Tuesday Tangents + Ricochet Review!

I’m savoring every last mile I get before running in the snow begins.  Some years here it starts snowing right before Halloween and some years it waits until December so I’m just crossing my fingers we get a few more weeks of fall running.

I listened to the podcast episode of How I Built This with Guy Raz with the founders of Reddit and it was REALLY interesting!  During marathon training I pretty much only listened to running podcasts because they help my mental game but it is fun now to listen to random non-running ones.

IMG E6501

Here is what my month looks like of training.  The marathon was that first week, two weeks off and then 19 miles this week and 25 next week.  My coach has added strength workouts to the training plan (the blue dots) and little 20 second fast intervals mixed in to some of the runs but other than that, it is all easy paced running 4-5 times a week.

PS I’m really looking forward to putting together a racing calendar for next year!

IMG 6479

The girls joined me in doing a few planks (less running= more time to do the extras… and I’ll just get into the habit again so that when marathon training starts again, it will just blend naturally).

IMG E6534

Skye prefers to crawl underneath me the entire time I am planking and add an extra challenge to the exercise.

IMG 6545

I’ll spare you the details of the rest of the day because it was pretty boring as we are getting back into the routine of things again and caught up!

Time for a few Tangents to share:

*Megan posted this and it is very accurate for me.  My bladder is what gets me out of bed the second my eyes open in the morning.

Screen Shot 2018 10 19 at 12 27 05 PM

*Right before we were getting on our cruise last week my sister sent me a text to meet her at Knott’s Berry Farm the day we got off the boat.  They were in Southern California visiting my brother-in-law’s brother and we couldn’t turn down time with them at an amusement park.

IMG 6219

*Have you ever been to Knott’s Berry Farm? It has been years since I last went and I had totally forgotten how much fun it was.

IMG 1033

*My sister’s little boy tripped right before the picture… he was happy to be there:)

IMG 6297

*Andrew and I joined my nephew and nieces on a bunch of the roller coasters (one right after the other because there were zero lines..) and I paid for it that afternoon.  The older I get the more my body can’t handle roller coasters but it was sure fun/terrifying during.  The roller coaster below goes 0 to 82 mph in 2 seconds.  My face shoes what I was feeling.

58ad53f6 507e 40b5 9aea 769193f37297

*Have you seen this?!  Best little girl Halloween costume EVER.  I kind of want to copy this little girl…

PicMonkey Collage 4

*Okay, I love this so so much.

Screen Shot 2018 10 22 at 10 06 23 AM

*Wahoo’s is a must anytime I am near one.  I love their fish salad so so much.

IMG 5924

*I found an old picture from a sprint triathlon I did 10 years ago… Andrew loves triathlons so I’m wondering if I should join him on a few?  <—That scares me.

IMG 5922

*October has been my month of accomplishments.  On the cruise I won ‘best Mom dancer’ on the boat.  I might have embarrassed my family a bit during this achievement but my competitive side came out and I went for it.

IMG 0986

*Sour Patch Watermelons on the beach.  Does it get any better?

IMG 6144

*I love this picture of her.

IMG 6137

*Skye has entered the stage of ‘crawling as fast as a speeding bullet and finding the exact things we do not want her to get into’ so when I get ready she just hangs out in my tub with a toy.  This will probably last a week until she figures out how to turn on the tub water but for now it is working.

IMG 6561

*When it starts raining on a walk and you just washed your hair that morning and don’t want to have to wash it again for awhile.  Andrew was amused.

IMG 6496


I’ve already have my 2nd pair of Brooks Ricochet because of how much I love them.  They are a brand new shoe from Brooks that came out this month and I started using them a few months ago.  While we were in Seattle at the Brooks headquarter this summer they explained the Ricochet as a cross between the Launch and the Levitate… I love both of those shoes so I was beyond excited to try out a shoe with the best parts from two of my favorite shoes combined.

The Ricochet comes in at $120 (The Levitate are $150 and the Launch 5 are between $75-$100 so even the price is a mix between the two:).

LRG DSC06910

I have used the Ricochet for every type of workout besides track workouts.  I’ve gone up to 22 miles in them and absolutely loved them for my 2 x 6 miles at MP workout.  They’ve accompanied me for mile repeats, tempos, hills, easy runs, long runs… everything.  I was planning on wearing them for the marathon because I love them so much BUT then chose to wear the Hyperion.  I made this switch simply because the Hyperion are much lighter (5.4 oz) and they just felt like my marathon shoe.  The Hyperion are not a shoe I would do all of my training in because they don’t have a lot of support and with marathon training, I needed shoes that could keep me injury free doing all of the different types of runs each week (I rotated mostly through the Ricochet, Levitate and Launch for this last training cycle).  Maybe training in a bit heavier shoe and racing in a light one helped me out too…

The Ricochet are 9.2 oz (the Levitate 2 is 9.9 oz) and they are a neutral shoe. The purpose of this shoe is to ENERGIZE you which I definitely feel when I put them on.  When I wear the Ricochet I feel a bounce in my step.  The Ricochet have BioMoGo DNA and DNA AMP midsoles which are made for ENERGY RETURN.  “You give.  Ricochet gives back.”  They definitely have the responsive feel that I love in a pair of running shoes.  When I feel flat, these help make me feel springy again.  I fell in love with the bounce of the Levitate and while the Ricochet doesn’t have quite has much technically, I don’t actually notice a difference between the two shoes in terms of bounce.  It is a high mileage shoe, you will get plenty of mileage on it.  They are a bit more narrow than the Levitate along with a little less flexibile but I think both of those things help me to run faster in them vs the Levitate.

The upper of the Ricochet is made of Fit Knit which is extremely comfortable and shapes to my foot well.  It gives my foot a sense of being locked in/secure with a bit of a give from the stretch.  The knit makes the shoe very breathable which I love in a shoe. The arrow point pattern on the bottom of the shoe helps you to move from heal to toe quickly and maybe it’s the placebo effect for me… but I feel like it helps me to twist my foot out less (naturally my toe points out).   I used these shoes in the rain a few times and the rubber on the bottom was great for traction.

The very first time I wore them (for a 19 mile long run with 3 x 3 mile intervals) I did get a blister on the back of my foot.  I was wearing socks that didn’t go up very high and so the black portion rubbed the back of my ankle.  Every time that I’ve worn them since then I have chosen taller socks and have not had any blisters since then.  I just needed a bit of sock in between the shoe and my foot because the back does move a tiny bit while running.  That is the only negative thing I can think of them.  I judge a shoe by how often I think about it during the run and that is the only thing that has popped up during the run besides thinking I love the speed that I get from them.

Don’t they just look fast too?  I look for the Levitate for a more comfortable ride when I need my shoe to give me some energy because I’m feeling flat… I look for the Ricochet for an even more springy ride to help me to go faster.

IMG 6557


The winners from my 8 years of blogging anniversary (ps I read every comment, thank you so incredibly much)!

The Brooks shoes go to: MEL!


The $50 gift card of their choice: KRYSTAN!



Does your bladder get you up in the middle of the night or just in the morning?

Rollercoasters?  Yay or nay?  If you like them… where do you think the best ones are?

Do you like to dance or not so much?

-On one of our first dates Andrew warned me before things get any more serious that he hates to dance.  He had learned how much I love to dance and just wanted to prepare me that he wasn’t going to join me;)

What color are your toes right now?  Do you paint your toes or not so much?

-Hot pink.

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During the fall I alternate between Essie’s Wicked and OPI Lincoln Park After Dark. I love dark dark dark dark red/purple–almost black for fall. AND……….it covers up my bruised toenail from marathon training! :)


Okay, I LOVE both of those colors so much. Hahaha our poor feet… I’m glad sandal season is over here:) Have a wonderful day Mollie!


Um, yes, you and Andrew should do a few tris together :)


Only if you come out and do one in Utah with us:) I’ll provide the Creamies!


Haha, my bladder is definitely what gets me out of bed! And I love rollercoasters! I need to go to Knott’s Berry Farm soon because I’ve lived out here for more than a year now and still haven’t gone.

I LOVE dancing. It’s one reason I love weddings so much since there’s a huge dance party at the reception. :) My toes are a glittery aqua color right now. My fingernails are never painted, but my toenails always are. It’s definitely necessary because of how ugly they get from running!

Hope that you have a great Tuesday, Janae!


You have to go! We also loved it because it is so much cheaper than Disney ($48 if you buy online). Oh the glittery aqua color sounds so cute. Thanks Natalie, YOU TOO!


Okay! I have a question for you, if you don’t mind! You can answer here or on the blog! So, I run my training run in Brooks Ghosts or Saucony Rides. I’ve debated using the Brooks Launch 4 (the 5 didn’t work for me for racing :( or the Adidas Boston for my full marathon. I’ve run up to about 10 miles in the Bostons, and they’ve been okay. I’m still nervous about wearing such a light shoe for the marathon. I’m nervous about wearing a light shoe for so many miles. But, I know I don’t want to wear Ghosts for 26 miles (even though I love my Ghosts!) ha ha This kind of goes along with what you wrote b/c at the last minute you decided to go with the light shoe. So, your body and feet just adjust to the lightness of the shoe on marathon day? I guess I’m worried I’ll be 15 miles in and be like, “Oh crap; these shoes don’t work for a ton of miles!”

Rollercoasters?! NO NO NO! I’m not a fan of heights. ha ha

I never paint my fingernails, EVER, but I love to have my toes painted. Right now mine are a pinky melon color–Essie polishes are my jam!!!!!!!!

Hope you guys have the best Tuesday!!!!!


JEN….. THIS IS A REALLY GOOD QUESTION. Will your family be there spectating? They could bring your Ghosts just in case if your feet hurt. What I did was not the recommended method but it definitely worked well for me so I don’t want to discourage you but it is taking a chance. The problem I’m seeing is that you’ve done 10 in the bostons and they’ve been okay… so not great, just okay? The Hyperion I had done up to like 15 and they had felt great so that’s what worries me. How far have you gone in the Launch 4? I have worn the Launch for many marathons and loved them because they are lighter but still give your feet what they need for 26.2 miles. Have you tried out any of the Pure line from Brooks? Light but a bit support. It’s hard because you are entering the taper.. Take out the Bostons and REALLY pay attention to anything you are feeling about it. Your intuition will know what to do. KEEP ME UPDATED because I’m really wondering about this!


You sensed my tentativeness with the Bostons even though I like them!!! They are just such a lighter shoe than I’m used to. Even if they feel “good”, I think I’ll worry about them. The problem is that my Launch 4s are close to the end of their lifespan…………and I’ve had a HARD time finding a pair in my size online now. I DID find one pair though—fingers crossed that they’re still online when I get home this afternoon to buy them. I think you’re right—the Launch is kind of a happy medium between the heavier Ghosts and the pretty lightweight (for me) Bostons! WHY IS THIS SO STRESSFUL?!? LOL I’m calm about running the race, but stressed over SHOES right now! ha ha THANK YOU for your input—great food for thought!!!!!


A Triathlon would be SO different and SO good for you to do, IMO. If you enjoy it, that is.

Never, ever to roller coasters. Or most fair rides. I have spent my whole life surrounded by people who love to try and MAKE me go on them. When I was in 4th grade I was “convinced” to go on the Swings…. a few seconds before the ride started I ducked underneath the seat belt and ran off. See? I don’t want to and you cant make me. NEVER. Haha. :D

I like to dance, its fun, but I am TERRIBLE at it. I literally have no rhythm. So I stick to just dancing with my kids. :)


It really would be so good for me and probably build up some great strength! HAHAH I hope that no one tries to convince you to go on them anymore! I bet your kids love you dancing with them. Have a beautiful day!


The middle of the night. That started after I had kids….


HAHAH the things these kids do to us!!!


Haha – a certain bladder gets me up in the middle of the night, and it’s my aging chihuahua!! (Poor boy!!)

I HATE rollercoasters (always have) and LOVE dancing (always have!)! My husband is the opposite for both – but we make it work!!

I am so thrilled to see the joy/happiness/glow in your face of your accomplishment! I can tell you are still on cloud nine (I know the feeling and relish it!) and love that you are there!!

Have a beautiful day, everyone~


Ohhhhh that’s hard. Brooke LOVES chihuahuas… she is very jealous! I hope that you get in some dancing soon:) Thank you Liz, you are right. I hope your Tuesday is a great one!


OMG your tub! I’m so jealous! :)


YES… I take so many baths now. House tour coming up soon! Have a wonderful day Caitlin!


My husband and I were in Southern California last year for our 10 year anniversary and we went to Knotts Berry Farm. It was fun. We did a bunch of the roller coasters but they aren’t as much fun as they were when I was younger. I definitely get sorer from them now.
After having my kids for some reason my toenails don’t grow as well as they used to I don’t paint them as much as I used to. Currently, they are blank and since its getting colder they will probably stay that way till spring.


That is so crazy about your toenails, pregnancy does crazy things to us. I love that you guys were able to get away for a trip for your 10 year. Have a wonderful day Rachel!


Oh, I love to dance!! We don’t go out to dance much anymore, but I still love to whenever I get the chance!
Rollercoasters…eeehh… Not so much anymore. I can do a couple, but then that’s it! I now end up getting a headache if I ride on too many. I guess that’s one down side of getting older ?
My bladder definitely gets me out of bed in the morning, but thankfully not in the middle of the night.
Right now, my toenails are a deep burnt red… I call it my fall red. In another couple of weeks, I will change them to my favorite fall nail polish, a dark redish purple ( I have weird color descriptions, ha)
It’s funny, but I love reading running shoe descriptions. It gets me excited to try new shoes ? I tend to over pronate, so the Ricochet is probably not good for me, but they do sound amazing!
Have a good Tuesday!


I definitely got that headache you speak of too… it’s rough! I miss the days of doing roller coasters all day and not having any side effects. Thanks Wendy, YOU TOO and I hope you get in some dancing soon!


Yes to triathlons!!! Yes yes yes!!! I am a runner turned triathlete and they are so fun! It’s also a great break from heavy run training as you get to throw in some swimming and biking but still stay in race shape!


That is so so true! Andrew would love doing those together! I need to do at least one! I hope your day is a great one Kaila and good luck with all of your training!


I like roller coasters! I thinking I’m getting a little more chicken as I get older though cause the newest one at lagoon makes me a little too nervous haha.

Right now my toes are coral but I think they are ready for a change.

I like dancing if I have someone to dance with. I don’t want to look like a dork alone haha.


Oh the Lagoon roller coasters are CRAZY. I need to get back there again. Hahah I bet your kids love dancing with you:) Have a wonderful day!


I’m five months pregnant so my bladder is a nuisance all day long, especially when running. It’s definitely been a reliable alarm clock!


Oh Laura, I remember that big time… pregnancy is so crazy! Congratulations and I hope you are feeling well and energetic.


I love reading about all of your family adventures!! #familygoals :)
I’ve been known to have a teeny weeny bladder (twb according to my friends!); i get up throughout the night and first thing in the morning. I drink a lot of water. Like a lot. My husband is afraid I’m going to drowned some days!
I don’t do roller coasters. Well, i can do little kid ones with the 4 year old but my 8 year old is getting to daring for me! Ha!
My toes …………oye! I have 2 black ones and the rest are polish free :) I stopped painting them when i started losing them more and more. Then i tried painting them a blackish-purple to match the bruised ones but that was just too much work! I equate it to foam rolling … i know i should do it but i find every excuse not to! Ha!
Side note: did you hear about Big’s Backyard adventure? It’s a last standing race that started Saturday am and ended in the middle of the night after the last man running ran 283.33 miles!!!! The 2nd place runner (or last to DNF) was Courtney Dauwalter who ran 279.168 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So amazing!


HAHAH good for you for drinking so much water though… that is AWESOME! I’m sorry it gets you up so often though. The things we do to our feet with running, yay for no more sandals for a while:) I have not heard of this race…. that is UNREAL! I seriously cannot even imagine!! I hope you are having a great day Jenny!


Your cruise looked like a blast! I’ve always been afraid that I’d feel motion sick or that I’d want more exploring than just the day trips, but maybe I’ll eventually give it a try. Also, the pumpkin bread you and Brooke made had me drooling! My 15-y.o. has made us a few batches of pumpkin bread this season, and I love it (too much)!

Sadly, my bladder often does get me up in the middle of the night the past year or so. Hormonal changes…ugh.

I used to love roller coasters. My husband and I rode the Drachen Fire about 10 times in a row many years ago–there was no line, so we kept running from the end to the beginning. We had the WORST headaches on the drive home!

I love to dance! My kids don’t agree that I am a good dancer, but I don’t think they know everything, so… ha ha!

I paint my toenails about twice a year, but now they are unpainted.


Those hormones of ours do crazy things! Hahaha yes, my headache was unreal. 10 times in a row, I can’t imagine! I can’t wait until our kids are old enough that they bake for us too;) THEY DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING!! Have a wonderful day Corey and I loved your comment:)


My bladder gets me up at least once during the night.

I love roller coasters! Six Flags Magic Mountain has the best in So Cal. But Knotts Berry Farm is one of my favorite places – I love the smaller crowds. I went there when I was about 3 years old and the only rides were the stage coach and train! We have a picture of my dad sitting between the two saloon girls and I have one of him about 40 years later ;)

I only dance in my kitchen.


Oh we need to get to Six Flags!! I went there once as a kid and it was incredible. How cool that you have those pictures 40 years apart! Have a wonderful day Kathy!


My bladder wakes ke up in the morning. The only time I would get up at night to go was while pregnant. I like roller coasters more as an adult then I did as a child. It depends on how many loops upside down though. I still scream like a crazy person! I like to dance but my husband does not. Good thing my kids all love to dance! My toenails are currently a berry color.


Bladders are the best alarm clocks for us all it looks like:) That is awesome that you like roller coasters more now:) I hope you get in some great dancing with your kids soon! Enjoy your day Tabaitha!


I love to dance! Tom–not so much. He likes to stand around and drink a beer and chat with his friends. But I told him that if nothing else, at our wedding he better be out there on the dance floor with me. I think I danced ALL night at our wedding adn he danced at least HALF the night. It was good enough. And when we go to parties or dances or events where there is dancing, he will at least join me for a few slow songs and a couple faster songs. We are going back to Missouri in a week and a half for a wedding for one of my former students. I warned Tom that Kevin, and his fiance Adam, kind of think that Britney Spears needs to be canonized into the world of saints, so he better be prepared for all of Brit-Brit’s dance songs to be blasted during the whole reception and that we will dance.
Roller coasters–I’ll leave that kind of fun for someone else!
My bladder–it ALWAYS gets me up.
And those ricochets–I am waiting and waiting and WAITING for them to be sent to the running store where I work so I can try them!!!!! The levitates feel *just comfortable* on me–that right balance of form-fitting-but-not-snug–so I am a bit nervous if the ricochets will feel too narrow. I am excited to TRY the ricochets though–to be honest, on my BEST run last week I was wearing my Launches and I felt so good, and in my 5K on Sunday I chose my Ghosts (admittedly because they matched my outfit…), and my legs felt a bit like tired lead and I was wishing I had my Launches on me. So I am excited to see how springy and peppy the Ricochet makes my leg feel!!!
One of my sections of Comp 1 is going to be REALLY HAPPY today–I made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies last night. Did I have time? Nope. Did I exhaust myself and make cookies for them late int he night? Yup. My other section of Comp 1 will just have to settle for getting cookies next week. But the cookies were definitely approved by Tom. He did quality check!!!


Good for Tom to get out and join you even though he doesn’t like it! Have so much fun at the wedding! Try them out Stephanie and let me know what you think! WAY TO GO ON YOUR 5k! Cookies are always worth it:) Have a beautiful day Stephanie!


Love to dance!!! Chris and I have been known to never leave a wedding dance floor.

Toes are currently midnight blue.


Totally off subject, I left a comment on your sub 3 about going for my sub 2 half. Well my race came and I completed in 2:02:53. So close yet so far away. I hit a serious wall around mile 7 and really had to fight to get what I did. Now I am proud and excited about my new PR. I mean I did shave 28 minutes from my last PR, but this brings up questions. I feel like my issues on race day came from nutrition and I think that is where I need to focus going forward. Wow! Long winded question is do you have any suggestions or books on running and nutrition. Kind of like the how to on what to eat pre long run? Thank you so much in advance for any information or suggestions.


JULIE!!! You were WAY close! And 28 PR… WOW! That is huge. Nutrition plays a huge role in our race performance (during and before)! So the only book that I’ve read on this topic is Matt Fitzergerald’s book here–> https://amzn.to/2PR1RWL

It is AWESOME and I highly recommend it. Trial and error is a big part of the equation too… it took me 10 marathons to figure out what works best for my body! PLEASE keep me updated with how you are doing and celebrate your awesome PR! You have so much potential Julie!


Nay on roller coasters but YAY on dancing. I may look a lot like Elaine from Seinfeld, but I still love it. I may be equally proud of you for your Best Mom Dancer (hilarious category btw) as I was for your sub 3 ;)


I used to be able to sleep through the night and not pee but ever since having kids I have to get up in the middle of the night and it’s the first thing that gets me out of bed in the morning!
I paint my toes in summer when wearing sandals but not in winter.
What temp is it when you run right now? You can wear shorts in colder temps than me!


Yes my bladder is what gets me up in the AM … every single day … at the same time….
Wanted to check back to let you know, I did my marathon last weekend! It was not like I hoped it would be because my ankle was not healed, so every single step hurt, but I managed to do it anyway. Had to walk about half the distance after 13 miles because the IT band on my opposite leg started seizing up (I’m sure because my gait was all screwy) and I couldn’t run on two unstable legs, but still managed to walk/run/walk/run/etc. my way to the finish in 5:11. My running mates finished in 4:22, and I’m so happy for them! Now I just have to get healthy so I can do one that doesn’t hurt the entire time. I totally used the SMILE strategy … ALOT … and it worked ALOT. It was so helpful reading your blog as you got ready for St. George … thanks for putting your yourself out there!


Hey! I just had an idea and wanted to pass it to you – what if you made some type of online running/workout community that we could join? For example, on Strava or MapMyRun or some app of the like; the idea is that we could make an online group where your followers join, we could all post updates and/or workouts and then cheer eachother on, find people in our area to run with, etc! You could maybe even monetize the group for yourself by hosting challenges where people win Brooks swag or something for logging the most miles or logging the most days or something. Just thought of this and wanted to share hahaha.


Yes on the roller coasters but every time I go on one I think I’m going to die!!! The adrenaline is what makes it worth the ‘I’m going to die’ moments!
You should definitely do a triathlon with Andrew, I’m 2 weeks out from my second half ironman… the training is still at a high volume so I’ve not had time to get nervous yet!
Dancing not so much although occasionally I’ll let lose and love it
And toes are currently red… we’re heading towards summer here in Australia so the hot pink might need to come out soon :)


Laura, I am so so excited for your half ironman in two weeks. This is so so exciting! PLEASE let me know how it goes. Enjoy your summer:)


My BABY wakes me up in the middle of the night…. Ha this ends at some point right??

Ugh Rollercoasters. I used to LOVE them but now the thought of them makes me nauseated.

Thumbs up for dancing… My best dancing is done at weddings. Wish we had one coming up!

White. But they are usually a pink, not sure why white was calling me.

Have a great rest of your week!


I love rollercoasters! Haven’t been in one for years though, so I hope I can still handle them.. We went on a few good ones when we still lived in the Netherlands and also in Singapore when we went to Universal Studios!

I definitely get up once every night and then go straight back to sleep, but can usually sleep in in the morning!

Not a dancer at all! Neither is my husband so we were happy to skip all of the dancing on our wedding ;)

Toes are blue, they are pretty much always painted :)

ALSO… YESSS add in some triathlons! It’s great cross-training and they’re so much fun! I’m about to do my “birthday triathlon” tomorrow. I’m turning 30 and I wanted a challenging goal + something to make me feel less bad about turning 30, so I’m running 30km then cycling 30km and then swimming 30 laps :D


Is it weird that when I first read your question I thought you were asking about bruised/black toenails? Haha
Mine are painted a bronze colour right now. I like to keep the ugly running toenails covered whenever possible!


NOT THE S(now) WORD, JANAE! I’m soooo not ready. It’s was in the 80s in NJ just a week or so ago and it’s been in the 40s/50s since…we don’t know what happened to fall!

Rollercoasters…NO! I’d like to think I’m a throw speaker but my stomach doesn’t agree with my mind!

My bladder has no conscious…it will wake me up anytime at night without hesitation. Grrrrr

I am a terrible dancer! It alswasy looks better in my head. Hahaha. My yoga/barre/box studio has dance classes where they teach you a different dance each time. It is so much fun. You learn the steps and keep practicing and adding on and by the end of the hour you feel like a backup dancer.

I can’t keep a pedi on for long because of all the running and yoga…but I do mine every week since I’m always staring at them in yoga class! I change colors all the time. I get bored.

Have you thought of putting sand in your bathtub to keep Skye out!? (Kidding, of course ?)

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