk…many scars on my legs, arms and shoulders. Coordination may not be my strong point.
— I wanted to quit twice this morning…once on my third set of pushups and once on my second run. First time, I reminded myself of my strength goals for the year; second time I kept promising myself I could turn at the next corner if I still wanted out (but then forgot until the hill – at which point every way home is uphill so might as well keep going).


Love Des Linden and so impressed with her new 50K record!!
Funny, the last photo I took on my phone was on the 3 hour drive from my dad’s – a sign at the side of the road for an upcoming 5K!! I wasn’t familiar with the group sponsoring it, so had to look them up. It’s a little far to drive for a 5K, but still awesome to see an in-person race going off in just a few weeks!
“Best” fall was in a trail race that included part of a rail trail (one of the rare ones that hasn’t been paved over). Fell on a down hill that a rail bridge used to cross and got soooo many cinders ground into both hands and one leg. Between the sweat and the dirt, everything stung like crazy and it left scars for a few years.
Sounds silly, but last time I wanted to quit was when I had to drag myself to the treadmill because it was still too dark and cold to safely run outside where I live. I was just done with t’mill miles, but told myself it would pay off in the spring – television comedies helped too! Hope you are having a wonderful day!!


Hey! I love reading all your posts so much. I have a question for you! How do you avoid injury running so much? Every time I’m training for something, almost without fail, I get an injury. It’s so discouraging to feel like I have to back off and then start over so often. I focus on form, I teach fitness classes, and I add miles slowly. Idk what else I can do! I’ve been reading your blog for 3 years and don’t remember any posts about you being injured. Help!


AMBER!! Thank you so much for your question… injuries are SO incredibly frustrating. It sounds like you are doing it all right! Would you mind if I took your question and write a blog post about it for tomorrow? Thinking about you… I’m ALWAYS here if you need someone to help you through these injuries, they are the worst!


I second Amber’s question! I love your blog and find what you do so motivating but have often wondered how you avoid injuries. I have been working with a PT for my gluteal tendonitis & hip issues and it’s slowly coming along but what love to hear your other tips!


HEY BARBIE! I am so sorry about your gluteal tendonitis and hip issues, that is so frustrating! I am glad things are getting better and you have a great PT! I have a supppppper long post going up tomorrow about this! I hope it helps!


Thank you SO much! ?


Yes please!! You’re the best!


Ha, Janae you are awesome! Why? You ran faster than Des Linden’s average for your 3 miles!! You are faster than Des! (Well, divide the distance by 10 but I’d be happy with it…)

I’ve wanted to quit EVERY 5K when I was competing for top spot in my age group over the years. And that thought usually popped up in the first half mile, lol. If I had known then what I knew now I would have been much more determined to push a bit harder. I would LOVE to feel that pain again.

I don’t recall ever falling in my 40 years of road running I do vaguely recall falling a few times while running high and intermediate hurdles in high school. I only did that one year – that was quite enough of that.

I did fall twice in my first serious month of cycling, but nobody saw me so it doesn’t count right?

The past 10 years, I can’t even begin to describe the differences….


Are you doing what you thought you would be doing 10 years ago? Is life pretty similar to what you guessed or really different? –> Definitely not doing what I thought I would be. I studied marketing but now work as researcher in a hospital.

Tell me what the last screenshot is on your phone or the last photo that you took on your phone. <— I really want to know!
– Last screenshot of my HR during bike interval workout to send to my husband to show how hard it was ;)
– Last photo was of our dinner last night as I'm part of a product review group and had to test these chicken tenders :)

Ever fallen while running? Where were you?
– Once, years ago, when we were doing warm-up drills and had to jump over these small hurdles and I tripped and rolled my ankle :(

When was the last time you wanted to quit… What did you tell yourself to avoid quitting?
– This morning during bike intervals. I told myself that if I want to get better I had to work hard!!! And then I made a song in my head about how I can do hard things on the melody of the music that was playing in the gym ;)


THANK YOU for the tip about pushing your hips forward. I tried that on my run today when I was feeling sluggish and it really helped! I feel like it helped my form and my speed. When I was reading your blog post, I was like, huh? Push your hips forward, how do you do that, but I really focused on it during my run and it worked! Yoga has really helped me get in touch with muscles in a way I’ve never been able to do before. Thank you again for sharing your experiences!! I appreciate you!

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